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Can we use one pregnancy kit twice?

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Hello I bought a ovulation test kit. And when i get to know the ovulation day. Can i know how many times and when to have sex before or how???

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How accurate is the ovulation kit clearblue ?????

How accurate is the ovulation kit????

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How do I calculate ovulation?

How do I calculate when I am ovulating?

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Hw cud i detect my ovlution period without an ovlution detecting kit?

I been using ovulation kit and it's 4 days and showing I'm fertile still when will It show ovulation day?

I bought an ovulation kit if it rells me yes does that mean im ovulating?

I hav PCOS & TTC,planning to use an ovulation kit..will it work? Will it be accurate?

I have periods something are 35-38 cycles how can I know for sure I'm ovulating without buying the kits?

I m trying to conceive. I m using ovulation kit and testing from 9th day. Now 15th day still negative result. Last month cycle was 28 days. Plz help..

I'm using an online ovulation calculator to track my ovulation, but i'm still not pregnant (5mths). Are they accurate? Any suggestions on other ways?

I've been using ovulation predictor kits for 3 months and still not pregnant with continuous intercourse daily during peek days. Should I see a dr?

If i don't have a ovulation kit what's the next best thing?

If i get a positive ovulation kit, when is that i will be ovulating?

If you don't have a regular menstrual cycle ; what are other ways to tell that you are ovulating without going to the drug store and buying a kit?

Is charting BBT more accurate than using opk?

Is it possible for an ovulation predictor kit to give false -ve. On my 17th day of cycle still -ve using one of the digital tests.Pcod on Clomid (clomiphene) cycle?

Is it safe to assume that ovulation is occurring if the clearblue ovulation kit detects the LH surge? Trying to conceive

Is there a way to calculate ovulation dates without a kit?

My last period was 15 march . Can I use MTP kit to abort this and for how long time MTP kit is effective?

My LMP was march 29th, my cycle used to be 33days, i usually ovulate on day 19 as i know by using ovulation kit, how many weeks pregnant should I be now?

Use ovulation kit on projected ovulation day?

What are the different ways you can tell if you ovulated or not? And are opks accurate?

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When is the best time to use ovulation predictor kit totest for ovulation? Early in the morning or late at night?Is it worth try 2 a day?

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