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Pelvic area very swollen.Fever/coldsweats, left&right sharp pain pelvic area, very nauseous. Period 18 days ago. Stringy white discharge. Cold sympt.?

Pelvic pain, slight discharge, and feeling like I am passing gas through my vagina (not sure if this is possible). Should i see my doctor?

Period 10 days late, 41 day cycle.Had a little brown sticky discharge on day 9.Dull pain 1 inch right of belly button.Negative home pregtest. Any idea?

Period 10 days late.9th day had a little sticky brown discharge.10th day long stringy mucous blood once pain inch right of belly button.What is wrong?

Period 3 days late. Slight lower back pain (usually sign of period) + clear/ off white colored discharge. Took 2 test... Both negative. What's wrong?

Period 6 days late, neg pregnant test at 4 days late. A bit clear white discharge, stmache discomfort, dizziness, and occassional mid to lower back pain.?

Period due in 5 days and still have clear cervical discharge, sore boobs and mild back pain.

Period is 5 days late, consistent dull cramps, breast tenderness, back pain and and now brown mucous like clots when I use the restroom. Pregnant?

Period is 6 days away. Had mild cramps and lower back pain. Clear and slimy discharge. Preggers or period?

Period is 9 days late making me a 40 days cycle. Have a mild, dull pain an inch right of belly button. Had one time brown mucous discharge. Pregnant?

Period is due in 2 days. having stuff nose for a week now, and cramping on and off. headache and back pain. Could it be pregnancy?

Period just ended. Now have lower ab discomfort like period starting. Lower back pain, and vagina discharge of heavy clear mucous. Period was normal?

Period two days normal with clear discharge stops one day dark blood when i whipe with discgarge an had right side pain tonight what could it be?

Period was due two days ago and today I have some odd orange discharge and upper abdominal pains but only little spasms is this early pregnancy? Or ju

Period-like dull cramp in lower abdomen and back, moves also to thighs. clear discharge but no odor, no itching. period ended 1 week ago, no pregnancy?

Pink discharge, sevre cramping off and on, discomfort peeing sometimes in lower back, bad pains after sex ? Help do I have STD or is it my cyst

Please is it normal to have dark brown discharge at 11 weeks, 5 days of pregnancy? No cramps accompanied only little waist pain. Is there a problem?

Pls am having penile discharge with sometimes pains.. But very little pain.

PMS or could I be pregnant? I have pain in my lower back, my breasts hurt on & off, I have slight cramping, & now I have this white discharge leaking.

Pregnant 6 weeks, but left lower abdomen pain, sometimes bleeding. Some white discharge too. What does it mean?

Pregnant with lower abdominal pain and yellowish vaginal discharge. Should i be worried about these symptoms?

Pregnant? I had period july 7-9 and had sex on july 21st-22. went to ER for white vaginal discharge cramps, fever back pain fluid in uterus all normal

Protected sex a little over a week ago after my period. Now I have a white dry clump discharge sometime, lower abdomen pain, going #2 more often? Why?

Recently spotted for 1 day, 1 week after my period ended. I am now having really bad pains in my uterus. And my pee is cloudy. What could this mean? ?

Red eyes, vaginal discharge, lower right abdominal pain what could this be?

Right side abdo pain. Shoulder pain. Blood streaked mucus like discharge and dizziness. All swab tests clear?

Said to be having a heavy discharge an rash on her back looking like wingworm irregular period sometimes n pain during sex what's the cause?

Sensitive nipples , creamy white discharge no odor, mild lower back pains. Unprotected sex 16 days ago? Possible pregnancy symptoms?

Severe pain in the right abdomen, comes and goes.White&sticky discharge.Irregular,34th day, still no period.Had unsafe sex 14days ago ,neg test,preg?

Sextually active no protection. 9 days late. Back lower back pain and white discharge. Can I be pregnant?

Sexually active, no period, brown discharge, lower left back pain, concern?

