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Back pain between the shoulder blades. sore outside breast. period late.what can this mean?

I had a miscarriage about 2 months ago and am still having lower left side cramping, breast tenderness headache back pain and fatigue, all tests neg?

tender breast and back pain and light bleeding? Could I be pregnant?

1 week after period, sore breast, specially sides, cramps in lower abdom and hot flushes, what can this be ?

2 days after my cycle my breast started to hurt followed by mild cramps and back pain but very sore breast. I am currently ovulating. Is that normal?

2 days before period is supposed to be due. I have stuffy nose, bloating, leg cramps, increased cm, visible veins on chest and stomach. Pregnancy?

2 weeks before due period with sore breasts, now days before and i'm getting period cramps. And it hurts to put pressure on my left side of stomach?

27/f, I have a sore tender, crampy tummy and lower back ache, but only at night time for 3 days.Not pregnant, 4 days post period what could this be?

27yr, gassy,Constipated, light cramps middle lower abdomen, full/heavy breast (not sore),congested (could be allergies) period 3wk late Pregnant?

3 days late period. Have pains in lower back and stomach but no breast tenderness like normally. Should I see a doctor?

3 days over, have had sore breasts the past week, a stinging sensation , got my period yesterday, still sore breasts-nausea, and left abdominal ache?

32 weeks pregnant, have sore period like pain in my pelvic area. What is it? Its really sore and uncomfortable.

35wks preg, sometimes feeling period-like cramping and numbness below the ribs cage. Normal? Tq.

37 weeks pregnant, strong regular period pain, lower back pain, vomiting, sore breasts and diarrhea - what could this be?

4 weeks pregnant & breasts some-days are sore & other days they aren't, same with nausea & lower stretching abdomen discomfort is this normal?

4 weeks pregnant but no symptoms. Before I found out I was pregnant had cramps and sore breast etc. But now my breast aren't sore just heavy and little to no cramps at all. Mid to lower back pain I have a lot, i'm worried my first pregnancy was the total

4dpo sore boobs/nipples and burning like cramps on one side of pelvis. Had sex during ovulation week last week.

5 days late.Sore breasts. Cramping once in awhile in the lower abdomen or sometimes on one side.. Can't get comfortable anymore at night. Am I preg?

6 days late. Neg hpt. Lower back pain, ab cramping, pain mild-med(getting stronger ea day), fatigue, headache, dizzy, throbbing breast, what's wrong?

7 1/2 weeks pregnant. Woke up to extreme nausea, no vomitting, lower abdominal cramping as well as lower back. Breasts no longer sore. Is this normal?

7dpo, tight feeling in lower belly, feeling a bit sore. Mild cramps.Breasts slight painful. Ttc sign of pregnany?

8days late period follow by two day heavy bleeding with bad breast hurt,lower back pain,I'm tired all the time and have blue veins on breast?

9dpo I've had nausea tender nipples bloated, achy pain during sex, more cm, cramping, abdominal pressure, gassy, diarrhea on & off all month am i pregnant?

A women with strong nipple pain and sharp stomach pain what type of STDs could that be? Also weird menstrual periods

Abdominal bloating abdominal ache vaginal discharge lower back ache nausea constipation irrigated periods sore breasts for 2mths?

Abdominal fullness, fluttering and cramping plus sore veiny breasts are all symptoms of what?

Aches around my waist. Could i be pregnant?

Achy pain in ovary,stomach bloating,lower back aching, constipation, random sharp abs pains,breast swollen,pregnancy test negative,possibility of pregnancy, increased urination, weight gain.

Acid reflex never had before until today, Naseous, lower Back pain, decreased appetite, not wanting touched or cuddled especially by breasts. Preg?

After having my hysterectomy 4wks ago my stomach is sore and sensitive is this normal?

All of a sudden i'm getting sore breasts and cramps while ovulating. What could be wrong?

