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10 days delay. I changed my sleeping pattern before my menstruation usually comes. Am i pregnant?

2-8-14 until 03-01-14 i had my period. 22 days! why so long what's wrong. Happens frequently. When can I get pregnant whens my next period. Is it cancer?

48 y/o women has regular period but whenever she walks a lot (especially travelling) ,her period starts again. Why?

A month passed on my last period, im a virgin, i have an important event in 10 days and i want to get my period immediately but naturally.. how?

About 3 days prior to starting my menstrual cycle i get this horrible headache, only thing that stops it is when i start my cycle is this common?

About 6 weeks pregnant. Spotting/bleeding for 2 weeks. Doctor says things look good though. Can I exercise or is this not advised?

About a week prior to my cycle i start having headaches that get progressively worse until cycle. Base of skull and back are affected.Cause?

After breakthrough bleeding, will everything turn back to its natural state and will i start my period on my expected day?

After having ovarian drilling can you body start functioning correctly like it should and start ovulating regularly?

After having to switch several medications for a flu i haven't had my period for two months, how can I force my period to come?

After you miscarry what happens to your body.....What are the steps it takes and time frames to get back into a regular cycle, in general?

Are there additional ways to tell if I am ovulating besides keeping track and getting a test?

Are women able to control the release of menstrual blood like urine or it just comes out?

As a female gets older, does her menstrual cycle getting heavier and longer,if it was not so before? Just curious

As a female gets older,does her menstrual cycle gets heavier an longer, even if it was not so before? Just concerned

At ovulation for a few days I wake up with low back pain then after I get extremely dry cracked skin up until menstrual cycle starts. Hormone problem?

At what age should I start talking to my 9 year old daughter about getting her menstrual cycle? Any tips on having this discussion?

Because of volleyball season ending and me not excersing anymore could that be a reason why my period is 4 days late?

Can a change in diet and exercise make my period come a week early?

Can an immediate stop in a workout routine cause your menstral cycle to go out of wack?

Can being fertile make ur boobs swell? Mine usually swell several days before my period, but not this soon. I'm not sexually active so not pregnant

Can change in life styles or over excitement delay periods? I am 5 days late and my birthday is coming up soon which makes me very anxious.

Can holding your laptop on your lap/stomach for extended periods (hours) of time interrupt your normal menstrual pattern, or make menses stop altogeth?

Can I convince my body it's pregnant and make my period stop mid flow?

Can sudden practicing of yoga delay the periods? I had regular ones. after starting yoga. It is delaying for 3 days.

Can the cold weather affect flow of period?i am experiencing it right now and wondering why? Didn't have a regular period for the last 2months either.

Can well women vitamins make your period like 5 days earlier than usual? i usually have longer cycles so better. been taking them for whole month.

Can you get pregnant without ejaculation? Also I had a regular period after that but my boobs are growing for some reason as well as my nails and hair

Can you please tell me first things to change/happen to your body after becoming pregnant?

Could getting blood work a week before my cycle starting make it a couple days late?

Could PMS cause your forehead to ache a bit? I haven't had my planner near to help keep track of my cycle lately. But it might be coming soon .

Delayed period. Dizziness. Emotionally unstable. Cant work properly. How to know when my period will actually start? How to manage routine chores till

Do sodas make a woman bleed worsr than usual?

Do women get hormonal moods like during pms, after having a baby?

Do you get regular cervical mucus changes on Mirena (levonorgestrel) like during the reg cycle?

Do you have really light periods after you miscarriage so your body can get back on track?

Does drinking a lot of water during your period help make it shorter, lighter, and/or less painful? Any other tips for a less symptom filled period?

Does having diabetes affect when my daughter will start her first period?

Does nexplanon change your period dates ? Perhaps if last month i menstruated on the 11th is it possibe to get it later that that this month?

Due to my stressful lifestyle, i dont get my periods on time, sometimes they are as late as 5-6 days, and on top of it im getting cramps and no period?

During what days in a normal menstrual cycle does a woman have clear skin and feels better in everyway?

Even after I finish my period, I get spotting when my period is no where nearby. i've noticed it occurs when I exercise too intensely. Is it ok?

Experiencing some heavy menstrual bleed. Wanting to know if there is something I can take OTC or naturally that would help slow it down. ?

First off my periods are sometimes irregular. I usually get it between the 20-25 of the month and it ends between the 1-5 of the next month. I got it ?

For a whole week, had the cycle of developing a migraine in my eyes and back of head by late afternoon every day. Any suggestions to help break cycle?

For the last several months, I will often miss a menstrual cycle, or several, and then when I do get a period, I get another directly after it, help?

For what length of time do people start to cramp before getting their period?

Getting waves of nausea warmth, and using the bathroom more frequently. Last month I was 3 days late getting af and it was lighter and shorter. Ideas?

Had clockwork periods since puberty for 5 years . Now hardly get it. Doc. mentioned PCOS but doesn't that begin right at puberty? Can it happen later?

Having menstrual period regular pad does not stay in postion and blood gets on the sheets. I have thought about adult pull up and I am crazy?

Hello after my monthly cycle my vagina still has a different odor. What can I do to get my ph balance back on track?

