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hemoglobin dropped to 5.2 over 2 -4 month. no signs of bleeding. endoscopic & colonoscopy neg. what else does this? hx of bleeding w 6.5 know cause

I had an infection after a procedureit went away now im bleeding more then normal im worried I have hypoglycemia or anaemia can you help. . ?

"hello..can u help me doc coz i did a medical abortion for 9 weeks of Pregnancy on Mrach 15,2015. now i have a heavy bleeding with clots & I gt shock?

12 mm endometrial stripe. Normal blood tests. Severe bleeding w/ lg clots. hct. 35.4 hgb. 11.5 Severe abdominal pain.

12 weeks pregnant and experiencing vaginal bleeding. Ultrasound shows active baby and heart beat. No cervix opening as well. Can you advice how I can stop the bleeding?

14 weeks pregnant baby # 2. On lovenox (enoxaparin) and progesterone. Currently having pressure in the vaginal area and some cramping.Is this normal?

16 weeks pregnant with blood clot at anterior wall of uterus had bleeding thrice.Now on progesterone 200mg twice for 15 days. What are the risks&solution?

2 wks after IUD insertion, I have been bleeding/spotting (there is a variable amount of blood for light to heavy). Rx was sx - what should I expect?

21 years old, migraine, high pulse rate, bleeding gums, irregular periods, peptic ulcer, and rash on the skin.

24hrs after birth. Natural delivery of 10lb baby small 2nd degree tear very little blood loss. But no bleeding is this normal?

29 weeks pregnant with my second child. Have bright red bleeding w/ no cramps after sex. Have no health issues or complications with either child.

39 weeks pregnant, increased hemorrhoidal discomfort, why and what to do?

4 year old son nosebleed couple times a week, sometimes none for weeks. the bleeding comes from anterior. could it be bleeding disorder?

4.5 CM fibroid at top of uterus causing severe bleeding/anemia. Dr. Rec mirena--but is uterus too distorted for effective placement? Bad prescription to bcpills

42 years diabetic uterus anteverted bulky in size 51*47*92 mm , ET 2.9 mm, profuse bleeding and cramp during and prolonged menstrual period?

52 yr woman, hemoglobin count: 6 due to very heavy menstrual clotty bleeding. Doctor prescribed iron shots . Is she at risk for cardiac arrest?

6 weeks pregant been told that there is a small whole the uterus been having bleedi g an cramping will it stop or will i loose this baby an what can i?

6 wks pregnant, bleeding. Scan shows baby is OK, but doc discovered a large cyst, and thinks it's causing the bleeding but bleeding hasn't stopped?

7 weeks pregnant, subchorionic hemorrhage 2.3 x 0.9 x 2.2 cm. What does this mean and how worried should I be? Pain and light bleeding on and off.

82 year old vaginal bleeding, what should be done?

A doctor mentioned to me 'mold bleeding' in my pregnancy. What is this?

A woman is admitted at 35wks gestation with severe abdominal pain and vagina bleeding, BP is 110/50mmhg. Why is this bleeding not from the placenta?

After 4 doses of misoprotol 2 days ago cramping & bleeding is less. Is it possible i passed the sac without knowing? No white tissue. 11w pregnant

After a deep tissue massage, my period beganwith spotting and blood clots, 2 weeks early, usually no complications. Lump over kidney also massaged. ?

After baby had big clots falling out of vagina. Resident ignored my concerns. How much is too much?

After D & C surgery prolonged bleeding (More than 1 month) is occur.What should I do?

After having angiographhy coronary can you have sex and why did it hurt and caused bleeding after?

After spontanous miscarige of 6w doctor says few tissue or clots left in cervix she suggested some tablets,no bleeding, tissue still there after month?

Are polyps harmful? What are the symptoms? I've been bleeding for 3 mos & passing large clots. Doc wants to do a saline sono. Says sono was cloudy?!

Aspirin causes gastrointestinal bleeding.So what should I take if prior stroke and broken pelvis?

At 20 weeks placenta was 2.2cm from os, 2 days of brown spotting. At 21 weeks placenta was 2.8cm from os. Chance of bleeding reduced as further away?

