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I have had spot bleeding for the past month and lower abdominal discomfort. Is this something I should be concerned about?

I have had spotting, brown discharge, and egg white like discharge with blood in for a month and after intercourse lower ab pain and bloating. Infect?

I have had the implanon for about 1 and a half months now and i recently had my period but then it finished i had a black discharge and stabbing pain?

I have had vaginal bleeding for about three weeks now, it's pretty light but constant. It started as brown discharge and severe pain in my lower left ?

I have had vaginal discharge for several days. It's white/yellow. Today while showering I had back pain and began bleeding and a clot came out that lo?

I have just noticed my breasts are discharging yellow fluid I have been having a lot of pain in my ovaries and stomach cramps im not pregnant as just ?

I have little cramp on my lower abdomen and white discharge comes .I have 7 days missed period?

I have lower abdominal pain for a day or two and then a vaginal discharge fish odor and then the pain disappear.why?

I have lower abdominal cramps, itchy vagina, fatigue and a lot of discharge, what could this be?

I have lower abdominal pain like (cramps) every night and a smelly discharge what could this be?

I have lower abdominal pain with a thick yellow pink discharge. Its very "fish" smelling. I have also missed 2 periods. Pregnancy is ruled out. ?

I have lower left light abdominial pain, frequent urination and white discharge, what could this be?

I have merina IUD 1 year now but last month and this month my period is dark brown. I have no pain or discomfort, no unusual smell. I am worried?

I have mild lower back pain and abdominal pain when I'm moving along with a clear discharge I'm 38 weeks pregnant today is this normal?

I have milky white discharge and lower pelvic/back pain. I took a pregnancy test but it came back negative. There is no odor to the discharge, but im ?

I have muscle soreness in the lower region of my abd and my vag feels tighter and I have lotiony discharge. Could i be pregnant?

I have never had a reg period- three days ago I started w/ brown discharge- breast soreness and lower left back I have slight red discharge?

I have now missed two menstrual cycle.. i have milky colored discharge. . Im experiencing lower back aches and random bruising. .. what could be wrong?

I have pain around rt iliac crest but not strong and discontinuous from along time and I have also vaginal discharge?

I have pain in my abdomial area and its moving to my left side. I've also noticed that i've lost weight and i'm peeing a lot. I have a clear thick discharge. What could it be?

I have pain in my pelvis when I am almost finished peeing, an odor, slight burning, and rarely spot blood. What is the cause of this?

I have pain in my upper belly , with light yellow browns discharge, and have have sex , two days ago could I be pregnant?

I have pcos !i have pain in my lower abdomen from last three dayz no vaginal discharge?

I have pcos and I have a lot of pain under my belly button. Pain on my back to. I had ones milky discharge.?

I have PCOS and rarely start my period on my own. I've been having very light (brown) discharge for about 2 weeks & bad back pain. What could this be?

I have pelvic pain four months now.Now I have back pain, bladder pressure, sticky discharge, and now experiancing bleeding after sex! what could it be?

I have pelvic pains/cramps w/pressure already had period, also a clear sticky discharge, what is this?

I have pof and have a white discharge and lower back pain, what could this mean?

I have really bad stomach pain in the top of my stomach this all came behind a irregular period reddish pinkish discharge what's wrong what do I do?

I have red spots on my vaginia and discharge and burning and itching, I am also diabetic, do you know what might be wrong? I have also had a lot of pain in the lower abdoman as well as unusual periods. I usually have a 3-4 day period but it has been very

I have severe lower left pelvic pain.. pain when urinating.. white discharge in peehole.. methamphetamine use as well?

I have sharp pain after urinating and pink discarge after i wipe. I'm thinking that I might be pregnant. what could this be?

I have sharp stomach pain that comes and goes also vaginal pain during sex and foul smelling discharge during these bouts of pain what could be wrong?

I have sligh constipation, mucous when i wipe, abdominal and lower back discomfort, and dehidrated.I have been this way for 3 day's.Took supository.Didnt?

