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I have had 2 huge blood clots in the last hour and bleeding more excessively what can it be Do I need to go to the hospital I already had my period for this month? Also have my tubes tide

3 days passed lot of clots on my cycle. They are bigger than a it norm for everytime 1 pass a lot of blood Come after then stop few hours ?

4 days on my period I've had heavy bleeding &passing clots the size of two quarters sometimes I feel the clots pass &it's painful should I be worried?

For two weeks Iv been having heavy bleeding n blood clots I fill a pad up within 45 min to a hr no cramping just discomfort did i have a miscarriage ?

I'm 32, been heavily bleeding with blood clots larger than a quarter for almost a month now. I'm weak and Perimenopause or do I go to er?

1) I am passing blood clots with bad cramps after I strain to lift or have a b.m. I have an IUDs can it be the issue?

16 day's postpartum,passed a clot the size of a baseball.Still heavy bleeding with small clots.Having minor dizzy spells,Nausea, diarrhea andHeadaches?

16 days of spotting. So light no blood on the pad. Clots the size of quarters and a few fist size. Is this a miscarriage?

1st period 26days after medical abortion presents with mild cramps and some clots. Tiny clots though . Is this normal?

2,3,4 days of my period i bleed though ultra tampons and ultra pads every hour along with golf ball size blood clots every time i change is this ok?

22yrs oid i was two weeks late on my period. Thought it was finished them about 4 days later i started to have large blood clots, probably 15 a day?

23 and on alesse bc scared of getting blot clots please help.

26 yo female period started 2 days ago passing clots have gone through 4 tampons and 3 pads at the same time severe cramps clots are grey blood mucasy

27fem, on contra pill, not on period or even due but lost a huge blood clot this morning. I'm freaking out! anything to worry about?

2weeks pregnant, started bleeding for 2 weeks straight with small black clots and a little skin - like substance with cramping.. is it a miscarriage?

2wks back hubby fingered me fast, started bleeding heavily with big blood clots no pain for 2-3 hrs & light blood spot for 2-3 days. Any complication?

3 day late period, cramping couple days, felt dilated, huge cramp and a pretty big blood clot slid out when i thought i had to pee now I have diahrrea is it a miscarriage 4wk i keep track?

3 days after my period finished I started heavily bleeding and have clots bigger than golf balls. Should I be worried?

3 days before period was due, severe heavy bleeding w dime sized clots.Backache w slight cramping. Soaking tampons within 2 hours, overflowing them. ?

3 month long period, 80% clots bigger than a quarter, shortness of breath anywhere i go, tampon change 5x a day, wake up from sleep to change tampon.

3rd day of menses, very heavy changing my pad every 1.5 hours they are covered in clots too big to even absorb. aprox size half $. On Depo shot April?

3rd day period light flow, did some exercises and large clot came out , two smaller later. Now only blood when wipe and migraine?

4 weeks post breaking 5th metatarsal and still NWB, and next week I am supposed to fly 4 hours. Is this okay or should I be worry about blood clots?

4 weesks ago, i had a leep (loop) procedure, still bleeding no heavy, no big blood clots, nothing like that is this normal?

41 weeks pregnant. Contractions that come in go, and spotting. Used the bathroom and a i had a big blood clot come out. Should i be concerned?

5 days ago I ended the worst period of my life. Big Clots and cramps that made me double over and nauseous. Now I am bleeding enough to need a tampon?

6wk pregnant third day of bleeding passing big clots like likuoria filled with blood,on first day of bleeding doc see baby heart bt in ultrasound mildpain?

About 11weeks preg. Bleeding like menstrual, not a lot like it. 1 blood clot size ping pong ball. First preg First appt. 9/17. No insure er. Move appt?

Almost 6 weeks post c-section and tubal w/no complications 6days ago started heavy, bright red bleeding occasionally w/small clots. Is this my period?

Am on the pill + tegretol. Have 12 days til next period but have old blood spotting and brighter red blood clots too, not large. Just had colonoscopy?

Been bleeding for a month had cramps two weeks ago passed something. Still bleeding but passing clots big and small but no pain. What going on?

Big tadpole shaped clot, firm feeling. 6 days into period, missed period last month. Could this be a miscarriage?

Bleeding disorder and periods? If you get big clots coming out, does that mean some disorder?

