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I av missed my period which was due on sunday. But on monday I noticed a little pinkish thin bleeding w/t headache fatigue n weakness could I b prego?

\ get my periods irregulary sometimes years pass before I have it. I had it this year in april and then now 1week back. The last 3 days I have sometimes a slimy red disgharged. ?

+opk on cd16. Cd18 had pink in cm. Since then (now cd20) it has been dark dark brown cm, enough to wear liner/very mild cramps. What's going on?!

11wk5d pregnant and experiencing light brownish d/c/spotting since yesterday evening when wiping and on tp w sm bld clot.Prev.M/c last yr and i'm worried!

12wks pg, hav polyp on cervix dat bleeds on&off, yellow mucous wit traces of blood the size of my thumb nail, no pain, am i having a m/c? Help

13 wk pregnant. Had red bleeding(low lying placenta) for 2 days.Baby ws ok.10 days later now little brown bleeding n brown spot. concern or old blood?

14th day 4 daytransfer 2 embryoes where put back.Positive. Started light bleeding brown and red. Any chance that i could be losein 1 of the 2 embryoes?

15 weeks pregnant i had/ have a medium size hemridge but haven't bleed in a lil, had blood done last thur it was 38177 then blood tue it was 35089?

15 yrs old had period after 6 months but in brown discharge n bit of blood. Urine resukts no cme but gav samole ova 2 weeks ago. pain in stomach,?

19 weeks pregnant cervix feels very short approx 1.5mm and 1 CM dilated , internal check causes red light bleeding ? Whats wrong

19 weeks pregnant,mucus and red blood (light) from cervix ... Gp says cant do nothing until 20 wks... What could be causing this, also neg bloodgrp?

1st & 2nd day of period normal flow (bright red w/ clots) morning of 3rd gone & came back in afternoon. 3rd,4th,5th day light flow. Pregnant or not?

1st period after d and c seems to b heavy.its 4th day and soaking 1 pad in 3hrs but flow with urine is a bit more, no clots n no cramps. is it normal?

2 dy early period, chngd tampon last nite, went to put in new 1, tht 1was clean. 3hrs later, spots in panties, w/ diarrhea, could i be pregnant?

2 wk ago small amount brown vag discharge 1 wk ago small pink dot on tp Today 1 day late period low back pain small amount pink on tp Pregnant or std?

20 wks preg 2 days ago wiped n therewas a little light pnk blood .no more . Called Dr they didn't seem concerned said to monitor said it cud b strechi

24 yrs LMP june 20 . Excessive burping bleed gums while brushing , nausea. Yesterday bright blood in urine little bit 2 drops , hpt negative am I preg?

27wks pregnant.Noticed black stool today. Have constipation from before preg. Havnt taken iron tab for 2days. Havnt eaten beetroot.Shud i b concerned?

29wks preg.Wiped after bowelmovt,saw blood on tissue.Suffer frm hemrrhoids.Wiped wiv seperate tissue so definitely frm anus nt vaginal.Harmful to bub?

2july i had myomectomy.Yesterday13july i masturbated(no pain).Today i had litt low abdominal pain+litt very light pink spoting.Did i damaged my uterus?

2weeks preg,took 2tab n insterted 2tabs of cytotec, (misoprostol)after 6hrs yellowish water oozed out n liitle clot n blood,next I c z yellow discharge, successful?

3 days of vry lit brown period not much of one 1st day peed small clots but no blood what is the cause of this i'm taking meds for UTI an yeast inf?

3-4 days miss period. 2 negative preg test. Sore breast. Feel need to use the bathroom, found pink small mass with red dot and blood drops falling... ?

30 days late, usually a regular period of 33 days. Neg hpt. Grown boob, leg pain, yesterday clear discharge with a little bit of bright blood ?

30yrs old had period from 4/10-4/18 kinda heavy. Came again on 4/28- heavy (fills pad every 1.5 hrs) and a nasty diarrhea bout 2 days in. Concerns?

36 obese Never had issues w period til now. Very light bleeding 5days. period started 2day like last mth. Very light & watery like egg white w blood.

38 one child had sex 26 days last month .my period was like black tar n clots no real red blood lasted 2 days. Still cramping .could I be pregnant?

39 weeks pregnant @ 23 yrs. Dr appt today. Light pinkish/reddish spotting. Cervix not dilated but getting soft. Dr says not to be concerned but still am?

39wks. Pregnant and believed to have already lost my mucus plug, it was red, as the day went on brown pieces came out. Is this normal?

3rd period this month. 1st lasted 10 days, 2nd - 7 days and now onto 3rd. All a couple days apart. Some days old blood, others fresh.

4+ days,Hard 2 (& un)control diarrhea-looks like drk coffee grnds in red H2O(w/mucusy dischrg).Started antibiot 1day b4,have 5+ 2go!Tuff it out?Ideas?

