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17 years old, only ever had one period a year ago and just passing one blood clot 3 day in row. had blood tests and everything fine. What's wrong?

2 months late, 14 days spotting, 4 days with high flow menstrual bleeding, in the toilet, just blood flow and im scared, do I need to go to er?

2 periods in one month. Blood clots only during the 2nd period. I had sex during my 1st period. Is that to blame for the 2nd period and blood clots?

46 days no period, cramping with slight blood flow came (fresh blood). pregnant or period. age 25 cycle 39 days.Kindly advise it is pregnant or period?

After 2-3 days menstruation, menstruation stopped for 2 days then returned but with little it pregnancy?

Are bubbles im my period blood normal?

Before abortion i had normal menstruation and after I have very small blood just for three days. Do I have hipomenoreea ? What i can do to normalise?

Blood clot in urine few days after menstrual cycle . its just once or twice a day for few days what cud b the reason?

Blood clots and tissue coming from vagina during urination. Not on period, not pregnant. What is wrong?

Blood coming out from my buttocks and i'm on my period?

Blood four days before expected period , why?

Blood in my mucus on the 14th day after my period.Why?

Blood in my urine. Is it my period? I don't have any heavy blood on my pad, just when I pee and some spotting.

Blood in stools during my periods. So what does this mean?

Blood when i wipe 6 weeks postpartum C-section is this my period trying to come? There's not even blood on my pad.

Blood, period poop? Ok so i'm on my period, and this only happens when i'm on my period. I wiped my butt after pooping, and there was blood on it what should I do?"

Blooding after poo who has a period with the blood?

Brown period blood with a 23 day cycle low platelet too ?

Can a menstrual contain brownish-red blood on the 2nd and 3rd day? is it normal? total period was around 4 days

Can a woman get pregnant if she has blood clots during period?

Can baby aspirin taking for thrombophilia more than 5 months cause period bleeding more than 15 days?( there is brown blood after period)

Can donating blood cause a delay in a girl's period?

Can donating blood for the first time cause a delay in a girl's period?

Can having endometriosis cause you to bleed during pregnanct . Its not red blood but discharge and blood when i wipe. I am 12 weeks 6 days pregnant ?

Can I be pregnant if I had my period with multiple blood cloths ?

Can it be normal to have some lumps of blood in your period?

Can low blood cause missed period?

Can low blood make you have irregular periods

Can menstrual blood give someone herpes?

Can my period be late because I donated blood?

Can there be still blood on your vagina walls when you end your period?

Can you be pregnant and still get your regular period(clotting for the whole 7 days, and regular blood flow)?

Can you become anemic from losing too much blood during a period?

Can you have implantation blood 2 weeks before you get you period?

Can you please tell me if it's normal during a period to get blood clots in the discharge?

Can your period without blood?

Could a blood pregnancy come up wrong?

Could a low white blood cell count be due to period/menstrual cycle?

Could it be implantation bleeding if blood only shows up when i whipe and pee?

Darker menstrual blood? Meybe becouse cold or something else?

Didn't pass blood rich lining with period two monthes in a row is there something wrong?

Do i count the brownish spotting at the end of my menstrual cycle as day 5 or i count the last day that i had with regular blood flow as my last day?

Do I have my period or is it real blood?

Doc, how do u classifie abnormal bleeding, implantation blood and period blood?

Does a gush of blood mean i've had a miscarriage?

Does blood implantation contain blood clots? Does it also come after period or before?

Does brown spotty blood count as a period? I was early this month. Could i be pregnant? There was no real blood.

Does implantation blood have a smell?

Does menstrual period affect hct and MCH in blood test?

Does your menstrual bleeding time depend on blood pressure ?

Does your period release red blood cells that we can't see before it actually starts.. Had small trace of blood in urine. Period starts soon.

During my menstuation cycle i had blood in my urine, is this normal?

During your period are you actually losing blood or tissue?

Early period with large blood clots. Periods are usually normal. What do I do?

