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3 weeks ago I had pelvic pain followed by bleeding. Got sono, no cysts. On birth control pills 14yrs and got period 3 days early, 1st Time ever. Why?

4years. thickening of the urinary bladder can cause menses twice a month ? I have menses twice a month in May & Jun & August . What can be ?

Im am 40. thickening of the urinary bladder can cause menses twice a month ? I have menses twice a month in May & Jun & August . What can be ?

.im a 24year old im am now delayed my menstrual flow about it ok?im operated tubal ligation about 7months from now..thanks!!

1 uterine fibroid (outside the uterus) took Depo-Provera shot. 3 weeks of bleeding dr says nothing can be done I am smoker - help horrible clotting cramps yuc?

10 days after laparoscopy for tubal pregnancy can internal bleeding start again?

11days post novasure and started bleeding. Is lysteda an option at this point? Ovary and tube also removed laparoscopically. Possible period?

11wks pg, polyp in cervix, light bleeding, can it cause a m/c?

23 Y/O PCOS + endometriosis SEV.PAIN! i am having 2 periods monthly Heavy periods (5-6 days each) .Uninsured Hyst. is my next option because i want to live a fulfilling life and this way is not

27yr old with heavy mid cycle bleeding for the past 6 months.I have a 4.5cm ovarian cyst.Doctors have said bleeding is hormonal.Other opinions?

3 days after having da vinci surgery for endometriosis I have been having brown spotting for 2 days now. Is this normal?

3 weeks after myomectomy and am itching in my ears is this normal? I have my periods after the same period is this normal?

3 wks post Mirena (levonorgestrel) removal No period but 1 hr.of light spotting 16 days after removal. Nausea, dizziness, increased urine, but negative HPT to early?

33yrs old was 11 days late for period was very painful and heavy. Small cyst on right ovary was found via ultrasound now I am bleeding bright red 4 days after period finished and quiet heavy. I had intercourse with my husband the night before the bleedin

34 years old, had tubal ligation via resection 12 years ago. Had two full periods 12 days apart, still spotting, heaviness and cramping in uterus.

35 days since last period, it was first period postpartum. Uterine lining 10mm on ultrasound, still nursing son frequently. Why is period late?

36.Microgynon30 continuously for 25yrs.Endometriosis.last 6yrs had 3 BTB, longer than 3wks,heavy bleeding,clots,flooding. Scans, smears, swabs normal?

4 kids in5yrs.No period in4yrs.Bleeding from vagina only in toilet no show on pad . Should I still get an ultrasound or is this a period?

47 yrs Lower abdominal pain for last 2 months, irregular periods spotting between periods.Pap smear normal, am I at risk for endometrial abnormalities?

47yrs-total hysterectomy 5 years ago due to endrometiosis, started to have cramps and bleed, is this normal?

51- Menstrual cycle - 2 week periods, heavy, clots, one week no bleeding then repeat. Had ultrasound, small fibroid. Blood test show not menopausal?

51.5 yrs, using alesse, had laparoscopy, cystoscopy, and hysteroscopy 4 wks ago. Continued alesse so no cycle, now on next cycle no bleed, pls explain?

51.5yrs using alesse for dysmenorrhea. Started 4th pack, 3 days early, could not complete cycle due to cramping. Stenosis? Endometriosis? Normal?

51.5yrs, had laparoscopy, cystoscopy and hysteroscopy w/d&c. have been using alesse since May. Dr. said uterus is enlarged. Did alesse cause this?

53yrs. Menopausal for ~1yr. ER visit 2 mo ago due to heavy bleeding and pain. Fibroids. Spotting ~1mo. Now full period w/mucus. Biopsy & pap clear. ?

56 yrs. old. Just had fibroids removed 3 wks ago, am still having red spotting, is this normal? On Provera (medroxyprogesterone) & estrogen patch.05mg How long for healing?

6wks pregnant. Light bleeding 6/11, heavy 6/12, light 6/13, heavy 6/14. Cramps with heavy bleeding. HCG 356 as of 6/11 , waiting for next test on 6/15. No confirmation via ultrasound as of 6/11. Is there any chance this was not a miscarriage?

7 days post endometrial scratch due for period only slight bleed?

8 days after first post partum period (lasted 5-6 days), still cramping? Also, does the fact that I had a fibroid during pregnancy?

About ready to have hyst-- heavy periods, painful ones and endometriosis?

Absence of period since Dec 14. 6 months before this was given injection to stop heavy bleeding. TTC. PCO no but enlarged ovs n cysts. Am i ovulating?

After a c-section, is it normal for the 1st menstruation period to last over 2 weeks?