41 years old. Regular periods. No children. Question: why would I spot after orgasm? No pain. Just very lt. bright red to lt. brown f3 months or so.

43 yr old female, who has never had intercourse. No period in almost 8 mnths. Today I am dizzy, and see light pink bld when wiping. What's wrong?

5 1/2 weeks pregnant. Brown spotting since 4 weeks. Masterbated and had red blood afterwards (about a tsp). Have BV and taking meds. Am i miscarrying?

6 1/2 weeks postpartum after c-section. Have been on my 1st cycle for 13 days straight. It is still very heavy and bright red. Is this normal?

6 month ppstpartum and still nursing son. Had bad cramps and then got period for 1.5 days then it stopped. Bright red and quite a bit. Why so short?

6 weeks preg. Yesterday. Few days ago, bright red blood when i went to the bathroom, none since. Preg.Symptoms have decreased. Do you think baby is ok?

6 wks pp. (c sec) stopped bleeding 1 wk ago. now ive got clear discharge but its very stinky. im changing underwear svrl times a day.. normal??

6days late , neg preg.Test, brown, pinkish w/ brown tented fluid.Bad lower abd. Pain. Now still w/pink watery fluid and a spot or 2 of old blood.Help?

6Months ago i had a misscarriage that i did not go to the Dr. About. Now since i have had heavy flow of a clear/spotted fluid 1+wk b4 my heavy period?

6wks pregnant I tak preg vitamins and iron but today I had brown and green stool poop is tht normal or I shud be worried or I stop the iron and vitami?

7 wik preg, under medication for bacterial vaginosis, had been eating lots of red cherries, noticed reddish urine yerstrday nite b4 sleep n today mornin, ?

7 wk pp and started 2nd pack of bc. I had brown blood on 4/25, red blood on 4/26-4/27 and now today 4/28 no blood. Could i be pregnant again?

7wk5d bleeding brown since I found out had internal yesterday heart beating today more brown with speckles of black what's happening?

8weeks pregnant n wen passed urine had lil brown piece in it my doc did urine test n all clear no blood no pain is this ok it was jus once it happened?

9wks pregnant. 2days ago healthy HB. 2day 1x qrter size blood stainfollowed by brown discharge. I still feel pregn. Brown Is old right? Could itb a mc

Abortion 1st november 2013, after an abortion how long till you have a normal periond, where it's not dark red like old blood all the time or cramps ?

After 3days of my period, i saw some droplets of blood on my pant till now am still seeing it and my boobs still hurt, does it means am pregnant?

After being on your period for a full 7 days is it normal to spot after? I've recently had an abortion in december at 13 weeks along

After having sex i notice blood on the condom and wen i wipe it was very light it and after that i havent bleed anymore. what cld b the problem?

Aftr 2 mths of light cycles, I spotted. 2 days later, I had 1 day of normal period and then passed clots that looked dehydrated. Should I be concerned?

Am 4 month pregnent, during this 4 month, m become little heavy. I was 59 kg but now days am 68 kg. Is this normal? Or can I do sumthing for it?

Am i preg?3days after I was suposed to start I spoted and on the 4th day I filed 2tampons with dark redish blood.Slowed next day then next day nothing

An amount of brown blood came out my last period was at 20-jun and Suffering from little pain under my belly and puffiness and I was fingered before?

An amount of brown blood came out my last period was at 20-jun and Suffering from little pain under my belly and puffiness and I was fingered before?

Baby born 20 weeks ago, pp bleed stopped at 6 w.Started spotting at 8 w, most days bright red when wiping, occ shows on liner.Pelvic u/s normal. Causes?

Been bleeding after sex last 2months went doc he said cervix bit red n could c inflamtion had swobs all clear now been bleeding dark brown discharge?

Been on birth control that you put in the arm n before I had it insert I just had my period and then off a week n now I've been discharging/bleeding heavy n light dark brown discharge should I get this removed?

Been on depo-provera for 5 yrs. Last shot March 2014. Aug 31 noticed clear dc w/blood. Sept 6 after sex just blood. Today clear discharge?

Been spot 4, 2 weeks doc took blood nd said levels are high why am i still spotting in my 1st tri nd doc said look lik a healthy pregnancy why am i spot?

Before two weeks back i take two ferinject iron injections bcz of animea this week my period started I face heavy bleed in my periods is this cz?

Began period 3/12. Got drunk 3/14. Period has not stopped to date & a small cyst has developed right under the top skin. What is wrong?

Bled 4 2 months. Finally had a pelvic exam n blood work. Dr said i have pcos. Bcontrol helped slow dwn bleedingALOT but stil have light bleeding. Why?

Bleeding a week after your period few red spot then i get the brown spot what that could b because i naver had this problem befor.Thanks?

Bleeding brownish after 14 days of my hurt down there while travelling.i am virgin nd not sexually active. is it a serious problem??

