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sex 3/23. LMP 3/14. Had mittelschmerz. started 3/26, but peaked pain wise 3/29, confused as to when I ovulated. Normal 28 day cycle. Preg chances?

+ ovulation test day 31&32 of the cycle now day 39 trying to get pregnant ,irregular period when can i do beta ?feeling low backpain &diziness

2009-2011 i had regular 28 day cycle. 2012 now its irregular cycles. 38-40 day cycles. This month i was 15 days late (day55) what does this mean?

21-23d cyl. Start 10/28. Gyno confirmed ovulation mucus 11/15. Had sex 11/17. Ttc. Period now late. Could I have concieved? When to take test?

24 day cycles - 7 day flow - 17 days in between periods. Curious if that is not enough time to ovulate? Ttc for 10mo.

26 day cycle but ovulate late, had menses; then spotting weeks later. TCD is 36 mm, @ 28 weeks since spotting. 36 is where I think I am, mw disagrees.

26 day cycles -- LMP jan.27 -- would conception occur if intercourse were to happen between feb. 21-22?

30 y/o female 6 months post-OCP. First 5 cycles 29-32 days. Now on day 37 of cycle and no period but bad PMS. Not pregnant. Should I worry?

3wk- 3 1/2 cylce, bleed for 6-7days.. Is it possible to ovulated while on cycle or one day after it ends?

4 days past ovulation I am in cycle 20. My basal body temp is been 98. 8. My period is due sept 5 how long i have to wait to do pregnancy test?

44 year old,always 25-27days cycle,last month for the first time I had a very painful 30 days cycle,and this month,I'm late 10 days already?

Ab 9 weeks pregnant. My cycles were 45 days long and I got pregnant from ovulating on day 30. Does late ovulation increase risk for Down syndrome?

According to my last menstrual cycle 11/05/13 i'm 10 weeks pregnant but the ultrasound should that i'm 8ws. Is that common, could it be wrong?

According to OPK & calculator, said i ovulated. But is 7 days of bleeding from a chem pregnant going to interupt as my period r usually 5 days.

After birth my cycle ranges between 27-29 days.(before birth-30days cycle)today is cd1(29day cycle).Does it mean ovulation was on 29 dec?14 days back

Am i pregnant? Today is my 37 days of cycle. No period yet. Only one time pregnancy.13 years ago. My regular cycle 30 - maximum 32.Clear flow egg.

Am in need of help I don't know if my cycle is a 28,25,26 day cycle 9/30/14-10/4/14 then 10/25/14-10/28/14 and now it on 11/19/14 what is my day cycle?

April period was 15-19 which was short dr says my ultrasound on july 10 dated10.5 weeks had normal period may 11-17. When was conception likely ?

Av cycle length 38 days. Off pill 9 months. Suspected chemical pregnancy last cycle. First day bleed, cycle day 1. Now day 47 no period, I'm worried?

C-Section/Tubal Ligation 8/14. Normal cycle started 10/13/14. Next cycle 11/15/14. Started cycle again today 11/30. Part-time breast feeding. Dying?

Can i become pregnant during a cycle and still aftetwards have an irregular cycle cycle sep 15-18 october 12-15 spotting 23and25of october is it possi?

Can i take progesterona 200mg for delayed period ??im now on day 46 of the cycle &no pragnancy

Can PCO women ovulate 2 times in the same cycle ??got + ovulation test at day 40 of the cycle now day 44 still no period ,had sex from day 10 till 15

Can pcos effect luteal phase?Ovulation was positive on 11th jan. I tried for baby on 11th-13th jan. Last period was 24/12. I have no period yet.

Can u ovulate a day or so diff every mth?-My cycle is 26-28 days, started OPK on day 13 ,14,15 I think I either missed it by a day possibly,

Can you have a early luteal phase and still achieve pregnancy 30 day cycle early luteal phase 4 days cm cramps on n off since 3/27-4/3 4/4 cramps ?

Can you help me calculate when i'm ovulating? January from 18-22nd. February period on 16-19. March 13-16th. My periods are not always regular.

Can you ovulate on cd 6-10 if your cycles are between 35-90 days apart?

Cd 23 of an average 35 day cycle, not ovulated yet and progesterone still in follicular phase but I have white CM in urine and cramps all day. Why?

Chances of pregnancy with 40 day cycle always ovulate with eggwhite 14 days b4 period. healthy, no smoking. But hairy. Testos <0.69. Detailed pls?

CSection&Tubal Ligation on 8/8/14. Regular cycle on 10/16. Starting 11/15 been having cycles approx. every 2 weeks. Why? Is this cancer?

