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27 years old, trying get pregnant for 9 months. Periods a bit irregular.My blood tests, ultrasound and my husband's sperm count fine. Why not preg?

is it possible to get pregnant while you are on the 3/4 day of your period by precum? That's with an average 30 day cycle

% chance getting pregnant if guy pulls out ?

10th of 30 days cycle. Can i get pregnant?

15 days away from period. Had unprotected sex, trying to conceive. Some pregnancy symptoms except sore breasts? Chances of pregnancy?

17 year olds chances of getting pregnant during ovulation window?

19, obese, smoker. I am ttc, had unprotected sex for 6 months. Had a ovulation bleed this month. What are my chances of getting pregnant this month?

20 days before i did intercourse now my periods not coming may be i m pregnant but i don't want child now?

24 yo, F. irregular period and not active in sex. Had sex with the use of condom 9 days ago. Is there a high chance of getting pregnant with 1 sex?

28 day cycle, ttc, if I have sex 1 day before ov and not the day of, do I reduce my chance greatly of getting preg? Or is there still a good chance ?

32-34 day cycle ovulate day 25 of cycle. Iv been tracking it. Is this normal and if i get pregnant will i still get my period since so close?

44 years old. Trying to get pregnant. Could symptoms I'm having be pregnancy or premenopausal?

48 yr old female. No menstrual cycle in 9 months. Would it still be possible for me to get pregnant? Last period was when my grandmother died almost a year ago. Before that no period for 6 months either. Is still possible to get pregnant?

5th day after period, last 3-4 days, hubby precumed. Took planb in 20 min, I no less effective when overweight. Was I ovulating? Chances of pregnancy?

8 days after menstration could be a chances to be pregnant?

A friend of mine is trying to get pregnant she had sex 10/4,10/6,10/7 her ovulation day was the eighth did she miss her chance of getting pregnant?

According to my ovulation calendar, I was fertile the 9, 10, 11, 12 and tomorrow would be my most fertile day. If I unprotected sex each one of those days and once twice, what are my chances of getting pregnant? Also, would I be feeling sick so soon?

After 4 days menstrual, it's possible to fall pregnant?

After 4 days of Ovulation, What are the chances to get pregnant ?

After giving birth 2 months ago and just having your pierod a day or 2 before sex how fertile are you ? What's the chance of pregnancy ?

After having sex and a lady sees her mestrual period and disappeared the following day is there any risk of her getting pregnant?

After having sex, and getting your period 2 or 3 days after, is there still a chance u can be pregnant?

After hCG shot I had sex the night before and the day of ovulation what are my chances that it worked?

After IUI what all should I take care of to get pregnant?My ovulation was not with in 48 hrs, took 70 hrs. Is there a chance for me to get pregnant

After laproscopy is there any chance of getting pregnancy?

After ovulation my CM goes dry up until my period is due. So what i wanted to know is if i was pregnant how long after ovulation does my CM increase?

After period 19 days What are the chances to get pregnant from precum?

After sex, if menstruation occurs, then what are the chances of pregnency?

Am 32 years,i want to get pregnant i have long menstrual cycle,which is more than 45 days long,and i want to know if it possible for me to be ovalatin?

Am 35 years old w/30-35 days cycle, how can I easily get pregnant?

Am i finally pregnant? How can I tell?

Are chances of pregnancy higher if I have sex on a fertile day or 5 days before?

Are the chances higher of getting a UTI if you have intercourse during your period?

Are the chances of getting pregnant better if you have sex in the morning?

Are there any chances of getting pregnant when not ovulating?

Are there chances of becoming pregnant after doing colposcopy?

Are there chances of getting pregnant just after lmp?

Are woman more fertile getting off of birthcontrol?

Are you able to get pregnant if you are not ovulating? For example, if you had sex the day after your period ended.

Are you more likely to get pregnant by somebody you sleep with everyday trying to conceive or having sex once with a pull out. both during ovulation?

Are you more likely to get pregnant having sex every other day of your fertile window or everyday of your fertile window? Mine starts tomorrow.

At my age what's the percent of getting pregnant each month?

Because of work schedule, could only have sex day 13 and 15 of cycle. Will not having sex on day 14 really hurt my chances a lot of concieving?

Been off of BCP for 2 weeks what are my chances of getting pregnant having sex every other day?

Been trying to get pregnant, using ovulations tests, but for 2 months the tests say no ovulation every day. Been having regular periods. Whats wrong?

Being on birthconrtol , how big are the odds of getting pregnant from pre-ejaculation?

Boyfriend and I tried to get pregnant April 23 and 25 not fertile had 5 day period May 1-5 and tried again May 13 fertile neg test bleeding again 2 time?

By my periods not being regluar will conceive plus help me get pregnant?

Can a d&e mess up my chances of future pregnancies ? And how soon can I notice ovulation

Can a girl get pregnant if a guy comes in her several times a week after my period could do I have a high chance of being pregnant.

