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Before my period I had pain in just my left side IV been sterilised and my period was brown colour at the start. What could this mean?

Belly button discharge. Yellow/brown in color more brown when it dries. Stinks horribly. Is this just bacterial/yeast infection? This started yesterday. I noticed a pain in my mid-left back area two days prior. Not sure if the back pain has anything to d

Bleeding and pain after sex, bleeding between periods, a ssmelly dark brown discharge, pressure in vagina, stomach ache and back ache?

Bleeding during unprotected sex then unexpected light period after that lower back pain and white discharge and cramping what could it be?

Bleeding during/after intercourse, grayish discharge, lower back pain, frequent urination, sometimes abdominal pain. What kind of infection is this?

Bleeding in between periods for two months, pain in left side of vagina, mucous red discharge everyday , never had intercourse so worried what it is ?

Bloating, bubbles in urine (bacteria) pain in my Lower left abdomen, yellowish vaginal discharge, missed period, nausea, weight loss- uti or colon?

Bloating, cramping, side pains, headaches, brown discharge from my vagina. Whats going on? No period this month either

Bloody discharge 4 days after period ended? also have lower back pain ....what can it be

Breastfeeding for 6 months. I don't get a period but I have hip pain (right) and brown discharge. What could it be?

Bright yellow snot vaginal discharge that comes n goes. Pain during sex. A.F is 2days late. I'm sure it will show. What's causing the pain n discharge?

Brown and bright yellow spotting and lower abdominal pain? What could this be?

Brown discharge 10 days before period turned to watery clear discharge after 4 days, lower back pain and headache for 3 days, could i be pregnant?

Brown discharge 10 days before period turned to watery clear discharge after 4 days, lower back pain and headache for 3 days, could i be pregnant?

Brown discharge 10 weeks with no pain should I worry?

Brown discharge after period along with stomach pains. How to treat this?

Brown discharge and pain while peeing after sex. What could be wrong?

Brown discharge while ovulating & lower back pain. I haven't been sexually active in three months. I skipped my BCP this month. Why is this happening?

Brown oduorless discharge, lower back pain a week before period?

Brown reddish thick chunky discharge crazy period slight andominal pain and on birth control help?

Brown sticky discharge and not due for a period for another week. Also I have abdominal pain. Today at work i had random spurts of dizziness. Help!

Brown/black discharge from vagina for about a week and a half now. Lower back pain and sharp headaches. Sometimes there were clots. Diagnosis?

Brownish vaginal discharge and lower abdominal pain. Must be bacterial?

Burning during sex, orangish cloudy urin, late period but not pregnant, greenish discharge, but dry vagina, slight pain in right lower abdomen?

Burning with urination and lower abdominal pain, back pain. Pelvic exams are fine, ultrasound, and urine are fine. No nasty smelly discharge. Pid?

Bv and bladder infection is it normal to hurt in lower back and have stringy like brown discharge.My whole lower stomach hurts bad. When do I worry?

Can clear discharge cause lower abdominal pain?

Can lower back pains, and white sticky discharge be a sign of pregnancy. I'm suppose to get my period tomorrow?

Can thrush cause shooting back & abdominal pain? I have white discharge but no itchiness. I've had pain for 2months now & been given a pessary today.

Can weird gurgling sounds from my uterus with brown discharge mean ovulation or something serious?

Clear jelly blood stained discharge, tender breast, dizziness, slight cramps, bloating nausea lower back & shoulder pain?

Clear stretchy discharge, period is due in 4 days, and pain in both left and right ovaries ?

Clear stretchy egg white discharge, with loweR back pain?

Clear vaginal discharge, stomach is bloated/swollen and i have some lower abdominal pain?

Cloudy, rotten egg smelling odor with current back pain on the lower right side ?

Complete hysterectomy at age 25. Age 51. Have dark brown discharge for over a month with no odor. Pelvic cramps, lower back ache and burning?

Constant blood discharge after one month past to miscarrige?

Constant pain near lower vaginal area inside burning irritation normal discharge been weeks of this.Back pain and fever?

Constant Pelvic pain, shooting pains up cervix and a foul smelling discharge. Not sexually active. What could it be?

Contd.) and nausea in my lower belly and now its sunday and im having light pinkish spotting w strong foul odor?

Copper IUD fitted 4days ok. Is a dull achy feeling in pelvic region normal also accompanied by a brown bitty discharge/bleed. No smell or anything?

Could i be pregnant if I am having a clear discharge? I have had my period this month and i was also having low pelvic pain on the right side.

Could i be pregnant? Milky white discharge, nausea, tiredness, lower back pain, abdomen sore(when pressed on), certain smells of food i can't stand.

Could it be something bad if I have vaginal pain?

Could lower abdomen soreness be a sign of yeast infection?

Couldy discharge on the day period due, no period. lower part pain. what could be the cause?

Couple of months i've been having period-like pain in the front and lower back pain everyday plus very foul vaginal odor and foul urine. No discharge.

Cramps on left side of low abdomen, clear/stretchy vaginal discharge. Sudden exhaustion. Next period not for 8 more days. Possible causes?

Cramps on right ovary, slight light pink bleeding off and on, smelly urine, all for about 4 days.

Cramps, white discharge, break out on chin, period coming soon too. Are these normal symptoms?

Dark jelly like discharge with pain at times to left lower abdomen, bloating throughout the month to point of looking pregnant at times, for12 years?

Day 13 and had just little brown discharge but severe lower abdomen pain , Iam 37 Virgin?

Day after depo shot unprotected sex now crampy achy pains in lower belly nausea clear sticky discharge no smell what's wrong???