After laproscopy i was on decapeptyl 3.75 injections for 3 months.last was in july. Got my periods in sept. But Very light bleeding.Is it normal?

After open surgery fibroid removal first period was 10days delayed and now 11days awaiting for period, not pregnant, is it normal ? thxs

Age 31, 17mm thick endometrium, with sporadic break-through bleeding around days 12-21 of my 21-day cycle. What are possible diagnoses?

Are very heavy and painful periods normal after a laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, and d&c?

At 54 my periods are irregular and scanty. Have been diagnosed in past with adenomyosis. Now have obstructed bladder and really don't want hysterectomy?

Been having frequents heavy periods. Due to have endometrial ablation in 5 weeks. Had zoladex (goserelin). Will this help calm my periods before op?

Been on zoladex (goserelin) for 4 weeks, ready for endometrial resection next week. Having prolonged menstral bleeding & pain. Is this normal?

BHRT pills for 51/2 months. Period staggered. cycle is painful and heavy, but normal duration. spotting in between. I still have pain, ultrasound norm?

Bled very little after d&c/hysteroscopy on 5/15 for thick endo & polyps. Biopsy came back negative. 1st period since, heavy & with clots. Why still?

Bleed 5 days b4 due. Implantation or miscarriage? 6lb fibroid removed in dec.

Bleeding after two weeks of mtp. Is it abnormal. Should i consult my gynrc. Mtp was done on sep 20th by suction method. I was 5 weeks pregnant then. Please advice?

Bleeding when I have orgasms, been losing tissue clumps? Have endometriosis, on Depo-Provera shot.Is it my endo? Go to gyno? What could it be?

Bright bleeding with cramps 16 days after LMP and 6 weeks after aspiration abortion and 4 months after open abdominal myomectomy for 13cm fibroid ....

Can a 1.3cm RT lateral possible submucosal fibroid cause cramping 9 days before period is to start, as well as period to start week early? Treatment?

Can a 2cm fibroid cause pain during period?

Can a cervical polyp go away if not treated? Was told i had it 3 years ago but then i stopped spotting over 2 now.

Can a unilateral salpingo ooph and cystectomy on remaining ovary cause menopause? Had surg feb 10 and no period since then. Doc suggests birth control

Can an endometriosis implant (5.7cm) actually interfer with the menstral cycle? This month, mine has been almost non-existant.

Can bleeding after cervical cryotherapy be menstruation since I have not yet received my period? If so was it triggered by cryotherapy?

Can down regulating for IVF cause leg pains, worse at night, or could it be 20 days of heavy breakthrough bleeding since laparoscopy for endo & cysts

Can having a hysteroscopy (for visual purposes- checking after a fibroid removal this past Dec) affect your first Ovulation afterwards?

Can i get a uteran biopsy while I have my period?

Can I try to conceive right after the small uterine polyp removal? ( one period and then ttc?)

Can it be normal to bleed after intercourse 5 weeks after a total abdominal hyster? Its like a period.Started last night, and heavier this morning.

Can vulvar cancer stop monthly periods?

Can you get ovarian cysts and fibroids without ever being sexually active?I heard fibroids cause heavy periods and mine are extremely heavy with clots

Can you get ovarian cysts during withdrawal bleeding. Took norethindrone for 10 day for endometrial thickening and have stabbing pains at the end of my bleeding. Having a d&c tomorrow.?

Can you ovulate while being on your period, especially if you suffer from dysfunctional uterine bleeding? I want a bby so badly :(

Cannot conceive. My lining is 3mm and periods are short,irregular and light. Lot of pain and cramps. Have a history of 2 induced miscarriages by D&C m?

Could i be pregnant currently? Endometrial lining 6mm. It would be day 8. 37 days since intercourse. Still stressed.

CSection&Tubal Ligation 8/14. Had 2 cycles in Nov.-2 weeks apart. Part-time breast-feeding. Bloating & increased urination yesterday. Cancer?

Cycle usually 24-26 days long, on Cd 29 now, spotting, semi lite period, tubal ligation in 2014, pain by ovary, pregnancy possible or am i normal?

D&c for prolonged menses. Doc said he scraped some muscle so he could get fibroid in u wall to scar. 5 weeks still bleeding and one day big clot! options are lupron, mirena, (levonorgestrel) Depo-Provera hysterectomy? Depressed

Deciding btwn novasure or hysterectomy. My problem isn't heavy periods or cramping, i experience some pain due to fibroids. Opinion: best solution?

Diagnosed pcos, 1 fallopian tube removed and ttc. 28 day cycle but blood clot mid cycle this month. Should i be worrid?

