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gf had regular red bleeding 1st then it stopped for 30 secs and she started to bleed little more(clots even)as it was her period day, implantation?

I had my period last week on Tuesday and it finished on sunday but after that my vagina has been just bleeding, it is just red just blood?

'what''s causing my period to be so heavy this month?'

"i haven't had a period since november and at 4 am i started bleeding heavy but no blood clots but cramps did i miscarry?

1 week after ovu (9days before expected period) I had 1 full day not night of heavy bleeding w large clots. Can this be implanation bleeding?

1/17 light bleeding. no period till 2/7. heavy bleeding for 8hrs and then super light bleeding until 2/11. Neg Blood and hpt Help?

10 was preg started bleeding thurs. Doc said there is a clot inbtwn uterus and placenta. Started bleeding again this am. Now red instead of brown?

10days after loop treatment im bleeding more then a period no clots. I was jue on last week monday. Is this normal a period or worse?

11 days after sex, i started bleeding when period was due. Started heavy, became lighter than usual, but almost fills tampons. Implantation or period?

11 days postpartum and had pretty much completely stopped bleeding yesterday.... today I'm bleeding again With light abdomen discomfort???

1st period after d&c/hysteroscopy/polypectomy. 7 days of on an off heavy bleeding 4 more days of spotting lightly. IS THIS NORMAL? No pain, fever,odor

2 day medium heavy bleeding. Sore breast were hurting 4dpo and stopped when bleeding started (2days before expected period). Period or implantation?

2 months my period lasted for 3 with clot days instead of 4 very heavy days and i spotted a week before on both cycles for 2 days should I beconcerned?

2 weeks late. 6 hpt say positive. Started spotting for a few days last week and weekend. And today I am bleeding heavily with large clots. What now?

22 day period light bleeding during the day but when walking or sleeping its heavy with clots what could cause this?

3 days after my period end i start bleeding again should i be worried? i am only 21 yrs i am scared

37 years, 6 weeks pregnant by hpt, started spotting two days ago after being intimate and it turned into normal bleeding with no pain. ?

38 year old female has not had a period for over 2 years. Today a period-like bleeding has started. What may this be?

3wks before my period was due I got cramps, lasted 1wk, then the bleeding started, cramps lasted another wk. 12 days of bleeding now & no end in sight?

4 days after my period ended I began spotting and some light bleeding for 11 days straight. 2second long sharp Cramps and small clots. Neg preg test?

4 weeks pregnant and bleeding red no clots or cramping period was due today but I started on the 19 could this be my last period since I'm only 4 week?

5 days after my period i began spotting. It has been 3 days now and when i wipe there is blood. What could this be btw I have been excersising heavily

5 days before my period i started spotting and passed a clot stopped bleeding. 3 days later the same thing and stopped .

57 years old, still having heavy period. Heavy bleeding since tuesday evening, and today is saturday.

7 week's pregnant when started spotting, then later started bleeding heavy for 2 days no cramps or clotting what could this mean?

7/22 spotting brown&red-pink. 7/27heavier bleeding. Off&on now a week or so, very light some days or none at all, or 1 episode of heavy. What's up? Thx

8 days since missed period. Bleeding today and cramping, but now bleeding is gone. Whats going on?

8 weeks pregnant bled 5 days period like bleeding. Have i miscarried? I didn't bleed a lot ? Took hpt after bleeding stopd got -ve took again got +ve..

8mnths postpartum.1st periods after were normal. But this last1 was longer and so heavy. Tampon evry hour. Ended last week. Bleeding again. Why?

9 days past ovulation i had intercourse and later noticed i had slight bleeding, now I am 11 days past and bleeding is heavy. What could this mean?

A lady friend has been having her periods every two weeks heavy heavy flows. She is worried. What can be the case?

A short period then 6 days after a day of bleeding n again 7 days after , i'm 6 weeks pregnant i think? Could i be a month further gone than i think?

A wk before my period i had an infection, than a wk after my period i had sex i started to bleed after, so 2wks after i bled dark brown blood?

Abnormal bleeding normal after a myomectomy normal? I had surgery 6 weeks ago and once I got my period bled heavy. Still bleeding 2 weeks later.

After 8 days of mences, had heavy bleeding for 7 days?Since 3 months this is been going on.Why?

After a night of heavy drinking i've had a migraine that has lasted a week now, what I the problem?

After a surgical abortion how is the first menstration? Heavy or light?

After being 2 weeks late i'm experiencing very heavy bleeding and cramping and had some large clots. I didn't take a pregnancy test. Miscarriage?

After having morning after pill I've got periods one week before but the bleeding seems to be less then normal. And after 5 days of bleeding i vomit?

After having my regular period from oct 5-10, I have began heavy bleeding again on the 16. Why?

After having period last month i've continued to bleed brown discharge for a month now. I removed nuvaringi only bled lightly for 2 days can I be pg?

After my period stopped like 3 days later i started light bleeding every day its been about 2.5 weeks and still bleeding no pain. Should i worry.

After sex i began heavily bleeding. No pain and not my first time. The bleeding isn't coming from inside.Tampons don't help. Light bleeding for 2 days?

After stopping bcp for last 2 weeks i got period. Very heavy clots of blood never had before should I be worried?

All my periods I have are always heavy clots is that normal? My school nurse told me it wasnt.

Already had my period week and a half ago now a week later I'm bleeding again heavily is that normal or is something wrong?

Are bad cramps and extremely heavy bleeding normal a week later after taking the morning after pill?

Are heavy periods hereditary? I'm 99% Sure I have no bleeding disorders but I have heavy periods and now my daughter is starting to get heavy ones 2

Are heavy periods with clots normal if you've had it that way for a long time?

