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severe back pain and abdominal pain from cd13 can it ectopic pregnancy sign?/

(female)moderate intermittent rlq/pelvic pain for 3 weeks, nausea, diarrhea, loss of appetitex2 days, pelvic u/s negative, no fever. What could it be?

*** help me!*** back pain abdominal pain frequent urination headache fatigue moodiness spotting what could be wrong?

10 lb weight gain in one month, pain in ovaries (dull constant pain), light bleeding, nausea. Last menstrual was 2 weeks ago. Have had a tubal (9 year?

17,virgin,symptoms for 3 months-bloating,pain-sharp/stabbing&dull ache,heavy periods w/ clotting,fatigue,weakness in hands,migrains, swelling abdomine?

19 weeks pregnant. will be 20 on july 14th. severe pains in lover stomach and back. nausea and pelvic pain. what do i do?

38yo unexplained pelvic pain/discomfort (& upper leg pain). Pelvic pain worse after intercourse, requiring tylenol/advil & feel nausea, for 1-2 days.

39 weeks and having menstrual like cramping, low back ache, fatigue, sharp pelvic pain and nausea. Last time my dr. Checked me i was 25% effaced 1 cm?

4 weeks pregnant. Mild general intermittent cramping and pulling-feel more on right side of pelvis. Is this okay? No bleeding or severe pain noted. '

5 weeks pregnant suddenly I am experiencing lower abdominal pain pelvic pain, swollen abdomen, abnormal vaginal bleeding (heavy)?

5 weeks pregnant. Having severe back pain only lasting a few minutes 1-3 times a day, no abdominal pain or bleeding. Is this normal?

7 weeks post miscarriage, VERY heavy clotty period, extreme abdo lower back pain, tummy ache, nausea. No signs of infection at hospital. Bad period?

91 year old woman with chest pain followed by nausea, what could it be?

Abdominal burning and tenderness. Who can help with needed answers?

Abdominal pain that isn't pregnancy or liver problems. What is it?

Abnormal bleeding , lower abdominal pain , shoulder pain , .. What are dis sympyoms of? I m 17

Abnormal vaginal bleeding stomach and back pain severe. Nausea and vomiting what could this be?

Aborted from 10 days, bleeding decreased but lower abdominal colics and back pain ? Is it normal? Is it infection?

After 7 days of IUI i'm having stomach, leg pain. Is this serious or are they normal symptoms?

Are slight nausea, pain and bloating signs of ovulation?

Are symptoms such as persistent pelvic pain, bloating, etc a sign of ovarian cancer?

Are weird bowel movements considered a pregnancy symptom? I'm also having nausea and back pains. Could these all be from my UTI or pregnancy?

Backache a symptom of retained tissues?

Been having intense lower abdominal pain and extreme bloating. Painful urination, sexual activity and no period for two months. Not pregnant. ?

Below belly button, I feel slight on & off mild dull ache especially when first day of menstrual. Is this normal for pelvic congestion syndrome?

Black blood clots2 days. Nausea, backpain, fatigue, headache, crampy pressure pain in stomach ER says cyst on cervix, all this normal for this cyst?

Bleeding gums, fatigue, upper abdominal pain, blood in urine, headaches, bloating, nausea. All ultrasounds were normal so what's wrong with me?

Bloating, cramping pain, fever, what is happening to my wife?

Brownish urine, flank pain+pain from under right to pelvic. No fever,nausea,vomiting,trouble starting urine+has pain. Help?

Can a severe UTI infection cause constipation and discomfort of the lower abdominal of women?

Can a UTI cause severe abdominal pain? Especially during sex?

Can anxiety and stress cause lower abdominal cramping and pressure?

Can crampy abdominal pains that feel like menstrual cramps be a sign of colon cancer?

Can fibroids and/or endometriosis cause hormone fluctuations? Breast pain and swelling, abdominal pain and swelling, not pregnant.

Can my uterus flip during an orgasim and cause extreme pain? If so would it cause bloating and soreness? If not would could it have been?

