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I been having a slight pain in my lower stomach i didn't get my period it's due for tomorrow been having white discharge can I be pregnant?

I been having back pain for a week in abdominal pain as well in today i been having brown discharge with a redish blood to in I have the iud?

I been having sharp lower stomach pain dizziness slight nausea and breast tenderness with white clear liquid comingfrom them what does that mean?

I been having side pain nausea pressure in my lower stomach and thick white discharge 5 days after unprotected sex and 7 days after period?

I been spoting for two weeks now, sometimes pinkish, red and somtimes brown black, what can that mean? I sometimes feel pain in my lower abdomen.

I ended my period 6 days ago. Now i'm having brown discharges and cramping on my left lower side. What's causing it?

I ended my period 9/23/13 after 10 days still occasional cramping and nipples hurt and itch stomach cramps every now and then and itches to help?!

I ended my period a week ago. I am now experiencing period like symptoms. Cramps and lower back pain, also a small amount of blood or brown discharge ?

I experience severe pain in lower abdomen & vagina sometimes with white discharge. I have a very short period always lasting for only 2 to 2.5 days. ?

I experience sudden pelvic pain accompained with watery discharge. What are the causes?

I feel very dry no discharge but this is my 10wk of pregnancy sometimes just watery is it normal have backache plus left side pain under lower belly?

I finished my period 1-2 weeks ago now and have experienced some brown discharge today along with a pain in my lower belly. What could this be?

I finished my period 5 days ago but I have light red discharge and feeling lower abdominal pain. What is it?

I get pains in both sides of abdominal area, often and during sex, I also noticed recently during sex white foamy discharge, what's going on ?

I get pains on both sides of my abdominal area, often and during sex. Recently also noticed thick white foamy discharge during sex, what is going on ?

I had a baby 11 weeks ago, I just had my first period but have been left with yellow discharge and burning pain and aching pelvis.

I had a full hysterectomy 30 years ago. I am now having low tummy pain a bit like period pain and a yellow/green discharge?

I had a irregular 3 day period. Then two days later light pink discharge. Nausea, cramping and lower back pain. I did have a UTI as well.

I had a light period that last 5 days about a week ago. Now I got lower back pain and tender stomach. And white discharge my period should started now?

I had a miscarriage september 13. After dealing with all the pain, i been having like these brown discharge. Is that normal? It's been weeks now.

I had a partial hysterectomy a little over 4 years ago, now I am having lower abdominal pains with brownish discharge and spotting and I have been nau?

I had a period for almost 2 weeks straight, after I was discharging brown, now it's yellow. No foul odor. I'm cramping and back hurts. What's wr?

I had a period july 1st. I didnt have one at all in june. But i noticing mild pain in my lower abdomen towards my pelvic area. And some white discharg?

I had afew brown blood spots 10 days before my period &there s witish discharge .. Also having a slight pain in my lower stomach and headachs&thirst ?

I had an IUD placed 3 weeks ago and today I'm feeling cramps but only on my right side, accompanied by some blood and mucas discharge, is that normal?

I had an IUI 4 days ago and now I am having some white sticky discharge, cramping, & some back pain I was just wondering if this is normal or should ?

I had belly pain and egg white what is this nean?

I had brown discharge after sneezing is this normal. Looked goey and like old blood. No cramping or pains seemed to be quite abit?

I had brown discharge after sneezing is this normal. Looked goey and like old blood. No cramping or pains seemed to be quite abit?

I had csection 4months brown discharge often coming in normal smell or pain.periods are normal. What is it.

I had her option cryoablation 10 days ago, and now have pelvic pressure, dull pain and bright yellow discharge. Is this normal?

I had IUI 10 days ago, and this morning i had brown discharge, pain on my back and breast, is this normal?

I had laparoscopic surgery 4 weeks ago and have recently noticed a yellow ish discharge which also smells around the incision area. There is also pain?