Sharp left breast pain no period since March 16th period before that November 16th. brown and pink tinged discharge. what is going on?

Sharp pain in pelvic area left side for 2 to 3 minutes,female, 22 years, ultrasound and urine say normal fever,vaginal discharge pale yellow?

Sharp Pain on low right side of stomach around the pelvic area. Had a rectal whitish sticky glob like discharge. What can this be?

Sharp pain on my left side of my abdomen i don't know what it is can it be from the cold?I had a white discharge today odorless to what can it be help?

Sharp pains in lower abdomen. Severe cramping during sexual arousal, light bleeding after intercourse and 1 day of dark brown discharge, late period?

Should i worry about short sharp pains in my lower abdomen while 8 weeks pregnant? No spotting or bleeding but some clear discharge.

Since a miscarriage 2 months ago i've had black thick discharge between periods and this month had bad pain on let left side that's disabling?

Since last week I have had lower, dull ache in my back and clear, watery discharge. Finished period last Wednesday. Had Pap last September. Was clear.

Since my period I have been having headaches, nausea, lower abdomen cramping and my veins are showing alot and a white discharge could I be pregnant ?

Slight cramping on right side, nausea, and clear and stretchy discharge. Is this ovulation?

Slight sharp pain on my left side period finshed on friday found white discharge in my panties no odor its just a lotion white discharge. Ovulation?

Slight spotting brownish with little abdominal pain. Hysterectomy in 2011 for cervical cancer why the spotting????

Slight vag irritation lower back pain and sharp dull on and off pain around ovaries on both my sides some nausea some white crusty discharge. Virgin?

Spotted for pink, Brown 3 day with no period last discharge now backache tighten in the stomach cant lay on it and foot swelling tubes tied 15 years?

Spotting light red/pinkish blood not pregnant haven't had sex in months feel some slight cramping in lower abdomen radiating to the right thigh?

Sticky discharge a week after period and minor pain on ovary and feel bloated ?

Still no period cramps slight headaches neg preg test and white discharge I have no insureance so I can't see a dr pain in tummy above belly button?

Sudden stabbing pain around uterus that lasted for a min or two then nothing. White, stretchy discharge for last three days only. What does it mean?

Swollen boobs, cramping, lower back pain, pink discharge, eating like crazy. What are these signs of?

Symptoms: chronic bloating, urine smells, swollen vagina everytime after intercourse, oral thrush, occasional lower back pain & lower abd pain. Help!

The last 4 days I've been having on and off lower back and abdomen pain. Constant gas and urination. today I've noticed slight blood in my discharge.

The past 2 weeks I have been having lower right quadrant pain, i don't have an appendix anymore. I had the flu a few weeks back and these foul smelling yellow chunks coming from my throat. Any idea? M, 27y

There is brownish discharge with lower back pain and lack of energy. What could be wrong?

Thick mucus discharge and stabbing abdominal pains after childbirth?

Thick white discharge right side abdominal pain trying to concieve am I ovulating or about to?

Thick white sticky discharge for two-three days now what could it be and lower abdomen pain ?

Thick white/milky discharge with mild odor, lower back pain, bloating and unexplained weight gain. What could it be? Infection? If so, what kind?

Thick, Dark and brown menstration, on birthcontrol, weird fluttering in pelvic area.. Don't know what's going on?

This past period brown chunky discharge. Not heavy like normal.Tummy hard and growing. Back pain. Knee pain. Frequent urination. Could I be pregnant?

Three day late period brownish spotting only when I wipe sharp abdominal pain feels like a pinch and a little back ache?

Today 22 day of my 25 day cycle.No breast pain but sharp abdominal pain and blood spots along wid egg white kind discharge for a week, what's the reason?

Today I saw Brown discharge and I had lower back pain I haven't had sex in 10 years?

Trying to conceive period was sep 6 about a week ago i had cramping in my lower left side then had this white creamy discharge that lasted for 3 days the cramping lasted two days then i also had a headache for two days and some lower back pain could this

Trying to get pregnant.Abdominal pain on rite sidr ankind of milky white discharge?