Hello I am a heavy set girl who does not get her periods regular know for the last 2 to 3 week it has come and gone please help?

Hello there. I've been getting my period every two weeks for the last 3 months. I am sexually active, on a side note. Why would I get it so often?

Hello, I'm trying to naturally grow my breats and I started taking bovine ovary pills ( 250 mg a day and augmented it to 500), the thing is that I'm only 27 years old and sill be trying to have kids starting from next year. I have no hormonal problems or

Hello. I would like to know if menstrual hormones can cause one to be weird and paranoid? I've never lashed out at my parents when my period starts.

Hello... I notice within the last couple of months.. I get nausea before i come on my menstrual cycle and also during ovulation. I have no kids yet?

Help I am a heavy set girl who don't get regular periods for the last 3 weeks it comes and goes what could this be?

Hi i was wondering what's the cause of me getting pounding headaches during sleep. I usually have them right before my menstrual cycle which is irreb.?

Hi im period is always delayed and than I have to take natural remedies to bring it can I make this regular.will it come right over time?

Hi my cycles are long, like 42 days, and i ovulate late, like on day 26, is that normal? Ttc, can I take something to make them more regular, i'm 39.

Hi my questions is i skip a month cycle but been having a cycle twice lasting ten days an also is it possible to get pregnant after having ur tubes ti?

Hi, dr. its being more than two months whenever i get periods the flow is very less as it used to be,,please help me out.i am very tens please.

Hi, I am 48 female for the past year my periods have been really not regular, i will skip 2 to 3 months then get it, i'm having a lot of pressure?

Hi, I went to a doctor, did some blood work and turns out I have some signs of PCOS. I've been working on eating healthier and now I got my period but it's been lasting much longer than normal. It's over a week and I still have it.

How can I prevent embarrassing accidents in school with random menstrual cycles?

How can I prevent menstrual headaches? I notice that I only get them when I'm not prepared for my period (forget it's coming) or stressed out.

How can working women deal with their period?

How come i get a double chin during my menstrual period?

How come i keep getting blood clots during my menstrual cycle?

How do I get my menstrual cycle back after an eating disorder and how long will it take for it to return?

How do I get my period back after having a eating disorder?

How do I keep my period on track?

How do I know when I am menopausal? My period did not come last month but they have been regular as such.. I don't seem to have any symptoms yet?

How do you get a 6 month old to sleep through the night without multiple feeding periods?

How do you help someone with amenorrhea get back on a regular schedule?

How does a doctor become "your" doctor? Just by going regulary?

How far in advance of my period should I start ibuprofen to prevent cramps & how often/much should I take once period starts to keep cramps at bay?

How likely is it that i would get pregnant right before my period (2-5 days before)? My cycle is 32-36 days long.

How long after conception does a woman start to feel exhausted?

How long can a change in your sleeping schedule delay your period?

How long does it take after stopping oral contraceptives for my natural cycle to swing back to its rhythm? Feeling so out of tune with my body lately.

How many month does Plan B effects stay in a woman body and makes her periods irregular?

How you can not have a period without being pregnant or going thru the change of life or going thru stress?

I am 17 years old and getting ready to trun 18 this july. I have prader-willi syndrome and i haven't started my period. Is this a problem?

I am 20 yrs old.Have regular periods.But have very painful periods since the beginning.Can it be heriditry as my mother also had the same problem?

I am 21 wanting to start a family soon however I have a very irregular sometimes non existent menstrual cycle what can I do to kick start my cycle?

I am 22 years old. i have my periods problems. my periods start 35-40 days and it goes only for 2 days. what should i do to make it regular and long?

I am 39. I have noticed that my period lasts 9 days and 17 days later it starts again. What could be the reason?

I am 40 yrs old. My periods are very irregular and when they are late i feel sick until they start. Is this part of menopause?

I am 42 and have always had a regular cycle every month on time. This last month I start on the 3rd of May and its June 9th and I'm still going. Some ?

I am 42 years and have had a period for 31 days straight. Is this what happens when you start menopause? Or should I see a doctor?

I am 48 and starting to get some "pre-menopausal symptoms". My period is much longer this month. Is this normal or should I be worried?

I am a year old female and I have had my period for over two month now and it is just continuing to get heavier as time goes on. Is this normal/safe?

I am a 41 year old female. My menstrual cycle has been trying to start for a week but won't start. All I have gotten for a week is really light blood?

I am constantly bloated and weight goes up. Starts shortly before ovulation and only ends after period. so only a week of relief. what can I do?

I am going thru menopause. Cycle was 1 day tbis month. I am 53. I keep cramping. What could this be coming from, the cramping?

I am going to start my IVF cycle and my RE has asked to start on Baby Aspirin and continue throughout the cycle. Does it have any benefits/side effect?

I am having hot flashes on my lower back everyday it start from last month. It last 2 min day time and night time it's hard to sleep . And I missed my period last month I always having regular period. I don't take any medication. ?

I am having random bruises on my leg during my menstrual cycle. What do I do for this? I do not normally get these, this is the first time.

I am normally always cold, but when my cycle start I get hot so easy and even have to put on less clothes for bed. Is it the hormonal fluctuations?