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Due to get my period in 5 days. But i Am getting cramps near my right ovary and center of pelvic area already is this normal?

I having some lower left pelvic pain spreads thru my left leg and im having brown discharge as well I am actively trying to conceive and I have pcos?

1 day before period: I have a dull ache near my right ovary for past several hours. What could it be? I hope to fall pregnant this cycle :(

12 days past iui. Lots of discomfort on left ovary which i had 3 good follicles. Could i be pregnant?

13 weeks pregnant have two cysts on both ovaries have been having stinging sharp low pain on sides have had cysts since I was 6 weeks pregnant?

2 weeks before period I had sharp abdomen pain Iv had it when I was younger, my period was on time and light for 6 days, was it possibly ovarian cyst?

2 weeks pregnant &cramping and right side discomfort, ER are thinking uti, miscarriage, cyst or ectopic pregnant. I am not bleeding, which could it be?

20 year old, irregular period since past few months, pain starts in the right ovary when it's delayed. is it something serious? not active sexually

26 weeks pregnant & have a cyst on my right overie doc said it would but me in more pain but its absolutley killing me to the point where I can't walk?

32 female. Constant dull pain on right side. Tubal ligation 6years ago. last menstrual cycle I couldn't hold my bladder but that has since resolved?

4 weeks pregnant pain around ovary when turning in bed. Pain lasts a split second. I have a history of ovarian cysts. Could it be a tubal pregnancy?

4.7cm luteum cyst. Now Day 15 of cycle (positive OPK on day 10) have had brownspotting 4 days and sharp back pain when walking 2 days. Worried.

4w pg w/clomid. Mild pain in ovary area, alternating sides + cramps in center of uterus. No bleeding. Could Clomid (clomiphene) cause ovary pain? Or is it ectopic?

5 days past ovulation, intercourse on the third day of ovulation and now experienced terrible ovary pain both sides now very tender?.. Suggestions?

6 days past ovulation. Uterine cramp in right side of hip bone can that be conception. Period not due until 9 days?

6yrs ago i had sudden/sharp pain in left ovary.Lasted1-2 minutes.Brown&tick discharge.No pain&ultrasound has not showed cysts.Do I have endomistriose?

7 wks ivf,18 eggs retr. No ohss, have lower left cramps,6 wk u/s said ovaries still stimulated. Is that the pain? Or something wrong with baby?

8 DPO I have an annoying pain in my left hip area and tired ovulated on the 17/6 had sex on 16/7 17/6 any suggestions could it be implantation?

8.5 weeks pregnant and had cyst (4cm). today I have terrible pain in ovary and after pain subsided I had a little bit of brown spotting.cyst ruptured?

8yrs ago I had a tubal ligation! The past two weeks I have had abdomen pain, nausea and a 2 day cycle! What can it be? Thanks

After 8 days of period, im still experiencing spotting and slight pain at right fallopian/ovary area..What is happening?

After ectopic pregnany and having to have ovaries and tubes removed on right side, will my period & ovulation be the same? I've been ttc but no luck.

After ovulation my uterus was really sore for 2 days well todays 4 DPO for me and im having shooting pains down in my vagina, could this be implantati?

Agonising sharp pains in vagina&down left side pelvis. Had marena coil for 3years, no periods. Pains for hours, same as miscarriage. Not pregnant ?

Always ache by left ovary each mo. before/early period.Possible I only ovulate on left? VERY normal cycles.Previous cysts/ ectopic all left side.

Always felt pain on my right ovary but this month i had pain on my left ovary. i had unprotected sex 2days before my ovulation day could i be pregnant?

Always get moderate pain/tenderness when ovulating from right ovary, but rarely get pain when ovulating from left ovary? Why is this?

Am 4 weeks preg. Bhcg 246. Hav slight pain near the ovaries region. Is it normal?

Am intaking metformin tablets for polycystic ovaries where i had my last periods by july 18th.Now am having left side pain, vomit sense.Am i pregnant?

