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experienced a thick white/milky discharge, mild odor, sharp pain in lower left side of stomach, lower back pain, and weight gain. What could it be?

right side the middle of rib and pubic bone sore for a week and watery white dc that turned clear stretchy yellow clear stringy stuff n low abd pain.

1 wk after period, very severe pain in lower left abdomen and since then 2 weeks later still have a brown mucusy discharge .Fresh blood twice/3times?

10 days of missed periods with slight white discharge, mild headache, and lower back pain, am i pregnant?

10 wks pregnant having sharp pains in my lower belly also milky discharge is this normal?

10dpo with a lot of creamy white discharge and lower back pain. not really any pain in my boobs tho. Is this a good sign for pregnancy?

11 days since cycle started and noticed a liquid like brown discharge. Having painful pelvic pain where it hurts to walk. Last cycle was normal flow.

11weeks pregnant and losing a heavy white discharge that has turned pink some pain in lower back and lower stomach?

12Dpo started with mild ache on the right side of my lower abd then it got worse and i also notice white CM discharge Can it be my period or pregnant?

13 day if IUI im haveing stomac pain and bac pain white discharge im i pragnant?

13 weeks pregnant but have a reddish discharge. No cramping exam and sono were good a couple days ago. Can straining to poop cause this since i been const?

15-ish weeks pregnant, twins. Pretty constant mild pain low mid abdomen, top groin. Comes & goes for hours. (Also mild whitish odourless discharge). ?

16 days late slight cramping white creamy cervical mucus and back pain what could that be?

17wks preg woke up with pressure in vagina it went away but now I have cramping in lower back with lots of watery discharge with clear mucous clumps?

19/f stomach pains at belt line,dull all day with sharp spikes of pain With absent periods for 1+ tenderness to vaginal discharge/odor?

2 days ago i bleeded during sex i had pain in a certain position for a couple of seconds ... now i have brown dishcharge what could it be?

2 days late for period. Sharp cramps thats off and on.had sex bottom part of stomach hurts when i did it. White creamy discharge. In pantyliner. Preg?

2 days late menstruation a little abdominal and lower back pain and white clear and watery discharge. Is my period delayed or possibly pregnant?no pls

2 days late menstruation, a little abdominal and lower back pain, and white clear and watery discharge. Is my period just delayed?

2 days of brown discharge followed by 1 day of period then brown discharge. Also really bad stabbing pains in my stomach on and off for a week or so?

20 weeks pregnant, just started having lower, left stomach pain (moderate pain) and green snot like discharge. What could be wrong?

21 weeks pregnant keep having lower abdominal pain that doesn't seem to go away. Should i be concerned? Whitish, clear discharge.

25 weeks pregnant. Pressure and tightness in belly and throbbing lower back pain. Discharge is thicker and more. Is this normal? No bleeding

3 days after a very short/light period I am having moderate cramping, nausea, lower back pain, milky white discharge, and fatigue.. What's going on?

3 days after sex had milky discharge then the next day cramps, back pain & VERY light bleeding. Having headaches. ?

3 weeks pregnant. I feel on and off dull cramping, not really painful but also had brown clot-like discharge as well. is this something to worry about?

3 years ago i had a hysterectomy, 2 years ago i started to have had pain, burning & smelly yellow discharge from my belly button. What could it be? :/

31weeks and 2days pregnant an is having more white discharge, vagina and rectum pressure on and off, low back pain by my tailbone what's going on?

31wks pregnant watery yellowish discharge just got back from hospital due to side pain?

34 weeks prego, have flu or about 4 days, having period like cramps, lower back pain & mucous sometimes when i wipe am i ok?

36 weeks 2 days pregnant and had very slimey thick odorless mucuos come out today , pain in abdominal and lower back what could this mean ?

36weeks preg. Increased thick discharge. Diarrhea every morning. On and off cramping in lower back and abdomen. Sign of oncoming labor? Normal?

