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Heavy white vaginal discharge with outter bumps. Also goes along with lower back and stomach pain. Checked for std's and yeast and it was fine.

Hello dr i had 3 embryo transferred on wednesday and friday i had a brown discharge with a lower back and abdominal pain is this normal?

Hello i have pain in my lower back and uncomfort in my lower abdomen followed by thick tissue like vaginal dicharge?

Hello, im 4 days away from my period but ive been havong suttle cramping in my lower abdomin and by my overies the pink part around my nipple is brownish...also I have a water white drainige coming out of me I took a test but it was negative should I rete

Hello; i began a week or so ago having thick stringy discharge, first clear and now brown, along with cramps and back pain. What could it be?

Hello! I have a strange brown discharge for 5 days before my period. My period starts 6.05 or 7.05. My chest usually hurts, but It doesn''t.

Hello. I have been experiencing some extreme bloating the past few weeks. and today, i am only a little bloated, however i have a sharp pain in my pelvic region. It comes and goes, but it is very sharp. I also have a thick white discharge.

Hello. I have bloodly discharge and a little pain in my lower stomach and back. When i wipe after peeing i can see it and sometimes its mucus like..

Hello. not on period, but have moderate bleeding and clear discharge. been going on for two days now. no pain. ?

Hey i have been getting clear watery discharge and stomach pain what does that mean?

Hey, i'm 28 weeks pregnant and have had a brown discharge with some blood spotting the last 2 days as well as severe rib pain/swelling. Normal?

Hi I'm experiencing lower back and lower abdominal pain and have a clear jelly like discharge, my period is due next week what could this be?

Hi , i 'm experiencing lower abdominal pain both side & pressure in anus 2 weeks evry after my period, there 's a mucus discharge.Is this normal ?Tnx

Hi , I recently started having a pain around my belly button , and I looked at it and noticed a pinkish yellow discharge . I feel bloated and nauseous?

Hi doctor my period is two days late and i hve pinkish discharge when i wipe and also i feel mild cramps and right shoulder ache.Am i pregnant?

Hi I am due on my period today. But all I am producing is white discharge. But I do have a lot of cramps been a week with pain any ideas?

Hi I have been having pains like presser or fulness in the lower part of my stomach and white discharge?

Hi i have sharp pain towards right side of my belly button around the mid way of my cycle. And clear gel like discharge. What does it possibly mean?

Hi i m 34 years old. Of late I am having pain in myleft side of my lower abdomen...Accompained by a white smelly discharge.....P my periods are regualr and normal

Hi I've been having white creamy discharge when I wipe for a week on and off I have very light cramping and I had a very dull pain in my left breast ?

Hi im 18 and I have low abdominal pain nauseous and clear discharge, what could cause this?

Hi im 23 and ttc.... I have had back pain..Stomach cramps and hunger pains for few days and started with white discharge today....?

Hi my daughter is now 2 years old and ever since i had her I've suffered with thrush once a month pains in my lower stomach smelly discharge cramps ?

Hi question i just ovulated 2 days agoi am crampy bloated head aches and my cervical mucus is milky white?

Hi there doc , im having this prob , I've been having bad pains in my stomach , it like stabbing pains over and over again , now brown discharge help ?

Hi there for the last 3 weeks i've experiencing breast pain itching and lower back is my period day and i've light brown discharge i'm pregnant ?

Hi, im married.I am having my red/brown discharge 1 week after my regular period.I feel no pain and no bad odor on it. Is this normal?

Hi, for about 5 days now I have been having thick brown discharge and now I have pains in my left side, i also feel sick?

Hi, I've got a orange discharge, belly pain and lower back pain too, I have been treated for urine infection last week and there is no smell on my discharge. Thank you?

Hi, I've got lower back pain and I ve noticed a brown discharge the past two days. I don't have periods as I have the depo injection. should I worry?

Hi, it has been 3 days since I have inserted IUD I have a slight abdominal pain and slight thick brownish vaginal discharge in the past 24 hrs.Isit ok?

Hi! I been having watery menstrual for about 2 weeks I have noticed it does not have a smell to it! Also I'm having abdominal and lower back pain.