Can a person be pregnant and still get her period for 5 months 7 dias at a time.?

Can a person get pregnant on there fertile days ? So I had sex on my fertile day that it started then all of a sudden I bleeded? My cycle was 3/08/14

Can a person having irregular periods and dint get periods in the previous month and the current month get pregnant by having sex last week?

Can a woman get pregnant at the end of her seven day cycle from two weeks ago and two days ago spot bleed for a day and a half?

Can a woman get pregnant the next day after her period ends ? If it lasts 5 days on a average 28 day cycle with precum ?!

Can a woman ovulate & not get a period until 1-2 months after?If so is the just hanging around until a period begins?

Can having a bad sinus infection cause me to not ovulate at all? Can I not ovulate and still get my period?

Can I be on birthcontrol for the first time and on fertile days and still have sex with a Condom? And what are the chances of getting pregnant?

Can I be pregnant after unprotected sex and taking a plan be especially the fact that I wasn't ovulating ?

Can I be pregnant if it was within the 7 days of ovulation. But he only pre cummed in me. Is there still a high risk of me getting pregnant?

Can i get a positive OPK & then not ovulate & egg turns into cyst? Can i get pregnant?

Can I get an opinion.Even though my cycle came do you think I could be pregnant due to the 11 day late cycle and the fact that I did get ejaculated in?

Can i get pregnant 2 days after my period ends with precum? i have a 35 day cycle

Can i get pregnant 2 days before my fertility window ends?

Can i get pregnant 8 days after my period? I have a 40-45 day cycle.. Thanks

Can i get pregnant about 9 days prior to my period?.. i have my calender on my phone. Just want to be sure...

Can I get pregnant day 24 or 25 of my cycle? Knowing that I have regular cycles (every 27-30 days). I'm 24 and this is the first I have sex.

Can i get pregnant during my 3rd day of period? It's his first time to cum inside me. My cycle for this month is 27 days. Please answer accurately.

Can i get pregnant easily with 30 day cycle? When is my ovolution day?

Can i get pregnant from precum on the last day i.e fifth day of my periods, i have a regular 30-31 day cycle?

Can i get pregnant if boyfriend ejaculated twice in me 10 days b4 period is due? Period start every month on the 24 or 25. I don't know my ovulation.

Can i get pregnant if i had thrush when i did the intercourse on my start day of my fertile period according to calender method.Confused CM to dischar?

Can i get pregnant if i haven't had my period for 3 years? I am 37. If i can get pregnant. What is the likelihood that i would?

Can i get pregnant if my period is due tomorrow? Is the egg dead or still useful?

Can i get pregnant the after my period? It just ended 07/28/16 and ovulation day is 08/9/16 can i get pregnant anytime between the 31st-9th of august

Can i get pregnant while on estrogen patch? I ovulated this week.

Can i get pregnant with 3.5 mm uterus. Every other thing is normal. But no periods without femilon?

Can i still get pregnant even if i had a tubaligation 11 years ago? What are my chances?

Can I treat std in my fertile period, while hoping to be pregnant?

Can it affect the possibility of pregnancy if male partner is sick? Unprotected sex 2 days before ovulation, chances of pregnancy high?

Can precum get a girl pregnant if she isn't ovulating? Her period is next week. Should i get Plan B or not? I was only in her for less than 3 minutes

Can pregnancy chances be lowered if i urinate after sex or are sperm already on their way?

Can she get pregnant if we had sex 4 days after ovualtion occurred? If so what are the chances?

Can smokers have less chance of getting a girl pregnant ?

Can someone get pregnant while having her period? What are the chances?

Can u get pregnant if you gad sex 5 days before ovulation or unlikely?

Can u get pregnant just on ovulating day. . Mine was 25 had sex before on and after. What's my chances. . Then on 20 and 21 of this mth?

Can you become pregnant a couple days before your period? Or have you missed the window of opportunity?

Can you get pregnant 2 weeks prior to your menstruation?

Can you get pregnant 2-3 days after your period ends?

Can you get pregnant a day before your period starts by dry humping,just grinding,and no intercourse and still get your period at right time?

Can you get pregnant between the end of your period and before ovulation? He also didn't cum at all

Can you get pregnant by pre-cum (even if he urinated before hand) a whole 8 days before your even due to ovulate? LMP 3/28/24 regular cycle...

Can you get pregnant during fertility stage after my period?

Can you get pregnant having sex 3-4 days after ovulation?

Can you get pregnant if no ejaculation and it was less than 30 seconds and not all the way in and also 10 days after my last period?

Can you get pregnant in the middle of your mentral cycle?

Can you get pregnant on your period if he comes inside of you what are the odds getting pregnant?

Can you get pregnant on your period? Also is there a ceetin day after or before your period that your chances of pregnancy are lower?

Can you get pregnant w/out LH surge , intercourse safe uring that time? Does that mean no ovulation is happening? Regular periods but getting v.Short