Am i pregnant or not? I have all the symptoms of pregnancy. Tired, breast tenderness, lower back pain, swollen ankles, hungry, stomach growing, and tenderness around uterus. I also have felt movement inside of me. I would be about 3 1/2 months pregnant

Am I pregnant? Breast pain, dizziness, pelvic pain and weird feeling in stomach. No sex, just dry humping

Am i pregnant? Low abdominal pain, tender, swollen breast, emotional and tired.

Are constant sore breasts and pain during intercourse abnormal?

Around the time of ovulation, I have pregnancy symptoms. Back pain, acne, tender breast and nausea. Is it normal or is it something i need to be worries about!?

Back aches mild cramps severe tender sore breast pain morning sickness no vomiting had sex on june 11 two days be4 ovulation next period is on jun28?

Back pains, constant cravings for orange juice, cheeseburgers, peeing a lot more, major face, back acne, boobs fuller, period is due soon. Pregnant?

Backace, headache and tender breasts. What does this mean?

Been having leg cramps, back pain, headaches, bloating and lumpy breasts. Is this a sign of hormonal imbalance?

Been having nausea and pelvic pain for six week this month my periods didn't even last 2 days my breast are sore and sensitive am I pregnant ??

Been having sore breast, butterflies in stomach, nausea, lower back pain, but I have an IUD and don't have a period could I still be pregnant?

Been on Depo-Provera for 8 yrs last shot was in July just started having severe cramping and pain in left ovary and very tender and sore breast not pregnant?

Bleeding not a lot diarreah an slight pain in one breast any clue on what's going on?

Bloated back pain hot flashes signs period is coming?

Bloated tummy.. shooting pains in lower tummy and vagina... some white disharge and breasts are quite sensitive.. neg pregnancy test?

Bloating and breast felt heavy for a few days, feeling pretty normal except a back ache could I be pregnant?

Blood in stool with pain last three weeks. No hard stool. Cramps around breast, lower back and lower abdomen. Sore breasts feeling. Body cramps ?

Blue veins on my breasts, each side of my abdomen going all the way down to my lower stomach, spreading more, sore breasts, missed period, am i pregna?

Boobs sore as if i pulled a muscle, cramps on one side of pelvis for 4 days. Period to come in a week an a half?

Breast hurt, sore stomach, pee a lot, no nausea, lower back hurts so much (on /off pains) am i pregnant? What should I do?

Breast leaking milk and I am having bad lower abdominal cramp/pain . Pregnant?

Breast tender, lower stomach pains and absent period for over 8 months. Please help?

Breast tenderness, bloated feeling, nausea, slightly cramping, and lower abdominal feeling tender been having unprotected sex, could i be pregnant?

Breasts sore with sharp pains. Slight darkening of nipples. One more than other.Feel full. Crampy on occasion. Period due 5 days. No vomit. Pregnant?

Bright pink when i wipe but not i my under wears but i feel lower back cramp and right breast tenderness?

Can being on birth control make your pregnancy tests negative? I have been having sore tender itchy breasts, lower back pain and tearing cramps.

Can laying on my back stomach breast soreness?

Can PMS cuase increased peeing, breast sorness, some nipple soreness lower back pain and on and off cramping? Never had vaginal anal or oral sex

Can u have cramps right under your boobs?

Chest cramps in the breast area. One side only. One spot only. Occasional cramps throughout the day. It's been 5 days ?

Could i be having a tubal pregnancy? Lower left abdoniamal pain, sore nipples, spotting(very irregular)

Could i be pregnant having breast tenderness n back pains !

Could i be pregnant, I have been having a sharp/pullin pain in my navel, pelvic cramps my periods have become very light, I have been having sore breasts?

Could I be pregnant, I've been having back ache, and head aches, and heartburn, and cravings, my boobs have grew 2 sizes, and I've been having cramps?

Could i be pregnant? I have been having headaches a lot sleeping more and my lower back hurts I have some spotting and my boobs hurt sometimes

Could I possibly be pregnant? Very Irregular periods 2 weeks now sensitive breasts tender heavy not sure achey and horrible abodimal pain nausea

Cramping in lower abdomen sore breast feeling very sleepy moody?

