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30% of pregnant women bleed during the first trimester. how many of those women who bleed will have healthy pregnancy?

5 weeks pregnant and have been cramping for a week but no bleeding is this normal or something I should be concerned about?

5 weeks pregnant with cramping and some bleeding, can it be a miscarriage with a closed cervix?

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Bleeding from cervix in early pregnancy?

Bleeding from cervix in early pregnancy. Is this a normal consequence?

Bleeding in early pregnancy. Is this something to be worried about?

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Brownish bleeding is harmful in 24 weeks of pregnancy?

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Can i get pregnant while breakthrough bleeding?

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Can you bleed heavily at early pregnancy?

Can you bleed heavy for 4 days and still be pregnant in early pregnacy having all pregnacy signs but had a bleed?

Can you bleed when your pregnant?

Can you conceive while still having lochia bleeding 5 weeks after birth?

Can you menstruate during pregnancy? Had 5 days of light-mod-heavy-light-light bleed. Help

Can you still be pregnant even if you have withdrawal bleeding???

Can you still have withdrawl bleeding if pregnant?

Can you tell me if I am miscarrying if i m pregnant and im bleeding?

Could bleeding after sex be a sign of pregnancy?

Could i still be pregnant after bleeding for 7 days?

Could it be ectopic pregnancy if implantation bleedong 4 days after missed period?

Could you have a missed miscarriage, with no bleeding or cramping after 15 weeks?

Could you still be pregnant if you bleed every month if so what causes that to happen?

Do some women bleed through out the whole pregnancy?

Do u always have to haveI implantation bleeding to know your pregnant?

Do women have slight bleeding or spotting while pregnant?

Do you always get implantation bleeding if pregnant or not?

Do you have to go through implantation bleeding to be pregnant?

Doctor, how do I differentiate normal period from bleeding during pregnancy?

Does bleeding from vagina that's not menstrual mean pregnancy?

Does bleeding in pregnancy always mean miscarriage?

Does cramping accompany pregnancy bleeding? Or only period? What is the normal amount of pregnancy bleeding? Not spotting, bleeding.

Even if your having withdrawl bleeding can u be pregnant ?

For how long does one bleed after a one month pregancy abortion?

Had a chemical pregnancy and still no bleeding. When should I be worried?

Had sex 13 days ago and now bleeding could it be a sign of pregnancy?

Help please! is bleeding and cramping the only sign of miscarriage?

Hi doctor is bleeding normal in early pregnancy? Please help

Hi how long do u bleed when having a miscarriage at four weeks pregnant had a bleed for four days?

Hi I'm 28 weeks pregnant and having some bleeding?

How can I tell if vaginal bleeding is pregnancy spotting or my period in first trimester?

How can one differentiate between a normal period and bleeding during pregnancy?

How did I have a chemical miscarriage without me bleeding ? Can i still be pregnant ?

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How.Many days do.You bleed.After a early miscarridge?

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I Am 7 Weeks Pregnant AND HAVE Been Bleeding FOR 6 DAYS IS THAT Normal?

I am five weeks pregnant and have been having some bleeding when i poop is that normal?

I am four months pregnant but am bleeding. Why?

I am having pregnancy bleeding? Does that make it a threatened abortion?

I am worried about can I bleed and be pregnant?

I had very less bleeding on march and I did not had my period on april Is that a sign I am pregnant?

I had very less bleeding on march and I did not had my period on april Is that a sign I am pregnant?

I have been bleeding out of my nose for a week now and i'm pregnant. Is that normal?

I just bled ones when I wiped not a lot still pregnant or miscarriage ?

I only bleed for one day am i pregnant?

I started bleeding after i checked my cervix by myself. Why am i bleeding?(im not pregnant)

I was 8 weeks pregnant and had a miscarriage, how long am i supposed to bleed ?

I was around 2 weeks pregnant but how long do you bleed for during a miscarriage?

I'm 11 weeks pregnant and bleeding, should I be concerned?

I'm 16 weeks pregnant and I still bleed every month. Do you know why?

I'm 5weeks pregnant why am I bleeding?

I'm about 2 months pregnant and i'm bleeding. Could it be spotting or what?

I'm bleeding after 10 days menstuation, am i pregnant?

I'm bleeding first month of pregnancy. Is this okay?

I'm bleeding in my 7th week of pregnancy should I be worried?

I'm bleeding while pregnaunt i'm 7 weeks what can cause it?

I'm in my first trimester and have been bleeding lightly for three days i had a miscarrage last year

I'm pregnant and bleeding heavily. Could i be having a miscarriage?

I'm pregnant and i'm bleeding. Am i having a miscarriage?

I'm pregnant. About 11 weeks. Can I have a miscarriage with out bleeding?

I've just found out I'm about 3 weeks pregnant but I haven't had any implantation bleeding. Second pregnancy is this normal?

If I have implantation bleeding, does that mean I am pregnant?