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I can't bare this lower back pain any longer. Im 3weeks late for period what is going on with my body please help me!

I dont see my period i go to the bathroom back to back my sides hurt belly cramps what that mean?

I ended my Depo-Provera shot early jan. And still no period.Right lowerside abdmoinal pain nausea stomach pain.?

I feel lower back pain and period is due in 10 days. What could it be?

I feeling heavy on testicles. Doctor told me to come on Monday. What should I do in interim? Feeling very heavy pain :(

I feeling pains in my lower back & hips is that an early sign of pregnancy?

I finally started my period 4days ago.why am I having so much pain on my right side close to my tube? Bleeding heavier not lighter. 4weeks after d&c

I finished my period 4 days ago but am still bleeding an got stomach pains and back ache i was dignosed a couple of years ago with pcos should i go my doctors or out of hours as am concerned as this has never happened before?

I get lower back pain, and it's always worse after/during my period. Why does this happen?

I get pain daily all over my back its like aches from a fever but i don't have one second i started spotting an have not gotten my PMS for this month?

I get really sharp pains when I wee in the first 3 days of my period. I get severe cramping as well that's in my abdomen, hips, lower back and Thighs.

I get severe lower back pain every time i have my period. is there anything that will help this?

I got a sudden strong lower back pain and nausea and is still continuing after i got rest is this a symptom of ectopic pregnancy am worried as we are ?

I got my last period on 21Jan n then I got intimate on Feb1 & feb5 which was my fertile days , on 6th I felt lower back pain for 2 days y that pain???

I got my period a day on the pill and i also have pain just above my navel. Ive never had cramping in that area before.

I got off my period 3 days ago & ever since then I have had headaches , naseau & lower back pains what could it be ?

I got treated for chlamydia and I am still bleeding heavily and cramping all over my stomach and having back and side pains. It has been 4 months now ?

I had 2 days of period only few days later I have a spotting and having lower back pain?

I had a baby 3 mon ago i'm on my second period which came yest I have severe stomach cramps and back passage pain can't go to toilet it hurts so much?

I Had A baby 4mnths ago since my periods have been so heavy I need 3 pads at once and a lot of pain. Is this normal? Never had it like this ever!

I had a D&C 5 days ago. The bleeding has stopped, and I thought the cramps had gone away too but today they came back and are severe & quite sharp. They're not responding to Advil (ibuprofen). Is this normal?

I had a hysterectomy 4 yrs ago the other nite after sex there was light bleeding on the sheets. Today I have severe pain n lower left abdomen ?

I had a hysterectomy approx 20 years ago the last week or week and a half I have felt like i was going to start my period slight nausea general pa?

I had a miscarriage 1 week ago, the bleeding seemed to stop and the cramping is very mild its basically gone.But still keep having lower back pain ?

I had a miscarriage about four weeks ago and a d and c the next day. Since thursday last week I have a knot like cramp on my left ovary?

I had a pelvic exam and immediately after started cramping really really bad is this normal? Im so neasous because of them

I had a period of july 10th with heavy bleedingchanging pads every 2 hours and cramps where I couldnt sit down. Alot of pain in pressure. Period ended july 14th. New period start july 16th with a lot of pain and pressure. Cramps where I can't sit down and

I had a tonsillectomy 5 days ago now and last night my tongue started cramping up and it still is cramped this morning. How do I fix this ?

I had a uterine ablation 4 months ago. Everything has been great till today. I now started having lower back pain, cramping with brown blood.

I had an abortion 4 days ago. Yesterday started cramping bad, headache, back pain, chills but no fever or any bleeding. Should i be concerned?

I had an intercourse 25 days back,afterwards i did get my periods but im afraid because my appetite has increased and i have lower back pains more?

I had an IUI 7 days ago, n about the 3rd day i been have lower back ache and slight cramping but they come and go. is it a good sign that i am pregnan?

I had an IUI Saturday, was fine Saturday and Sunday, but developed lower back pain and cramping on my lower left... Consult my doc? Or is this normal?

I had an ultrasound because I'm experiencing abdominal pain on the left side. I was told that my lining is 8mm. Is this something to be concerned about. I haven't had a period since Sept 2013. And I've had no bleeding since then. Just consistent lower

I had coil out 6th nov I had my period on 15th for 3 days when I normly have it for 7 IV been moody bad boobies nipples hurting and back pain ?

I had intercourse the day my period had stopped 2 days later had spotting and week later lower right abdomem pain ever since. Whats the cause of pain?

I had lower abdominal pain before my period this month, when it came, the pain is gone. Now my period is finished, the pain is back. ?

I had mild pain on my left side on 7/15/13 my period was 6/30/13 30day cycle the pain lasted 4 a half hour was i ovulating on that day r the day after?

I had my last cycle on the 5th and ended on the 9th an started again on the 14th I have slight pain is this serious?

I had my period 9/25 it ended 9/29 october 9 it seems to came back low abdomen pain 3 days today light flow lower back pain no cramping what's wrong?

I had my period for 1 day last week and now im having really bad cramps and lower back pain my period usually last a week, any idea what this could be?

I had my period for 10days and then it stopped and then 3 days later I started again for 5 days and then off and on for 5 days with pain in right overy area?

I had my period last week , this week I don't have it anymore but I have cramps and back pain. What is this ?

I had my period on 25 of December and im having another one now its 9 of January it's my first time ,i had a back pain so i took some pain medicati?

I had my period the 11th of december and got off in 7 days, had never used protection when got off n now have pain near right ovary i think ?

I had my period twice last month and the second one I had a lot of pain in my lower back which is a first for me, could I be pregnant?

I had really rough sex yesterday now I'm experienceing right ovary pain & cramps is it because he went in really deep Cus I felt it can that be it ?