Being on birth control continuous for 9 m have caused cervix to close? I had no blood for 3 m/1 m bled/6 m no blood/then found out my cervix closed.

Bleeding after orgasm? Doctor suspected endometriosis and had coil fitted 2 month ago but still having symptoms and bleeding after orgasm

Bleeding heavy enough to use a pad between periods. Never happened before. My mom is a cervical cancer survivor. I'm concerned.

Bleeding nine days after a D & C after removal of placental fragments. Also still crampy. Is this normal??? 5 weeks postpartum.

Bleeding scrotum angio keritoma. What is a good medicne to stop bleeding? Am on brilinta (ticagrelor) and bleed profusely. Have used ice and pressure.

Bleeding, clotting, cramping 6weeks after med. Abortion + methergine (methylergonovine). No tissue on ultrasound 2 weeks ago. Aspiration next. Possible extra ectopic?

Bright red bleeding 3 days post d &c for retained placenta (4 weeks postpartum). Very light when resting, but heavier. when I stand or do something.

Can a cervical ectropion bleed daily & abundantly? Been diagnosed with one due to be treated by laser; bleeding has become much worse in past weeks.

Can a gastric avm that has been caruterized, start bleeding aagain?

Can a rectocele block off menstruation blood?

Can a untreated UTI can cause a subchrionic hematoma to grow in size from 1cm to 7 cm? 15 weeks pregnant and had bleeding because of it.

Can anyone get any vaginal bleeding after having a angiography flourcein ?

Can av fistulas in the brain cause menstral problems in women?

Can BODY FORTRESS Super Advanced Whey Protein be taken with bleeding ulcers or bleeding hemorrhoids?

Can disfuncational uterus bleeding go away on its own?

Can endometrial cast (not pregnant) pass in normal period bleeding only as a small piece (1.5 CM wide and 2cm long), because of progesterone?

Can having a tumor on you optic nerve cause you to lose hearing? And Can having a uterine cancer cause overly large amounts of vaginal bleeding?

Can I have sex or orgasm with organised subchronic hematoma under placenta, i don't bleed 5 weeks, i was on pelvic rest, now I am 11w pregnant.Help!?

Can i still perversely bleed(3days now) when my INR was at 5.7?

Can implantation bleeding fill multiple tampons in a day?

Can influenza or a non functioning gallbladder cause abnormal vaginal bleeding?

Can my DHA pill (200mg) thin my blood? I'm 10 weeks pregnant with a small subchorionic hematoma that's caused no bleeding.

Can my fish oil pill thin blood or cause bleeding? I'm 10wks pregnant & have a small subchorionic hematoma but have never bled & am not bleeding now

Can piles cause a loss of 11 units of blood over a 10 month period ?

Can pill of 240mg DHA /340mg epa cause blood thinning/bleeding of my non-bleeding small subchorionic hematoma? I'm 10 weeks preggo & it's never bled.

Can stress or having the flu recently cause vaginal bleeding?

Can uterine cancer or abnormal bleeding cause acne breakouts? I've had clear skin for years until recently, when I suddenly became severely anemic.

Cd 9, checked cervix for position and began bleeding, bright red, it's been 4hrs, and still bleeding. Is this normal, position is low. ?

Could leflunomide cause bleeding to the back passage?

Could retinal bleeding be due to hba1c?

D n c op 8th may due to blighted ovum (11wks) when will bleeding stop? (i did have blood clots) can we try again straight away?

D&c 3 mos. Ago for mmc at 12wks. Still bleeding red - lt to med flow every day. Dr says it's normal. What can cause this and how can I stop bleeding?

D&c dec26, started passing clots size of my fist jan 1. Put on methylgervonovine & bedrest. Still bleeding & now have severe headaches & weak normal?

Diagoned with bulky uterus &bleeding excessively from 1 month(stops with tablets only).My age is 53.what can be the reason &treatment?can d&c help ?

Did not bleed after dnc for 2 days now on the 3rd day bleeding and small clots and feeling weak low energy is this normal?

