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What condition do my symptoms point to: lower back pain, burn when urinating(cloudy and rich yellow), vulvar discomfort and light yellow discharge ?

What could be causing abdominal pain on the left side with belly swelling, and sometimes clear vaginal disharge..?

What could be the cause of my lower abdomen pain n thick mucus discharge with a little bit of blood?

What could cause pain,discharge,and a little bood from belly button? Also kind of have a mild discomfort in the pelvic area not sure if related.

What could cause white creamy discharge and slight lower back/abdominal cramp-like pains?

What did it mean when you have a small white discharge stomach and back pain feeling sick is that a sign of early pregnancy?

What do you recommend if I have a large lipoma on my back near the spine, can this foul smell be coming from this, for about 2 yrs.?

What does a brown discharge and stomach ach mean ?

What does it mean if i have a thick white discharge tender brests and pain in my midsection all the way around and occasionally up my spine.

What does it mean to have brown discharge along with left side and back pain?

What does it mean when a female has sharp cramps on her time of the month but then they stop but a brownish grey ball came out?

What does it mean when I have brown vaginal dishcharge and my upper belly hurts? Im on the pill but just checcking; thanks!

What does it mean when I'm STD free but have a milky white discharge accompanied by lower abdomen pain back pain heartburn and headaches could this be a sign of early pregnancy?

What does it mean when you have brown discharge after a period while been sexually active but also have pains in the belly?

What does it mean when you have burning and cramping in your cheast?

What does it mean when you have cervical pain during sex and then cramps afterwards? No itching no burning just pain during and aches after?

What does it mean when you have headaches, milky white discharge, and abdominal pain?

What does It mean When Your discharge Is brown and You Have really bad abdominal pain?

What does lower back pain,milky white vaginal discharge, occasional headaches and occasional lower abdominal cramping a sign of?

What does lower back pain,milky white vaginal discharge, occasional headaches and occasional lower abdominal cramping and nausea a sign of?

What dose it mean when you're discharge is bloody && you have lower abdominal pain, back pain, dizziness . But no period?

What dose it mean when your period brown and bad pains?

What if it's bright yellow, some abdominal cramping and lower back pain and the vulva burns after I pee.

What is a reddish brown thick discharge? I'm also having some cramping in my lower abdomen. What could be going on?

What is pinkish discharge and lower back and inner thigh pain mean?

What is the course of whitish discharge and lower abdominal pain?

What is the white discharge that comes after ovulation and why do I experience lower pain like it my period, it comes right after ovulation?

What is thick slimy yellow discharge with right abdominal pain?

What it mean to have bright yellow urine an discharge with back an bladder constant pain at 8 weeks pregnant?

What it's it when your back and lower stomach is hurting and have a bloody lumpy brownish discharge?

What might cause clear vaginal discharge, lower back pain, and lower abdominal pain in a 27-week pregnant woman?

What should i do if have white liquid dischage along with weakness and bone pain??

What to do if I have cramping lower left abdomen and clear discharge?

What to if I am having bloody vaginal discharge and severe lower abdominal pain. Please help.?

What would be causing me to have flank pain and lower abdominal pain with bloody vaginal discharge?

Whata the chances my pregnancy can be ectopic. Light brown discharge when i wipe & pressure on lower left abdomen. No cramps or heavy bleeding?

When i pee i have noticed the pee is luminous yellow and i also have severe abdominal pain what could this be?

When on my period I have severe pain in abdomen.i now have a nasty vaginal discharge and don't know what it's could be?

White and watery vaginal discharge , lower back pain , irregular menstration , pain before and after menstrations.

White discharge middle of menstrual cycle, little discomfort both sides lower abdomen, ovulating? Also itchy several days after intercourse.

White discharge with one sided headache piercing pain since 25 days excessive thirst?

White disharge and a little side pain what dose that mean?

White milkey discharge with fishy smell turns yellow when it dries, lower right side abdominal pain, burping instead of vomit, late period. Pregnant?

White milky discharge with little back pain and stomach cramps feel as though going to have my periods with a weird smell what could it be?

White sticky discharge slight cramps &headache. Lower back pain. Missed (.) by 1 day &neg test. Some nausia but not throwing up. Clean pap lst mnth.?

White thick discharge. Unprotected sex. Really bad lower pain after urine and slight blood. Haven't went to a doc for awhile. Is it cancer?

White transparent sticky discharge 7dpo and kind of pulling sensation on my left thigh just below the hip.What could that be?

Why abdominal pain coming in the evenings after ovulution?

Why am I have thick white discharge lately it does have a smell also im having bad gas an my right breast is in a lot of pain what could cause this?

Why am i having abdominal pains in the middle of my stomach and discharging something white?

Why am i having pain in my lower abdomen and been having dark discharges for two days before my period. Need help!?

Why before period severe back pain, brown milky blood, bloated belly, can't walk why does this happens?

Why do I have back, abdominal and pelvic pain and a white discharge from my vagina even though i don't have pregnancy symptoms?

Why do I have bloody watery discharge before period and sharp abdominal pains?

Why do I have clear liquid coming out of my vagiina and lower back and abdominal pains, what does this mean?

Why do I have clear liquid coming out of my vagina and lower back and abdominal pains, what does this mean?

Why do I have stomach knots and cramping with odd feeling in my ovaries ? And white discharge but not a terrible smell

Why do I have viginal discharge for two weeks now and getting more by the day, my period is due in 3 days and have low back pain for 3 days now?

Why does my vigana have a odor & my lower stomach hurt?

Why fluid in uterus? Im 24. ER for cramps, low back pain, tender breasts white milky discharge, doc said discharge was normal but fluid in uterus

Why is it everytime im 2 weeks away from my period i start bloating & getting cramps. I also get white yellowish discharge. Somethg wrong w me?

Why is it I am experiencing dark brown period? And its been two weeks now.And my breast is sometimes in pain, please help

Why is my poo yellow and watery? It has only just come on and I have minor pain in the left side just above my hip?

Why might my 12 yo daughter have white discharge? She also has bad back pain.

Why might someone have excess vaginal discharge, tender breasts, and back pain?

Woke up with a pain in right breast this morning. So I pushed on it and a white watery discharge came out. Could this be serious?

Woke up with a sore stomach for the past two days and been having a lot of clear/white discharge. And no period for the past 2mnths. (2neg htp)?

Would like some advice please? I've been having abdominal pain and lots of discharge?

Yellow discharge with strands of blood two days after finish period ... Pain in my lower back what can it be?

Yellow vaginal discharge and lower back ache could i be pregnant?

Yesterday my discharge was meat like but today its normal.The side of my pelvic area kind of hurts but i'm not sure if it's gas could I have a yeast i?