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Im 36 weeks pregnant and i had some very light bleeding?

10/7/14 i noticed bright red blood and cramps 16 days after last period. I had sex on July 3. Is this implantation bleeding or ovulation bleeding?

Spotting for 2 days then nothing for 3 days then period for 4 days then nothing for two now I'm bleeding bright red? All with in 2 week period?

10 days before period i began bleeding. Two days light one day heavy for a few hours. Can it be implantation bleeding or something more serious?

10dpo could this be implantation bleeding bleeding is very light. Light red/brownish color. Only occuring today.Took hpt (neg)

13 weeks 4 days pregnant, bright red bleeding, no cramping at this time. Does this mean i'm miscarrying?

14 days possibly missed period and now light pinkish bleeding, should I be concerned?

2 days after my period ended I'm bleeding bright red without any cramps?

3days after ovulation (8days before af) light bleeding. Could this be implation bleeding or AF.

4 days of red bleeding followed by 10days of pink spotting could that be implantation bleeding?

4 DPO I started to bleed...its dark red and is lasting 3 days it implantation bleeding ..or somthing else ?

4 weeks 5 days preg & light watery red bleeding, implantation or miscarriage?

52yr old woman not menopause lightly bleeding almost everyday can go 5 days without bleeding once a month then light spotting again could be cancer?

7 weeks pregnant and had some bright red bleeding last night. What should I do? I spotted very lightly a few days ago. I don't have any cramping.

8 days after my period i start bleeding again it has been 5 days now its very light what is the cause of this bleeding?

8 days until period due, heavy brown discharge and light coloured light bleeding with cramps, period or implantation bleeding?

8 weeks pregnant, noticed a light spotting/bleeding. Is it normal?

9 dpo.very scant amt of light brown CM once on tp.some very light cramps.7 days til period sensitive breasts implantation bleeding?

A week before ,y period is due (i am never early) i have had dark brown only when i wipe. coulld it be implantaion bleeding?

A week before my period; brown, very light spotty bleeding for 5 days now. What could the cause be?

Abdominal pain, pink discharge and bleeding. It started a week after my last period. Bleeding now and my period is in nine days. What could it be?

Abnormal period or something else? I'm not sure if this is my period but if it is, it is a week early. I started bleeding about 3 days ago which started out as dark brown discharge. Then the day after i've had several clots and my flow is very light. I do

After 3 weeks and 4 days of surgical abortion, i am bleeding on the first day then brown color on second day. Is that period?

After my period in februarywhich was the 24-28started to bleed again on the 3 of mar & have sincethe bleeding is light, blood is a light pink brown?

After my period stopped 3 days latter i've been bleeding light its been 2 weeks and still bleeding, no pain, light red. Dont know what to do?

Am I implantation bleeding or having my period? Happens once a.month at end of.month but ots light sometimes.

Am I miscarrrying or is this normal? I am 9.5 weeks pregnant and have been bleeding (started 2 days ago as brownish pink discharge and is now bright

Anovulatory period lasted 13 days an after 3 days of no bleeding small bit of light bleeding in 13 year old daughter what is the light bleed from?

Around time of possible ovulation, I started spotting dark brown blood and cramping(some heavy cramps, some light). I've been spotting for 5 days. ?

Been bleeding brown blood for my period for three days I'm on the pill what's the cause of the brown bleeding instead of the normal red bleeding?

Been spotting brown discharge for 4 days now. Could this be implantation bleeding. Having no cramps.

Been spotting now about a week started brownish red to brown then stop then pink . can I be going through implantation bleeding. No period this month?

Bleeding 3 days later after sex, it was brown and turn light red, its wasnt heavy bleeding but could i be pregnant ?

Bleeding 3 days later after sex, it was brown and turn light red, there was no heavy bleeding i had cramping but could i be pregnant ?

Bleeding 8 days before period was due, lasted 8 days!few days after I was bleeding for 8 days, I had spots of blood on knickers and when wipe! Help?

Bleeding a week early, first light pink then a light red. Off and on spotting. Had unprotected sex everyday this month. Implantation bleed or period?

Bleeding after intercourse 3 weeks before period. I've been bleeding for 3 days now with a light brown discharge and minor cramps. No std?

Bleeding again 7 weeks after medical abortion and after having brown discharge for a week, is it my period?

Bleeding for 3 days , 4th day brown blood, period due only today , could this be implantation bleeding?

Bleeding for 3 months, 1 1/2 of spotting and the other bright red bloodclots. I missed my period before this happened.

Bleeding pinkish blood like spotting the next day it stops no period is this implantation bleeding ?

Bleeding started a day before my period Spotting and light bleeding After 5 days heavy bleeding with clots Its 11th days now Am I pregnant had dry sex?

Bleeding/ spotting after tanning?

Breakthrough bleeding 1 day before period, light period for 1 week, now 3 days after period started stomach cramping & dark discharge. Ideas?

Bright red bleeding during and after sex? It's not my period, although my period is a month late

Bright red bleeding for 3 days 5 days before period was expected brown on fourth day no flow like period implantation or period ?

Bright red bleeding occurred during sex. It wasn't a spotting amount but a lot, with no clots, & only lasted that night. My period isn't due for a wk.

