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light pink spotting 1st day after ovulation and brown/red 2nd day. Is it from rough intercourse or ovulation? Never had spotting period is regular.

. I had a very light period about two weeks ago and yesterday i started seeing light pink and brownish discharge only when i wipe. ?

1 month &3 weeks no period. A week ago I got some dark brown discharge then later that day some spotting after that days later light pink discharge ?

10 days after period had light pink when I wiped than went away now 6 days before my expected period wiped and had light pink again what's going on?

10 days ago i started a week early and was very light and watery. Bleeding was on and off for 2 days. Today is pink discharge when i wipe. Ideas?

13 days after period and having light cramping and light brown spotting only when i go to bathroom or wipe. Could i be pregnant?

16 days after ovulation and 2 days past period due date. Light bleeding brown and pink. 2 Neg tests. Am i pregnant? brown discharge,pink when wiping.

2 day period. Not as heavy. Then followed up by a light brown discharge. Nd now is brown discharge with light pink blood. Implantation bleeding ?

2 days after my cycle I have light pink spotting when i wipe after peeing, what could that mean?

3 days after my period was due I got spotting. Now after more than 24hrs no bleeding but very light brown colour when I wipe.

3 days ago i had brownish discharge and 2 days light pink spotting.Now nothing, due 2morro, could i be pregant?

4 days late, light spotting 2 weeks back, white discharge now and light cramping, could i be pregnant?

4 months no period light brown spotting what does this mean?is it bad?

5weeks pregnant. And having light pink spotting... What does this mean?

6 days before period pink spot on toilet paper, next day light pink/orange spotting. Could I possibly be pregnant since its too early for my period?

6 days late with light pink bleeding it got a little heavier but then light pink again this is uncommon for me so what's wrong?

6 weeks into my 4th pregnancy and spotting very light pink should I be worried when i didn't spot at all for my other 3 pregnancies?

6 weeks preg LMP 19/10, had light pink spotting then think dark pink discharge, what could this be?

7 to 8 dpo light pink spotting light cramping ?

8 days late for period and then last night light pink discharge and then nothing today I have a light bleed that is red!! I also have cramping?

9 days after the start of my menstrual cycle I have a clear discharge with some bright and light pink bleeding. Why is this?

A week and half late. Cramping. Light pink to dark red discharge. Only when I wipe. Negative tests. Not sure what's wrong?

About a week ago i had brown and light pink discharge and now i'm nauseous and throwing up in the middle of the night. Could i be pregnant?

About every two weeks i've been having light spotting in my underwear, i'm not sure if this is norma, any advice?

After my period i had light brown discharge then it became a dark brown discharge now i have light bleeding could i be pregnant.?

After my period i had light brown discharge, then it became a dark brown discharge now I have light bleeding? Could i be pregnant?

Been spotting for 6 days now after period ended.. Sometimes pinkish or bright red mixed with mucus.Is this normal?

Been spotting light pink discharge. Think im suposed to be on mu period, had sex 2 weeks ago?

Bright red and light brown spotting for about 30 minutes 2 weeks before expected period? Never happened before, ttc

Brown spotting at 6 weeks?! And very light red spotting!? What is this!

Can a STD cause you to have pink spotting instead of period?

Can i. Have pink and brown spots intead of mentrual period?

Can light pink discharge be my period?

Can you bleed heavy when spotting? I have had pregnancy symptoms and then 2 weeks after i had unprotected sex i started having white discharge then brownish discharge then i bleed light pink color then heavy which was dark red then light again then it sto

Can you have a period where you don't bleed or it looks very light or pink . Like spotting ?

Can you have light brown / pink blood during period but be pregnant?

Could a very very light brown discharge at 6dpo be implantation spotting? However my period is still after 7 days!

Could i be pregnant?I missed my period last month and i'm usually regular.I did have some light pink/brown spotting when i wiped

Could I be pregnant. If my period was light and lasted 2 days then stop for a day. After that I had light pink discharge now it's brown ?

Could it be implantation of a embryo if I have very light pink then brown spots when I wipe 4-5 days after sex?

Dark brown gooey discharge before period. Period came a few days late & is very heavy, & i'm usually light. What could it be?

Do HIV have anything to do with spotting pink and brown?

Does bright red spotting after period mean pregnant?

Does pregnancy cause light pink and brown discharge ?

Earlier today i had some light pink spotting only when I wipe it has stopped now. What is that?

Early period I woke up to light bleeding and a uti. 1&2 day very light period. 3rd day no bleeding, 4th day light pink/brown?

Enlarged breasts, pink, light brown discharge 2 weeks before period what could it be?

Feverish light pink spotting, is this my period?

For the last 2 days I have a light tan kinda pink discharge and its still 6 days before my period and i'm not on any kind of birth controll?

For the last week I've been spotting light pink off and on (not every day) but only when I wipe. What's going on?

For the past 3 months i have had light pink discharge between periods?

Got my period only for two days, normal to heavy flow. Then 6 days later I am now having light pink spotting when i wipe for 2 days. What could it b?

Had a cycle on November 20th-24th and now im having light pink discharge which started today help please?

