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Im two months pregnant & my lower back is hurting so bad at the end of the day. Why is it happening ?

Im urinating every 3 hours wondering y it just started maybe about 5 days ago im prediebitic. But this has never happened before, no pain?

Implantation and lower back ache, should I be concerned?

In one day im going to be 33 weeks pregnant but i been getting really bad pelvic pain , lower back pain and sometimes cramps?

In pregnancy why back hurt so much what to do for relief ?

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Is a lower back ache a sign of implantation?

Is an early pregnancy symptom upper back joint pain?

Is back pain a pregnancy sympton?

Is back pain at 11 weeks pregnant normal?

Is back pain normal during pregnancy ?

Is bad back pain a sign of implantation?

Is bleeding and lower back pain normal the first month of pregnancy. If so how much is normal and or should I just go the hospital?

Is cramps and lower back pain is a sign of pregnancy?

Is dull lower back pain an early sign of labor?

Is icy hot safe for lower back pain at 23 weeks pregnant?

Is it normal for lower back pain to be really bad at period I think it's kidneys plus I bleed for 3 weeks only get a week or two off :(?

Is it normal for my breast to be getting bigger and hurting and having back pain and lower stomach pain? 4 weeks pregnant

Is it normal to get cramps and lower back pain while having a tampon in?

Is it normal to have back and stomach pain in 18 weeks preg?

Is it normal to have lower back pain after standing for long periods of time?

Is it normal to have two cycles n one month? I had one on the 4 of this month now right back on 30 today?

Is it possible that you can go into early labor with little or no pain? I've been having cramp like pains in my pelvis and lower back. What should I do

Is it safe to be induced at 36weeks 3days pregnant? I am experiencing pain in lower back and menstrual like cramps 3 times a day. I live 300km hospita

Is laying on your back while pregnant bad?

Is lil cramps and back pain normal im 7 weeks pregnant?

Is lower back pain a sign of your first period after delivery?

Is lower back pain common in early pregnancy?

Is pain in my lower back in 26 weeks pregnant normal or abnormal?

Is severe back pain and a very sore abdomen normal at 29 weeks pregnant?

Is severe back pain normal in week 15 of pregnancy?

Is slight lower back ache a sign of pregnancy implantation?

Is there a home test I can do to see what caused my lower back pain?

Is upper back pain caused by indegestion during pregnancy?

It has been 9 days since I took meprate but still periods is yet to come but having heavy stomach pain for3 days what can I do?

It is normal to have low back pain at 3 weeks of pregnancy??

Its 15 days of my IUI and having back pain period like pain what can be the rason?

Its barely three days before my monthly periods. I have pain on my umbilical cord since yesterday. I feel so uncomfortable. What could be the cause?

Its been about 10 days after my last period and 6 days i been having low back pain which I have never had. Does it mean i could be pregnant?

Iud for 2 yrs. For 1st time bleed for 6 days drk brown. Felt heviness in area till period date then another 7days pain in abdomen lower back, leg.Why?

Iv been in my period bow for 15day with lower pain all the time.Im 31 and never had this priblem before?

Iv got a tilted womb and get really bad back ache when im due on a period is this normal ?

Iv recently started to have lower abdominal pain and cramps sometimes during and after sex! also my last 2 periods havnt been normal only on for a day?

Ive a 21-28 dy cycle last one was 25 usually closer to 21 how do i know when ive ovulated on day 15 but felt pain on day 9 and am feeling period pain ?

Ive been havin lower back pains, cramping on my left side(for wks now),headaches n extremely tired no matter how much sleep i get. irregular periods?

Ive been on depo shot for about a month when I first started I had sharp pains in vagina but stop now Im experiencing vaginal cramps.What's the cause?

Ive bleeding it was normal and have small clots.It lasts 5 days like my period but I have lower back pain and stffness for the 1st time. Is it normal?

Ive finished my period a week and a half ago & feel pain in right ovary, i get this before and even after my period. up to 2 weeks before i even start?

Ive had my period for 8 days now yesterday i had abdominal pain on my lower right side and i notice i have blod clogs my periods would last 4 days?

Ive had my period since october 5th having bad cramps and light handedness...should I go to er? Please help

Ive problems for years last 2mths im crippled with pain on my left side that has spread to lower back with a period 2wks ago and bleedin last 10days?!

Just came back from Mexico and my friends and I have been having loose stools and abdominal cramping since getting back. What can we do to treat?

Just got over my period yesterday and today around 12 I started having abdominal cramps and now it has moved down to my left leg. Should I be worried?

Just past my period 2days ago and i started having lower abdominal pain that goes to the lower back i can't sit or stand. What could it be?

Last month I got my period the first week then I took a plan b. Now I'm 19 days. experiencing lower back pain breaking out & headache should i worry?