Can severe pain in my lower right abdomen with cramping &bloody diarrhea be ovarian cancer? Had all gastro tests, all negative.

Can you have problems due to a tubal we're it effects you will sharp cramps stomach pains?

Can you list some possible reasons why I am feeling sever abdominal pain?

Can you please explain some possible reasons why I have abdominal pain?

Causes of abdominal pain lower back pain but not always and occasional bleeding during sex? Symptoms lasting over 6 months.No stds not pregnant.

Chronic pain in pelvic area (mostly left side), irregular periods, enlarged left ovary, bowel problems, quick fullness, bloating, weight gain, pain worsens during and after sex, passing out due to pain (also seizures), nausea, no fever. I would appreciate

Could Depo-Provera cause severe lower back pain and severe uterus cramping ?

Could grade 2 prolapsed pelvic organs (all three) cause a mild cramping sensation and slight constepation?

Could my mirena (levonorgestrel) IUD be causing pain in abdomen accompained with cramping in pelvic area and back pain?

Day after HSG not pain only abdominal heaviness it become more after taking food is it normal?

Deep pain with sex for 2 years and abdominal pain diarrhea vomiting during ovulation/period. Pass large clots. All GI tests normal. Hysterectomy?

Diet to reduce severe abdominal pain in periods?

Diffuse abdominal tenderness but no cramps during periods. Pain most intense ~2" below navel. Hypothyroid, chronically constipated, pain not from it?

Do major stomach pains signify pregnancy?

Do symptoms of labor include: cramping, loose stools, and sharp pain?

Doc, what are the possible diagnosis when I am experiencing body abnormalities like delayed menstruation, light bleeding and sharp abdominal pain?

Does a small ovarian cyst cause pain even if it hasn't ruptured. Experiencing pelvic discomfort, nausea, frequent urination, even rib discomfort.

Does abdominal pain and cramping during medical abortion are same or severe than cramping and pain at the time, of menstrual bleeding?

Endometriosis lap done 3 months ago on the pill. Now experiencing severe lower abdominal pain for the last 2 week. Unable to do anything?

Experiencing abdominal pain 3 days ago along with nausea, vomiting, sharp cramps. also spotting an it's pink. Already had my cycle 4/26/14 - 5/1/14?

Extreme and uncontrollable vomiting during menstral cycles. What could be causing this and how do I ease my pain?

Extreme fatigue, nausea, abdominal pain , missed period and rectal discomfort?

Feeling of bloating and problems urinating and abdominal pain. What is this an indication of?

Female, 30, with occasional episodes of sudden onset severe abdo pain below the navel. Sometimes after sex/masturbation. No relief on emptying bowels?

Flu-like symptoms, severe lower abdominal pain, and black/brown period blood are some reoccuring symptoms. What is wrong?

For 3months i've had nausea, abdominal bloating, exhaustion, discomfort, pain during intercourse and vaginal odor. I have gained 10kg and am 18yrs old?

Gallbladder symptoms Is cramping in right side a sign of this?

Had an endometrial ablation And d and c two days ago. Severe pain. Nasea. Headache and chills. Pain w bowel movement. Help?

Had my period for 2 days, i now have severe upper abdominal pain and have very minimal bleeding. What could this be?

Have a yeast infection while on my cycle would it cause fatigue and bloating and lower back pain?

Having bowel issues w/cramping and feeling urge to go more than usual.backache as well.had a normal pelvic u/s 2 months ago.can this be ovarian cancer?

Having irregular periods , increased chest pains, abdominal pains seems to have increased after gallbladder operation 3years ago. Pain in left breast.?

Having pelvic pain , it's very puffy below my stomach in my pelvis area , throwing up , nauseous a lot . Have PCOS. What kind of symptoms I'm having?

Having rectal pain (shooting) vaginal pain (cramping) and intermittent low back pain. On and off for a few days. Had mirena (levonorgestrel) for a few months. Issue?

Heavy vaginal discharge for months. I have severe abdominal or stomach pain. Can i take painkiller for this?