Hi. For the past 3 months IV viginal pain 2 to 3 days before my menstruation..Im NT sure if its part of pms.Thick mucus will come out pain is gone ?

Hi. I have a sharp stabbing pain in my navel, especially when i cough. I also have a little smelly discharge from the navel?

Hi. I haven't had my period in three days and I have been spotting brown discharge I use protection and now i'm having headaches, lower back pains?

Hiya i have a yellow discharge from Down below I am 36 weeks pregnant got back pain and head ache ? Help

Horrible lower abdomen pain, greenish yellow discharge, fatigue, lower back pain and pain after masturbation. Intercourse 6+ months ago. What's wrong?

How do I clear up a very spotty back? 

How would i know if im pregnant and is dark discharge with no pains normal?

Howdy, I'm 35 weeks pregnant I have continuous brown and reddish discharge along with awful back pain. What could this mean?

I had my period but it was short .and i have cramps and abdominal pain and iam seeing Egg white cervical mucus i dont know what is going on with me ?

I am 12 days post iui.. I am not getting any pregnancy symptoms.. But hving very little white creamy discharge, abdominal pain like periods, also havi?

I am 12 weeks and I have been having cramps and lower back pain for 3 days and also a clear water like discharge is this normal?

I am 12 weeks pregnant and have been having yellow stringy discharge and small pain in my stomach, is this something I should be worried about?

I am 18 years old , and i think I have something wrong with my cervix. It is sideways and feels enlarged. I also have almost constant, white discharge

I am 19, I have hemorrhoids, severe lower back pain and white creamy discharge. I just want to know if there is something I can do to make it go away.

I am 2 days late I have cramping and lower back pain. I also have clear discharge. Can I be pregnant?

I am 2 weeks late for my period and have had very sore breast and lower abdomen and back cramping also light tan/brown discharge sometimes! confused!

I am 3 days late for my period I have lower back and abdominal pain and a milky white discharge what could the cause of this be?

I am 34weeks pregnant, I have clear gel like discharge when i wipe, i also have period like cramps and lower back pain regularly, what does this mean?

I am 35 weeks pregnant and i been having a lot of presure and some pain in my lower stomach and back area and now today I have thick white discharge ?

I am 35weeks pregnant with period like cramps and low back pain.I have clear gel like discharge everytime i wipe. Does this mean I am in early labour?

I am 36 weeks pregnant and for the past few days I've been having white discharge and really bad back pain ?

I am 37 weeks pregnant and suffering with lower abdominal and lower back pain and keep getting a lot of white odourless discharge what does this mean ?

I am 38 weeks + 1 day & had a cervical exam this morning. Since i've had lower back pain, pelvic cramping off & on while standing, & brownish discharge?

I am 38 weeks pregnant and I have been having pains on the right side of my stomach every now and then, my baby has started moving a lot more and causing a lot more pain and I have got a strange combination of discharge, sometimes it's thick, white discha

I am 38 weeks pregnant and I have had clear jelly like discharge twice today and more frequent bm's. Could I be going into labor? A lot of back pain is coming too?

I am 39 years old. This is the last day of my period which normally last 3 days. I woke up this morning with lower back pain and brownish bloody mucus like discharge. Could this be associated to my period or am I experiencing the beginning stages of Meno

I am 4 weeks pregnant and am having spotting but you can't tell when I wipe and my lower back is sore is this normal?

I am 42 year's old my period is due in one day. yesterday I was nauseous, throwing up and had clear discharge with right side cramping?

I am 6 DPO and today I have vaginal swollenness and pain. Possible causes?

I am 9 days late for my period and have had spasms off and on in the lower left quadrent. Today noticing brown discharge only when i wipe. Neg. Tests.

I am 99% sure I have interstitial cystitis.. Ttc. Ovulation coming up but bad pain down there..What do I do?

I am a few days away from being 32 weeks pregnant. I have been in the hospital twice in the past 2 weeks because of contractions just now i noticed more discharge than usual, it's whitish clear and very thin. But now I am also having really sharp pains in

I am a virgin and for years i've had virginal infection, mainly severe itching, discharge, discomfort and sharp pains in my lower abdomen.