At 11DPO I started bleeding very heavy what is this?

At 17 my menses was missed for 2 weeks. Then i had bad cramps, clotting, and heavy bleeding. Is there anyway to know if that was a misscarraige?

At what I believe was 11 DPO I started to bleed heavy for 2 days, the third day no bleeding but diarrhea and vomiting could I be pregnant?

Been bleedin since February nonstop.Lately for 2weeks i've had heavy bleeding with big blood clots.Was giving provera (medroxyprogesterone) but still bleeding. Is this bad?

Been bleeding for 6 days. Started out heavy & big blood clots but now it's getting lighter. Not sure if this is my period or implantation bleeding. ?

Been bleeding light and heavy sometimes I'm on no contraception haven't for like 3\half months and having lots of intercourse am I pregnant?

Been bleeding since 26, clot n heavy n painful before started bleeding. Pain off n on now. Think I may have had a miscarriage ? Help

Been on Nexplanon since last August. Barely any bleeding since. Now I have red bleeding like period and cramps like period. Is this normal? Pregnant?

Been spotting brown with a lil bit of red. On my 2nd week of Aviane bcontrol. I Have pcos and got put on to stop bleeding(bled for 2Months) normal?

Been using monistat7 for the last 3 days. Today I'm bleeding a bit. My period is due on Sunday. Is the bleeding (spotting fresh blood) from Monistat?

Before having my son in 2000 my periods have always been so irregular...for the last month i have been having a period on and off.. with light cramping a... and just 3 days ago i was bleeding a little heavier with medium to large clots and it stopped for

Before i see my period for five days and its heavy but now i see it for three days nd its not heavy again. What is the cause?

Bled heavy for 1 day, began having light bleeding for a couple hours then eventually brown discharge. This is my 2nd cycle after plan b. What's wrong?

Bled two days 6/8 a whole day of spotting 6/9 heavy bleeding 6/10 spotting 6/11 brown blood or discharge.Still sleeping alot &cramps. Pregnancy?

Bleeding 2 weeks after period. Went from light to heavy. On pill for about a year in a half. Missed 2 days but got back on track.What could be wrong?

Bleeding a lot with clots and having bad cramps could i be having a miscarriage?

Bleeding after 10 days of period. Medium blood heavy at times. Day 3 going on. First time happening. I took ipill twice in a month first time. Still v?

Bleeding after abortion i had it on 3 march, i kept bleeding untill 31 march it stopped and spotting happened on the 2 of april an today am i pregnan?

Bleeding after having sex and it got swollen and lasted three days early, is this menopause?

Bleeding from my vagina. I thought it was a period but it was super light and never stopped. It's been 3 weeks now?

Bleeding mid cycle for a week now, heavy bleeding and clots. stopped for two days and has started again. Took pregnancy test it was -?

Blood clot n heavy bleeding 2 weeks after period. Pregnant?

Breastfeedin, not on BC, Irregular heavy bleeding wks 7-9 postpartum (after lochia ended) Occasional cramps and lasting a few days each time. Whats up?

But im 2weeks early with period. Im not sure its my period and also I usually bleed heavy but this bleeding is in the middle.Its not heavy &not light ?

Can a heavy menstrual period mean anything serious?

Can a heavy period break your virginity?

Can an ovarian cyste cause a period to last for over 11 days, heavy bleeding and still has not stoped?

Can B12 injections cause irregular heavy menstrual bleeding?

Can breakthrough bleeding last for only one day and then go away? Or is it a week? Bled a little (barely) then stopped.

Can daylight savings have caused me to have breakthrough bleeding? First time having it. Cramps friday. Bleeding started saturday night. Placebo today

Can doxycycline cause heavy menstruation?

Can implantaion bleeding last for 4-5 days. It started off with very little spotting then got heavier. Can that be implantaion bleeding for twins?

Can implantation bleeding be heavy? Go through a whole tampon and Last up to six days, and be accompanied by heavy cramping?

Can implantation bleeding be heavy? I also have very bad cramps, wasn't supposed to get my period for 3 more days.

Can implantation bleeding become heavy and seem like a normal period?

Can implantation bleeding last for five days, is semi-light and has blood clots, or is this my period? as usually my period is quite heavy.

Can implanting bleeding be heavy or what does it look like its heavy and red so im guessing its my period my period came 6 days early?

Can there be heavy bleeding from piles during pregnancy?

Can you bleed heavily like a normal period, when you don't know ur pregnant? I actually took planb and i bled but im still worried.

Can you have a uterine ablation to control heavy periods?

Can you have polyps at age 27? i get heavy mid cycle bleeding and think that might be why.

Can you still be pregnant even if you bleed heavily and had big clots on your period?

Can you suggest any alternatives for heavy menstrual bleeding?

Christina had her period recently but has been bleeding for six weeks?

Colopscopy 4-5 weeks ago.. Bled for whloe of 4-5 weeks after stopped for 2days pierod cane late, still bleeding this is 5th day into cycle? Normal?

Could I still be pregnant if I had a period (on time) with heavy bleeding and clots and major cramps for 1 day then it stops. All HPT are negative?

Could implantation bleeding last six days, start out thick and heavy and get lighter over the days, and be accompanied by heavy cramping?

Cramping& bleeding since Monday.Went Wednesday 4 ultrasound and saw heartbeat. currently 6w3days and still bleeding & cramping; normal or miscarriage?

Didn't have a cycle in 4 months now it finally came. . Now I can't stop bleeding heavy.. been 3 weeks with heavy bleeding?

Do migraines and heavy periods have any connection?

Do you think I should go to my doctor about an exceedingly heavy period?