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I'm having a lot of clear stretchy discharge , and lower back and abdominal pain / cramps. Am i pregnant?

I'm having abdominal pain and i'm not pregnant. I notice that i'm spotting and it's not red but brown what do I need to do?

I'm having brown discharge,bloating, and spotting for the first time. I don't experience any pain but I'm scared its an infection. What should I do?

I'm having clear watery discharge & slight lower back pain. what could be the reason.i was sexually active. today my discharge have a white colour.

I'm having lower abdominal pain by my vagina and white milky color stuff coming out my boobies I took a pregnancy test but it came back negative help?

I'm having lower left side pelvic pain. After urinating it gets a bit worse, numbing like pain. I have some discharge, thick white no odor.

I'm having pains on the right side of my abdomen and have been for 2 weeks and now have white discharge from my vagina. What's wrong with me?

I'm having pelvic pressure, abd fullness, and a creamy cervical mucus. Could I be pregnant?

I'm having period like cramps, my boobs are sore, back pain and white discharge. I've already had my period 2 weeks ago. Any idea what it could be?

I'm having sharp pains like i'm going to have my period and heavy yellow discharge both everyday?

I'm having slight pain and discomfort in mid and high abdominal section, and lately, when I pass gas, the smell is more foul than usual, not like death or sewer, just more foul?

I'm on my 2nd Mirena and have had this one in place for about 2 years. Lately I've noticed quite a bit of orange/red discharge with back pain/cramping?

I'm on my 3rd trimester 31 weeks to be exact and i have a brown discharge and lower abdomen pain. Is it serious?

I'm only 17yo..Isn't normal to have nipple discharge with cloudy white crusting around it? But i clean it n it's came back..I had very pains for 9days

I'm ttc I'm one day late and started a white watery discharge I'm also experiencing an on of feeling in my lower right abdomen could it be a good sign?


I'm very concerned my period is really dark and has a foul odor. My back started to hurt as well as having abdominal pain with a fever kicking in. ?

I've a thick white discharge no smell. Pain in lower tummy and back. What could this be?

I've asked before, but my discharge is brown looks like old blood. Im 11 weeks am i okay. Its been 3 days now. No cramping no pain. Please explain :(?

I've been experiencing light bleeding and then a solid blood comes out at my vagina been experiencing abdomen cramps and lower back pain what is it?

I've been experiencing vaginal discharge odor before/after my periods and right sided low back disconfort. Goes away with atbx. But returns monthly. ?

I've been getting really bad lower back an pelvic pain, an been leaking a lot of pink watery fluids my doc did a smear an showed a lot of puss cells?

I've been have lower left side stomach pain on n off.. Heart burn..on n off...on the 28 of may. a lot of clear discharge came .now its white watery discharge coming out with smell....

I've been having brown discharge for the past few weeks.With a bit of blood in between. I feel no pain or cramps. Just discharge?

I've been having brown discharge mid cycle and i felt a heaviness in my pelvis 3 DPO and there was streak of blood in the discharge. I did squats ?

I've been having dull pelvic pain for a few weeks. I also have a brown tinted discharge but there is no smell associated with it. I also feel 'full.'?

I've been having light brown spotting cramping lower back pains... Today i notice a milky like fluid leaking from my breast... What could this be?

I've been having lower abdominal pain, brown discharge and vomiting could you tell me what could be wrong?

I've been having lower abdominal pain, nausea, and thick white discharge. Help?

I've been having lower stomach pains lately, , and i'm constantly farting .. Also my vaginal discharge smell is stronger , what's wrong ?

I've been having mild to severe lower back pain & brown odorless discharge along with headaches, weight gain & pain in ovaries, what can be going on?

I've been having symptoms of milky white discharge,lower back pains, and a bubble like sensation/cramp in my lower abdomen. any ideas what it could be?

I've been nauesea latley and smells are more.Noticable to me i've got a lot of clear discharge. Peeing alo and some abdominal.And back pain pregnant?

I've been tested for all infections and STDs and i'm fine. This last 4 days i've had period like cramps, lower back pain and thick clear discharge?

I've had abnormal bleeding for 5 to 6 weeks now with lower back pain that goes down my leg with cramping and abdominal pain and vaginal discharge?

