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10 days late with irregular period. How do you tell the difference of pregnancy and period and ovulation?

11 days late day 40 in cycle and I'm having mild period like cramping. I'm suppose to ovulate 3 days from now for next cycle. Pregnant?

2 months ago. I had 2 periods within one month. The first period was regular 7 days, the second one is 5 days. Now my cycle has shorten to 5 days?

2 months no ovulation but still having menstrual cycle a little worried why?

20 day cycle, can you ovulate during your period , like day 1 or day 2?

28th day of menstrual cycle and have not started period PMS symtomps started 2 days ago is this normal? Can menstrual cycle start after 28 days virgin

29 year old female. TTC for 1 year. I have been having heavy bleeding mid cycle for 3 or more consecutive cycles. ?

45 years old. Erratic periods for two years. Anywhere from 16 day cycles to 30 day cycles. This month it came on day 13. Light bleeding.

A day late of menstrual cycle. Cramps & brown looking blood. Delayed menstrual cycle?

After how many missed menstral cycles should you be worried ?

Already had my cycle this month and I am bleeding again but i a regular cycle?

Always had reg cycles before bc pills. First cycle after stopping them was reg. Is normal to have irregular cycle the 2nd month or should it be reg?

Am 21 year old vergin girl. Am having 30 day regular cycle but 2 day period. Is it normal? Am i ovulating?

Am abit confused on this term first day of last menstrual period? is it the first day of menstrual or the last day of menstrual period?

Am i pregnant? irregular cycle,but brownish spotting last 2 days. never had it b4. gyn says i ovulate normally even when i don't bleed.

Am i still healthy if my menstral cycle is 20days ?

Are any antidepressants likely to cause late menstrual periods?

Are any eggs being released during the time of no period. When you have an irregular period?

Are headaches common before your menstrual period?

Are heavy periods normal if you don't ovulate often?

Are there any irregularities in menstrual cycle if you start exercise( aerobics+yoga)? I had my last period on 12 jan and i haven't had since then.

Are your period cycles erratic after an mtp?

Been/still on BC for 2 years religiously, last cycle period 1 day late and this cycle heavy discharge, more than usual.Is my menstrual changing?

Besides being pregnant, what could delayed menstrual cycle mean?

Bleeding in between a period particularly after an orgasm normal? Not on any hormones and regular periods!

Bleeding on 16th day of cycle from last 2 periods. Pcos patient. Periods not regular?

Brown flow at midpoint of menstrual period? Ovulation or pregnancy?

Can a 31 days Cycle and a 7 day period be considered as regular, or irregular?

Can a girl have a six pack and have her monthly menstrual periods?

Can a woman still have a menstral cycle while going through menapause?

Can amoxicillin cause your menstrual cycle to be late?

Can being fingered delay your menstrual cycle?

Can carisoprodol cause a menstrual cycle to be late or cause a delay?

Can clomiphene start your cycle if you have iregular periods?

Can cramping be a pregnancy sing? Because is in the middle of my menstrual cycle so is not my period

Can Daflon be the reason my menstruation cycle has altered? I had light bleeding on my second and third fertile day and my period is now 3 days late.

Can dysmenorrhea occur between periods as well as during periods?

Can eating lemons cause a missed menstrual period?

Can girl have problem in ovulation and have regular period ?

Can hormones cause lighter monthly periods?

Can i call spotting a regular period?

Can I do jogging while my menstural period?

Can I have an anovulatory at 17 years of age? I'm 3 days late on my period, no pms, cycle day 33 usually 29.

Can i ovulate 5days prior to my next menstrual flow?

Can I possibly be pregnant after beginning my cycle 20 days late of my normal cycle ?

Can i still be pregnant even though I have started my menstrual cycle?

Can implantation occur 17 days after missed period? Not sure when I was ovulating since my cycles varied month to month after quitting birth contro

Can Lamictal change your menstral cycle, Can it cause it to be late or missed?

Can Lamictal change your menstral cycle, cause it to be late or missed? (I am not pregant, still a virgin.)

Can one irregular period change your cycle and next period due date?

Can smoking cause missed menstrual periods?

Can we have periods during pregnancy? If we have periods will be like a normal cycle?

Can women's menstral cycles be normally this heavy?

