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I have PCOS, I haven't had my menstrul in 1 year. Recently, I began feeling pain and the pain gradually increases. Should I be worried?

I have pelvic pain located in my uterus for 4 weeks and constantly feel I need to wee it came on acutrly after a period finished and won't go away. Dr?

I have really bad cramps and feeling sick, took a test came back neg, already had ovarian cysts. I been taking med for the pain but it comes back?

I have sever lower back pain all the time. Some days it's not as bad, but majority of the time it hurts. Could early pregnancy cause that?

I have severe abdominal pain, but tests come back normal?

I have severe lower back pain after pregnancy - how can I get rid of it?

I have started having excruciating cramps since i got my tubes tied. What could be the cause of this?

I have started what seems to be my period 3weeks early. I have cramps in my left leg (witch is normal for me) I have no idea what's wrong please help.

I have these really bad headaches and im nauseas all day and my lower back starting to hurt. Are those early signs of pregnancy?

I have Tubes Tied 6 yrs ago little spotting and have very painful pelvic and lower back pain?

I have very bad back pain when 17 weeks pregnant ?

I haven't gotten my period in 2 weeks now I been having really bad back aches, cramping and side pains Are these signs of pregnancy ?

I haven't had a period since i gave birth.. my son is 2 months old. my stomach is in constant pain what could cause this?

I haven't had my period for over 2 yrs (impanon )but in the last month i being having cramps, back pain and last 4 dys i had drops of bloodisnormal?

I just found out I am pregnant. I have been having mild cramping almost everyday. Yesterday i felt a sharp pain shoot up my pelvic, but no bleeding.I think I am about 5-6 weeks.Is this normal? Worried

I just found out today im pregnant. For about a week I've had bad back pain and cramps. Could that be a sign of miscarriage? Or is it nornal?

I just gave birth exactly 10 days ago, experiencing bad abdominal pains today. What could it be?

I just got my period for the first time in 5 months. It is the worst pain ever and the bleeding has never been like this before please help!?

I just got my period late and my cramps hurt more than any pain I've ever experienced I took ibuprofen but no help and I'm shaking and crying.any help?

I just got off my period on september 23-26 and then a week later i got pain on my lower right pelvic area now i started my period again and it's october 7th?

I just had a baby 11 days ago and just today i started bleeding extremely heavy and it comes with a stabbing like pain in my vagina. What could it be?

I just started my period today and it is unusually light and I am having on and off pain on my left side.

I lost my virginity on saturday and have been spotting since then is it normal also feel some pain still?

I lost my virginity today. I bled a couple hours later and experiencing some soreness now? What other symptoms will I experience?

I lost my virginity yesterday, I got my period last night really heavy lots of cramps & back pain. Is that normal?

I m 6 weeks pregnant. Since yesterday i've been feeling pelvic pain and mild cramping . What to do. I m worried?

I masturbated with a pencil, began bleeding a bit, and it has been 2 days since then and I'm feeling slight pain every now and then. I'm so worried...

I missed my periods for more than 3 months and I have lower back aches, what could be the symptoms of these ?

I normally have a heavy period but ive been spotting this hasnt happened before Im also getting severe headaches and neck pain what could be the cause?

I put in a loop am having pain at my side and bleeding for 2days is that normal?

I recently had gallbladder surgery and I started my period Mon.Ever since then, the symptoms I had before surgery have started back up.Is that normal?

I recently started craving salt badly and have pain on both sides of my lower back. I had hysterectomy two yrs ago so i know i'm not pregnant.

I should of started my period on the 4 of July I'm urinating a lot and my back is always hurting could I possibly be pregnant?

I start my period on the 23rd. Iv'e been having cramps for like a week now and my lower abdomen has tightened any reason why?

I started bleeding during sex on saturday night with excrutiating pain in my lower abdominal, bleeding hasn't fully stopped. Do i need to go hospital?

