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I am using Birth control pills from last 18 days,I have bad cramping, lower abdomen pain,backhe and light bleeding from 5 dAys.this is pregnancy?

I'm 24 and have severe endometriosis on birth control for 10 years and want to stop it to try and have a family will my pain come back immediately ?

16 years old on birth control pill feeling a bruising pain between on outer left breast when it is touched what could be causing it?

21 year old daughter has had pain in her lower abdomen, vomiting for over a week. She has a toothpick type birth control in her arm and she has her pe?

Abdominal discomfort 6 days, slight nausea, low back pain (common with my period). On birth control and have 5 days of pills left. Sex 8 days ago.

Abdominal pain after starting birth control- is this serious? Should i be concerned?

Abdominal tightness + pain 2 days ago now im bleeding in the middle of my contraceptive pill cycle is this related/ok/something to worry about?

After being on levlen (ethinyl estradiol and levonorgestrel) ED for 9 months and going of the pill it's been 3 weeks and I'm having pain in lower tummy and feeling exhausted im NOT pregnant why?

After emergency contraceptive pill should abdominal pain last for over a week ?

After starting birth control pill, occasional numbness in left thigh above knee in big patch. Why is that and what to do?

After stopping the pill, is it normal for stomach pains and bleeding?

Am experiencing lower abdominal pain since giving birth what could be the cause?

Are pain pills good for you?

Bad pain in lower area and breasts being really sensitive and brown spotting and been off and on birth control? Is this normal?

Bad UTI causing pain. On meds 4xday. Still having cramps/pain in that area- could it also be bc cycle is suppose to start? On cryselle- never missed

Byaz birth control is giving me horrible migraines its the only thing that had helped clear my acne. I am experiencing painful migraines and loss of appetite. Because of this I have stopped taking it for 2 weeks now. My acne is coming back. What birth con

Can birth control call brown discharge and abdominal pain ?

Can birth control cause back pains?

Can birth control cause painful muscle cramping and tingling in hands?

Can birth control pills cause abdominal pain?

Can birth control pills cause blood clots? Been on Marvelon for 14 months with no problem until recently....nasty muscle cramps and swelling

Can birth control pills have a side effect of ovarian cysts.I have left belly pain by pelvis.

Can ovarian cysts cause pain to walk and it hurts on the left side, I have been taking birth control pills and still got a cyst. How come.

Can pain pills cause a problem with urinating?

Can pain pills cause hiccupping?

Can prenatal pills affect getting adominal pain?

Can Sronyx birth control cause cramping when first starting a pack. First time taking bc in a year or more. Lower back/abdomen cramps.

Can stopping the mini pill cause pelvic pain?

Can switching birth control cause mild cramping and constipation? Just switched 5 days ago to Cryselle and been uncomfortable since. How to relieve it

Can switching birth control pill cause lower back ache?

Can there be any pills to ignore pain temporarily?

Can thyroxine and yasminelle pill cause chest pains?

Can using birth control pills be a cause chest pain and right arm pain?

Can you tell me how I could be sure my doctor did not order a placebo pill for my pain?

Can you tell me is it possible to give birth with no pain meds?

Constant cramping from new birth control, is this normal or should I try something esle?

Constant vaginal bleeding for a yr now, sometime clotty, perscribed birth control for it but not working, no pain, a bit over weight, what could it be?

Could birth control cause back and chest pain when breathing?

Could birth control cause stomach pains and breathing problems?

Could muscle soreness be due to birth control pills?

Could my birth control pills be causing my vein pain?

Cramping, discharge, back pain, achy breasts two weeks before period on birth control? I have been on Lo Loestrin for 5 months now.

Do contraceptive pills give you swellling in one leg?

Do some pain pills mess up or disable other pain pills if they're in the stomach at the same time?

Do you think a 21 year old should get pain pills?

Does birth control cause pain in your stomach and muscle spasms in lower abdominal area when you stop taking it?

Does kava work to control pain?

Endometriosis pain is almost unbearable area affected is swollen and sore to touch also taking birth control pill to manage started bleeding advice?

Ever since I took plan b 4 days ago, I've been having uncomfortable back and lower stomach pain. Im on birth control and ampicillin right now. ?

Exclusively breastfeeding 4 month old. Having mild cramps and lower back pain like before period but no bleeding. Is this normal? On mini pill.

Experiencing pains after taking the morning after pill. What could be wrong?

First 2 weeks of birth contol. At work i keep having leg discomfort and numbness, while sitting. I am active and unsure if due to exercise or bc.

Had 2 normal periods after child birth then started bleeding for the last 2 weeks, have had pelvic pain in the bone. Starting to hurt worse.?

Have bloating, lower back pain, & cramps for 3 weeks now. Usually @ night, but does happen during day. Almost daily. Im on birth contr & skip placebos?

Having breakthrough over a month. Started having pricking pain in lower abdomen this week. Am on pill continuously for a year. What's happening now?

Having cramps and back pain 5 days before period. Am on birth control. What does this mean?