I have smelly vaginal discharge, lower back and.Abdominal pain and pain with certain positions during sex?

I have some abdominal pain and there's some brown discharge from my vagina? There's a sharp pain inside me at times.

I have some swelling in my vagina, some sensitivity in my lower right abdomen. Nothing hurts, no smell or discharge . Abdominal pain is increasing,?

I have sudden brownish discharge with mild lower abdomen pain an its stingy sometimes. Its 10 days after my lmp. What may be the cause?

I have swelling in my vagina, some abdominal sensitivity in my lower right side. No discharge, no smell, no fever and no pain.

I have the following symptoms: bloated stomach, gas, sharp pains in my back, light brown vaginal discharge. What is wrong with me?

I have the implanon contraception in my arm (the plastic rod) my periods are very irregular and 2 days ago at night i had a very strong pain in the bottom of my stomach woke up the next day and have a clear stringy discharge with brown streaks in when i w

I have thick white creamy not clumping discharge/mucus. It had no odor and no irritation or pain. Lower cramp like back pain. Nausea. Cold&hot flashes

I have thick white discharge and period is suppose to start soon.been having lower abdominal cramps this week. randomly bled for one day last week.

I have thick white discharge and tender breasts and my abdominal hurts all the way around and up my spine.

I have this brown discharge it doesnt really have an order and it also burns when I pee, and i have this pain on my lower stomach, what could it be?

I have two periods in a month with uterus pain and right ovary, last period i had a white furry ball coming out of my vagina, what is that white ball?

I have upper stomach sharp burning pain, some mucous discharge from rectum?

I have white cottage like discharge sometimes its itchy and smelly and i have lower abdomen dull pain with burning sensation regularly?

I have white discharge an smelly urine and also pains in my lower belly and back?

I have white discharge, vaginal burning, and abdominal and back pain. But I've also had a c-section 6months ago but what can this be?

I have white lotion like discharge (no smell), with lower back pains,but there's about 19 days left till my next period,is this early signs of pregnancy or should i be concerned?

I have yellow discharge with blood, and painful urination, back pain and abdominal pain. Do I have an std?

I have yellow oily stool, bloated stomach,pain my lower and mid back, and gas. No fever and burning sensation when I pee,foul odor and dark pee. ?

I haven't had a period in just over 3 months av cramps and only brown discharge i also have constant bloating, head achs, abdomal pain, inflamed vagina?

I haven't had my period in two month but instead I've had brown/ red discharge. Also sharp shooting pain in my ovary. Should I be concerned?

I haven't had my period since May and its September. I've been having random painful cramping and a lot of white/yellow discharge. Help?

I havr a brown discharge and pain in my pelearea what would thatt be from?

I just found out I'm pregnant but I have back pains and brown discharge. Is this normal?

I just got over a UTI and seems like its back i have abdominal pain, my stomach feels like heartburn, vaginal burning, MILKY discharge, and back pain.

I just had brown discharge from my bellybutton with no pain and just had a tubal 5 months ago now I'm freaking out?

I just had my period two weeks ago, my partner and I had sex two days ago, now I feel tired having lower abdomen pain and clear white discharge no sme?

I keep getting sharp cramps in my vaginal area . I'm still on depo for 9mnth & my discharge is sorta brownish.Is something wrong or is it from depo.

I m 18 and have brown smelly discharge after my period pain above and below my waist and lower back pains. Is this normal?

I m 22 years old and spotting light brown discharge acompanied with lower hip pain and leg pain ?

I missed my periods like a month and half now am experiencing brown discharge and pain abdomen?

I missed my period this month. I am having white creamy discharge with back aches and a lil crampton. Any suggestions on what's going on?

I only had my period for 2 days normally its 4_5 days..Pink/brownish discharge, lower stomach pain, dizziness, and nausea..Could i be pregnant?

I ovulated on the 7 of feb. 2017 i am currently 9 dpo and i had white creamy discharge a few days ago and now its watery with dull back pains?

I PMS 6-12 an had sex on the 14 white thick discharge on 16.17 i wipe blood 22 low back pain an low abs pain 23 clear discharge?