Bleeding during sex! is this a problem that i need to good to the hospital for? A few days after period stopped, had sex, started bleeding bad. Had to change tampon every half hour to hour, had a lot of very large blood clots( from an inch to half the s

Bleeding for 4 weeks non stop with lots of large clots after 6mths off Depo-Provera injection. Should I be worried?

Bleeding on and off with little amount and clot, cramping, when it will gone?

Blood clots(1/2 palm size) on day 2 of period (always the worst day). How worried should I be it's something bad? Dr thought normal at last pap..I think not.

Blood only on one side of tampon ovary, should I be concerned?

Bright red period blood with iud. I was also in a car accident. I'm wondering if this could have jarred it wrong.

Can a miscarriage change your periods? It has been five months and my periods now include one day of heavy clotting (about the size of a golf ball).

Can hormonal changes cause blood clots? I have always experienced clots passing during mensus, but recently past a lemon sized clot. Was not painful.

Can IB be heavy enough to fill a pad? I always had protected sex, but this time my period only ended 3 days, it was average bleeding with blood clots

Causes of random scattered petechaie on chest and legs (only 7 or 8 in total that go away and return) and heavy menstrual bleeding with a normal CBC?

D&C on 1/30/17. 1st period 5/12 & norm. 2nd period started 6/11 and is got heavier w/small clots. Is this normal to keep bleeding? No pain.

Depovera user.Pregnant=miscarriage.Depovera again now nexplanon. Month l8r, period, heavy flow large tissue2testicle sized ball came out?Why? "/

Do I have a hormone imbalance?got period @16. I'm 29 now. Stopped POP bc.periods mostly large blood clots,little blood.

Do you think I should be worried if my period is abnormally heavy, including clots the size of apples?

Does gettin older or stress, cause more clottin during your period? Im passing alot. Not palm size. But they r huge to me. Im a virgin also. Mild pain

During my menstrual cycle I have a lot of blood cots and cramping. Is there any significance to the size and/or shape of them?

DVT/PE in Dec. Started warfarin but now my periods are out of control - HUGE clots (the size of my fist) and tons of blood. Should I worry?

Ended a normal period on 5/13 and stared again on 5/15, but extremely heavy, clot after clot and can't keep up with it. Is this abnormal?

Ever since i can remember I have had blood clots of different sizes during my period. I am 18 and always thought it was normal. Do i need to worry?

Every time i go to the bathroom i always have blood clots. They get bigger and bigger. I'm on birth control for the last 3 years. ?

Every time I pee a large menstrual clot comes out, (I'm talking about the size of my palm) and I've been bleeding for about 3 weeks what should I do?

Expired bc . Big tissue with blood on 1st day of period with severe cramps. Not a blood clot. Is this normal?

Extreme cramps w/ periods, really heavy bleeding/ large clots. I have a small uterine fibroid but doc says it's too small what else could it be?

Extreme period pain, bleeding through a tampon and a pad every half hour and very large blood clots 6 days. Tubal ligation 2 moths ago. what do I do?

Finally got my period after missing a month. But flow is extremely light with a lot of big blood clots which is very strange. What could be the cause?

Finally i saw my flow after miscarriage in sept but it is just with big clot n very painful abdominal pain. It very heavy and last 7days.Not normal?

First prenancy last year, since 5th week, clot, big clot came out every 10 or15 days. Miscarry at 13th week. Why always huge clot come out? Tsh4.69

For about the first 6 days of my period, there was barely any blood, but there was a lot of clotting. From day 6 to day 9 (today) it is insanely heavy?

For the past 4 months my menstrual cycle has been getting heavier and bigger blood clots. The clots is as big as my fist?

For two days, i had huge blood clots and bad cramps. First day i couldn't get out of bed. I'm on the 3rd day & period is very light. What should I do?

Getting my period, are dime size clots normal?

Golf ball size clots and bleeding through super plus tampon and pad every hour. Seems my period has become very dramatic and painful since tubes tied ?

Got the next choice pill. I have anemia and risk for endo. Having clots a over the size of quarters ad have to change my tampon every hour. See a dr?

Gyn visit 2 wks ago: everything fine. But very heavy menstruation (350-500 ml in 3 days), red bright very thin blood with huge clots and extreme pain?

