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My period showed up on the right day except it is lighter and it had brown discharge. could i be pregnant ? or could this just be old period blood.

. I sometimes forget to take my bc everyday so i bleed . Period time came there was a lot of discharge an little blood . Could i be pregnant ?

10 days late period, when it came it was normal flow as usual (bright red with some clots) but on the 3rd day it was gone. Pregnant? Or normal period?

11 days after the start of my period I'll have a day with a few hours of bleeding with some cramping or a few days of old blood discharge.

13 days late for period 2 negative hpt then started to bleed heavily and pass clots for 2 days then spoted only when i peed for 3 days am i pregnant?

17 days late, irregular period, hpt negative ( 17/4 wednesday), whole stomach suddenly hardened, blood spotting. Is it a sign that im getting period?

1st and 2nd day of period normal flow. 3rd day it was gone & came back in afternoon until now but light flow only. Is there a chance of pregnancy?

2 weeks after intercourse period came, but different from usual. Bright red blood and only lasted for 3 days. Could it be a pregnancy or miscarriage?

2 weeks brown discharge, like old blood.No bad smell, some clots.Took blood preg. Test 11 days after missed period, was negative. Very irregular. Help?

2 weeks late with period. Did a hpt twice both negative. Bad cramps and bright red blood for a day passed a clot and bleeding stopped again. Pregnant?

21 female. Last 4 months, no period but I will bleed/spot for a day or 2 then it's done. No pregnancy. Is this something I should be worried about?

2nd month on Mirena (levonorgestrel) not due for period for 4 days, spotted today red blood for 2 hrs, is it a reason for concern?

3 weeks late protected sex 3 negative hpts dark brown discharge with a little blood. Was under lrg amount of stress before supposed to start.?

40 weeks 5 days preagnant n spotting blood?

45 year old woman; slight amount brown or red blood and feels like period coming in. I'm about day 19 Cycle. Pregnacy test neg. should I b worried?

5 days late never bled with any preg. Period is heavy every month on 6day i checked clear discharge with lt pink blood not coming down down ?

5 weeks pregnant and cramping but no blood ? I'm worried

6 days late, blood only when I pee not enough to fill a pad. Could this be a period or maybe pregnant?

9 days late from period now past 3 days have had bleeding in the morning only after the toilet then nothing for the whole day could i be pregnant ?

9 days overdue for my period, tiny dot of blood after intercourse. What could this mean? *just stopped the pill, awaiting period*

A gush of brightred blood around time of period, normaly redishbrown, then no more blood.No period pain like normal.Been having unprotected sex. ?

A week before periods started getting blood spots with clots sometimes, then actual period started on time.Never bleed between periods.Any reasons?

A week late started bleeding on the 21st on & off an today I'm spotting old blood been sexually active on the 6&12th am I pregnant what's wrong ?

After 4 days, period stop. On the next day, got a lot of blood suddenly. Is it sign of pregnant?

After af i had sex then started again I am late this month had mucus with blood specks no period what could this be?

After having my period a week later i start having blood in my discharge. Is this something to worry about?

After I took my positive ovulation test I start bleeding heavy and got blood clots what does that mean?

Am i on my period or somthing else after 6 weeks of an evacuation. The blood is on and off for the past 6 days now.

Am i pregnant?Have signs and was3 days late for af now just spotting , have blood clots an only bleed wen wake up/wipe, having cramps2 startd after sex

Back in January I missed a while month of my cycle during that time period I was having discharge and occasionally with blood in it and then it came o?

Been spotting for 10 days now. No period. The closest thing I came to a period is I POURED blood for 5 mins twice a day for 2 days in a row. Confused?

Been ttc over a yr 5 days late on period was waiting to take a pregnant test til today but started passing brown blood with red flecks. What is this from?

Before my last 3 periods..there is little brownish secretion came out..just before the blood by 1 that normal??

Bled mid-cycle for 6 days. Bleeding enough to leak/overflow through liners. I am now 12 days late for period but several negative hpt. Whats going on?

Bleed for 4 weeks and 2 days ago on Saturday it stopped and as today it began light bleeding again, did blood test for pregnancy came negative ?

