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I'm 5 days late on period bad back pain and had diarrhea yesterday and just feel sick. Had a pap done last week with abnormal cells.

I'm 5 days late with pain. What should I do? I'm five days late and I have always had a 28 day cycle since i got my period 10 years ago. Today i woke up with pain in my left side.

I'm 5 weeks & 6 days pregnant is it normal to have lower back pains & mild cramping ?

I'm 5 weeks pregnant and my back is killing me. Feels like growing pains. Are they related? I started some light weight training yesterday as well.

I'm 54yrs old, and have not had my period for a year, suddenly today it seems that my period has returned. I have no abdominal pain or other symptoms.

I'm 5weeks pregnant and I am having cramps & lower back pains & had a little spotting yesterday. Is everything okay with me ?

I'm 6 weeks pregnant & i'm having cramps & lower back pain like i'm about to come on my period?

I'm 6 weeks pregnant and have back pain. Am i miscarrying or is this normal ?

I'm 6 weeks pregnant with mid back pain and ribs no stomach pain or cramping what could be the reason?

I'm 6 weeks. A symptom i had was soft cramps but since last night after a arguement with bf i been having long painful lower back cramps. Is baby ok?

I'm 60 year old woman, I am experiencing lower back pain even when i wake up. What could be the reason?

I'm 7weeks pregnant and I have this lower back pain for almost 3 days is it normal?

I'm 7wks 5days & I'm getting this dull achy lower pelvic pain for a couple days now accompanied by some back pain, no bleeding. Is this miscarriage?

I'm 8 wks and 6 days pregnant, I'm having lower right back pain. Should I be worried?

I'm a 25 year old woman IV got peroid like cramps pain both my sides and n my lower back feelin sick and dizzy and got bad headache want can it be?

I'm a month pregnant. And. I'm having pain in my back and side?

I'm being told my cramps and back pain could be a possible uti, infection or STD but they are regular period like cramps and back pain on and off ?

I'm bloated and I have gooey discharges for like a week and a half and today i started getting cramp pains on my right side of my pelvic area

I'm experiencing low back pain with pressure and bad pains in my uterus. I just got off my period and i believe i'm the ovulation time.

I'm having backpains and a terrible lower abdominal pains I'm 37weeks pregnant am i going into labour?

I'm having gas pains in my neck and lower back from doing a tubal ligation a week ago. Is there anything i can do or take to help with it?

I'm having light cramps on both sides and lower back pain is it a sign of implantation?

I'm having lower back pains and now I have a head cold , are these pregnancy signs?

I'm having lower stomach cramps and I have started my period but the cramps are way worse than usuall. My merina still has 5 weeks left til lthe 5 yea?

I'm having major pains in my upper and lower back and lots of cramping but no bleeding. Am I pregnant?

I'm having really bad pelvic pains radiation to my lower back. I am 47 yrs old. I am 6 days late. What can this be, and why?

I'm having slight cramps and some lower back pain and i'm about 17 weeks pregnant should I be worried?

I'm having some lower back pain today & had a litle upset stomach the day before. Im suppose o be ovulating this week but there is no discharged?

I'm having terrible period pain and I have an exam on monday!!!?

I'm having too much white discharge with severe lower backache. I couldn't stand and straighten my back. Please help.

I'm having upper pubic pain and I'm 24 weeks pregnant is this a problem?

I'm having very heavy bleeding with my period. And very bad cramps. My right arm was numb to the point were I couldn't feel it. What is wrong?

I'm i prengent having pain in my back and lower stomach. Had two period last month.And this month it came on the first and went off the second.

I'm just few days before my period comes, I have strong pain in my left lower abdomen and lower back. Could it be related to pms? Ttc

I'm not more than 4 weeks pregnant and have really bad lower back ache is this normal? Woken me up a few times lasts about 5 minutes every time.

I'm not pregnant and I had a urinalysis come back good. I'm experiencing pelvic pain?

I'm on my period again after going off of it last week. I noticed I had really sharp pains today. What's wrong with me?

I'm on Nexplanon. I had my period for 3 weeks. Went away for a day & it's back & with a lot of pain. Is it normal? Could I have hurt myself exercising

I'm pregnant 8 weeks and 5 days and my back hurts all the time is that normal?

I'm pregnant and my due date is on July 24,today my left ear is in pain when I woke up and it bleed a little is this normal?

I'm two days late on my period & I'm having lower back pains for about a week. What's going on?

I've been cramping and lower back pain and sore breast and all that. Does this indicate my period coming?

I've been fasting from 6am to 6pm for the past 19 days.My period was delayed with one day, it started yesterday with serious cramps and pains ?

I've been having pain in my pelvis during sex. Not always, but it only started happening the last few months. Should i be concerned?

I've been having a really rough period headaches, achy legs, constipation. Now toward the end I started back bleeding heavy and I'm nauseous. Normal?

I've been having back pain, headaches and my overies have been cramping alot. I know it isnt time for my period yet. What could this be?

I've been having cramping pains for 4 days now but they come and go and sometimes even stronger but I just had my period on the 13th of this month ?

I've been having extreme back pain where i got my epidural during labor almost 2 years ago is this normal?

