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My back and stomach are hurting very bad. Not on period, got off last week. This is the second time this occured in one week. Help?

My best friend last had sex 3 months ago, almost 4. She got her period the 1st 2 months but shes missing it now. She also has severe abdominal pains?

My cycles have gotten long today im on day 42, last cycle was 56 days. i mensurate 2/3days tops. I get pressure in upper legs and lower back; no per.

My daughter is pg with twins and she 35weeks and this morning she started spotting and lower back pain?

My daughter,10 months old.Want to know why period pains are more severe than before i got pregnant.And is there anything i can do to lighter the pain.

My daughter(15yrs.)feels severe (abdomen) pain and unusual bleeding during period. It normally happening on 2nd/3rd day of starting date.

My friend hasnt had a period in a month and hasn't had any sexual contact what is wrong. She is freaking out and is having back pain and cramps.?

My gf's period was +/- 2, 5 weeks late. Today she got her period. But now she has intense lower back and belly pain. Should she go see a doctor?

My husband started getting big irregular dark spots on his lower back about a year ago and have since spread to his lower stomach?

My IUI on 08-04-14 today is 7th day I have breast pain and some time back pain what is the reason.In 2nd day i got some spot bleeding.This is symptoms?

My lady friend is havin a sore throat and havin pain in her lower back?

My last day of period was this past monday. Since thursday i've had a short cramping in my lower left side. They are quick pulse cramp feeling. ?

My last period date is 31st march on 28th april i feel mild to moderate lower back pain but its not like period back pain its little different.What is?

My last period is on 5 july and its run long till 29 july and in this monthe it was not come yet .Fatigue , lower abdominal pain .M i pregnent.?

My last period started 31st ended the 8th today I'm having severe cramping and pain in right ovary area. Y???

My last period was 42 days ago. I am usually a little irregular but this is the second longest I have gone without my period. The past few days I have been having horrible lower back pain and stomach cramps. I have been a little naucious and it seems that

My last period was September 18 - 24. Lately I have been having lower back pain and cramping on my lower right abdomen. Could I be pregnant?

My lower back is hurting and I have shape pains in my stomach and in my side and I started my period I guess and it only lasted for two days & vomitin?

My lower stomach is hurting right above my waist. I'm 13.5 and haven't started my period yet but have all signs. Is this period cramps?

My normal period runs for 3 days, last one finished then started again on day 5, i had a terrible pain and clots bf d pain subsided. Am i ok?

My ovaries have been hurting a lot since yesterday. I don't have my period, my next one is 14 days away. The pain is sharping and strong What is this?

My period lasts 5 days. On the 4th day it slows & lightens. Then the next day it seems to have started again & lasts a week. Lower belly pain too.

My period ended 9 days ago, but I have continued to have cramps and lower back aches for a week. Should i be concerned?

My period ended yesterday and tonight I'm having lower abdominal pain. It hurts my whole body? I had a C-section two years ago. Help???

My period has been 3days late for the past two months. No new meds. On same bc 2yrs. Have bad back/lower back pain & cramping. Is that normal?

My period is 5 days away. Woke up with light spoting after sex with my husband. It gone now but still have cramps, and thigh pain? Possibel causes??

My period is due in thee day I have a pain in my lower belly for the past three days us this implantation pain ?

My period is late this time for 5days, I have lil pain in lower abdomen specially on right side! thrs always gas n stool is good! what is it happened?

My period is suppose to start in 3 day and starting yesterday i started having muscle pains dizziness, nausea sweating all signs of the flu but this has never happened before what could this be?

My period is very heavy with blood clots and bad low back pain. There were time went my period stayed on for almost a month.?

My period last for two weeks .I have been getting lower back pain can I be pregnant?

My period start on June 28th, until July 1 so is only last 4 days. And today I have horrible pain in my middle abdomen and it last 2 days I always?

My period started and only my ovarys are hurting. I am bleeding a lot. 2 weeks prior brest hurt and i had pregnancy systems. Now lower back pain.

My period started february 8-12 then another 21-26 then started up again today march 4th. All are heavy an clotting an extreme pain were i can't move.

My period started Nov 8 2014.I'm having dark red spotting and a lot of sharp stomach pains that come and go what does this mean?

My period started on the 24th december and continued for 4 days, since yesterday im expieriencing light bleedin with stomach cramps an back pain?

My period started out being brown.Got off maybe 3 days ago.Now im having lower back pain that feels like menstrual cramp. I also have a 2cm ovary cyst?

My period stopped a week ago but still suffering from cramps and achy hips?

My period was 1 week we late woke up this morning and i was bleeding pain in my side lower all week feel sick and can't eat x?

My period was 12 days late when i eventually came on it wasn't my like my normal period. I know have pain in my left side and it is really swollen.?

My period was late for a whole month and now that it has come I feel back pain and cramps twice the amount It hurts and need to use the restroom alot ?

My period was supposed to start 11 days ago, and I just had light red blood on my undies tonight. I have had severe back pain, lower abdominal cramps ?

My period went off at the beging of the month. When I got off work I had sharp pain on the right side of my stomack. It does not feel like a cramp.?

My periods are getting shorter every month, last one was barely 2 days, experiencing severe sharp stabbing pain during some periods. Whats wrong?

My PMS not due for two weeks im having low pains in back an cramps in bottom of ab.

My recurring sciatic pain just suddenly stopped. Only 2 days into an occurance this has never happened before. What could this mean?

My sister have pain in both breast. She finish her period last week and have this pain three days ago. Its like when u r goin to hav period but strong?

My vagina has a stinging pain in it, i had sex a week ago, but the pain just started yesterday. Whats going on?

My wife facing a problem she had a period starts on yesterday and stop today with some pain in abdomen can somebody give the answer?