I had sever back pain and abdominal pain and i had light brown spotting then i got my period. I suddenly ejected a weird sac from my vagina?

I had severe abdomnial pains. found out i had a uti, started period, ended period now im spotting and starting to hurt again. I have mirena that was supposed to be removed in November. No insurance and cannot get into a clinic until may 18th, should I go

I had sex and i'm 8days delayed but I have pain in my lower stomach and lower back. What does this means?

I had sex on the 16th I took a take action pill on that same day. two days I been feeling right lower abdomen pain. today Im havin bleeding &brown dis

I had sex on the 17 October 2015 & i got my period on the 24 of October 2015 and ended 28 & i been having head aches ,dizziness,lower back pains ?

I had sex yesterday , at the end of the day i started to feel pain in my lower stomach ever since then it's been hurting and i'm dizzy, sign of prego?

I had some spotting on April 23 2015 it stopped and came back on April 26 Wth a string of reddish in it now April 27 my lower stomach hurts help me.

I had two periods this month one on 08/03/2014 and 08/22/2014 is that normal and I'm still having lower back pain could I be pregnant or no?

I has 3 periods in one month all between 2 to 3 days. Its heavy and i have back pain. Nothing else hurts but i just want to know why ?

I have a backpain since last two days?

I have a lot of pain/contractions during my period and for a few months it lasted for 9-11 days but is now back to about 6 days. Is this normal?

I have a lower back pain? Could that be early labor?

I have a pain in my breasts is it a symptom os pregnancy or anyhting else?I too have back pain also.

I have a pain on my right ovories.What does that mean?. But am bleeding light. It comes nd goes?

I have a really heavy period some clotting and lower back pain feels like I threw my back out does this mean anything ?

I have a UTI and just got my period. No pain peeing up until now while on my period, I've been on Macrobid for six days now. Why am i getting pain now?

I have back pain and lower abdominal pain 2 weeks before my period, what cpuld be the reason for that?

I have back pain and nauseous. I just started back on the pill. What could cause this, anything other then pregnancy?

I have back pain during 1st day of my periods.I can't bear it for a day.?

I have back pain when i'm on my cycle. How to prevent this?

I have been experiencing lower back tightness and pressure. I just started my period, but it only comes out when i pee and wipe. Is something wrong?

I have been experiencing pain in my right ovary for over a week, got my period on due date yesterday and the pain has gotten worse since. ?

I have been experiencing since my 2 last miscarriages pain in my left arm the first day or 2 days of my period.. should I be worried?

I have been havin really bad belly cramps since i gave birth and its on goibg pain in my belly what could cause this?

I have been having constant ruq pain for 3days now also started with pain in my back today. Im 28 weeks pregnant.

I have been having lower back pain.....I can't stand up for a long peroid of time?

I have been having uterine cramps for 4 weeks. My lower back hurts occasionally. I think I may have a UTI. That's the only symptom I'm having.

I have bleeding after finishing my period.Its medium n i also trying for the baby nearly year.I have pain in my lower abdomain n right aswell.Plz help?

I have burning that started in my lower back, and moved up higher to mid back which is constant. anxiety and nausea as well. Urinalysis was negative.

I have constant burning lower back pain at 5 weeks pregnant it's been there for about a week is this possible miscarage?

I have cramping like mens. Cramping spotting lower back pain and leg pains. Im on day 8 of my cycle. No sex until tonight first time since my mensc?

I have diarrhea since last night. I have went approx 12 times. It's burning my bum. What can I do to stop or help the soreness ?

I have extreme pain on right side onlyvand came on my period today, it doesnt feel like my usual cramping, what would cause this ?

I have fibroid and lower back pain and period stop coming on and not having a bady what's wrong and 37 years old?

I have griping pains in my lower abdomen and haven't had a period since my baby was maybe 6months old his now 9months could this just be a period?

I have had horrible lower stomach cramps and lower back pain, and its getting worse.I had the essure procedure done in December of 2010. ?

I have had a mirena (levonorgestrel) put in back in june. I have been on my period. Today I feel sick and pain in my pelvis what is goin on?

I have had extreme pain in my lower abdomen for 3 days now. I started my period yesterday, but the pain started the day before ibuprofen doesn't help.

I have had no period since April 19 and I have only started to get tender brest and lower back pain and feel sick only a couple times ?

I have heavy and sore breasts, lower back pain, right hip pain, cramps and sleepiness. Could this be pregnancy?

I have home pregnancy test that are positive. I have nausea, sharp pains in my lower back and front right lower side. it's also a burning feeling, ver?

I have horrible cramps not due to start my period til the 1st of the month hurt badly what could it mean?

I have lower back pains and spotted for 3 days. Could i be pregnant?

I have muscle spasm in uterus. Have recently had a period. Spasm started after a miscarriage 9 months ago. What is it it feels weird ?

I have my period now after 3 mos, but im having fever, pain on my upper and lower back. Im having also sore throat. Is symptom related to my period?

I have my period, but I have cramping and low back pain across my back when i sit down I am very uncomfatable

I have nausea, tiredness, and lower back pain. Not sure what it is it just came on overnight?

I have normally 25 days cycle but today is 27. Last week I have pain on my tummy & my leg & just feeling like period but still not started.I'm 33years?

I have pain in my lower left abdomen start when my ovulation cyclestart also back pain what it mean please help me.. This pain every month occourd?

I have pain in my shoulder since a period not a little?

I have pain on my shoulder, stomach cramp , and back pain 3days after taking postinor 2, is this normal or im preg?

I have pain under my breast anf upper back. Am 28 week pregnant.Is there is any problem?

I have pcos and last night after having sex I started to have very bad sharp cramps from my belly button to my back for at least 2 hours. Why?