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Last cycle 10-23, vary from 21 days to 32.Lower back pain across hips, lower ab, breakout and rash, frequent urination, egg like discharge no odor.?

Last period june 17th negative hpt normally reg periods sharp pelvic pain like needles clear odorless discharge and the dr said i had a round uterus?

Last period not sexually active stomach pain in lower abdomen and right side? Have a bit of white gel discharge

Last week i had a clump of clear discharge come out went to dr cervix is closed. Was having cramps and lower back pain but no uti. Now the pains worse?

Last week I had pain in my lower abdomen for about 5 days. A brown discharge has began. I have been on microgestin for many years.

Lately I've been having brown vaginal discharge as well as blood spotting from my anus, and stomach aches and back pain. I know its gross but plshelp?

Left sided pain in lower abdomen now Sudden pain with deep penetration during sex. Thicker clear white discharge recently. Should I get this checked?

Light white/ yellowish milky discharge with fishy odor, lower right side abdominal pain, and 5 day late period. Could i be pregnant?

Liquid like brown discharge with cramping. Now lower left abdominal pain with swelling and tender to touch. LMP was 8/11 and normal, hurts to walk.

Little abdominal and lower back pain thick white vaginal discharge no odor or irriation increase in breast size miscarried 4 1/2 wks ago am i pregnant?

LMP 19/10,pains in Boobs,sometimes a burning feeling,lower backache,tired,sound like preg symptoms? Should I test? Also had white discharge when wipe.

Low achy abd. Pain on and off. Brown stringy discharge just over a week after period every time .Im on the pill , what are possibilities this could b?

Low achy back pain. A lot of white discharge than usual. Then clear gooey discharge when I wipe. Been like this for a couple days. Is this pregnancy ?

Lower abdomen pain & yeasty discharge with slight spotting?

Lower abdominal cramps along with frequent urination and clear discharge what could this be?

Lower abdominal cramps, red blood discharge followed by brown discharge. What can be the cause of this?

Lower abdominal pain with brown vaginal discharge, should I be concerned?

Lower abdominal pain with thick white discharge?

Lower abdominal pain, (like needles piercing), cloudy discharge. both in the day period is due but no period came. sign of pregnant?

Lower abdominal pain, mood swings, increase in apetite, clear thick vaginal discharge. Do not have normal periods every month. What could this be??

Lower Adominal & bladder pain with mild bak pain & light & shorter periods discharge watery & white coukd it be std?

Lower back cramps no discharge or no smell what could it be?

Lower back pain and brown discharge, what to do?

Lower back pain and creamy white discharge, could i be in pre term labor?

Lower back pain period late14 day took a test yesterday and neg . White viginal discharge cramp come and go what DES it mean ?

Lower back pain with black stringy discharge after period?

Lower back pain-due to possible disc problem-inc when jumping-milky white discharge?

Lower left abdominal pain with clear mucus like vaginal discharge. What could this be?

Lower left side have pain that comes n goes...a lot of clear discharge came out on the 28 of may after that I continue to have white watery discharge?

Lower right abdominal pains,nipples are sore,light brown bleeding/discharge for about a week.Its now about 10 days before next period.Am I pregnant?

Mild lower back pain, brownish discharge with a small clump of blood in it, 10 days before next period. Sexually active about 10 days ago. ?

milky viginal discharge Slight pain in urinating.slight pain in right pelvic.had sex june10,period on june28 then period agin july6.what does it mean?

Milky viginal discharge Slight pain in urinating.slight pain in right pelvic.had sex june10,period on june28 then period agin july6.what does it mean?

Missed periods last month had yellowinsh discharge n lower abdominal pain. Had an ultrasound after 10 days of delay it was normal. What is it?

Mucus like bleeding with cramp, back ache is a sign of what?

My estimated period is march 17th and right now i have some dull aches in my abdomin for the past 4 days i have had very watery discharge am i preg?

My 14 year old daughter is having lower abdominal pain, bloating, vaginal discharge, and a terrible vagina odor. What could this be? This never happens.

My breast hurt ma lower back hurts I have a lot of discharge that doesn't smell or itch 11 days after period ended am I pregnant?

My cycle is 26 days,now am on day 8,I have mild cramps on my right side and when I wipe I had a slipery clear discharge,am I ovulating this early?

My cycle tics like clock work. Any time I Missed a period Ive been pregnant. I have lower back pain and white discharge for a week and am 1- week late?

My daughter is having extreme sharp pains and then a tissue discharge from her vagina. It is bloody and has black spots...what could this be..

My friend 7 months pregnant and she found out she have light pink discharge in her vigina and belly pain. Is she going to labour? Or what cause ??

My last period was 19 november, last seven days.Right now im having lower abdomen pain slight back pain, small amount of vaginal dc.When my nxt period?

My last period was jan6-12, for about the last week I've been having light brownish discharge and left lower back pain-left side of my spine ?

My lower abdomen just above my pubic line is very hard, haven't had a regular period since March. Last period very dark/black stringy discharge. ?

My mom had her Hysterectomy almost 3 months ago. Whenever her menstrual cycle come, she still feel pain in the abdominal. Also little pink discharge.

My period date is 10 jan.Right now im having lower back pain and milky white thin discharge.What does that mean.Is my period about to start?Im virgin

My period ended 2 weeks ago, i've been having clear discharge sometimes really heavy. Im tiered a lot and cramp/back pains. What does this mean?

My period ended a week and a half ago only lasted 2 days now i have white discharge my boobs hurtn anb i have lower left pain in my stomach?

My period is 10 days late, I found some clumpy white discharge in my underwear yesterday. I have also had a really sore upper abdomen the past 3 night?

My period is 3 days away, today i had a dark brown discharge with slight pain. This has never happened before, there is no bad smell, help?

