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I had my last menstrual cycle on march20,now it's been two months and more; I havnt have my menstrual cycle.What is the cause?

I had my menstraul cycle three weeks ago now im spotting. i have a cycle every 26 days. why is this happening? is it from stress

I had my menstrual cycle five weeks ago, but then spotted for two days two weeks ago. Still haven't had my cycle just yet. What's happening?

I had spotting in between my menstrual cycles. The spotting lasted 3 days. Should it be considered as another menstrual cycle?

I had two menstrual cycles in April, and in may 13 days after my last menstrual i got my menstrual again.

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I have irregular periods after 2 or three months that is why i don't know my menstrual cycle. Last month i had it on 19 and this month 10. Help?

I have question about my menstrual cycle?

I have very less bleeding during my menstrual cycle but they are every month. What are my chances of pregnancy?

I haven't came on my cycle in 6 months why is that? I'm not having my cycle.