37 weeks and been having back pain and lower abdomen pain and today i had a white watery discharge should I go to the hospital?

37 weeks pregnant very watery discharge lower back pain and abdominal pain for a week have to change underwear due to the watery discharge ?

38 weeks pregnant losing white mucus pains in hips constantly and backache?

38 weeks pregnant. 3rd child. Been having lower back pain and slight period cramping. Pressure and urge to poop. Clear sticky discharge when wiping.

39 weeks pregnant, brownish discharge came out this afternoon but now i'm having light pains on vagina, and a little upper back pain?

4 day long period, cramps, watery and blood tinged discharge, cramping on the left side with backaches for 2 days. Should i see a dr or could i be pg?

4 days after my period I have bloody mucus discharge. I now have cramping/pain/pressure in my lower abdomen, mostly pressure. Should i be concerned

4 days past ovulation have aches in my lower back areas, clear discharge but dries white colour & not itchy. Stomach sore when pressed. Am i pregnant?

4 dpo, gassy, right ovarian pain, nausea and lots of regular, white, non-smelly discharge, 27 day cycles..ideas?

4 weeks late on period, lower stomache pains, fatigue, white discharge, and smells like im hoinh to start my periid but it wont start. Help.


44yo female, never pregnant. Navel has brown discharge, mild pain/burning feeling, small red bump near center. No other symptoms. What could this be?

5 day late of my period im always on time plus I've white discharge lower back pain feelin tired could I be pregnant ?

5 days ago I had unprotected sex, I'm now experiencing headaches, cramps, lower back pain, tiredness, darken nipples? Brown/red blood? Pregnant?

5 days late smelly discharge bfn lower back aches like I'm about to start a period but no bleeding what could this be?

5 days late, last period a month ago, in middle i bleed lightly 3 days. Lower abdominal cramps, lower back ache, discharge watery & milky?

5 days overdue for my period, been having lower back aches, white thick discharge, light cramps, and my nipples are very tender. What to do?!

5 days past ovulation and have a little pulsating pain on pelvic area, a little to the left. No abnormal discharge. What seems to cause this pain?

5 weeks after endometrial ablation sudden stabbing pain, bloating, bright yellow discharge and now ill feeling & back pain. Told yeast, not checked.

6 days late on period, neg pregnancy test. Now horrible pain in lower abd. Now brown, pinkish, gel like discharge and fluid w/ brownish tint?

6 months pregnant lower back pain that comes to the front of my stomach and A GUSH OF FLUIDS CAME OUT OF THE VAGINAL?

6 months pregnant lower back pain that comes to the front of my stomach GUSH OF FLUIDS CAME OUT OF THE VAGINAL?

6 weeks pregnant and having brown discharge and lots of back pain?

6 weeks pregnant, cramping and back pain for a week now. No bleeding, just white discharge. Is this normal?

6.5 weeks pregnant. Is a brownish red discharge normal . With mild lower back cramps?

6wks pregnant and having whitish/grey discharge today (smells sweet) and have shoulder pain off/on and pelvic pain on both sides..need help?

7 months-no period-hormones-normal. Lower left palpable pelvic pain-worse with sex. One recent spotting. Clear discharge. Possible causes?

7 weeks pregnant for the last week I have had very light abdominal pain,brown mucus discharge. I feel a little pressure when I pee. Is this normal?

8 days after my ovulation and I have cramps, lower back pain, my breast were sore for about an hour, I have a white creamy mucas stuff an headache?

8 weeks pregnant have low sharp left side pain no bleeding not constant pain very little light yellow discharge on panty ?

9 days late my stomach has been cramping and back pains white creamy discharge?

9 days late, brown mucous discharge when wiped only once, pain 1.5 inches to right of belly button (not a cramp just a dull pain) could i be pregnant?

9 weeks pregnant by LMP but measuring 7 weeks I have brown discharge with small bits in, I have slight pain near belly button what could this be PLS?

9 weeks pregnant having thick white mucus discharge, sharp pains on lower stomach should I go to ER or is this normal?