Last month I got my period....but not even 9 days later I got it again. It stopped and now it's back. Both my sides below my stomach are in pain.

Last month i have taken i pills. Got my period on 17 2 days delayed but from last 3 days back pain leg pain started. but blood is not coming. ?

Last month my period was 6 days late and this month it is 8 days late from the pushed back date. Also I have lower abdominal pain on my right side.

Last period was nov 17 feb 12th spot 3 days with cramps tender breast and with lower back pain then spot stop still pain usual reg should I be worry?

Last tuesday at track practice i got this really painful cramp almost in the middle of my lower abdominal, kind of to the side. It hasnt gone away.

Last week I had sex everyday and my period was suppose to come on the 28 but on Monday I was bleeding then it stop so it's on and off and I'm having a tight pain in my lower stomach along with a tingly feeling in my vagina. Is that normal?

Lately i've been getting back cramps n sometimes lower back cramps n even side. Or overall body pain. Had a miscarriage 5mths ago. Can that bb a cause?

Left tampon in for 6 days by mistake. Started having bad cramping. Doctor put me on antibiotics yesterday. Still have cramping. Is the cramping normal?

Light pinching pain in abdomen, side, and back during early pregnancy is this normal or should I be concerned?

Light to medium bleeding with lower back pain for 5 days this started 10days before due period. Is this serious? Thanks

Lmp 8/26 cramping and lower back pain wont stop i haven't gotten my period my period was expected 9/26 n nothing yet what's going on very uncomfortable?

Lower abdomen cramps for 2 days, low back pain for few days now, no period, lightly discharging, (-)pt, exhausted, what's going on?

Lower abdomin pain.Started period during sex, cleaned up and put tampon in. When i changed it few hrs later, immediate burning/badpain followed after?

Lower back and belly cramping in real bad pain 9days before period is due?

Lower back cramps day before period is that the sign I could be getting it soon?

Lower back pain 5 days before period. Is this a normal symptom?

Lower back pain and breast tingling and bleeding after ovulation what it means.

Lower back pain and cramping on the same side a early sign of pregnacy?

Lower back pain and missed menstruation?

Lower back pain and slight cramping nine days before period? What could b going on

Lower back pain coming and going when 35 and a half weeka pregnant why?

Lower back pain front cramping pain and diarea 38 weeks pregnant.. Should I be concerned? I'm very uncomfortable and I can't sleep

Lower back pain in early pregnancy mean anything?

Lower back pain on left side of back is it an early sign of labor?

Lower back pain painful cramps completed cycle going on two weeks had pain in back during period has never happened b4, had sex with husband on cycle?

Lower back pain with period like cramps on and off. 40 weeks pregnant. No tightness in the belly. Is this labour ??

Lower back pain, diaherra, missed period, what could be wrong?

Lower back pain, lower stomach pain, one week after period and 2 weeks after bcp. Is it possible to be pregnant?

Lower back problems and i'm pregnant. Please help.?

Lower left abdominal, leg pain where start my leg that pain starts before 7days of my periods that pain started before a year what is it?

Lower left dull abdom pain 4 past yr comes+goes.March 2015=worse, period 2 weeks late thought was preg then had period. Jan 2016 happened again, help?

Lower right ab/pelvic pain. worse with moving and sitting up, travles to back. late period not pregnant.

Lower right Back pain and cramping Period Stop 14 Hours ago ago?

Lower tummy and back pain during 37 weeks pregnancy. Labor?

Lower-right abdominal pain that radiates on my back. It's also very painful when my monthly period is about to come. What's there?

Major lower back pain, feet hurt, acne all over, peeing a lot, headaches, cravings, but her period ends soon. Period was major heavy. Pregnant?

Me and my boyfriend have been having unprotected sex for a couple weeks and hes been pulling out but ive had 2 periods in one month what does this mean? And I've recently had a aching back pain on my right side of my back. I'm not on birth control either.

Messed around, a couple of days later started getting cramps that haven't left yet. Minor dull aches mostly on one side, cramps for 17 days, preg?

Mild to extreme lower back pain, what can I do to help with this? Back pain since i went into labor. Gave birth 2 yrs ago.

Miss period, have lower back pain, period like cramp for the past two weeks and gluey discharge. what does this mean? want to know if to go ER

Missed period, tummy ache, pain in lower back and sides. Urine fine and clear.

More back pain in first trimester mean twins?

Mucus coming out my bottom, have belly pain and low back pain can obgyn check it out too.

My 14 yr old sister wants to know if lower back pain during her periods is normal?

My armpit is in pain.but wen i have my monthly period it go away.after my period it come back.I worried idont know what is ultrasoun are clear.