TTC - 5 days before expected period. experiencing backache, cramping, left abdominal pain and very weird a lot of watery white discharge .. ?

TTC my second baby I am 8 days after ovulation and have had slight cramping, pressure feeling in my lower Abd. and now have a clear slimy discharge ?

Tummy pain in waves, white discharge. second month of pill and feeling worried and pregnant??

Two weeks ago I had a miscarriage. Now I have a lot of thick white discharge and lower abdominal pain. What is wrong?

Two weeks before period strong cramps in right side and rather a lot of clear, gooey discharge, history of miscarriages ?

Unprotected sex 7 days ago last period ended july 27, 2013. I've been having lower belly pains & migraines i had alittle pinkish brown disharge.

Unprotected sex. Thick discharge. Can I have cancer because i haven't got treated? Pain after urine and slight pain but now gone away am i ok now?

Urachal cyst- I have fluid leaking through my belly button white yellow colour while on my period..Along with mid abdominal pain.. What could this be?

Vagina leaking light mucous slightly tinged yellow. Had round of antibiotics, didn't go away. Cramps, rash on back, chest pain. Any ideas what is wrong?

Vaginal discharge lower back hurts, and my areola is a little darker. I haven't had any PMS symptoms and it's 2 days before my period.could i be prego?

Vaginal discharge, no period for 3 years, back pain, dizziness.. etc. Does this mean I'm pregnant or should consult a doctor?

Vaginal itching, watery yellow discharge, painful urination at times, localized pelvic pain, lower back pain, lower back pain n flank pain.Wat cd this be?

Very crampy lower abdomen half way through pill. never had before. 2weeks before period. Slight yellow discharge every now and again. what could be?

Vomiting, white discharge, lower back and cramping, frequent urinating but only a little, i'm not pregnant i took a test 2 days ago?

Was on period 3 wks ago, started bleeding after intercourse, grayish discharge, lower back pain, light abdominal pain, itchiness above vag lips?

Watery discharge cramps lower back pain and frequent urination. Causes?

Watery light brown discharge at end of period. Having lower back pain and slight pain in ovaries vag irritation and soreness as well. Virgin & worried?

Watery white dischage. It looks yellow on underward.Low back hurts. Headach. Last period july 6.. What does this mean?

Watery Yellow diarea with slight pain in abdomen what's happening?

Week early period, that lasted for two weeks. Horrible amounts of pain in back and stomach. Pain has subdued, but now a brown discharge has appeared.

What are signs of misscarrige. Im having low back pain with a mucousy red discharge?

What can brown discharge for 3 weeks along with pelvic pain and cramping mean? Ive had my implant in for nearly a year and have never had any bleeding

What can cause a bloated lower abdomen and yellow vaginal discharge?

What can cause foul smelling in vaginal area and dark urine, lower abdominal pain, lower back pain, yellowish vaginal discharge, spotting?

What can cause increased vaginal discharge and lower stomach achying ?

What can cause low stabbing and cramping pelvic pain, back pain, aches in hips and top of legs, abdominal bloating and blood tinged vaginal discharge?

What can cause lower abdominal pain and vaginal discharge?

What can cause sharp burning pain only in one nipple i m midcycle but have had clear discharge and the pain has been going for about a week.?

What can cause sharp burning pain only in one nipple im midcycle but have had clear discharge and the pain has been going on for about a week?

What can I do for this pain in lower abdomen, light vaginal bleeding, watery discharge?

What can it mean to have brown discharge from the vagina, constipation and severe stomach pain all at the same time?

What can yellowish cervical mucus mean besides infections? Could this be ovulation? Yesterday I had the fulness in lower abdomen. Ttc

What causes belly pain and black disscharge?

What causes stomach pain with gas and clear discharge from your bottom?

What causes strong smelling discharge after periods and pressure in lower abdomen? No pain, irritation or in vagina. Period every two weeks too