My period is 4 days late, I have nausea, cramps white creamy discharge and terrible back pains. My nipples hurt so bad I can't wear a bra am I preg?

My period is 4 days late. I have lower stomach pains and i also have white discharge. What does this mean?

My period is a day late and started out as a brown discharge what does that mean and now i have sharp pain right lower abdomen?

My period is a week late & i've had dark brown spotting/discharge on & off for a few days with persistent lower left back pain. What could this be?

My period is supposed to come in 2 weeks but i have gas, clear discharge and lower abdominal cramps. what can this be?

My period is two days late and been crabby, lower back pains, and sticky white discharge is there anyway I might be pregnant?

My period lasted three days and now im having this thick white pasty discharge what does this mean with cramps in my back and lower abdomin?

My period was suppose to be on the 10th, and there's nothing! I have lots of white discharge and my uterus area has been hurting! help me please?

My period was supposed to end a week ago but my discharge is still brown and bloody. Constant abdomen pain with vomiting but ultrasound/CT normal.

My period was supposed to end yesterday only for me to start having abdominal pains at night & its severe today with slimy & slightly bloody discharge?

My sense of smell heightened, 6 days after sex had pinkish brown disharge. Still no period. Sensitive nipples. Mild lower back pain. Restless nights.

My vaginal discharge is coming out bloody, I'm having pain in my lower abdomen and my back is hurting. What can it be? Ps. Anemic

My wife has pains on her left side inside her vaginal cavitie and she has had nausea and discharge?

Nausea abdominal pain lightly bleed after sex foul smelling dark urine low back pain for two weeks. No UTI. Not pregnant. Concerning?

Nausea fatigue pain in lower abdomen breast tenderness and white discharge no smell from vagina.. Am i pregnant? Had sex a couple times this month

Negative pregnant test, had spotting & clearish bloody discharge, sharp throbbing pain near right ovary what could this be?

No period in 6 months. Brown and pink stuff.Coming out vagina.Pain.A pressure in abdominal..Negative pregnancy rest..What's wrong help me plz?

No period just alot of dark brown/blackish discharge & lower abdominal bloating...Can this indicate pregnancy? Or sound like something else?

No periodx3months, 3 days brown discharge now when whiping no period yet lower abd pain.Not pregnant per blood work.. What to do?

Normally long cycle, but now 53 days w/out period. Severe lower back pain, cramping, white discharge. Any suggestions?

Normally yellowish discharge, a lot more this week, switched to light brown.Last sex 3 monthes ago same partner.Lower abdominal pain? Should i worry?

Not sexually active. Have felt almost a heavy discharge sensation vaginally yet no discharge. No pain. No burn or itch. Due for my period. Bn spotting?

Noticed light pink discharge after wiping and lower abdominal pain for a few hours. Period scheduled in 2 weeks. Is this a sign of pregnancy?

Now I have many brown/black discharge and still not got my period. I had lower right pain/discomfort, what can this be?

Now its 14days .The last three days i ambloating.Cramping.Tummy rumbbling.Feels like im having white discharge coming out.Not bleeding either?

Odorless colorless discharge. No pain or burning.. but leg and lower back pain (not a lot) I had unprotected sex 2 weeks ago. Is this a sign of STD?

Off my period 1 week ago been sexually active since.Past few days having lower back pain and white discharge heartburn cramps. What is going on?

Off white discharge with stomach pains and 6 days late, help?

Okay so my last period was really dark and smelly i had no pain but I had intercouse and the same thing happened ?

Okay, well. I would like to know what i need to do about my situation. I am having some abdominal cramping pain,and also having some watery discharge?

On bc pills for 4 years, no periods due to endometreosis. Been having red and brown discharge/spotting 3 months. Some sharp pelvic and low back pain?

On day 13 after transfer.. Havin lots of brown but when wipeing red discharge..Does this mean iam loseing? Having period pains too.

On ortho evra. Period ended march 5th. I currently have nausea, pelvic pain(like cramps), brown discharge from vagina, back pain and slight fever. Why?

On period but having pink redish discharge all gooy..hurts when pooping having bad cramps to the point I want to cry..what does it mean?

One missed period, stomach pain while walking, sitting or doing a work, slight drops of brownish discharge... Am i pregnant?

Orange discharge? ?? I'm 8 months along constant back pain what can I do

Orange jelly coming from vagina, lower abdomen pain and irregular periods, help?

Outer vagina pain when i pee and have thick white discharge the does not smell normal. Also pain on the left lower side of the stomach when i pee?

Ovarian cyst cause a change in discharge? Experiencing sharp pain in lower left side and a thick white/milky stretchy discharge with mild odor.

Pain in (l) lower abdomen, a lot of clear fluid coming out of my vagina, dr, told me it was a cyst, 2 weeks later & i'm pregnant, could it be tubal?

Pain in abdomen and brown coloured urine ?

Pain in lower abdomen when i go to sit, green discharge without odor and pain during inttercourse?

Pain in lower back & left side, vaginal itching, swelling & burning . No discharge or odor. Dr.did test 4 UTI 2 wks ago, was negative. What can it be?

Pain in the abdominal area and white discharge. What could this be?

Pain near the right side of my belly button. Had a medical abortion three weeks ago. Still have brown discharge. Whats the reason for the pain?

Pain on the left side of my uterus and there is brown discharge & a little blood. Just started ovulating could it be mittelschmerz?

Pain on the right of your abdomen and clear stretchy discharge, are they associated with pregnancy?

Pains and back ache six days before period due and clear discharge with blood streaked ?

Pelvic and abdominal pain with back aches and odorless watery discharge. Last mnth i had non stop spotting all mnth (even after full cycle). Not possible for me to have any more children?