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hi doc, menstrual problem with only first and 5th day very very light bleeding, what could be the reason?

After how many days of period bleeding is it considered abnormal?

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Bleed for three days, sometimes 4. Is this considered considered a short menstrual cycle because i only bleed for 3 days?

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Bleeding in my panic?

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Can crises cause excessive menstrual bleeding?

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Can hormone imbalance cause post coital bleeding?

Can i expect bleeding after dermabrasion? Will I have a lot of bleeding after dermabrasion? How do I guard against excessive bleeding? .

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Can stress cause bleeding on depo?

Can u have irregular bleeding after a d&c?

Can you give me some names of bleeding disorders?

Can you tell me about a hormone imbalance causing excessive and long lasting menstral bleeding?

Can you tell me about hormone imbalance causing excessive and long lasting menstral bleeding?

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Concern about dysfunctional uterine bleeding?

Could heavy bleeding during my period mean I have a bleeding disorder?

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Does heavy bleeding with clots during my period mean I have a bleeding disorder?

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Dysfunctional uterine bleeding -- what can I do to stop.?

Essesive menstrual bleeding?

Excessive bleeding and large clots during period, how does my gyno know if something's wrong?

Excessive bleeding for 8 to 10 days in menstruation.Blood clots...Changing 12 to 15 pads per day in first 3 days..Had 4 cycles of regesteron..Prob per?

Excessive menstrual bleeding can be caused by what?

Excessive menstrual bleeding normal if 48?

Excessive menstrual bleeding: how many months of ocp's do I need to fix it?

Had 16mm endometrial line after prolonged bleeding of 10 days.. This was the first time of prolonged bleeding. Am 39. Not missed any periods recently?

Have a thickened endometrium & mild-persistent abnormal bleeding, no stds, no cancer. Now on birth control but bleeding won't stop. Help stopping it.

Heavy bleeding, clotting, and cramps 3 days after cervical biopsy.. Normal?

Heavy menstruation causing anemia. What should I do?

Help docs, is heavy excessive menstrual bleeding and clotting for over a month straight harmful to my health?

Help! could stress lead to heavy vaginal bleeding?

Hi,doc pls help me im always suffering a contineus bleeding im irregulas menstrations.

How can I increase ma bleeding at the time of my mensus?

How can I know if this bleeding is a period or bleeding because of the abrupt hormonal change?

How can I slow what seems to be excessive vaginal bleeding?

How can I tell if I have a bleeding disorder?

How can I treat postpartum bleeding?

How could I know if I had a bleeding disorder?

How do I know if I have a bleeding disorder?

How do I stop excessive menstrual bleeding? Clots and more clots

How do i stop prolonged menstruation bleeding now?

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How do you know if you have abnormal bleeding or if your on your period? What's the difference ?

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How to differentiate a woman who has perimenopausal bleeding and abnormal uterine bleeding(aub)? Is it necessary to run a few investigations?

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How to stop abnormal bleeding between cycles?

I am a 46 year old female and have never had abnormal bleeding i now have been on my period for 10 days what could be wrong ?

I am anemic and I'm constantly bleeding every week in between my cycles. Would being anemic cause this?

I am experiencing abnormal vaginal bleeding (quality: between menstrual periods, contains blood clots) and excessive menstrual cramps. The follow...

I am experiencing excessive menstrual bleeding.

I am on microgynon for dysfunctional uterine although it reduced bleeding i clot a lot more than first making periods heavier still.

I am on my period and bleeding excessively, what can I do to reduce the bleeding?

I am on my period and bleeding exessviely, what can I do to reduce the bleeding?

I had a uterine ablation over 2 yrs ago and stopped menstruating / bleeding; is this common?

I had my period for 15 days. they told me it was dysfunctional uterine bleeding (dub). How common is this?

I had random spontaneous bleeding. What could it be from?

I have dysfunctional uterine bleeding, what can I do to stop it?

I have endometriosis and adenomyosis. Periods are irregular. Is withdrawal bleeding good for my body?

I have fibroids. What natural ways can I reduce bleeding during my period?

I have had menstrual bleeding for almost 1-2 months, what should I do? I am 48years old.

I have hypothyroidism and excessively heavy bleeding. From all tests, my uterus is healthy. How do I know if the bleeding is from hashimotos?

I have slow bleeding during menstruation, what is the remedy for heavy bleeding?

I suffer from its and the last three days I have been bleeding?

I'm having exssive bleeding when I flow.

I'm not sure but is heavy excessive menstrual bleeding and clotting for over a month straight normal?

I've read that abnormal bleeding can be indicative of low thyroid. Could it cause 5 days of light bleeding, and if so, why?

If I have an abnormal uterine bleeding what will i do?