Cycle 30-31 days. Ovulated 20 days. When I should check for eventually pregnancy?

Cycle day 43 right now, spotted on cycle day 38 and 39 only one time per day, when can I test for pregnancy? could I be pregnant?

Cycle is 6/1-6/6. Healthy pap 3/2015. Cycle day 16-20 spotting occurred.No bc or health issues. Ttc baby #2. Could I be preg if not what is it?

Day 1-7 : menses. Day 12-16 : spotting. Day 21 : ovulation (bbt rise n remain high). Day 35 : menses sound normal?

Day 50 of cycle, still no period. Hpt negative. Lots of cervical mucus..Is this normal? Cycle length usually between 35-44 days. Have pcos. What to do

Did 1 cycle of hmg, 1-21 mm follicle ws released on cd14 and did timed intercourse but no pregnancy.. Will repeat 1 more..What shud I do diff ?

Did I have sex on my ovulation day period this month was4/2 had sex4/17 there are 30days in my cycle luteal phase 16 other periods was 2/1/13 an 3/3/13?

Did i time my ovulation my period was4/2/13 my last one was3/3/13 an b 4 that 2/1/13 30day cycle. Had sex only on 4/17/13 don't know my luteal phase?

Did i time my ovulation my period was4/2/13 my last period was3/3/13 b 4 that it was2/1/13. 30 days in cycle. Don't know how long is my luteal phase?

Do I have a 30day cycle or a 31day cycle my period this month was 5/2/13 my past 3 periods was 4/2/13 3/3/13 and 2/1/13 an what is my luetal phase

Do i still ovulate at 46 years old?

Does cyclogest (progesterone) delay my period? My date was 14th October. Now 14diui running.

Does hysterosalpingraphy delay period.I am 28 regular and ovulation was delayed 23.We did intercourse.Now I am 4 days late.What does that mean.?

Does the egg implant on the same day after ovulation for every pregnancy or can it differ? I got a - hpt at 10dpo never happend b4 with other pregs

Don?T understand -- do you ovulate on your period?

Dr mentiones that if my cycle lasted 33 days i might not be ovulating even when I have bleeding, have 33 cysts. Could this be true? Why?

First day of my last period was 10/22 but ovulated 11/5, what is my actual conceiving month?

First u/s scan done on 10/28 read as 6wks1day. First day of last period was on 9/14. What day did i likely ovulate/conceive?

First, sorry for my weak english. I have a question for my menstrual cycle. I know that the best menstrual cycle is every 28 days, but my mrnstrual cycle is every 33 or 36 or sometimes till 40 days. I have to mention that I am 23 years old. So I think it

Five weeks ago today i miscarried @ 8w 5d. I haven't started my cycle yet & I have a normal 28 day cycle. How long can it take for my cycle to return?

Follicular scan in morning day 17 of cycle - not ovulated lining 10.8, scan same time on day 19 - ovulated lining 14. What day did i ovulate?

Found out I was preg. In Dec my last period was on 11/11/13 when was I most likely to ovulate on an ave. 28 day cycle ?

Found out I was pregnant in dec last period was 11/11/13 , when was I most likely to ovulate on average 28 day cycle??

Had a baby ... Began to have my periods back after 5 months.... Then I have 37 days cycle for the last 6 months... Does it interfere with fertility?

Had a loss at 20w in aug. Period is very regular and last cycle was 28d. I'm on cd12 and feeling much crams in my abdomen for 2days. Am i ovulating?

Had a loss in 19w due to incompetent cervix. I'm ttc. If my period is very regular (30-31d). If period is regular then do I ovulate every month?

Had a miscarriage 6/21/2014. Cycle on 7/21 and 8/17...only lasted 2-3 spotting a week before cycle is due? Am I pregnant?

Had a missed miscarriage last February. Had to have a D&C. Before D&C my cycles were very regular. Now, they span from 28 days-40. Why?

Had a natural miscarriage on 10/30, and Hcg down to 7 on 11/11, twelve days later. When is ovulation expected? Any risks of trying before period?

Had an incompetent cervix loss. Now ttc. My af is regular(31d) but no idea when i ovulate. So having sex everyday. Can this affect the implantation?

Had d&c.11 wks pregnant but scan baby was 7 wks.44 years of age & my cycles have become irregular in length & ovulation. can i take clomid immediately?

Had my periods on 23/06/2014. My doc suggested siphene from 27/06/2014 for upto 6 days. when do I ovulate and what date can I take my pregnancy test ?

Had period on 30 th day before that i had 40-45 day cycle. Now using eltroxin 100 from 40 days ttc does that mean I am ovulating an thyroid is normal?