I had light brown discharge two weeks before and after period. it happened last month and this month.Right now i' have pain on my pelvic area, my righ?

I had lower abdominal pain yesterday and today had 1 episode of a yellow-green vaginal discharge that's odorless. There is no itching. Pain went away.

I had miscarriage on 30th of march and since den i haven't seen my period and I have been having some thick vaginal discharge and serious back pain.

I had my cycle about a month ago. It eased up and came back about 2 weeks ago. Now I have a constant brown stringy discharge what could it be?

I had my daughter 8 weeks ago, since than have had lower back, vaginal and stomach pain, no infection but i'm still bleeding, what's could be wrong?

I had my period 15 days ago now a very dark discharge is coming from my vagina since yesterday,also some pain in my belly.What is this?

I had my period 2 weeks ago and a week after it i had pelvic pains last night i had brown blood when i pee & now its turning pink could i be pregnant?

I had my period but now days later I have a crampy feeling lower abdomen and sometimes I get clear discharge with blood?

I had my period on the 24 june and then i had brown discharge on the 27 july and 28 july and i have stomach aches that comes and goes i am premeno?

I had my period one week ago and i have brown discharge and Lower stomach pains the last two days and it stings a little when urinaring what is this?

I had my period this month in it went off a week ago in now I'm spotting blood with clear discharge. There's slight pain but it's barely there in lowe?

I had my periods for three days then it stopped fourth day had brown discharge.usually i have for five i have back pain stomach pain?

I had painful cramp on my left side.Is it my ovulation?As i did not have any muscus nor discharge.

I had protected sex with my partner and now have white milky discharge what does it mean with little back pain not sure feels like cramps?

I had sex during my period about three weeks ago since then I am experiencing pain in my abdomen and also white vaginal discharge. Any possible reason?

I had sex may 30 and june 1st . I ovulated may 31st , I am now 4 DPO with lots of creamy discharge , slight cramping on my left side.

I had sex on the 9th and my period was due on the 28th but I'm only see white discharge that are drying up. I started feel lil cramps in my anus and ovaries on the 26th?

I had sex the day after my period ended. I'm still feeling sore in my lower abdomen along with cramps and pink smelly discharge is this normal?

I had sex the day after my period ended. I'm still feeling sore in my lower abdomen along with cramps and pink/brownish smelly discharge is this normal? Plus I've been under ALOT of stress and I have normal periods.

I had the mirena (levonorgestrel) a week ago and I'm still having extreme cramping and a brown and sometime red discharge. I'm also having back pain?

I had the mirena (levonorgestrel) I'd a week ago and I'm still having extreme cramping and a brown and sometime red discharge. I'm also having back pain?

I had unprotected sex twice on the last two days of my period. I now have allot of creamy white discharge, lower back pains and fatigue.Am I Pregnant?

I had unprotected sex with my bf after that i saw some reddish pinkish discharge, what is it? I have lower abdomen pain and lower back pain also.

I have a brown discharge and abdomen pain it means what?

I have a clear discharge coming out from down there. And I've been having back pain & bloating. Could this mean I'm pregnant or have a STD?

I have a constant headache with pain in both my cheekbones but predominantly on the right hand side. Quite often I have foul smelling clear discharge ?

I have a constant pain in the upper part of my stomach, below breastbone. I have brown discharge at time of period. No blood. What's wrong?

I have a light yellowish-green penile discharge with a slight abdominal pain after peeing. I also feel some pain on the tip of my penis.Kindly advise?

I have a lot of discarge with a really weird smell, a couple of days a go the discharge was a little bloddy and I had Terrible cramps. my right side h?

I have a lot of discharge and a pain in my tummy, what do you recommend?

I have a lot of thick white discharge and lower back and pelvic pain. Period ended three days ago. There is no itching or swelling. What can this be??

I have a sharp pinching pain in lower abdomen above vagina. Am i pregnant? My period is also 4 days late. I saw white discharge spots from my vagina.