I started bleeding on wedneday and had really bad sharp pains in my belly ive been bleeding since then and took another test and its came up negative. i dont have any pain had 2 small blood clots ans no tissue?

I started bleeding really heavy and passed a large blood monday night. I had my normal cycle two weeks ago. I was going thru a tampon every 10 min. I am having cramping and lower back pain since then.

I started getting abdominal distension a couple of days ago. Will I be back to normal by next week?

I started metronidazole yesterday and I'm experiencing painful urination with weak flow today. Can this be related?

I started my period 10 days ago and have had mild cramping the last 2 days and low back pain and a head ach. What could this be?

I started my period 11 days early and a cupple days befor that i had a sharp pain on my lowar abdomon i whant to know what's foing on?

I started my period in the 22nd and now that its over i still feel crampy in my pelvis area. ?

I started my period on the 21 May and finished it on the 24th. yesterday ( 30th of may) I felt light cramping pains in my lower tummy, is this normal?

I started my period this morning and it's 4 days early. I feel fine. No cramps or back pain. This isn't normal for me. Should i be worried?

I started my period three days ago. I'm having terrible pain in my left ovary and I just got nauseous. What could it be?

I started my period yesterday and this one is more heavier than my other ones. Also I have more pain than before. Just don't know what caused this?

I started my periods today and it stings when i pee, and I have really bad pains in my lower abdomen, i've never had the pain whilst peeing before.

I started of with week of period pain then slight bleed with stich now brown stuff with stich pain and pulling in my side and back mild headace?

I started the depo shot last month. I have been spotting for 2 weeks now and have been having sharp pains in my lower abdomen and vagina. Is this norm?

I think I am around 6/7 weeks pregnant and have had a lot of pain in my belly and today started having pain in my cervix? What could this be?

I took 2 laxatives last friday night 8pm. Had excruciating pain starting at 1am. Now monday, and im still passing blood and i'm sore & crampy?

I took Clomid (clomiphene) 100 this month from day 5 to 10..Today is day 23 and having strong pain in my lower stomach ?

I took some pain meds for my menstrual cramps about 2 hours and 15 minutes ago. But my cramps are back and they are hurting me very badly. ?

I usually get bad cramps that end by the 1st night of my period. Tonight they are more sharp and persistant than ever. What can cause this change?

I vomited & aftr body started hurting especially my lower back & neck as well as cramping i haven't got my period but i'm not pregnant i took a test?

I vomited about 6 times yesterday in a 3 hours period. Today I have soreness on both sides where my ribs are and around into my back. Please help?

I was 2 weeks late period, usually regular, bled black/brown clots 4 days now stopped, still have lower back pain and cramps and pain right side?

I was a week late for my period. I got it today. I have been having horrible upper left back pain/lower shoulder. Could this be related to my period?

I was due on my period on the 25th, I started bleeding in the 29th but it's really light and pink and I'm having sharp stomach pains and back pains?

I was in the shower and my lower abdomen started to hurt then a lot of blood came out of my vagina I am not on my period help please!?

I was kicked in my belly. I started bleeding for a month It just now stopped im having pain during sex&bowel mm Ive had a us & pelvic exam what's wrong?

I was nauseous for about two weeks. Horrible day where i had a pain in my shoulder /neck area few days later starting to bleed before period? Thoughts

I was raped in april of this year and i've only had one period since and that was in may and i've been having severe stomach pain ever since?

I was sick weds, had a fainting spell on fri, and last night i started to have pain in my lower back that comes and goes like a period cramp. ?

I was stressed out having abdominal pain & menstrual cramps & back pain , everything went away as soon as i had sex i even got hungry , normal ?

I was suppose to come on my menstrual two days agoo now I have stomach pain, what could that be?

I went to the doctor cuz i was had pain on leftlowerside he said i was backedup"constipation" really bad can that cause late or irregualar period?

I went to the doctor in january because of naval pains. Said may be umbilical hernia. It stopped. Now i notice it comes only before period starts why?