Had a baby 8days ago. 2day I had a blood clot the size of a golf ball for the 1st time. How big are clots suppose to be and when shud I be concerned?

Had a c-section 11 days ago. I'm up and walking as normal. Not really bleeding on pads but am passing clots everytime going toilet. Is this normal?

Had a huge blood clot come out about 2in long and half dollar in thickness miscarriage? Period is 2wks away in pain in lower pelvic area, IUD in

Had a pill abortion 5 weeks ago . Everything checked out ok and now passing small clots. Is this normal?

Had a tonsillectomy 6 days ago, currently experiencing light bleeding for hours from 2 small blood clots. Is this normal?

Had abortion about 5 days ago, not heavy bleeding the first few days. Tonight I started getting very bad cramps and quite large blood clots normal?

Had baby on 11/5, had golf size blood cots manually scooped out by dr after labor. Still bleeding (dark blood)like a light to med PMS flow. Normal?

Had dc a week before.just passed a red clot of the size of a quarter coin, but no cramping or fever.Is it normal?

Had litho yest to break up kidney stones. Started my period morn of surgery.Concerned about bleeding, heavy flow. Can kidneys cause blood like period?

Had positive tests but now I've had a big bleed along with quite a big clot. Guessing I could of miscarried?

Had tubal ligation 12 months since then I have had heavy periods and during my cycle i pass huge clot today was diagnosed with ovarian mass, worrying?

Hadn't had period for 5 weeks.Have it and dime size clots come out with period for 3 days. Over 40 clots.Then big one with string attached.Misscarage?

Have pcos treated with aldactone (spironolactone). Have my period today. Are large thick blood clots normal and nausea? What causes the large clots and nausea?

Have tubal ligation period was 12 days ago passed twvery large blood clots and as of march 2nd spotted on filling tip of tampon march 3,4,5 faint spot?

Having abalation. Prescribed progesterone. Extremely heavy period with large clots (lemon sized). Painful cramps and moodiness. For 13 days. Normal?

Having blood clots during my period. Pad covered in them. Should I see cnp or gyn?

Heavy bleeding down my legs in the morning , big clot came out in shower. Now no blood through out the day. Not due for period for a week.?

Heavy cramps, tissue, light headed, and pea size clots. What does this mean?

Heavy period bleeding with huge blood clots. I'm having to go to the bathroom like every 30 minutes due to the clots. It isn't even my period time. ?

Heavy period for first 2 days day 2 had 2 big clots (dollar coin) what could be causing this and is this normal?

Heavy period, passing big clots, and clots that look like long worms ?

Heavy periods with mucous, and soft, small clots.I'm 33. How should I determine if I need to see a doctor? How many clots is too much?

Heavy periods, clots size of two quarters. Cramps all the time. I bleed so much. I go through 2 pads at one time. Medine don't work. Is this normal ?

Heavy periods! the last couple of months i been having heavy periods, where i had to change my pad every hour and at times i would just stand up and blood would rush down my legs. Recently I have been passing large blood clots at the same time its also ve

Heavy vag bleeding ~4 days b4 period. Thick, dark, & tiny clots (?). Happened before few times during this year. On bc (same type for atleast 1 yr.)

Hello i havent had my cycle in 4 months I started my cycle this Saturday and it's been bleeding pretty heavy passing blood clots size of my hand im39?

Hello, I am 44 years old, and I've been experiencing incredibly heavy monthly periods with large clots and painful cramping for the last couple years.

Hello, I just began ovulating yesterday, and noticed I was bleeding quite heavily and passed a blood clot the size of a quarter. Is this normal?

Hello, my period was over a week late i began cramping severly and passed a golf ball sized clot.history of Ehlers-Danlos and miscarraige very worried?

Hello. Im 37 right now with a period that is light and last for 1.5 or 2 days, before it was for 5 heavy flow.Is that a problem?And how i can fix it?

Hello. I had my cycle from December 3rd-10th, which I'd normal. It's always heavy with clots . I just came on today. It is also heavy with clots.

Hi can somebody help me, i have a problem because I'm having my period for 3 weeks already. 1st week very light blood, 2nd week normal bleeding, 3rd week soak pads and blood clots. Is this normal? Thanks

Hi I had a baby 8month ago and from then I keep getting large dark blood clots even when I'm not on my period its a few days a week?