Do hi platelets always mean bleeding? If there is no external signs it must be enternal right? They have been raising over the past year. Now 600

Do people with bleeding disorders still have to worry about hemorrhage?

Does a pt INR of 1.1 have anything to do with me having severe cramping, clotting, & bleeding while on my montjly cycle?

Does bleeding time depend on if the subject is fat or thin?

Does oral rehydration solution help to replace lost nutrients from heavy periods? intramural fibroid 5cm? is my bleeding due to low progesterone/fib?

Excess uterine lining from vaginal area for several days. I'm used to having some, but not this much. Also have tons of blood clots during period.Why?

Grrrrr my mom just called and said she bleed 1, 000 cc from her anus. Remember she still in hosp w/pulmonary hypertension and etc.... Could bleeding be due to her cumodin? Cumodin level is 2.5. Or a GI bleed? Or is this more serious?

Had a high, soft cervix for nearly 4 weeks. Age 37 - this has never happened before. Not pregnant, no pain or bleeding. What could be causing it?

Had a miscarriage just over a week ago and I have a uterus infection and on co-amoxiclav does it ease bleeding and blood clots?

Had heart attack on Wed now having vaginal bleeding had hysterectomy 15 years ago?

Had laparascopic myomectomy nine days ago to remove 6cm intramural fibroid. Experiencing lots of bloody discharge including clots (soaking 2 -3 pads per day) but my surgeon assures me it's normal. I am on lovenox (enoxaparin) injections as well.?

Had last period on time on 4-07 spotting few days followed by heavy bleeding with clots total 12 days 29-07 bleeding again increased urination preg?

Had misscarriage ( medical management) two months ago scans fine ( no retained products) but still bleeding after 10 day norethisterone? Is it normal?

Had surgery 4 strangulated hernia 6/2/14. Placed on warfarin, but taken off 12/13/14, after negative Doppler, and D diamond test. Week later, had vaginal bleeding, and continues. Is this normal? 2 do?

Has anyone had urinary bleeding in the bag after c-section? Why?

Having 1st pp period. Am bleeding through an ultra tampon every 2-3 hrs. Is this too much blood loss.this is the largest size tampon.

Heavy bleeding for 44 days. yellowy skin is this related to anemia?

Heavy periods, soak super+ tampons <1h large clots. Debilitating cramps. started 1yr ago. Now on IV Fe. Early satiety. Fibroids/Cancer? Normal?

Hello doctor I had an abortion last month after that I had alternate bleeding from my vagina and there are mass like tissues or something else from my?

Hello I have a implant in my left hand. (protect from pregnancy) but implantation bleeding smell is really bad is it normal or no?

Hello i'm a 26 year old lady and my question is does ibrufen thin blood? Or lead to internal bleeding?I have severe period pain and take it monthly

Hello..can u help me doc coz i did a medical abortion for 9 weeks of Pregnancy on Mrach 15,2015. now i have a heavy bleeding with clots and I gt shock?

HepC medication lead to early menopause at 43. 10 years later few blood clots one day and thick endometrium line. How concerning is that?

Hi doctor, I have a question about menorrhagia . I'm 25 and I have an abundant and frequent rule (irregular), the bleeding may remain more?

Hi, is it normal to have continuous bleeding 9 weeks after D&C ? Ultrasound showed no retained tissue ( only fibroid). HSG levels below 5 since 3 weeks ago. The bleeding has been continuous and ranges from heavy/chunky to light.

How can implantation bleeding differ from vaginal cleaning due to an emergency contraceptive?

How can a pregnant woman on bedrest avoid atrophy and blood clots?

How can I differentiate mild to moderate early pregnancy bleeding amount?

How can I distinguish between possible implantation bleeding and a period? Can drinking alcohol increase the amount of flow during implantation?


How can I prevent bleeding with the help of ashoka tinchare or aryovedic?

How can I stop yourself from bleeding to death if I sever an artery?

How can you carry a fetus with no lining? I had hysteroscopy w/ablation due to excessive periods. Bleeding 21 days a month. might be preggo. Risky?

How can you tell the difference between menstrual blood and implantation bleeding? What if you used a condom that didn't break or slide off?