Bleeding fresh blood after sex a week and a half before period. Then i get heavy period. Same pattern for a few months. Also lost 15 lbs. Worried now?

Blood after I clean for A week now my period ended a week ago ?

Blood spottings 5 days before her period is due. what was that?had sex on 17th july. blood spotted for2days,7 days after. last period on 1st of july

Brown big lumps of blood clot started 2 weeks before period. It lasted for almost a week. I'm not expecting to be pregnant.No intercourse.why is that?

Brown blood starting and ending of a period? Cramps sickness, should I be concerned?

Brown discharge, no blood yet, breast pain, week supposed to get period? Most likely pregnancy do you think ?

Came off period 2 days ago now it's started again with fresh blood/spotting. Is this normal?

Came on period two monthes ago with bad cramps every since i haven't passed blood rich lining?

Can a women get a blood test to check if they are pregnant and regular period but ended 3 days than usual a week? After AF the cramps but no AF.

Can i be pregnant if i got a clot out of my vagina even when period did not begin? Weird

Can I be pregnant if my period came earlier then usual and it wasn't a normal flow ... Also been using the bathroom more and have dizziness and cramps?

Can i get blood spotting if i'm pregnant? I got some spotting 1 wk before my scheduled period but it wasn't a normal flow, just a spot or 2 for a day

Can i still be pregnant if my period lasted 11days & was a heavy flow. Both urine & blood test at dr came out negative ? Im also on Depo-Provera shot.

Can someone please tell me what to do? My last period was feb. 2-5 i never got my period for march 6th. I always get my period the next day after going off the month before. April 6th i noticed brown period blood the next day the blood was pink it lasted

Can sperms disturb the flow of period. i have been experiencing heavy spotting and some blood clots lately and its almost 3 weeks without a period and a took a home pregnancy test, whch indicate that um negative?

Can you get a period while pregnant what the difference btween regular period blood and period on pregnat blood ?

Can you get a period while pregnant what the difference period blood and period pregnat blood ?

Can you get pregnant while brownish blood comes after period?

Chemical pregnancy with 4th wk miscarriage. period supposed 2 be due today.Since 2 days am spotting & bled a little 1 day.My BBT rose. Is it period ?

Could I be pregnant, I had some pregnancy symptoms, Was waiting for my period to test but 5 days be4 it was due I started to heavy bleed bright red. ?

Currently on orsythia, missed a period one month and i spotted very lightly (visible on tissue only) and cramping afterwards the next. Pregnant?

Day 8 of my missed period.Started cramping&bleeding this morning, but nothing like my usual flow.Neg test.Do i still have a chance of being pregnant?

Dear Doctor I had a Pap test yesterday And saw spotting in evening. today it become like a period flow. I have normal cycle of 28 d and is only 20 d?

Didnt have reg period, very little blood in discharge. Possibility im pregnant?

Different periods cycle than usual. 7days periods-stop 1week-7days later periods-7days later blood spot-7days periods again-now having blood spot.Help?

Does waiting for the period to come make it go late ? And does 3 days of blood flow and 2 light days are considered a period after 25 days late?

Dr. Now iam on my period 4th day. I had a miscarriage 1 month before at 5 weeks of pregny. But today my blood came as brown color. Anything to worry?

Drops of blood for one night 4 days after intercourse.I felt like i had my period coming but no.What could this be?Am i pregnant?Was it implantation?

Due for period. Had a little bright red blood yesterday, but bleeding stopped. Unusual for me, very regular. No cramps, negative pregnancy tests. ?

Ever since I miscarried in march I've been having Blood clots every time i get my period is this normal?

Female irregular periods brown blood for two weeks and now seems to be having period? Is this normal or cause for concern? No insurance to go to doc.

Found blood as if start of period. Period not due for another week & a half. Blood went away today but slight cramps continue. I have an irregular per?

Friday And today I notice when I wipe there is blood.i only have my period when I'm On bc .my prolactin came back high.can I be having a light period?

Got first period 3mnths after medical abortion. first bled and blood clots now at night nothing comes out and then it starts up during the day, why?