Delayed periods, dark brown discharge, no smell and slight pain in left side lower abdomen and gas?

Discharge from left breast when i squeeze and vaginal white discharge more than normal, pain on back on hip pain every now an then goes to my leg, help?

Discharge no smelly/ clear whiteish always been having lower back pain ovaries hurt left more then right. Had scan done and was all clear 2 months ago?

Discharge thats brown and its 3days before my period no pain or dicomfert what's going on ?

Discharge was brown, then normal colored but sometimes blood streaks. freq urination, had lower back pain yesterday. virgin. what is this?

Dont get period's, very rare i get brown discharge, had sex same day as brown discharge! cud i b pregnant? Suffering wid cramps an pains in lower part

Dr. I was active on my fertile days. AF due in 3 days. Have back and head aches .Today noticed a yellow spot not discharge.early pregnancy?

Dull aches in lower abdomen and white discharge 10 days past ovulation could this be my period or beginning of early pregnant symptoms?

During an after sex I have sharp pains in lower abdomen. It feels as though someone's stabbing me. I have a whitish discharge that doesn't smell foul ?

Egg white discharge and back pains with headaches what is the cause of it had protected sex 2 weeks ago ?

Egg white discharge for 3 days,clear discharge is continuing,fluttery motion in rite lwr abdomen- prickly pain,back ache,am i preggo?periods 1day late

Every time after intercourse: light brown discharge, extremely painful cramps, & lower back pain. not rough intercourse. ?

Excruciating pain after sex, dark brown/black discharge the following night. What could be wrong?

Feeling a lot of pain on right side of stomach, with dryish discharge, STD came bk clear from doctor what could the pain be,?

Feeling sharp pains in vagina with pressure and also white milky discharge is this a sign of early labour?

Fever like symptoms, low back pain, ache, fatigue, occipital pain, along with cervix pain and abnormal amount of vaginal discharge (clear to cloudy). ?

For the last week ive been having a lot of watery discharge to the extent I have to change my under wear as it's soaked through and back pain aswell?

For the past 4 months I've had light/dark brown spotting in place of my period with constant lower abdominal sharp pains. Any idea what this could be?

For the past month, I've been having dark,stringy, and consistent vaginal discharge along with short sharp pain in lower stomach. I'm 16 & a virgin?

Foul brown rectal discharge for 2 months with mild abdominal pain. Slight pain behind ear?

Fullness in belly, pain like kidney infection smelly and discoloured wee?

Gaseous in lower abdomen and vaginal discharge. What does this mean?

Good morning; i've been having this lower abdominal pain with a thick discharge that is itchy sometimes. The pain is so uncomfortable.

Green vaginal discharge. Redness inside vagina. Period is 3 days late (Never late ). Period pain and intense lower back pain. I am worried.

Had a on/off 4 day brownish period usually 6-7 day cycle.1wk later (1st) started having cramps then white discharge&very sensitive to touch lower tumy?

Had a period 6/8 had sex 6/24 then had a period 7/6 now experiencing lower back and abdominal pain and clear vaginal discharge and tingling nipples?

Had a thick tissue discharge during third day of period. Also experienced sharp pain. What does this mean?

Had a yeast infection, now pinkish brownish discharge, heartburn abdominal pain, back pain, fatigue and lots of headaches what could be wrong?

Had brown discharge and stomach pains for a week now im having bright red blood and horrible pains on the Depo-Provera and havin unprotected sex. Whats wrong?

Had period aug 2-5 had unprotected sex various times since been experiencing mild lower abdominal cramps, thick white discharge no odor, and lower back ache for 3 days negative test what could it be?

Had period. It stopped like normal, now 5 days later getting brown discharge, slight cramps, lower backache can this be my fibroid or something else?

Had unprotected sex.3days later period came on time & lasted for 5 days. 1 week later,brown mucus+blood discharge, pain on left side below rib cage??!

Have a tubal of 5yrs and missed my period having lower back pain and clear mucus discharge can I be preganant?

Have clear discharge with right lower ab cramps. DTD 3 days before Ovulation but had light bleeding 4 days letter?

Have cramps and watery, stretchy, brown discharge. Lower back pain. Have been having insomnia and not so hungry. Feel nauseous. What can this be?

Have had light pink to clear or brownish fowl discharge after 16 days of full robotic hystrectomy, still n a lot of pain an cramping. Will this all go?

Have had sour smelling yellow discharge, lower left abdominal pain, and now orange blood a week after period ended. what could this be?

Haven't had a Period for 7 months & not had an injection for 8 months, started getting brown/red discharge and belly & back pain should I be worried?

Haven't had period for 2 months. Had lower back pain and cramps. Light pink liquid discharge now. What can this be?

Havin thick brown discharge, vaginal burnin, cramping, and sharp pains in the stomach. Im on the Depo-Provera and havin unprotected sex, why is this happenin?

Having abdominal cramps pain travels to my back and have a clear and at times white slimy discharge cramps are getting unbearable?

Having bloody tinged disharge , few spots with slight abdominal cramps, iam 4 weeks pregnant?

Having Clear vaginal discharge, stomach is bloated/swollen and i have some lower abdominal pain. What could this be?

Having pain in my lungs. Yelllow stuff is coming up. Belly having cramps. What can it be?

Having pinkish discharge and dont get my period for another 2-3 weeks. Also light cramping on left side of my lower abdomen. What could this be?

Having really bad stomach pains(top of stomach and really sharp) and my period blood smells sweet. Should I be worried? Urine and discharge normal.

Healthy but had late, light period with thick brown discharge and upper left abdomen pain?