Cramping in lower stomach, pinching feeling in ovaries when i move around, no cysts. Tender breasts. 9month old son?

Cramping, back pain, tiredness, sore and swollen breasts, and stomach pains after orgasm. What's the cause?

Cramps almost a week straight but only on one side of the pelvis and sore boobs.

Crampy period pains between periods? I had my period 26/03/14 and I have a tender ish pubic bone area, i had crampy stomach for 5 days now...

Creamy vaginal discharge sore breasts tender nipples slight cramping in stomach and lower back pain, 6 days late took test at 3 days and was negative?

Day after sick bug and have tummy and pelvic pains sore neck and back 17wks pregnant so pulled muscles or something more?

Dizziness, heartburn, swollen breast, face acne, fatigue, abdominal pain, lower back pain, 1 1/2 day late on my cycle what's wrong with me?

Do I have ovarian cancer my tummy has bloated im always tired have lack of enegy my periods are all over the place it hurts when I have intercourse and I bleed after I also have pain in my legs back and abdomen please help?

Does urinating more often having tender breasts and slight cramping on lower abdomen mean your ovulating with 15 days to period?

Dr can i get any pregnancy symptoms feeling like period symtoms at 9 dpo?? Sore boobs, cramping legs, left side abdomen pain, back ache etc. on ttc

Dull twingy ache in lower abdomonal area tender breasts 7 days past ovulation is this a good sign of preg?

During intercourse and masterbation I have experienced terrible pelvic pains for the last 2 days. My breast are super tender and sore also. Help?

During ovulation, breasts very sore and swolen, bloating...Menstruation extremely sore and can't walk straight because of pain. What can I do about it?

Every symptom of pregnancy, sore breasts, back pain, lower abdominal pain, pain after sex, strange cravings but no swelling and I have the contraceptive implant could i still be pregnant?

Explanation for heavy and tender breasts also a sore back? I'm not pregnant

Extremely tired nauseated cramp like pains in my tummy and back tenderness and soreness to left breast. Any suggestions?

Frequent urination, extreme fatigue, sore nipples, acne, & hurts to press on tummy( uterus/ above pelvic bone). Could i be pregnant?

Frequent urination, hard/sore nipples, swollen breasts, bloating, pain when pushing on uterus/above pelvic bone, acne, fatigue..Can i be pregnant?

Frequent urination,fatigue,hungry,clear/milky discharge,emotional,slight cramps/slight pain on the lower right or left side.breast r sore,swollenpreg?

Fullness in lower abdomen, fatigue and sore nipples. Could I be pregnant?

Gassy, stomach pains, bumps on nipples - pregnancy?

Good day I have not yet had my period although the pain I have is similar, now and then I get abdominal pains lower part, emotional ,tired boobs are?

Growing breast was sore a little abdominal pain to my left side no period since miscarriage am i pregnant again?

Growing stomach nausea weight gained abdominal cramps sharp pain towards my vagina area frequent headaches mood swings period every month.pregnant?

Had IUI 12 days ago on pessaries did have bad back but not now but have really sore boobs is this a side effect?

Had my monthly cycle but feeling very bloated and tightness of my stomache for 2days and breasts are sore and the bottom of my stomach is tender too?

Had sex 2 days after my period now my stomach is huge, my breast are big and tender and I'm also experiencing sharp pains&cramping in my stomach ?

Had sex day 9 of cycle heaches neck pain dizziness lower back and admoinal pain metal taste in mouth am i pregnant?

Had symptoms last week of tingling in breast, lower back pain, 2 times noticed metallic taste, my cycle is 34 days, 6 days early with light bleed?

Having cramps for a week but no period, breasts are heavy, nipples are sensitive, stomach feels heavy and hurts at lower abdomen. What can it be?

Having lower stomach pains, discharging, and boobs hurt? Am i about to start my period again?

Having PMS symptoms now for 5 days period to start 2 days ago. Now waking up with nausea sharp pain in side ovaries sometimes both sore breasts virgin?