Got my period 5 days early and it is really heavy and blood clots. Why would this be? I have to change every hour. Could I be pregnant? Please help

Got my period after 3rd sugar pill.. Do i still need a pregnancy test or this means already that I am not pregnant?. Its red and kind of a heavy flow

Got off birth control, two days later had reg. period.A week later I am bleeding again, blood clots and cramping. I am extremely worried!!

Had a missed period. Thought I might take a pregnancy test but then I started passing blood clots the size of my palm. What could this mean?

Had an infection a couple w, than had period, had sex a week after, bled after and it had been two weeks and there is brown blood, what could it mean?

Had brown blood, then some red with little clots after being late. Pregnancy symptoms, neg test. On pill unprotected sex with boyfriend?

Had my miscarriage after 48days bled heavily for a month it is two month since then I hadnt have my normal periods plus my heamobglobin is very low?

Had my period 2 weeks ago and today had a bit of blood, hardly anything but still blood, am I having another period or spotting?

Had my periods for a day start on my due date was only little bit of blood does that mean am pregnant?

Had previous period in May. Skipped in June. Started in July and going on since 10 days, heavy flow with clots. Preg test is negative. Please help!

Had protected sex then after a week period came on time but realized there was no blood clot which is unusual for me. Is it normal? Or something else?

Had sex on wenseday and was spotting on thursday and friday was bleeding but now no more blood.Was due for period could i be pregnant?

Hadsex the day i Missed 1 bcpillStarted spotting 2 days after for a week.perioddue today. Went 2peeand saw a blood clot. Period? Or pregnant?

Have been ttc with my boyfriend. Have a lot of pregnancy symptoms but got my period. Its really dark, watery, & has clots.... Should i be concerned?

Have had period for 21 continuous days with severe bleeding. Had U/S 12 mm endometrial. Normal blood tests. Do i need to be worried. Not preg, no meds?

Havent started my period yet.I checked my cervix, its rough in the center there was blood on my finger. Could this be my period coming or pregnant?

Having light periods with pink blood since a few months.Is it normal? All hormone tests are normal.Sister has heavy periods!

Having slight bleeding and stringy CM (not supposed to be due for another few days) am I pregnant? Should I take a test?

Hello doctor!i have missed my periods this month and its going to about a week after my missed periods.Today while passing urine little blood came.I?

Hello, I started my period 5 days early (well what I thought was a period) no cramping just some blood and clots on the tissue when I wipe, and a s?

Hello, i usually get my periods on the 21st but last month i missed my period and this month i saw some blood traces on the 8th. I am having my menses?

Hello,my period usually last for 5 days, but this month my period came 1 day earlier and lasted only 2days ,on the third and fourth days I had a very light pink blood on the toilet tissue and that was it, which was really unusual so I wonder if am pregnan

Hello..Iam newly wed and m missing my periods since july 13 all blood n urine pregnancy tests are negative...ultrasound is clear too but still not getting periods...there is slight spotting every time i urinate...before marriage i always had heavy flow...

Hi I am 28 years old. I used to have 5 days long period but suddenly it came down to two days.after two days there is no blood. ?

Hi i am 25 years married and my periods is late for 8 days from last 2 months .After i got period first 3 days few 1or 2 drop of blood reason.?

Hi , i had spot brown bleeding on july 18 , normal period june 18, i'm taking Clomid nd provera (medroxyprogesterone) my blood test came back negative i want an ultrasound?

Hi I have been spotting for a week I bleed after intercourse and I'm still spotting now I gave blood clots is this pms r something serious?

Hi I need help my period is late and really dark stringy and blood clotty why would this be I have anxiety and had previous miss carrys am so worried?

Hi i was 2 weeks and half late, on my 3rd week, my period came dark with clots, stopped and only light blood. Is it possible to be pregnant?

Hi I've had 3 periods since my missed miscarriage. My period is due on the 17th Feb. Today I had clear mucus with streaks of blood in. Is this normal?

Hi my period was 9 ds late did a pregnant test which was neg last night and this afternoon had abnormal blood flow - which was like a gush & bright red?