Bleeding from my anus dark blood since thursday went to the doctors a month ago for it & he sent me home what's wrong? 14 year old female.

Blood and thick yellow mucus from both nostrils since 4-5 days.i've been using iron tablets for about 25 days since my heamoglobin went down.

Bright red unusual blood appeared after wiping and in toilet. Have had a cold and taken sudafed/mucinex. I was at the end of my period till this .

Bright red unusual blood appeared after wiping and in toilet. Have had a cold for 2 days took sudafed/mucinex. I was at the end of my period till this?

C-section 5 wks ago & I've been breastfeeding. I noticed when I urinate & wipe there is lil blood don't know if I'm getting my period?

Came on twice last month & this month i startef cramping but only spotted light pinkish blood for 3 ,4 days I been eatting alot if ice n i start back?

Can u tell me what is wrong I have had lost like 10 pounds in like a week and i had my period on the 24th of dec. But it last for 4 days and it was lighter than normal and afterwards i wuld spot bleed after i wuld have sex I have been have neasua and thro

Can you get pregnant 3-4 days after your period ends. Since then I had noticed a pin head size spot of blood when I whip twice now this month?

Clear mucus discharge w/ a bit of blood whn urinated on the 3rd of may had small cramps tht day.Im a day late period was due on may 5th. Why?

Clomid150mg/day, perds normal.Since 2days felt smal red dot with viginal dischrge once.Belly stretcd, constipation also.Why?Today is 20th day of periods

Coil fitted 4wks ago. Period due, some cramps. Small bit of blood 2days ago then nothing. had sex, few hour later some dark red blood. Is it period?

Condom broke took planb 17 hrs later. Got normal period for 5days, 6day dark brown blood, 7-9 day light blood, only filled linner, should I b concern?

Could amoxicillin cause a female to spot inbetween periods?

Could i be pregnant i got my period on the 16 of this month an it has been light ever since my mom said that my face is getting fat an she had asked me if imy period was light an i told her no but realy it was. I also have had a little bit of cramping but

Could i be pregnant? I missed my period for 2 months den it came on but only stayed on for 3 days. Thats not normal for me im usually very heavy. It was also very light and i been having some pain every now and than im kinda of scared cause i don't kno wh

Csection on 9/19th. First full period started 10/29. 11/29 i bled for one day light. Is this normal? (not worried im pregnant just worried healthwise.

Dark brown discharge instead of my mens. For 5dys, 2dys little 3 heavy enough to soak half of sanitary napin 4-5 same with 1st 2dys What does it mean?

Day 16th IUI little bleeding dark marun af like pain and af due in 1day what should I do or understand?

Didn't get a period since August 14 sexually active n use no precautions but I got my period October 11 n was dark brown n very light , heavy,nothing?

Do you bleed dark red with few eggs like a regular period while you maybe pregnant but never showed any stomp toms for pregnancy?

Doctor said ma uterus is very thick n i may have lost my baby,but im not bleeding i only av a brownish discarge dat luks lyk blood but its not blood.

Dr my periods finished 5 days before but today blood coming plzz..I have inserted copper t & had contacts these days...HELP?

Dr my periods finished 5 days before but today blood coming plzz..I have inserted copper t 1 year before & had contacts these days..

Dr said he couldnt detect a heart beat at 6.4 wks but wasnt sure. Ive had light brown discharge and light cramping on and off ?

Due my period nxt week had dark brown staining on underwear have had bad heart burn that has went on for 3 days need advice x? Im a female

Due period nxt week got a sore bk and brown blood staining on underwear also bad heart burn what could this mean?

During mense idont see alot of blood like other girls and its only take 3 days after that i see little blood 3or4 time per day till day5 its ok ?

Every single time after i exercise i bleed but just the first time i wipe its full of blood then there's just a lil.No period n 7months can this be it?

Expecting period in a few days-on day 9-10 post ovulation.Tiny bit of light pink blood on toilet paper--nothing else since (7 hrs later).What is this?

Faint positive hpt 6/12, late AF began 6/24. Mucousy blood when i wipe, blood (w/ a few clots) sinks to bottom/doesn't turn water. Preg symptoms. Help?

For the last 4mths, I have had 2 periods, but this mth, my pd is more like a urination blood. What could this be from? I don't have med. Insurance.

Gave birth via 911 c-sec in april, i'm 9 weeks preg. Is it normal for my cut to hurt and become dark brown?

Girl on pill since Oct.2014. Had menstruation Mar.5-8. Bled light red/pinkish after sex today. Enough to fill maybe a few spoons. Pregnant? Or why?

Got one Depo-Provera shot next due now eggwhite like discharge brght red blood and my cerxics high and short what is my body thru trying to get Back in tune ?

Got period then about week later got it again but cramping and a little heavier with clotting what does this mean? Had 3rd baby n January also..