I have a slight pain in my right ovary and i noticed brown discharge on my period is due in 4days..should i be worried?

I have a slight pain in my right ovary and i noticed brown discharge on my its more,my period is due in 4days..should i be worried?

I have a thick gooey bloody discharge . And pain in my lower stomach. Is that normal or should i go see a doctor soon?

I have a thick whitish mucus coming from my bum and i'm also experiencing abdominal discomfort. Is this anything to worry about?

I have a vaginal odor and bad pain on my lower back?

I have abdominal cramping on my right side and back with egg white mucus with light pink blood I have the IUD what can it be I feel bloated ?

I have adenomyosis and have a pink dishcharge, pelvic and lower back pain when not on my period. Is this a normal symptom of the disease?

I have an IUD it's been in for over a year and recently instead of a period I have a pasty pink discharge . No odor but I have back and leg pains?

I have back pain, head ache and brown discharge two weeks before period. Am i pregnant?

I have been experiencing pain during sex as well as having brown discharge. Should i be worried?

I have been experiencing thick white looking vaginal discharge for a couple days. Slightly yellow..Now I have pain on my right side near my coxal bone. Feels uncomfortable if i breathe a certain way?

I have been experiencing very sharp cramp like pains before bowel movements along with white creamy like vaginal discharge having a few health issues?

I have been having a lot of back pain and noticed brown blood/discharge this morning, my period isn't due for 2 weeks. What could it be?

I have been having an egg white like discharge for about the last 5 days. I don't get it every day I have only had it twice. I have also had a tender and achy lower stomach over the past few days also?

I have been having discomfort and slight pain in my mid and upper abdomen, when I pass gas, it smells more foul than usual, not like death or sewer, just a different more foul oder,?

I have been having headachs, abdominal pain, and a little more dischare than normal. Is this my period coming? This is what my mom said it might be i don't know for sure. Im turning 13 in a week if that helps.

I have been having lower back pain, light blood and black/ brown mucus discharge 2 days before my period, I also feel bloated. Could I be pregnant?

I have been having off an on cramping like my period is coming I wipe and just a little light discharge. Lower back pain. Acid reflux and heartburn and headaches. What could this be.

I have been having severe cramping heavy white discharge and lower back pain as well as early pregnancy signs i had an IUD inserted about 4 months ago?

I have been having some cramping in lower left pelvic area and white discharge should I worry ?

I have been having vaginal discharge , lower back pains, feeling sick and being sick.?

I have been seeing brown discharges lately and some back pain

I have bleeding from belly button and pain in lower right abdoman doctor said was due to infection finished antibiotics but still bleeding and in pain?

I have breast pain and milky discharge from both sides .my PRL level 14 ,what is the cause of the pain .?

I have breast pain when I touch them vaginal discharge and lower back pain what does it mean?

I have brown discharge & my pelvic is hard & hurts when you press on it. Please help?

I have brown discharge and back pain. I have passed my period before 10 days.What does it mean?

I have brown discharge since Sunday Last period was 14days ago The discharge has increased and mild cramping I press down my lower abdomen n it hurts?

I have done IUI before 15 i have stomach pain with white discharge..what i have to do?

I have got abdominal pain and have had brown and red discharge yesterday and this morning which have stopped but still have pain. Am i pregnant?

I have had a black watery discharge with a foul smell for a few days now I have also had a lot of lower stomach pains back and hip pains any idea ?

I have had a sour stomache, gas, white mucus discharge, lower back pain and change in body tempature could i be pregnant?

I have had brown light discharge for almost 2 months now, Not pregnant. I've had slight pain and more pain after sex. I have HPV. What is wrong?

I have had dark brown discharge for 3 days & really bad cramps, back pains, nausea, irritability. Could i be pregnant/ could it be a kidney infection?

I have had dark brown discharge for 3 days and really bad cramps. Back pains, nausea, irritability?