Bright red heavy but not too heavy bleeding and slowed down as red and brown spotting. Is this implantation? Too early for period.

Brown bleeding cycle day 14, should I be concerned?

Brown discharge 4 days after sex. Implantation bleeding?

Brown discharge during ovulating. Now pink. I had a cycle already. Could it be implantation bleeding?

Brown spotting for 3 days then to light bleeding 3 clots back 2 brown spotting. Period due today. Could I be pregnant or is my period just being odd?

Brownish red discharge for 3 days 13 days after period ended. What could this be? Implantation bleeding?

Can a UTI or kidney infection cause spotting or light bleeding in between periods?

Can BV cause light bleeding or spotting? Is this normal?

Can I have light bleeding and still be pregnant?

Can implantation bleeding be bright red and clumpy? I bled for 6 hours then stopped. I am 8 days past ovulation. Miscarriage? Implantation? Ttc.

Can implantation bleeding be heavy and red like a period?

Can implantation bleeding be heavy and red? Or is that my period?

Can implantation bleeding be red like a period ?

Can implantation bleeding be red? Had my period very diferent from usual

Can implantation bleeding be the same flow as period or is it always very light with no clots?

Can implantation bleeding come as a dark brown clot?

Can implantation bleeding go from a day of heavy bleeding to a few days of brownish reddish spotting?

Can implantation bleeding go from having light bleeding, to no bleeding then hours later have light bleeding again?

Can implantation bleeding happen 15 dpo? Period was three days late and stringy pink/red. Lasted 2-3 days.

Can implantation bleeding last 5 days and start off like a light period and then turn into spotting ?

Can implantation bleeding last for 4 days I had sex 8 days ago but had red blood 5 days after, I have been bleeding for 4 days but lighter than normal?

Can implantation bleeding occur at cycle day 20? I lightly bled for 5 days with NO regular menstrual symptoms. Blood was dark/brown/pink ?

Can implantation happen 3-4 days after sexual contact and the bleeding is dark brown with bleeding for 3-4days and spotting for 3days after?

Can light crampin and spotting cause me to have q miscarring?

Can light pink bleeding be an early pregnancy symptom?

Can this be implantation started spotting 3 days before my due period than a early flow then it got heavier then light normal I bleed for 5 days not 3?

Can you get light spotting 14days before a period and could this be a sign of implantation bleeding or am i just being worried?

Can you have implantation bleeding after your period. Because i stopped bleeding and it changed to brown and light pink spotting?

Can you tell me all about what could cause light bleeding and some cramping durring pregnancy?

Causes of light bleeding from vagina one week after period ?

Clearish discharge a couple days after implantation bleeding?

Could bleeding that last for 5 days, starting out like a light period and then turning into spotting, be implantation or breakthrough bleeding?

Could i be pregnant been spotting for 2 days now my period ended 8 days ago could this be implantation bleeding blood with clear discharge not bright?

Could i be pregnant I have irregular periods, i think i had implantation bleeding it was brown for 2 days and then night 2 i had a little red after sex?

Could I be pregnant if I had spotting the first day then light bleeding the next two days ?

Could sex cause light bleeding and cramping?

Cramping accompanied by very light bleeding ranging from brownish pinkish to dark brown 11 days after sex, 10 days from period. Is this implantation?

Dark brown bleeding before period then normal heavy period then light brown bleeding right before period ends. Is this normal? Happens every month

Dark brown spotting, then heavier black bleeding for two days, this should be my period but no symptoms also have mirena (levonorgestrel). Normal?

Day 1 of period mild bleeding & day 2 heavy bleeding, day 3, 4, 5, & 6 light beeding. My period usually last 3 days, could this be implantation bleeding?

Day 1-brown discharge, days 2&3 light bleeding, the next 5 days brown discharge. Normal period is 3-4 days of heavy bleeding. Should I be concerned?

Do I have implantation bleeding because i'm spotting 5 days before period. I didn't have sex this month though. Is the dark brown spotting pre period?

Do you get discharge right after your period or discharge right after implantation bleeding? Bleeding was lighter than usual and brownish.

Does implantation bleeding smell like a period?

Does light bleeding causes cramps ?

Does light bleeding for 3 days during 8th week of pregnancy alarming?

Does withdrawl bleeding change in amounts from day to day 2 weeks after missed pills? Period due today after light spotting 3hours of dark bleeding

Don't know if pregnant! Period was late by 17 days bleeding bright red some stringy clots? Help?

Earlier this week i started bleeding very light, now i'm bleeding again a touch heavier. My period is due next week could this be implantation?

Ejaculation even on fertile days, two days with bleeding. Spotting at first brown then dark red then spotting again. Normal periods last a week.Prego?

Ended my bc pack 3 days ago. Had light bleeding last night but it stopped. No blood today. Just light brown spotting. Is thin implant bleed or mensi?

Erpc over a week ago. Light spotting the firsr 2 days, nothing on 3rd day, heavy bleeding on 4th and 5th day and now on and off. Normal?

For the past 3 days I've been experiencing dark red spotting. Could this be implantation bleeding or is this my period?