Can you be fertile 1 or 2 days after your period has finished. My cycle is usually every 28 days and period can last between 3 and 5 says?

Can you be pregnant if you had a regular period with clots? And if your period was right on schedule?

Can you get implantion bleeding on day 30 of cycle when cycle is an average of 29 days?

Can you have 2 menstrual cycle within a 1-month period?

Can you have a regular cycle and still not ovulate ? Are there medication that make you ovulate ? Im having heavy bleeding, late periods and acne

Can you not have your menstrual cycle for 5mos when you're not even pregnant?

Can you ovulate before the 14th day in your 28 day cycle and your next menstrual period comes normal?

Can you tell me how i can pause period or shorten period?

Can your obgyn tell if you became pregnant on your menstrual cycle?

Causes of menstrual cramps but not on my period and mid-cycle of my pill?

Causes of period- like cramping a week after period has finished?(i have a regular 28 day cycle)

Could conception happen 3 days before expected period started? I have a regular 28 day cycle

Could having intercourse cause an 4 day early menstrual cycle? I've had a tubialgation that's 9 years old and regular cycles without problems.

Could it be healthy to have a 10days menstrual period?

Could postinor 2 cause mid cycle bleeding?

Cramps a week before period and im due for my menstrual cycle in 3 days what does that mean?

Cycle usually 21-28 days. I am on cycle day 30(20 days post ovulation), had spotting on cycle day 20, have had 2 negative tests but still no period ?

Cycle was 3 days late, had a regular cycle.6 days after cycle I'm cramping could I be pregnant?

Day 37 of cycle with no period and not pregnant, what could this be?

Do i count regular flow as the first day of my menstrual cycle or do I count the day i start spotting as the first day?

Doctors, what is the difference between menstrual period and spotting?

Does a dark menstrual cycle mean you could be pregnant?

Does intercourse change your period cycle ?

Does late period mean later ovulation or longer cycle?

Does menstrual cramps start 1-2 days before my period?

Does norethisterone change your period cycle?

Does sex delay the menstrual cycle?

Does spotting after sex afftect menstrual cycle?

Does Withdrawal bleeding because of postinor 2 counted as new period cycle?

During the time of march 17-april 25 I have not had a cycle. I have had almost every pregnancy symptom. Then stared cycle on april 26. Can you help me?

For my last 2 menstrual cycles, my period has lasted 7-10 days and has been lighter. Then 3 days later I start my period again.What could be the cause?

For the past 3years my menstrual cycle has been very irregular.Sometimes its comes regularly and at other times it doesn't And I don't ovulate?

Good morning, please a woman with 24 days menstrual cycle when will she ovulate? Assuming she saw her monthly period on the 15th of june.

Got off birth control 3 months ago and cycles since then have been irregular. How can you predict ovulation day with irregular cycle lengths?

Had a normal five day cycle on the 23rd of here on the 6th of November I begin spotting...What is happening.Pregnancy or cycle change?

Had irregular periods in the past but had two periods consistently but bleeding really heavy does this mean my cycle is becoming regular again ?

Had menstrual cycle July 10 2014 lasted 4 days now 16 days later I'm spotting.why is that?

Had mid cycle bleed but then no period for that month. Doctor said it was a large egg but I should get a period after but i didn't. Could i bpregnant?

Have period for two time in a month ..My period didn't come yet my reglur cycle i missed?

Having regular 30 day cycle. But scanty period only last 2 days. Am i having PCOS?

Having Regular period with 30 day cycle. But very short period.bleeding 2 days & brownish spotting 2 days. Reason for short periods?? Am i fertile?

Heavy spotting/a period the next week and therefore, could I have ovulated?

Hello i.had my menstrual about a week ago and two days later i.start spotting? What does that mean?

Help! really worried. I missed period by 10 days, had pelvic pain middle of cycle. Is it anovulatory cycle, how to know it?

Hi my menstruation cycle is in january-24, in feb 20 and in march 25 so I want to ask you that it is a regular cycle or irregular.. ?

Hi Doc....what is the problem for having a spotting within 7 days after a week of the regular period? And and next month of my regular period, i had a

Hi i was just wondering how long after my period will i ovulate? I'm on a 32 day cycle but my period was just over a week late this month.