Had a miscarriage about 6 weeks ago and not had a period and now light pink when I whip myself can you help me and tell me something please!!!

Had a miscarriage-bled for 10 days then about 2 weeks later got period- bled for a week &have been spotting for over a week(pink & bright red) Normal?

Had a really light period only spotting mostly pink..Am i pregnant?

Had brown and pink light discharge last two months of periods, have not had a real period what is this ?

Had intercourse a week ago & 2 days ago(unprotected) yesterday began experiencing light brown/pink discharge light flow, cycle ended two weeks ago?

Had light bleeding (one spot when wiping) around the time of implantation.. I am now 4 days late.. had the same very light spotting today, what is it?

Had light bleeding/spotting for 3-4 days with no cramping. Then light pink discharge and spotting for a hour. What can this be?

Had light brown spotting earlier. I put a tampon in and took it out later. I noticed light brown and bright red. Am I pregnant or is it my period?

Had light pink discharge, started my period which came early and was short, and now I have very light pink discharge 2days after. I am sexual active.

Had my period 2 weeks ago and today i noticed i was having light bleeding and brownish discharged?

Had my period 9 days later i spotted lite pink when i wiped what could it be?

Had my period one week ago..Now im spottin a very light pink color..Pregnant?

Had sex 3days before period due and had brown spotting and now light pink, no cramps. Is this normal?

Had sex 4,14 jus had a light 2 wk period now light pinkish brown spotting.why am i pregnant?

Had sex a week before period and now i've had spotting for 7 days light brown dark brown and a little pink, red but not heavy am i pregnant?

Had sex before my period ended it's 2 days after and I have light pink spotting ..what's going on ????

Had some pink streaks when I wipe and some cramping my period it's for another 5 days could I be pregnant?

Had unprotected sex a few times. I have irregular periods. Having light cramping and light pink, watering discharge. What do you think this is?

Had very light hardly at all brown spotting for two days. It only showed a little when i wiped. No period and not pregnant. What could this be ?

Have IUD for 2 years, my periods have been normal up until now. I had dark brown discharge then light pink but no period and my breasts are still sore?

Haven't had period for almost 2 months just got it was dark brown and only lasted for two days was very light. Could i be pregnant or something else?

Having all the pregnancy symptoms missed period then had sex yesterday now have a light pink/ light red not normal bleeding?

Having light pink discharge ministration is two days late could i be pregnant?

Having light pink/red discharge a day after heavy period is over. is that normal?

Having pink pale spotting on the first day of my expected period. Still have pms. What does this mean?

Hello docs. I was wondering can UTI cause light pink spotting for a day?

Hello I have have missed my period by three days and i'm having light pink discharge it's like mucas.Do you know what it could be?

Hello ive been light bleeding and spotting pink blood between my last period til now. I came on and it was heavy pink for three days now im spotting?

Hello My period came on the 27/28 of may had some spotting light pink/dark brown on the 14th of june lasted about 3 days. Never experienced this. Help?

Hello, I started spotting ten days after my period finished. Light red/pinkish. It is now 8 days later and I'm still spotting. Why might this be?

Hi doc, i had a light pink discharge but only when i wiped on cycle day 11 and 16, what can it be?

Hi I have been spotting on and off for 8 days brown to pink to red than brown again am i having a miscarriage? I am 4 weeks pregnant

Hi I would like to know if its normal for my period to just last 2 days and then it stop then I had this ligh pink discharge which its now brown ?

Hi I'm 7 weeks 5 days pregnant.i have very few light pink discharge..and then it normal or something wrong.this is my first pregnancy.plz?

Hi this month I experienced extremely light ( only when wiped ) brown and pink spotting 7 days before my period was due . Ive never had spotting .

Hi, 6 weeks pregnant and been very lightly spotting for 5 days. No cramping and spotting is brown but last night red but very very minimal. Should I b?

Hi, i had my period 2 weeks ago. But had one day of light brownish blood 5 days ago & then two days of light pinkish spotting only when i wiped, help?

Hi, my period is about 14 day's late, i've been having very light pink discharge on and off for about 3 day's now, could i be pregnant (hoping so)?

Hi. I'm 5 days late but about 2 weeks ago when i wiped i had a light pink spotting one time. Now I have a lot of white discharge. What's going on?

How common is "ovulation spotting"? 28yo, no STDs, not pregnant, have very light pink/brown spotting midcycle for several months.

I am 11 days away from my period and i started spotting a light pink only when i whipe or a brownish color... i have pcos could i be pregnant?

I am 11dpo i was spotting light pink on 12dpo brown discharge. Could this be implantion bleeding? When should I take a hpt?

I am 12 weeks pregnant. When i wipe I have light pink on the toilet paper. Is this normal for this time period? Light (normal) cramping

I am 32 weeks 6 days pregnant today, is it normal to have very little light pink spotting now?

I am 5 weeks 4 days pregnant and am on progesterone suppositories. Had very light orange/tan/or pink spotting is this normal?

I am 5 weeks of pregnancy i spotted lil pink lilbrownsh is it normal?

I am 6 weeks 4 days pregnant. Not sure if this should be a concern when wipe between brown and light pink not cramping really though .?