I am an 18 year old female and I am having uncomfortable lower back pain, and maybe unusual vaginal discharge?

I am cramping in my left and right lower quadrants and am also experiencing very light, scanty, pinkish spotting 7 days after the last day of mycycle?

I am cramping so bad in my lower back and I am leaking a yellow liquid just like I would a period what could it be?

I am due for my period in 11 days been having white discharge for couple days now, and tonight having stomach pains, my tubes are tied what could be c?

I am due my period in 5 days, I have recently noticed yellowish discharge- I dont have an infection. had sharp pain in left side from pelvis up+nausea

I am due to ovulate in four days, but i have brown discharge with lower abdominal pains, and sex is uncomfortable. What can this mean?

I am experiencing cloudy urine that smells like rotten eggs . The following also describes me: Side pain. What should I do?

I am experiencing lower abdominal pain, cramping in lower abdomen, abnormal vaginal discharge (quality: mucus and blood) and bladder pain. The fo...

I am experiencing thick mucus discharge and cramping pelvic pain. I just finished my period 2 days ago. ?

I am experiencing upper abdominal pain (side: right) , painful menstrual bleeding and abnormal vaginal discharge.

I am experiencing bloody vaginal discharge and pain in my lower left abdomen, i rarely have periods due to my pill. the conistency is different ?

I am experiencing lower stomach pain, and had pain during sex few hours ago now when I go to the bathroom there is yellow mucus coming is this Normal?

I am experiencing pains in my lower abdominal /pelvic regions. I have a foul smell inside my vagina but no discharge, itching or burning. Help?

I am experiencing severe pain in my lower stomach. My vagina and urethra are swollen, does not hurt and I have clear odorless discharge.Neg for stds?

I am getting white sticky discharge and lower abdominal pain and my period is due in 15 days. Am i pregnant? I got 2 periods after being intimate.

I am havin a white discharge for 3 monthes. i have lower abdominal pressure i am lossing patches of my hair. pain during sex. ?

I am having a sharp pain in my clitoris alongside little blood discharge?

I am having brown discharge problems and I am only fifteen and have never been sexually active, why is this happening? *i started getting brown discharge yesterday. *this has never happened before * im in no pain *it is occurring during time that i should

I am having lots of menstrual pain and lower back pain and white discharge?

I am having lower abdominal pain and thick milky white discharge. I am on day 19 after ovulation . I been having this pain for 3days IN my pelvic area?

I am having lower left sided pain with smelly vaginal discharge. What should I do? I tried a bath which didn't help.

I am having lower pain, under my belly at the top of my vagina. It is kind of like a constant cramp. And also, I am having white discharge.

I am having more thick white discharge than usual, along with pelvic pain & pressure. Also feeling very dull lower back pain. Should i be concerned?

I am having right lower side pain. I have been having whitish discharge vaginal I don't know if it's related. When should i be concerned?

I am having serious crampin on my left side of my abdomen and is accompanied with thick white creamy discharge, what could it be?

I am having sore nipples for 1 week and cramps on lower abdomen and also backache and leg pain. I also have white ddischarg. Why is it like that? I am

I am having stomach cramps and pains, I can't hold my pee, I have white bumps on my nipples, my last period was irregular, backaches. Am I pregnant?

I am late on my period, I have white discharge, back pain, pain in the lower part of my stomache, burning when I pee what cold it be?

I am now 14 weeks pregnant and today i was experiencing sharp pains in my abdomen, a thick white stringy discharge, and a fever should I be concerned?

I am on Depo-Provera and i have had dark brown spotting with mucous ,sore, itchy breast. no cramps or pain. what can this indicate?

I am on the implant but having pains and pinkish discharge?

I am suffering from severe lower back pain and white discharge since 5 days?

I am suffering last 5 years white discharge but that is normal but now last 6 month increase the discharge and pain the lower abdomen and now increas?


I am uriniating this stringy brown yellow stuff. It's coming when I pee, not from the other. My period was 2 weeks ago. Still have left side pain. ?