Having irregular bleeding since August. Need menstrual pads everyday.Taking Pill continuously. Changed once. Bloating left lower abdomen now. Normal?

Heavy periods, big clots, cramps hurt to breathe and been on and off birth control and still no relief is this normal?

Hello. I am 23. I have the birth control implant in my left arm. I have had it for almost 2 years. For the last week i have been getting really wet pa?

HELP ASAP! Lower right abdominal pain for 4 hours, no loss of appetite, no nausea etc, I take microgynon 30 birth control pill, pain since taking this?

Help, what to do for menstrual pain when you cannot swallow pills?

Hi doctors i was diagnosed with endometriosis in january this year and i was advise to start birth control how do I relive the pain?

Hi Dr. I started birth control 3 weeks ago and ive been getting cramps and back pain is this normal?

How can I doctors control pain after a colectomy?

How can one ease breast pain caused by birth control?

How can you control your endometriosis pain?

How to control the stomach pain at times of period?

I just started my first pack of birth control pills. I'm having some minor leg discomfort, I am unsure if this is due to exercise or a blood clot.

I am 47, with bicornuate , bulky uterus. Heavy pain on right side and back. Periods irregular without birth control pills. Tired of pain all the time.?

I am 6 days late on my period. Have suddenly gotten severe lower back pain along with stomach pain. Yes sexually active. No birth control. Any ideas.

I am experiencing pain in my groin area I am female age 39 I have a fibroid and continuously take cerelle pill and haven't had a period for 3 years?

I am having a WATERY dark brown period with severe pelvic and back pain. What could this be and what should i do?! I have the nexplanon birth control.

I am having intermittent aches in my abdomen that feel like period cramps despite being on continuous birth control for my painful periods. ?

I am in the middle of my second pack of bcp and I am experiencing pelvic pain/cramps. I got a transvaginal us last wk, can it be this or side effect?

I am on a new and stronger birth control is cramping in the lower abdomen normal for the first month?

I am on loestrin 24 fe for about a year with sometime no period or just light. Also this month pain on right side - could it be ovarian cysts?

I am on my second pack of Orsythia birth control and have been having really painful muscle spasms in my calf at night. Is this related or concerning?

I am taking microgynon 30 but I am still in daily pain. What is the best pill for managing endometriosis pain?

I backed to backed microgynon 30 packs, i'm on day 12 of the second pack and have slight bleeding and back pain, how long will this last?

I been having dirrehia , and stomach pains, i really don't know what's going on, and I am also on birth control shots ! i need help !

I been on birth control for a yr now. I been experiencing pain on my body (lower back&both legs). Last time i had sex (14th of nov). Wats happening?

I discontinued my birth control 2 weeks ago . 2 days ago i began having pains near my ovaries, sometimes sore and sometimes very sharp. Is it normal?

I gave birth vaginal natural. but I have been having terrible body pains?

I got a birth control implant a week ago is it possible to break it in half? I've been having sharp pains in my arm since I think I broke it in half

I had intercourse 2 nights ago and now I'm having pain and some bleeding. Pain mainly on left side. I am on birth control(tri-lo-Estarylla).

I had my tubes cut & burned 7 years ago I have a throbbing pain on my lower RT side my doctor put me on birth control to stop me from ovulating but it?

I have a lot of pressure and pain on my uterus i'm not pregnant. And I have the merana as birth control, and my breast are sore.

I have a pain when I push around or below my belly button. im on my period and had a UTI which im taking meds for that currently. what's wrong?

I have a pinching pain in my right breast every minute is bothering me should i be worry, and i dont get my period im on birth control female 41 year ?

I have a question about birth control and nicotine and chest pains.

I have a tension pain in my lower head on one side and keep getting a head ACE for 3 days on and of I have my period and i'm on levlen (ethinyl estradiol and levonorgestrel) ED why?

I have a tingling in my mid to upper back, gave birth 9 months ago via c section, started about 3 months after the birth could it be nerve damage?

I have abdominal pain, at the end.I have used an emergency contraceptive pill some days ago.Could this be the reason? If not what else may cause it?

I have bad uterus pain.That won't go away. My lower stomach hurts to. Not time for my period. I'm on birth control. No std's. I am sexually active.?

I have been experiencing constant knee pain since january 2014 and currently taking the Depo-Provera provera (medroxyprogesterone) birth shot since 2012 what could be causing pain?

I have been getting pelvic/back pain since I started metformin and stopped the pill. Why could this be?

I have been having severe menstrual cramps, vomiting, and fatigue ever since getting off birth control. Besides getting back on it, what are my options?

I have been off the injection for birth control 2months and have really bad stomach cramp on and off for 5 days and its not period pains what is it?

I have been on birth control 3 months, all periods very light until my fourth. I bleed a lot an hav back pain and headaches to the point there migrain?

I have been on birth control for 7 months.No side effects.But there is a bump below my knee now.When should I start to worry if this is a blood clot?