I've had brownish, thick (almost clots) discharge for 5 days before my period and 2 weeks afterwards. Also, with sharp pain in my lower abdomen.Help!?

I've had clumpy brown discharge and thigh pain in my right thigh for a week now. I'm on birth control, but I'm worried. What could it be?

I've had heavy vaginal discharge sharp lower abdomen pain and i found a very painful bump on my cervix today, what is it?

I've had light pink discharge & lower back pain the light pink discharge went away but i still have the lower back pain & my cycle is a week away?

I've had lower back pain & light pink discharge before my cycle which is two weeks away what could this b?

I've had severe pain in the side of my lower abdomen and thick yellowish discharge . All swabs for infections and STDs came back negative. What's up?

I've recently had bleeding and discharge from the belly button it started as a pain then started bleeding with discharge . All my lower stomach tender?

Iam 44 years old and 5 weeks pregnant. I have consisyent back cramps an pulling in my abdomen. Also slight yellowish discharge. Is this normal?

Iam 9 weeks pregnant and having Mucous red and having abdominal and back pain.

Iam having nipple pain,white discharge and missed periods,stomach pain and backache. .may i know the reason?

If egg gets fertilized, will ovulation occurs? as she is having creamy white clumpy CM with no period. pain in left abdmn and backache. All else fine.

Ii am having cramps and back pain and my period is 13 days late and is discharging a creamy stuff and a bit sleepy everday?

Im 16.During my period,theres no period blood but i had blackish discharge.i didnt have period pain b4 and during but im having lower back after.

Im 17 and i have lower abdominal soreness, mostly on the right side. Ive felt pain during intercourse and a few days later blood streaked discharge?

Im 18 weeks and 3 days pregnant and im having serious abdominal pain and clear fluid leaking what do I do should I go to an e.R? Im having serious abdominal pain and clear fluid discharge and im 18 weeks and 3 days pregnant what should I do?

Im 25/virgin.My periods is due by 2weeks now.I have watery white discharge for 10 days and for 2 days i feel gaseous in my lowe right abdomen.Whats it?

Im 33 weeks pregnant with bad lower abdominal pain, pelvic pressure and white/cloudy vagina discharge. It hurts when i try to stand, walk, or even move

Im 35 weeks pregnant I've been having lower back pain, a white thick odorless discharge with a clear around it and pains in vagina and lower abdomen. What could this mean?

Im 39 and been having constant period type pains and lower back pain for the last week. Iv also had tightenings and a watery white discharge, Labour?

Im 39 weeks and 4 days i feel really nauseous for the last 2 days and experiencing lower back pain, sore tailbone and snot-like white/orange discharge?

Im 39 weeks pregnant and had lower back pains for 3 days, pains not getting any stronger, my discharge has increased but no bloody sign, please help!

Im 6 weeks pregnant. L have a back pain, spotting brownish discharge but only after using the toilet paper. L sometime have cramps but not as bad as the backpain. Is this normal?

Im 9weeks 5 days pregnant n got some brown discharge and had a shootin pain up my vagina no severe pain no red blood is brown discharge normal?

Im a 24 years old female. Period just finished 1 week ago and today i had mild lower abdomen pain and brown blood.

Im a month late having severe cramps in my lower abdomen and a clear sticky discharge whats the possibilities of being pregnant?

Im confused; UTI or pregnant. Nausea, back pain, lower abd pain, frequent urination, 10day late period. No burn no itch no odor no discharge at all?

Im discharging clear and stretchy mucus, plus im having pain In my lower abdomen when i have sex with my husband..dont know what this could!

Im getting brownish discharge with cramps and back pain during my ovulation cycle. What does that mean? Is it normal?

Im having a lot of crystal clear discharge sometimes light yellowish, heavy and itchy breast with pain, lower abdomen and back pain, never had sex. Help ?

Im having a lot of pain in my abdomen and a lot of brown discharge i been of my menstrual since jan 1st but been having the pain n discharge since!

Im having abdominal cramps, back and headaches and white vaginal discharge. Any anwsers?

Im having lower abdominal pain and back pain along with a yellow vaginal discharge. Will amoxicillin help?

Im having some pelvic pain n abdominal pain along with nausea and vaginal itching and white discharge ?