Diagnosed with cervix erosion:2013,coutrized,normal after 6 months 2016:spotting twice after intercourse before period,not everytime.

Do I freak out I have my period and just passed some huge clots, three months ago had a hysteroscopy and endometrial biopsy and all were negative for everything, I am on prometrium 10 days a month but skipped this month due to havimg the flu?

Doctor removed growth from vagina. But my cycle hasn't came on yet. Almost a month. I did bleed after the surgery so idk if that was my cycle also ?

Doctor's thought i had ectopic pregnancy, when they did surgery i had internal bleeding from the syst. Now I am bleeding n 5 weeks pregnant is it ok?

Doctors thank you for all you do, what causes the fibroids to bleed and what makes one to have pain during monthly periods (menses)?Thanks

Does heavy bleeding period are normal after laparoscopic surgery for pregnancy. D & c miss carriage, biopsies from both ovaries. Change pads 5 times?

Does my irregular periods, heavy bleeding,and intense cramps have anything to do with m/c back in May and future fertility?

Does myomectomy stop ovulation? Went through myomectomy 3 weeks ago. Saw my menstrual cycle 2weeks ago

Does removal of uterine polyp with d&c completely stop bleeding b/w periods?

Dr gave me provera (medroxyprogesterone) to stop 11 day heavy period.Said i need to have fibroids removed bt fibroids not bn confirmed. Should i get 2nd opinion. Have dub?

Dr thought its fibroid,norethisterone 5mg x 3 for constant periods.They stopped working after 2 mths now bleeding daily for 7 wks. Lump is hernia?

During my last cycle, my Period was very heavy on the 1st day, but this month it was back to normal. Should I check for fibroids, polyps, ets?

Endometrial ablation 9/25 zero bleeding til yesterday and horrible pains. Normal period was usually 28 of every month should I be concerned?

Endometriosis at 1mm thick uterus on Depo-Provera provera (medroxyprogesterone) for 3 yrs. have pain and bleeding heavy now before had brown clots. This normal?

Essure done on monday , spotted but now bleeding like normal period , my period is a week early does this procedure usually bring it on ?

Faint bleeding from vagina. Women at menapause since20yrs ago she is born at1944, is this normal?

Following breast ca I have been on zoladex (goserelin) these last 18 mths. Periods stopped but last abdominal u/s showed I am still releasing follicles. How come?

Gassy enlarged uterus no fibroid no bleeding just started having irregular period.

Going for my 1month checkup of mirena (levonorgestrel).Will doc do internal ultrasound or just the normal one?I'm menstrating a little and think it will be gross.

Gyno visit saw no polyps but stil vaginal bleeding on days 19 to 21 of 25 day cycle. Ovulation bleeding maybe and no further follow up required?

Had a d &c 4 months ago with leep, emb, ecc- chronic inflammation of cervix. Last two cycles I have light pink spotting cd16-18. What can cause this?

Had a hysterscopic myomectomy, and d&c procedure done 11/23/2012, due to heavy bleeding, i have't had a period since, nov 11th, should I be concerned?

Had a L Salpingo Oopherctomy 2011. Have been on period for 6 months, stopped, am now passing dark clots& mucous 4 days post period. COULD this be norm?

Had a LEEP Procedure done 9 days ago. Had no bleeding the 1st 3 days, then light spotting for the past 6 days. How long is it normal to have spotting?

Had a lupron (leuprolide) injection for endometriosis on 10/30 and started my menstrual cycle today. Is this normal? I was told i would not get my period.

Had abdominal myomectomy 5 weeks ago. My periods came on time. But with clots. What's the cause?

Had an endometrial biopsy, 3 weeks later when my period is expected i cramped slightly , and bled one day.I'm 43 .Is this normal?

Had cryo theropy done had unusual spotting the day of . Period is now late is this a concern?

Had csec done 6.5months ago and had mirena (levonorgestrel) just over 3 weeks ago and going into my 3 week of menstruating, is this normal or should I see my dr?Thanks

Had d&c hysteroscopy 4wks ago. Started birth control last wk. today severe uterine cramps and spotting. Normal?

Had d&c hysteroscopy for polyp, ovulated a week later, 1st period 2wks after. Period gone & no sign of Ovulation coming is this normal? can it delay?

Had d&c on 23/3 for acute endometritis.Got spotting on 25/4 and heavy bleeding on 01/5. Took deviry 10 mg for 19 days Still spotting since 03/5.Plhelp?

Had D&C, polyectomy, myosure on 2/3. 1st period 2/5-8 heavy bleeding & mild cramps; 2nd period 3/7-present w/very heavy bleeding & pains @ polyps site?