I recently have a horrible pain in my lower right pelvic are especially after sex today i couldn't pee or walk I have thick white discharge w/ no smel?

I recently lost my virginity December 30th Ive been experiencing brown discharge and stomach aches is something wrong?

I skipped my period. Im sexually active. I've had terrible pain, like cramps. Now thick, brown liquid is coming out of my vagina. What is it?!

I started experiencing pelvic pain six weeks ago and now it became worse. I also have lower abdominal pain and foul smelling vaginal discharge. ?

I started fertomid 25mg little watery sticky discharge and lot of pain in lower abdomen temperature high should I ovulate or not please help me ?

I think I may be having an early miscarriage. Having lower back pain and really heavy bleeding followed by cramps. plus white jelly like discharge ?

I was 2 day's late for my AF now I'm having Brown and clear discharge with light bright red blood and cramping with lower back pain?

I was experiencing pain that i would rate as a five on my lower right abdomen by my hip about a week ago and then 2 days in a row i had very light pink discharge and now its very thick white discharge. My lower back has been aching and I have had mild cra

I was suppose to get my period last week i never got it. I had a sharpe stabbing pain in my lower left side off and a thick white discharge w no smell?

I was supposed to be due for my period today but nothing.ive had white yellowish discharge,headaches,back ache,acne and bloating.could i be pregnant?

I was treated for BV a week ago. Yesterday I noticed a yellowish discharge and irritation and I'm having lower back pain?

I went for IUI on 14th day of my egg rapture now its 26th day. I am having lower abdominal pain and light pink dischage for once. What does it mean?

I woke up this morn with slight vaginal burning. I am on my period could my pads be causing this?

I woke up with a black period and smells sweet.. Also I have vaginal pain. Could this be something serious ? Period came on time.

I woke up with brown watery discharge. I dont feel any pain or discomfort. Im not near my period. What does this mean?

I'm 12 weeks pregnant and I'm losing a yellow/brownish discharge.. What could this be?? I've got no pains or discomfort

I'm 18 weeks pregnant, I have pelvic pressure/pain to where it hurts when i walk, occasional cramping, and mucous discharge. Started a week ago.?

I'm 25 yrs old virgin, period regular, white gel thick discharge, lower abdomen hurt, tired?

I'm 28weeks pregant, my left breast had been pink for 5days now, no pain, itching, or leaking, no fever. what could this be?

I'm 29 weeks pregnant, having brownish discharge, not too much but also feeling pains of contraction . Any suggestions of what this may mean?

I'm 31 weeks pregnant and i had a clear jelly discharge. And have been have cramping since its happened and i've had some pain in my vagina.

I'm 35 weeks pregnant and I'm Havin a lot of lower pain and a lot of white discharge why?

I'm 40 weeks and 4 days pregnant with llower back pain that feels like menstural cramps every 6 minutes or so and brown discharge. Is this pre labor?

I'm 9 days late got brown discharge and a pain in my lower abdomen passing through to my groin can you give me some advice as to what's causing this?

I'm a 16 yr old girl, am not sexually active and have horrible cramps from my uterus up towards my belly button w/ brown discharge. Is this normal?

I'm a virgin and I sometimes get clear discharge with slight lower abdominal pain, I've had this for quite a while, is it normal?

I'm an 18 year old girl and just stop taking my Depo-Provera shot 3 months ago and I have bad abdominal pain and had a brown yellowish discharge?

I'm approx. 8 weeks pregnant off and on i've been getting a sharp pain in my left kidney area now I have an orangish/yellowish discharge.

I'm experiencing abdominal pain that come and goes, I'm currently having pain at my lower right abdomen and my pelvic bone seems to hurt when I walk. My period is 2 days from now. My vagina discharge is thin white and watery and it's little cm?

I'm experiencing excessive discharge no foul order or itching and pain in my lower abdomen. ?

I'm have brown discharge with mild cramps it switches from front to back cramps not sever but still worried I am only 5 weeks pregnant ?