Im having sticky white discharge , an bloating the pressure of bowel movement is every strong an have lower an upper back pain can I be pregnant ?

Im having vaginal problems im having vaginal problems, with really bad odor and discharge that's brown an red. I thought i was suppose to start my period but i havent. It felt like i did but nothing. I'm having lower pains like cramps but im not bleeding.

Im33 weeks im having abdoninal pain and lower back pains sometimes, im discharging white vaginal fluid when im getting pain in the abdominal then goes to my rectum

Implanon removed may 29, the last few days had egg white cm, nauseous, back pain, slight cramping now today brown tinged cm. Possible pregnancy?

Increased cervical mucas two days before expected period normal I could actually feel it coming out of me, it's white Also having some slight cramping?

Infection i think minor cramping minor sharp pelvic pains yellow discharge an ammonia smell occasional late period an lower back pain ?

Irreg periods, lower back pain, having to pee after i go, slightly itchy vagina, clear stretchy/white discharge for a day, is this ovulation?

Is brown & pink spotting after my period normal? I've been having shooting pains down there too & gotton 2 ultra sounds & MRI that came back clear.

Is dull back pain, slight abdominal cramping, diarrhea, nausea and brown speckled, but chunky discharge during early pregnancy normal?

Is it normal to come on your period 3 times in 3 weeks, the last of which is odourless and has a cum like consistency? Only bleeding on the left side?

Is it normal to have brown discharge in 31 st week of pregnancy with slight back pain ( pain like in periods but very light)?

Is it normal to have discharge right before getting on your period or does it always mean there's infection?

Is it normal to have thick milky clea discharge when pregnant? Also is vagina swelling normal? And pain in your left side sharp pain is that normal?

Is it normal to have white discharge mixed with blood what does it mean is it spotting horrible back pain too i don't get my period for 13more day's?

Is it ok to have yellow-ish discharge in like a whole week before period and then have stabbing-like pain hours before it comes? Thank you !:) n Hi!

Is light pink discharge (similar to the end of my period) along with lower back & abdominal pain normal about 9 days before my period?

Is the brown discharge i've experienced a concern? I've had random spikes of pain in my pelvis on the right or left side. I've had clear and white discharge but tonight i had brown. No odor

Is this a misscarriage? Vomiting, back pain, heavy bleeding, severe stomache pain, nausea, thick pink, grey and yellow skin coming from the vagina?

Is white discharge and some back hip pain normal at 9 weeks pregnant?

It is 2 weeks after my period and I am having a steady brown discharge that is getting increasingly darker this is accompanied by a dull achy pain in the lower right abdomen should I see a doctor ?

It january 24 im susposed to start my period today but only brownish discharge still sore breast cramps in lower abdomen an legs?

It's 2/2/14 my last period was 12/25/13-12/29/13 and lately I have been having bad stomach pain now I have a think pink discharge..Why is this?

Itchy sides of vagina. white discharge, abdominal pain and nausea on bc pill. Pregnant?

Its been 10 day since my period and this past 3/4 days i have been experiencing cramps and back pains accompanied with a pinky/brown discharge?

Iv got lower back pain and keep getting bad vaginal discharge, sometimes it's smelly other times its not, help me ?

Iv had brown discharge for 6 days I'm on depo an do not have periods I'm also strep b positive what could this be? I have pain in my back an abdomen

Jelly like discharge thats clear with white, lower left back pain with dull ache and migraine.Have a doctors apt 2 weeks from now but would like advice?

Just dryhumped w/ one layer of underwear 2 weeks ago(2days before ovulation). Now needle pain on left abdo and some white discharge. Am i pregnant?

Just finished period.2 days later nonstop cramping excess yellow discharge no burn/pain while peeing no odor. Lower stomach feels tender. Not pregnant?

Just got off my period about 9 days ago, i have lower stomach pain and also itches, white milky vaginal discharge and lower back pain ?

Just had my period but my breast hurt and r heavy, a lot of discharge its crystal clear sometimes yellowish never had sex .Lower abdomen pain .Plz help?

Just had very large very thick jello like discharge.No smell some cramp like pains . Had csection 7 months ago. Still bfing so no period yet. Normal?