End of blood flow is last day of period? Or days we take to get clear cervical fluid is last day of period?

Every day I have blood in my panty. Even though I don't have menstruation. How can it be?

Every time i go to bathroom I have blood in urine my period thus month lasted 9 days when it's usually lasts 5. I had pap smear 2 months ago and norma?

Few drops of blood before period normal?

Fresh blood when I have finished my period ! What can it be ?

Had a blood test said menopause hadn't a period for 6 months have now had two periods second time was blood clots am worried can you help ?

Had my periods a wk late this month,now its only blood clot very little blood in it?i usually bleed for 2.5 dys after that blood on urination only,wt?

Have brown bleeding 1 day before ovulation every month for 6+ months, lasts for 3-4 days. All tests neg including blood work, what's happening?

Have my period light flow but only bleed blood clots when i pee this never happened before what does this mean can I be pregnant?

Having a lot of blood cloths with this months period. Is that okay?

Having blood in cervix but no period. What is wrong?

Heavy blood loss during period, should I be concerned?

Hello , I am having irregular blood spotting and I am concerned as it happens every time I satisfy myself sexually .

Help! day one if period full flow. Day two three spits of blood on pad. Day three one spit of blood for while day. Is this period or spotting.

Hi , i had some spot bleeding on july 18 , normal period june 18 normal flow , i had my blood test come up negative , i think i need an ultrasound?

Hi I had my period August 20-23 an I had sex on the 23 an I been seen blood with clots in it can I be pregnant ?

Hi I've been on implanon for two years. I bleed for a month and off for three (this is my regular) however my blood is always brown. Help?

Hi is it normal for ur blood to be brown well on ur period ?

How bad is it to have blood in your uterus during pregnancies?

How can you tell the difference from peeing blood and being on your period?

How come I have constipation and blood clotting on first day of period?

How do I know if this is normal not to have much fresh blood on your first period cycle?

How do u know if your period is normal and not pregnancy related. Had period for four days. Two days full flow. Remains days blood on and off.

How long is blood in urine after period?

How many days can dry blood exit your vagina ? Before your expected period ? Is it implantation bleeding ?

How many hours does it take for menstrual blood to turn brown?

How much blood is typically lost during a single menstrual period?

How much blood normally comes out during a normal menstral cycle?

How much is to much blood loss per day while on your period?

How should you know if birth-control give you blood cloths?

How to know if it's blood from implantation or its blood starting out to be menstrual flow?

I am 38 weeks pregnant and im spitting up blood is that normal.

I am experiencing no menstrual periods and abnormal vaginal bleeding (quality: contains blood clots) only when urinating blood clots come out. ?

I am having menstrual bleeding from last 26 days. There is just blood clots of altered blood nd no fresh blood, i finished diane 35 course 2 months ag?

I am having my period with old blood and some clots and only fill half of the pad through out the 4days and at same time I had some pregnancy sign?

I am peeing blood and am 3 days late. Is that considered my period?

I been having an irregular menses.. Sometimes the blood doesn't stop. And my discharge kept having blood..Help please..

I don't know what its called but my cum has red in it i don't know if its blood or not but its not my period please help?

I get blood in urine before menstruation, is this worrying?

I had a period for seven days and then a break for a week , then I have been bleeding for two weeks . I have visited the doctor who sent me for bloods?

I had blood discharged everyday for 3 days before my last period. 10 days after my period I had the same problem. Discharged with blood stains. ?

I had blood in my urine (I think it was from UTI) but now I'm bleeding as if I'm on my period but I'm not? What can this be?

I had blood transfusion in october, blood work good right.It is now dec an my blood work is all messed up, what could becauseing this am. Not bleedjust?

I had my period a week ago and now having spotting or dark gushy blood and have pcos... Am i pregnant ? Is it a blood clot ? Is it cyst bursting? Help

I had period which last for a month. The flow vary and usually there's blood clots/discharge (I'm not sure). What can be the cause?

I had sex a week ago, I am not on my period but I do have blood clots. Does that mean i'm pregnant?