Am taking clomid (clomiphene) 25g and right now am in day 21 and having cramping on my left ovary the cramps come and go and if I put pressure on it it goes away ?

Appendix removed, ectopic pregnancy with tubal removal this year since menstruated cramps are severely sharp on lower right side and cause vomiting

Are my ovaries supposed to hurt after an abortion?

Are shooting pains in breast normally related to hormones? Ovulation?

At earliest which week can ectopic pregnant diagonised?Will the fallopian tube pain all the time?Fr me sometms it pains both left nd right but i hav pcos

At end of my menstrual cycle & think I have a ruptured cyst on my ovary. Experiencing excruciating stabbing pain in pelvic area. What can I do?

Back and sides pain for the past 4days similar to menstrual pain. Period was 2weeks ago. Ovarian cyst? If so, what should I do? I'm so uncomfortable.

Badd burning sensation in what would be my ovaries. I also have a late period.I have pcos as well. What could this be.?

Before D&C I could feel ovulation pains. I've had 3 cycles post D&C and I can no longer feel ovulation pains. Is it possible that I'm not ovulating?

Both of my ovaries been hurting since the past 2 days, what does it mean.

Can a 12 year old girl have an ovarian cyst without having her period yet? The left side of my abdomen hurts like a cramp.

Can endometriosis cause you to not have your monthly but the lower part where your ovaries at cramp but that's it haven't had a monthly in 8 weeks .

Can i b pregnant?having lower right pelvic area pain, lower back pain(18th day of cycle), i hav 28 days cycle, had intetcourse on 8th day of cycle

Can i take a pregnancy test after i had the implantation because my right ovary is been hurting me . This day will be my second day that hurts?

Can mittleschmerz last until 8 day past ovulation? My right ovary (the one i ovulated with this cycle) is so stiff, and hurts to stretch that area out

Can my ovaries hurt while 5 weeks pregnant?

Can ovarian cyst cause bleeding with tissue pieces from vagina for 3days? Then daily dull pain right side abdom, 4week bloating, late period not pregnant

Can women get pregnant right after haveing surgery due to haveing endometriosis?

Can you have a period if you didnt release an egg? I had an ectopic pregnancy and left tube damaged.How do I know my right one is working every month?

Can you tell me is back pain and light cramps normal after ovary removal ?

Can your ovulation be irregular even if your periods aren't? I'm having sharp pains in my uterus, just curious what it could be? Goes to my back too

Could an IBS cause pain on left ovaries & swelling on tummy? Trouble on the period or uterus functions or even miscarriage?I had all these symptoms.Tk

Could pain in my ovaries mean i'm pregnant?

Could your ovaries hurt if your pregnant?

Cycle day 10. Mild aching right ovary, watery discharge and tired legs. Is it my body gearing up for ovulation or could be something else?

Cyst on my right ovaries and my tubes tied and havnt gotten my period since may what could this mean?

Cyst removed from my ovary3 yrs ago.Can grow back?I have been feeling nauseous before &after my period this month.What can it be?Next period is in 3wk

Discomfort in left ovary all month long? Why would this be? Ttc for 2 years no luck. This is the month I stopped trying for a while.

Do u think I could be pregnant or its my pcos causing the pain in my ovarey area.?

Do your ovaries hurt when you are first pregnant?

Does it mean you .are pregnant, if you have pain on the right ovary! ?

Does it mean your pregnant when your ovaries hurt?

Does ovarian pain mean you are not pregnant?

Does ovulation pain (twinges in left ovary mid cycle) mean your ovulating? Nearly positive OPK yesterday at 2pm

Does ovulation pain mean im going 2ovulate soon?

Does severe ovulatory pain mean i'm releasing multiple eggs?

Does the egg usually implant on the same side of the uterus as the side you ovulated from?

Dull ache in left ovary at 4 weeks pregnant, previous eptopic pregnancy, this time pain is dull on and off with no bleeding, is this eptopic?