Had period on 31/12/12. From the 18/1/13-22/1/13 I have had sore boobs and cramping, now all disappearing..Ovulation?

Had sex 6/22/14 & cycle came 6/25/14. 7/13/14 had sex & menstrual cycle was due 7/23/14 but it didn't come until 7/27/14. Could I be pregnant?

Had sex on 13th June,period was on 2nd June last month cycle was 28 days.normally 30-32,is there any chance of pregnancy?

Had tubal 7/2009. Avg. Cycle length 30-32 days. Currently on day 52 of cycle. First day of LMP was 4/2/2013. 2 neg hpt. If not pregnant, what else?

Had unprotected sex on 7th day menstrual cycle & he ejeculated inside me. Menstrual cycle varies from 32 - 36 days. Chances of pregnancy?

Having cramps before period...? I downloaded an ovulation calendar app on my computer to keep track of things. After my period which the last day was january 30th or so, my boyfriend and i had intercourse on that week the calendar said i would be most fer

Hcg level less than 2..regular 31 days period is delayed by 3 days and lot of white this chemical pregnancy?i had blighted ovu

Hello We are trying to conceive from this Feb 2017 , last week we were together during my fertile days post after 3 days I'm having a mild cramp and t?

Hi doc. i want to ask if im pregnant. my last menstrual first day was march 28,2017. i had intercourse on april 02 and april 14. can i get pregnant?

Hi I am 45 usually have cycle every 25-27days. 10 days ago had spotting for a day and a bit now am 6 days late. Do not take contraceptives. ?

Hi i got my period on 11/17/2012 and my cycle is every 32/33 days. Would you be able to let me know when i ovulate or ovulated?

Hi I'm pregnant, cycle length varies 25-28. Unprotected sex on 5/7. Lmp on 24/6. What day did I ovulate pls?

Hi Ttc for 11 months have irregular periods started using opks said I ovulated on cd19 but my last cycle was 38 days they've been ranging from 35-38 ?

Hi, just found out I'm pregant. But don't know how far on I am. I have irregular periods, and my last one was 30th June 2015. Around 38 day cycle.

Hi,I'm 27 years and my menstruation cycle is about 35 days. After USG test i get 4 weeks of pregnancy but i expect 7 weeks to LMP date. Is it problem?

How are the weeks of pregnancy calculated when your cycle days range from 34 to 36 days? When should u take a hpt?

How can I findout if and when I am ovulating? I have very irregular periods. As bad as 2-4 times a year. And is ovulation the same time everytime?

How can you tell if you're infertile? I have regular cycles of about 35 days but the odd one that is off a bit. Is that okay?

How do I calculate my ovulation, my circle is 28days?

How do I know how many weeks into my pregnancy i am. Lmp 5/4/2013? And its irregular .

How early can one ovulate in a normal 28 day cycle, I've read many diff. Answers?

How fertile are you after your period On a 27-28 cycle and it last 5-6 days ?

How likely am i pregnant from having dry sex with 3 layers, 18 days after start of cycle... With a predicted 35 day cycle?

How long does ovulation last Today im soposably ovulating & i had sex im in the 24-28 cycle & people say that they ovulate day 14 On the 24-28 cycle?

How long should your luteal phase be? Does it change each cycle? I ovulated on 11th jan and had sex 11th-13th jan .

How many days does the morning after pill delay ovulation ? If you're supposed to ovulate 4/7 When is the new ovulation date ?

I always have menstrual cramp 2 weeks before my menstruation. I have been trying to conceive for 3 months now. My menstruation is due on 22nd July 201?

I am 12 weeks 2 days pregnant and my OB gave me a due date of April 29th I have irregular cycles ranging from 28-37 days. When did I conceive?

I am 15 dpo, on cycle day 34 and my longest cycle was 32 I considered late now?

I am 18 years old this year and my period is still very irregular. The cycle can range from 35 days to 42 days. Is this normal?

I am 23 with a history of g2 p0. I had a d&c about 2months ago for a miscarriage. How many ovulation cycles should I have before ttc again?

I am 30 yrs wt 34.4 day cycles. On 10/6 had intercourse and them period came on later that day. Its now 45 days since lmp. Could i b pregnant if not what?

I am 32 years old and I have not had a period in a year or more my doctor said I had dysplasia on my cervix could this be why don't have a cycle?

I am 41 years old, never pregnant but I have irregular periods. Can I give up the notion of conception?

I am 42 and given birth to 3 children. My monthly cycle has been bleeding for almost 4 weeks. What could cause a women's cycle to last 4 wks?

I am 45 year now and i missed my period for 5 months notice the linea nigra on my stomach and i am not pragnant what is the meaning of that?