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Severe low back pain before/during period.Period stops and starts for 7-9 days.Began 3 months ago.Can barely walk nothing helps the pain.Is it normal?

Severe lower back pain radiating through sides and sides of belly. Blood in urine early today. Period ended 2 days ago. What could this be?

Severe upper abdominal and back pain 30 weeks pregnant. I took Rennie but pain is still there. What should I do?

Sharp on and off mild cramps a week before period. Don't hurt just occasionally pinch lower back to, normal?

Sharp pain in stomach day after period. Pain comes and goes? my period was late this month. im usually 28days its came on 33rd day. Whats wrong?

SHarp pAinful cramps on left side in abdominal area Period wasnt dued till Saturday but i started today with the pain?

Sharp pains in my side, extreme nausea, 2 periods this month, not pmsing now - just pain. Why? I took Plan B twice, is it that?

She had sex on Thursday and started having bad pelvic pain Friday. Now it's Sunday and she's still in pain. Could his 'size' have anything 2do w/it?

Should i be experiencing back pain if I am 3 weeks pregnant?

Since 3rd trimester of my pregnancy i get these sharp pain in the middle of my upper abdomen which travels to the back. I had baby but stillget pain.

Since i been pregnant i been having major back cramps where i can bearly walk what cause the lower back cramps?

Since i started my period last sunday ive been light headed at times nausea lower back pain rib pain and my nipples are swollen and sore ?

Since my period started for the past three nights I am having sharp pains in stomach. What would cause that....This period has been weird?

Since ovulation on 3rd jan i've been getting pains low down in my belly, like period pain! and then lastnight i had dihorea with bad cramping?

So i think that i could be pregnant, past couple periods have been light & short, & recently experienced stomach pain, what are the possibilities?

So I was 3 days late on starting t period but it wasn't at all like a normal period. It was light and went away in just three days usually it last close to 6. My lower back was hurting a couple days, I have felt dizzy, tired, and my throat has been hurtin

So...I have been on the shot for a little over a year. I have bled very heavily today, and I have bad cramps and back pains. Can I really be pregnant?

Started cramping, lost my mucus plug at 2am. Woken up by cramping again at 930am. Back pain going down my legs as well. Labor? (33 weeks)

Started OCPs almost 2 weeks ago, and the last day or two I'm having awful cramps off and on. My whole pelvis feels congested, but I'm not bleeding at all. Is this normal? What should I do?

Started period 4th jan only a few days ...Had sex a few times now up till today my bellys a bit hard headaches lower back pain cramps wats up?

Started period noticed a faint smell like bv, & slight abdominal pain that extends to my thighs. No stds. Wait til cycle ends or go to dr now?

Still bf my 7 month old I have not had a period for 7 weeks I have had headache lower back pains abdominal pain and nausea motion sickness can I be pg?

Still have pain in side which moves to front abdomen since having the flu in early jan. Had scan of intestines in late jan. Which came back normal. ?

Stomach cramps,vagina pain,back pain. It's been two weeks started after sex. Told to give it some time before going back to the doctor. How much time?

Stomach gurgling/lower ab cramping. Tingling in arms. Started happening b4 period a mo ago. Got period again. Pain goes away during period. Help?

Stomach pain, constant cold chills, clamy hands, bleeding from rectum. Bleeding started stopped and started again without stopping. What could this be?

Take Plan B may 6 got my period after a few days and after 3days Im bleeding again for 3days am I pregnant?now I have bad cramps and lower back pain

The first years I had no period pains. Then I went running + intense effort (15 yo). Since then I had severe period pains. I am 21 now! Why?

Three days ago, thought i started a day early but the flow only lasted a few hours. Day three still nothing and yesterday had lower back pain.

Today i got my period my last cycle was march 15 2013 and ended between 18-19 and today is april 1st 2013 but I have sharp pain on my left side?

Today I have severe lower back pain and it has been 15 days since frozen embryo transfer ( I received the negative result of HCG yesterday and stopped all the hormonal support yesterday, please what may be the cause for this horrible back pain , I can ha

Today I jogged for 10 mins and right after I got this menstrual like pain but my period just ended. What causes this??