A few days ago I've had pelivc pain and now I'm having white and sticky discharge could i be pregnant? I've been tired a lot too

A friend is 9 weeks pregnant and is experiencing pains in the stomach and back with a brownish discharge, what is it?

A little breast pain n some small cramps a day before period means the period is coming or its something different?

A lot of transparent white vaginal discharges for 2 days 16 days after last period started. Slight abdominal pain. Normal or pregnancy ?

A week after my periods l experienced a lot of pain on the left side of my lower abdomen and a slight blood mucus discharge...what could be the cause?

Abdominal cramps, white milky discharge, back pain, fatigue, and headaches but my period is a week and a half away. What could cause this?

Abdominal pain and bloated, swollen breasts, awful back(mostly lower back) and neck pain, foul smelling stool, no chance pregnant. What could this be?

Abdominal pain and pinkish discharge 3 weeks after dnc?

Abdominal pain, back pain, no appetite, fatigue, and white discharge like yeast infection, but no other symptoms. Am i pregnant?

After a normal period i had white discharge, cramping spotting and back pains what does this mean?

After having sex, had some pain when he went too far.Pain and cramps were immediate. But been having really thick, stretchy dark brown discharge.

After my menses 14 days I am having frequent urine , and on day 17th i had lower belly pain, on day 21th I am having giddynessand thick white discharge ?

After my period I have itchy n painful breast, a lot of vaginal d/c clear sometimes yellowish lower abdomen pain, abdomen feels heavy never had sex.Help?

Am 29 years old and I have pain in my womb, tummy and white discharge. Need help?

Am 35, have premature ovarian failure, lately had severe sharp pains in right side and now lots white thick discharge, no odour or itch ?

Am 8 months pregnant am having green discharge and back lower pain first timer pregnancy.?

Am having loads of pasty white discharge 5dpo is it common?I also feel feverish with lower back pain and running nose...

Am I expecting temp i 37.8, I've had more than normal amount of discharge, bloated belly, achey pain in lower belly, frequently urinating than normal?

Am i having symptoms of indometriosis. Why am i having severe vaginal pain with tightness in that area along with green discharge containing bloody clots.

Am i pregnant started period july 7 2014 past few days cramps white discharge fluid in uterus, back pains doc said normal bloodwork and no infections ?

Am i pregnant? white discharge without itch or smell, cramping, high temp, low back pain, fluid in uterus. doc said no infection bloodwork normal

Any suggestions...Brown discharge days before period, lower abdominal pressure, excessive tiredness, discharge from nipple, pain/discomfort abdomen.

Are breast tenderness, heighten smell, bloatedness and hardening of lower abdomen and minor little cramps, and white discharge signs of pregnancy?

Around 9wks pregnant occasional spots of light yellow ordourless discharge, no cramping or pain. Is this normal?

At 39 weeks is it normal to have brownish discharge and period like cramps that run to your back?

Back pain and clear discharge with a little spotting for three days straight and had a really bad headache before i started spotting is it pregnancy?

Back pain with clear continous discharge.had menstrual cycle but not regular days it was a little menstrul discharge for 3 days.can u pls explain abt?

Back pain, discharge a lil, pain during sex, itching on labia, I went to doctors they don't know what is it?? What else can it be??

Been cramping since 1dpo, am now 9dpo & still cramping with a "creamy" white discharge.Pain started on left side then went towards the middle. Help?

Been getting horrible headaches accompanied by menstrual cramps, radiating back pain, clear mucus discharge with a little blood after sex& tender bres

Been haveing a brown discharge for a while no pain no frecq uraition and no with sx?

Been having on &off pinkish discharge ever since having sex last night, now accompanied with back pain. Period due today could it just be acting weird?

Been having pressure and pain in lower abdomen and also having clear discharge all day. What could this be?

Before I started having sex I got obvious signs of ovulation every month (stringy discharge) now nothing.& mild pains in lower abs every so often.STD?