Dull achy pain that comes in waves near r ovary. I've secondary amenorrhea for 8 years so it's not my period (& it isn't coming). Should i be worried?

Dull off and on pressure in right ovary during ovulation... Is that normal ?

Dull pain on the left side on my uterus then switched to the right. Could that be ovulation again or implantation? (no spotting & it's been 3 dpo)

During my fertile window each month, I only have pains in my right ovary, and never the left. Is this normal?

Egg in left ovary.cramp pains on left side and lower abdominal pain sometimes wid vaginl discharge periods due on I pregnant?

Endometriosis, lost rt ovary 2 yrs ago, period started today 1 day late. Excruciating pain, comes in waves on rt side. Ultrasound 3 weeks ago clear. Er?

Every month I feel twinges of what seems to be ovulation of my left ovary. I only have a right tube though. Could my right actually be ovulating?

Every month the day after the end of my period I have severe cramping in my right ovary that last about 24 hours. Should I be worried?

Every other period, I have pain where my left ovary should be. I know its not cramps - but its worrying me a bit.

Every period only my ovary hurts, a twinge of pain?

Experiencing deep pain during sex, have cyst on right ovary & pelvic fluid. Been trying to conceive for 6 mnths. Are these reasons for infertility?

Feeling a little pain in my left ovary for last 2 days after intercourse. Is this symptom of conceiving?

Feeling alot of pressure during sex in my stomach and pains in my ovaries both ovaries are polycystic (pcos) how can help this? Or what is this?

Felt severe ovulation pain with 3 mature follicles in 1st round of letrozole.Then no pain for next 2 rounds.Do I ovulate or it is stop responding?

For sevral years i've had pressure and pain and not a normal menstrual cycle my ovaries feel like they want to pop for months i won't even menstrat?

For the past several months I have spotted in between my periods. My pelvis is also heavy feeling and sore. No fever, tubes are tied, history of ovary cyst?

For the past six months I have been experiencing pain near the right ovary, a heavy flow and an irregular period. Could this be caused by a cyst?

For the past six months ive been menstrating brown. This month may i have it heavy&sharp pain left ovary?

For what reasons do women get pain on their ovaries while not during ovulation?

Gyno.he did ovary test ask any pain I said no but did have a Little pain I mean he is mashing my ovary but he didn't say anything else should I worry?

Had a tubal ligation 9 months ago im two weeks late for my period sharp shooting pains on right lower side is there a chance of pregnancy or ectopic?

Had an ectopic pregnancy last year, tube was saved i experience on and off pain on the left side, ovulation and during menstration, is this normal.

Had an HSG about a week ago. Now am supposed to be ovulating and its very painful. Are these related?

Had baby14wk ago.4 periods in 2 month pelvic&back pain right side.3 morning after pills in 2 discharge.normal p/ultrasound.cervicalcancer?

Had mirena (levonorgestrel) put in on March 19 I still didn't get a period, and still get right or left side ovary pain do I still ovulate?

Had my cycle 2 weeks ago but I am still spitting and cramping. Have had endometriois remove twice. Not sure if i spelled that right need to know what to do?

Had my left ovary taken out two months ago and my right taken 10 years ago due to a endo cyst that was on it. Why am I still getting my period?

Has anyone herd of mittelschmerz right before period?

Have a dull pain near the Uterus and ovaries. -ve pregnancy test and just finished my period. Pain gets worse when I m exhausted.Had laproscopy n Dec?

Have had on/off burning pain for 12 hrs on left pelvic area (ovary?). Last period was 6/22. Not on BC.

Have miss period for a year now.But have pollycistit ovary syndrome but now im having razor sharpe pains from my belly button down to my vagina?

Have pain in my left stomach,all the way to my leg. Accdg to my fertility calendar I am ovulating. Will it affect me when I try to conceive? I'm 36.

Have pain in the abdomen have fuild in my right tube in the ovary never got pregnant lost left ovary to a oversized cyst pain when pee n have sex?