I've been having light cramping but bad lower back pain. No injury. Could I have an infection or be pregnant or any other ideas? Should i worry bout

I've been having lower back pain and cramping for the past couple of days., and i'm getting what looks to be the start of my period. What could it be?

I've been having really bad back pain for a couple days.Today my period started 15 days early. I have no pain when I pee and an IUD. Am I OK?

I've been having some slight abdominal pain for a few days now and today I started spotting but I don't start until anther 5 days. What can this mean?

I've been really having frequent back pain and hip pain i'm currently 8 weeks pregnant i've been spotting but it comes more when hips hurt what to do?

I've got a very bad waist pain. I thought it my period or ovulation but all that is passed. Can you help me please?

I've got lower stomach pain haven't had a period in 2 almost 3 months now...what's going on?

I've had a Merina UID for 8 months. Today I started bleeding and having pain really bad. Any advice please?

I've had an ovarian cyst since saturday. I went back to work today for the first time since then. My pain in my is in full swing again.What do I do?

I've had back pain before, during, and after my period is long gone. Along with headaches , and cramps. What could be going on?

I've had lower back pain for a few months. As well as "old blood" day before period for 4 months. Any ideas? Going to dr on nov 4th.

I've had moderate cramping and lower back pain for a little over 3 weeks my cycle has come and gone. Any idea?

I've had my period july 5th. After my period supposed to went away. I am still bleeding but darker along with minor lower stomach & back pain?

I've had pain in my lower back right side bringing over to my pelvic on my period was suppose to end but now bleeding like i just started heavy w clot?

Iam 30 and every time iam due on a period I get a sharp pain in my right hand side after i've started my period it all settles down', what is it?

If I am pregnant how often should I feel lower back pain?

If i had a lower back tatoo and was pregnant is it still ok to have an epidural?

If I have back pain, does that mean I am going into labor?

If pregnant what can I do to help my back pain it's severe please need advice?

If you have a very heavy period can it seem as if some is coming from the back side as well?

Im 18, once every few months, several days before my period i get this horrible paralyzingly pain in abdomen, lower back, and vagina. What can it be?

Im 2 weeks pregnant and im experiencing back pains is it normal ?

Im 24 weeks pregnant and have been waking up wth some vagina pain, not bad but light pain do you know what it could be?

Im 24 weeks pregnant i been having contractions since thursday is their anything i can do to ease the pain?

Im 24 weeks pregnate, this is my 3rd pregnancy but I am having alot of pressure and back pain is this ok?

Im 27. 2 days ago i was experiencing extreme pain in my abdomen &today my stool was black.idk if its related but my period is also 4 days late. why?

Im 2l vweeks pregnant and im having lower back pains is it normal?

Im 3 mos delayed and i had lower back pain, spotting ang chillin last night what is this cause?

Im 33weeks pregnant and I expierienced my first contraction last night since then my back has been hurting really bad plus my belly?

Im 37 weeks pregnant and having bad abdominal pain and pain in my bottom what does this mean?

Im 37 weeks pregnant i feel lower back pain and a lot of pressure on my vagina what should I do?

Im 37 weeks with sharp pains in my back for regular period of time over last 3 hours, am i in labour?

Im 38 week pregnant getting bad lower back and abdonamal pain and sickness im in so much agony how do I start contractions off?

Im 39 week and 3 days pregnant. Im getting a lot of lower back pain and aches in my back. Should I take something'?

Im 39 weeks and 5 days pregnant, i passed some of my mucus plug last week and today i woke up with lower back and stomach pain.

Im 4 weeks pregnant and getting a lot of cramp pain and back pain?

Im 40 weeks pregnant my due date is the 10th which is tomorrow and all day long I have been having a constant cramp feeling in my lower abdomen which ?

Im at day 25 of 28 of my cycle im havin these symptoms urinating more back pain on n off crampin last 2 wks pressure where the uterus would be tired?

Im experiencing pain in my hips it started a few days ago after squatting heavy for 2weeks. I've felt it before after birth will the pain stop?

Im gettin bad cramps n my lower abdomen no vaginal bleeding I been having this for two days now. It started after first dose of topomax help?

Im having a fever before my period this past few moths. Also have paint in lower abdomen and back hips. But when my period start it will stop my fever?

Im having lower abdominal pain in left side and both hip and back side too. this time i had irregular periods. the next day after period ends i had the pain about 6 hours in midnight to morning. suddenly the pain went. during midnight ive vomited 4 times.

Im having lower and middle back pain after having novasure endometrial ablation done on jul 18 is that normal the pain started saturday jul 20?

Im having lower back an ab pain today I'm 2. Weeks early?

Im having lower back pain, spotting and somethimes cramps. Is this normal? Im 6 weeks pregnant

Im having pain in lower back my period keeps going and coming back?

Im having theobbing pain in my thighs pelvis and lower back am i going to start labour soon as im 37 weeks?

Im not sure if im pregnant my periods stoped 23 november i started heavy 4 days ago with horrible back pains i cant move properly negative blood test?

Im on my period nd im extra sleepy, bleeding more heavy, more clots, very bad lower back pain and harder cramps. What does this mean?

Im pregnant , and im having very bad lower back pains , uterus pains , and vaginal pains . What does this mean ?

Im pregnant and I have really bad back pain ! "what can I do?"

Im pregnant in week 11 and I have back pain is it normal?