I went to the emergency room yesterday because I am 4-5 weeks pregnant and I'm bleeding and cramping with sharp pains occasionally, they said I might ?

I will be 38 weeks pregnant on Tuesday. I started feeling pain in my lower back, now with soft stools. Should I be worried?

I woke up every morning with cramps,full and lower back pain before and after period ended early.I also down with combo. I find I preggy?

I`m experiencing pains on my penis stretching pains it started 3 weeks ago it lasted for 4 days n now d pains have started yesterday. Wats wrong wit me?

I'am39, I have menses 3 nov, I have menses again, yesterday came back.Quantity more than usual .I have pain in the middle of the chest, when moving, rareyl?

I'm 10 weeks pregnant and I have had diarehea for 3 days now followed with lower back pain. Is this normal?

I'm 10dpo.. Suffering from severe lower back pain when bending forward and while sitting.. What does this mean?? Sign of pregnancy??

I'm 13 weeks 4 days pregnant. Been having a lot of pain in the back of my waist..What could it be ? Is it due to streaching of the uterus ?

I'm 15 weeks and I has sex yesterday and now i'm bleeding I have pains like period pains, please help me doctors around are closed, south Africa?

I'm 15 weeks pregnant and i'm getting bad dull lower backache going into my left buttock is this normal?

I'm 17 and 2days ago I started to feel consistent pain on my ovary zone. I don't know if I should worry because I just got off my period a week ago.

I'm 21 weeks preg. since last 3 days having terrible lower back pain. but no abdominal pain,bleeding or discharge. Normal or am I in preterm labor?

I'm 23.4 weeks pregnant what is causing my really bad lower back pains?

I'm 24 F I got my period yesterday and had cramps today my stomach his fine but my legs ache is this normal. ?

I'm 26 weeks pregnant and have had diarrhea 3 times, starting at 4 am, just had my last one. Low ab pain until I go to the bathroom and back pain?help

I'm 27 weeks pregnant & started having lower back pain and pressure pain in my belly today. A white clear muscus came out when I went to the restroom.?

I'm 28 weeks pregnant and my vagina is starting to be sore and my lower back is sore and my hips why is this and is it normal?

I'm 3 months pregnant and my back throbs every time i lay down, throughout the day too I have bad backache...Why causes this and how can I ease this ?

I'm 30 weeks pregnant and am just wondering if an on and off achy lower back is normal?

I'm 32weeks pregnant & having extreme lower back pain and can't turn properly or get up from bed.what is the cause & what can relieve the sharp pain?

I'm 33 weeks 4 days pregnant. I just started having lower abdominal pain and lower back pain. No bleeding or any other labor signs. Please advise.

I'm 33 weeks and 5 days pregnant and I'm having really bad lower abdominal pain . Pain goes away and comes back every 1 minute or 2. What should I do?

I'm 34 weeks pregnant and having bad lower back pain?

I'm 35 wks pregnant&ive been Having Sharp lower back pain on&off For 2days&Mild cramps.keep getting worse. Am I close to labor?

I'm 35+6 weeks pregnant and i'm getting brackstonhicks with pain in lower back is this normal?

I'm 36 weeks and 4 days pregnant i've been having constant pressure in my pelvis since wednesday and constant back pain since this morning around 2.

I'm 37 weeks pregnant been having bad cramping pooping alot and lower back pain my water hasn't broke yet?

I'm 37 weeks pregnant having a lot of back pain and short sharp pains in abdomen baby dropped last week could I be going into labor?

I'm 39w 1dy and am 80% effaced and no dilation. I started having lite cramping yesterday with bad lower back pain. Today is leg cramps. Am i in labor?

I'm 4 weeks pregnant and I have lower back pain that is exactly the same as when i get low back pain from a menstrual period. Is it miscarriage ?

I'm 40weeks 3days pregnant and having extreme upper back pain and into my ribs in the front is this normal?

I'm 40weeks 5 Days Pregnant And Been Having Back Pain For 2 Days Now . What Should I Do ?