Hello I am having severe discomfort from 4 days after ovulation now 8dpo .having leg pain and nausea . Some discomfort feeling in my tongue . Please a?

Hello I m suffering for lower abdominal pain form last 2-3 week is this symptom of pregnancy?

Hello! I am 14 weeks pregnant experiencing a burn in my muscles, a headache that has been persistent for 24 hours, & some lower abdominal discomfort.

Here are symptoms that i have: 1. Tender-sore breast, 2. Severe bloating but i'm not on my menstrual, 3. Severe painful nasuating headaches. Why is this?

How do I deal with severe abdominal cramping?

How do I know if the lower abdominal cramps, bloating, etc. That I am experiencing has do to with pregnancy?

How likely is it to have PID after d&c with no fever/discharge? Only bloating & some tender and soreness in abdomen, uti like symptoms & low back pain

How long does abdominal pain associated with intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy last?

How to treat serious gas pain during pregnancy ?

Hx of monthly lower right quadrant abdominal pain. Not rebound pain. No abnormalities on vaginal ultrasound. Worried about appendicitis. What could this be? Period ended 2 days ago.

Hysterectomy 14 years ago. Mild intemittent cramping about 10 days. No other symptoms. How concerned should I be?

I always feel heavy abdominal pain and bloating in my stomach. What is the cause for this symptoms? Is this also a sign of pregnancy?

I am 13 weeks pregnant. Some times i feel abdominal cramps and pain.Is it ok? I did myomectomy(lap) before 5 months.Any problem because of this?

I am 17 days late in my period, the only symptoms I have is headaches, indigestion, gassy and a a moderate pain on my left ovary sometimes after I pee?

I am 25f having pelvic/abdominal pain, painful during intercourse, dizziness.. Symptoms have been constant for 2months waiting for results any ideas?

I am 28, Previous history 2 c-secs & a tubal. Symptoms: severe pelvic & lower abd pain, bloating, 2-3 mths between periods, occasional blood in urine?

I am 3 months post-op daVinci hysterectomy (ovaries intact) & have severe cramping, spotting, diarrhea, lower back pain & fatigue. This just started.

I am 37 yrs have had and ectopic pregnancy and also pcos. Over the last 2 yrs I have been experiencing abdominal bloatimg chronic back pains ?

I am 54 female with abdominal and pelvic pain. I have difficulties upon urination. I've also been having discharge from my bellybutton.

I am almost 9 weeks pregnant and i've been having a mild stomach ache all day. And side pains. No bleeding just discomfort.

I am experiencing abnormal vaginal brown discharge, constipation, low back pain, bloating or abdominal fullness, breast pain (quality: tenderness) a?

I am experiencing bloating or abdominal fullness and constipation. The following also describe me: Abdominal discomfort and Lower abdominal pain. All these is happening 6 days after protected sex with a condom on. Is it pregnancy?

I am experiencing breast pain (quality: tenderness) , spotting and pelvic pain. The following also describes me: Lower abdominal pain. What should...

I am experiencing breast swelling, abdominal pain (all over), bloating or abdominal fullness, heartburn (gerd), pelvic pain, cloudy urine (quality...

I am experiencing cramping in lower abdomen, vomiting, nausea (severity: moderate) , constipation, spotting and breast swelling. The following als...

I am experiencing cramping pelvic pain, bloating or abdominal fullness and low back pain. Had period April 08?

I am experiencing diarrhea, low back pain, constipation and cramping pelvic pain. The following also describes me: Generalized abdominal pain. Wha...

I am experiencing excessive menstrual bleeding, excessive menstrual cramps, abdominal discomfort, shoulder pain and lightheadedness.

I am experiencing excessive menstrual cramps and constipation. The following also describe me: Pelvic pain and Stomach cramps. I've had 2 laparoscopic opt done twice in the last 7 months and I'm having abdominal pain my cycle 2wks late but came.

I am experiencing excessive menstrual cramps, fatigue and blood in toilet. The following also describe me: Pelvic pain and Lower abdominal pain. W...