Today is december 12, 2012 & is my 3rd period & im experiencing itchiness all over my body! i've never felt this before?

Today is my 5th day after IUI and iam feeling like period pain , legs pain and very bad back pain so is it a negative sign?

Took two laxatives yesterday and have had pelvic pain all day?

Two weeks ago I had brown spotting for 3 days. It started again today with cramps. Sexually active. Rib/boob pain. Gag when o eat lower back pain too?

Unexplained back pain for 7 days- mainly in lower back. Doesn't go away with pain killers. Missed period for 7 days also.

Unprotected sex wednesday, back and abdominal pain, headaches and dizziness. What's going on?

Vaginal bleeding that started Sunday. Period like feeling but flow not heavy. Period due in 1 week. Nausea at times, feel disoriented. Lower back pain

Want to know is back pain a symptom of pregnancy?

Were trying2 have a baby n I startd bleedin brown but heavy and now its red but it stops and starts again I had a sharp downward pain my back n tummy?

What are common causes of back pain in women?

What are some normal symptoms of loosing your virginity i just lost mine this past saturday ...And I am experiencing nausea, headaches, cramps, back and side pain , I am also suppose to start my period on thursday .....Is it normal to be a little late

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What can cause recurring bouts of costochondritis thru life? This pain came back suddenly yesterday, does so for a period of time, every year or so.

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What can I do to relieve back ache during my period?

What can I do to stop my bleeding I have my period and its 8 weeks and it hasnt gone away and now im having lots of lower back pain what can I do I feel like im loo=ssing lots of blood

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What could be causing my lower back pain on only one side? Are these signs of my first period coming?

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What could be the main causes of terrible back pain since being pregnant?

What could be wrong if my sister's period is a week late and she has painful cramps running down her leg and side?

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What does it mean when a girl has lower back pains and bleeds when shes not on her period?

What does it mean when you have back and stomach and chest pains when your pregnant 2 months?

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What does it mean when your having lower back pains and front pains at the same times with cramps at 33 weeks pregnant?

What does it mean when your lower back hurts when on your period?

What does it mean when your lower back hurts when you are pregnant?

What does shooting back pains mean in pregnancy ?

What i can take to relive these sharp pains having had a period in 6 months.Then monday a wk. Ago started with heavy bleeding and cramps that hurt so bad and cramps started 2 days ago.I need relieve. 49 yrs old

What i can take to relive these sharp pains having had a period in 6 months.Then monday a wk. Ago started with heavy bleeding and cramps that hurt so bad and cramps started 2 days ago.I need relieve. 49 yrs old

What is causing my upper back pain in early pregnancy?

What is normal back pain during pregnancy? How much back pain is normal during pregnancy? At what point should I be concerned?

What must I do if my pregnant daughter has back pain?

What reasons would cause me to have slight "cramping" type pains a week after my period? I just got off a week ago and since then its happening.

What should I do about back pain? I've hd it for 2 days and im pregnant

What to do about back pain and cramps 24 weeks pregnant?

What to do for back pain in 33 weeks pregnant?

What to do if I have cramps, and lower back pain, but i had my period last week, why is this happening?

What to do if I have cramps, and lower back pain, but i had my period last week, why is this happening?

What to if I am in my 18th week of pregnancy and seeking ideas for back pain and heartburn?

Whats the best way to fix back pain when pregnant?

Whats would be a reason for me to be nausea, migraine, and lower back pain. I have already had my monthly.

Where is labor pain in my back concentrated?

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While on your period can your nipples hurt along with your lower back?

While on your period can your nipples hurt along with your lower back?

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Why am I having lower back pain and cramping. At 6 months pregnant?

Why am i spotting 11 days before my period is due followed by upper back and upper stomach pains ?

Why do I have bad pain middle of my back and then start my period the next day it two?

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Why do I have mild cramps and lower back pain one week before my period?

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Why does my back always hurt when i'm on my period?

Why does my lower back, hips and breast hurt, plus I have some cramps. Im not in my period, it ended 3 days ago. My head starting hurting a lot too.

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