My wife is 27 week pregnant and have severe back and hips pain.Is it normal? And what should we do?

My wife is 27 weeks pregnant and she is having severe pain in lower back/hip while getting up from lying position. Also she sometimes gets cramps..

My. Period. Has. Been. On. Since jan 2and. I am still bleeding. And. My. Stomach. Was really hard. In. The. Middle. And. I have. Lower back. Pains.

Nausea and stomach pains couple days before starting period, this has happened for my past 3 periods. pelvis started to ache. possibility of cancer?

No bladder infection never been pregnant one ovary back n abdomen pain light n irregular periods pain when peeing n after peeing pain for years?

No period since July 7 and lower back pain that travels to my right hip?

No periods for 3months,Now I've had it for 3 weeks. It won't stop. Days before it started lower abdomen was very sore.any idea?Don't know what to do.

Non-period cramps & I'm having lower back pains & I feel terrible. what could this mean?

Not pregnant not period for 3 almost 4 months bad crams and lower back pain I have no idea what's wrong?

November 28, 2013 that i haven't had my period until april 25 & 27 started having spotting and today, lower back pain and hard stomach.

Ok I got my period on May 12 finished the 19th on the 20th got really sick fever and sharp pain in abdomen and started to have some discharge yellowis?

On & off headache &nausea for a week. Lower&mid back & neck pain. History of migraines. What could this be stress/muscle?Pink spotting after period?

On cerazette one week came off had spotting no period now dull pain on right side next to belly button bowls are fine but got uti and kidney stone ?

On my last period i had a terrible pain in my lower left abdomen and still continues after the period had stopped. What could be the reason?

Only had a period 10 days ago and now have a period without pain ..have been moving furniture all weekend -could that of caused it ?

Other than back pain and insomnia i don't feel pregnant at all im 16 weeks a few days ago i had severe lower back pain and cramps should I be worried?

Other than lower back pains and eating more, what coild be the main signs pregnancy?

Pain after period watery wet sensation since af ended mild cramp in abdomen pinching in left ovary before during and only for 2days after af.

Pain in my lower back, very intense. For two days now. Period due soon. Is this normal? It can radiate to my front.

Pain left lower side ..Back pain & spotting only enough to notice when i wipe pink periods not due for 9 days last month 8 days late. & headach?

Pain like an electric shock started on my left ovary and radiated up my torso.This happened a few times today.9days late period.Neg.Test.I need advice?

Pain lower abd more left side.Goin to leg. Continuous brown dischrge fr 12 days since ovulation. Protected intercourse day 14. Pmc-28days. Ectopic?

Pain n my lower back goes all the way down to my legs. I'm on nexplanon birth control. Feels kinda like I wanna start my period. Lower back pain ugh ?

Painful period with back and shoulder pain and diarrhea?

Period came on for 2 days light. Having back pain and head aches. Could i be pregnant?

Period due today but nothing, lower back pain, my period is normally on time, tired all the time, trying to conceive, horrible taste in mouth?

Period ended a couple of days ago but I have really bad lower tummy pain?

Period ending. Fell ice skating. Now has started bleeding like start of period again. Lower abdominal pain. Coincidence or related?

Period every two weeks or so, lower back pain when I bend over or lay down, and fatigue. It's not POS, and I'm a virgin?

Period every two weeks, fatigue, and lower back pain when I lay down or bend over. It's not POS( I've been tested) and I'm a virgin?

Period isn't right I had 3-4 days of spotting last week,got my period feb 1 and now it's gone today.Have left side pain near ovary, dual pain front ?

Period jus ended.. why do I have bad headaches Nd right side of tummy hurts now??

Period late by literally a week mostly 2 over the past 3-4 months. Had it this month late again.. But have this constant period like pain. Left side.

Period mostly gone.Today i being experiencing upper back pain & breast pain. My period started the 23rd.Day before i got a neg test.What can it be?

Period on time heavy for two days rest was light lasted 5 days now having really bad lower back pain when i stand & feeling nauseous hpt neg help?

Period relief, what could I do for more intense lower back pain due to cramping.Thank you?

Period was 2m late so I got it 2d ago but its only spotting w/stomach cramps lower back pain and nausea. What could it be? It just feels weird

Periods last6/7 days, and the first days are painful with back pain/cramps, and leaking tampon after 2 hrs. Should i tell doc/what would they do 4 it?

Periods usually last 5-6 days this go round it only lasted 2 days im still having cramps and sharp back pain this is very unusual for me..whats wrong?

Pinch like cramps on one side of pelvis for 3 days straight now. Had period dec 10-15.

Please i'm begging i can't get to doctor, lower abdomen pain, during sex and not, back and joint pain, muscular aches, infertility, been trying 5 year?

Positive hpt, 4 weeks pregnant. Having off and on pelvic pain/pressure and lower back pain. Is this normal.

Pretty painful cramping 2 days after period. Also have lower back pain. Not sure if related or from exercise.

Problems to sleep having lower back pain could i be pregnant?

Really bad lower back ache 2 days after period ended..What is wrong with me?

Recently about a couple weeks ago I experienced a severe uti, and finally got over it after two weeks! I began my period the beginning of this month Sunday, and I've started to experience the uti symptoms again, burning during urination, frequently having

Right back pain as sign of pregnancy?

Right calf have had pain cramping One one sat that lasted a few hours and one today that lasted a few minutes. Any worry of clot?

Right now i'm in a lot of pain-cramping-already ended period last week-what can be causing this? Been hospitalized b4 for this and don't want that.

Roughly 8 weeks pregnant and lower back is kinda achy? Could it be the start of kidney infection? Never had one before

Sciatica and lower back pain,will my period worse the situation/?