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Hello how are you, it is 9 days after menstrual and I wake up yesterday morning with extremely painful lower back pain and 2 very light spot, lil help?

Hello mam I had sex just before of my periods started 3 week before. today is 22th day. Now i m feeling abdominal pain back pain etc. m i pregnant ?

Hello someone help? I got put on bc about almost a month ago. And i just stopped bleeding a week ago, but i still have somewhat cramps and sharp pains in my stomach and towards my left side. A couple days ago i went to take a shower at 6:00 am and i star

Hello- I have not had my period now for a month and a half. My last period was all brown. Last week I got a really sharp pain on my left side. Help!

Hello, I am 15 weeks preg will be 16 tomorrow since yesterday morning 2015-12-18 I have been experiencing light pains inmy womb, plz help?

Hello, I had a bad fall on my side the day before yesterday and I've been having slight vaginal bleeding today...Is that normal? I'm 30 years old.

Hello, I recently had a week late period, however two weeks after my period ended i have spotting reddish-brown, and some cramping on my left side of my pelvis and at times on the right side it goes and comes, i feel somewhat bloated as well, is this norm

Hello, my period is supposed to end today, and I am having cramps paired with some dull rectal pain. I haven't done anything to cause the pain either.

Hello. Sunday I started my menstrual and yesterday while I was using the rest room I felt a sharp pain in my bladder. It has been doing it ever since. It seems to only happen when my bladder is almost empty. I have never had that happen to me so I'm not s

Hi i am experiancing severe pain in abdoman form past 5 maoths during periods. bleeding has droped to minimal to very less.

Hi having mild cramps mild headaches 10days late restroom alot clear discharge pressure between legs that can last all day travels to but n lower bac?

Hi i am 43 years old. I am 11 weeks pregnant. Actually from yesterday i have started bleeding and pain. i want to ask about this. ?

Hi i am currently on depo for the last 4-5day ive felt nausea on of though the days head aches sharpe pains in my belly/abdomen i seen i bit of brown spotin like dry blood and i slept really uncomftable last night are these normal side effects on depo?

Hi i had the implant taken out on the 7th may but i haven't had a period but I've had cramping and back ache i had a bit spotring on the 28th of june?

Hi I just started horrid pains on my right side and back with brown spotting I have have mirena (levonorgestrel) for 7 months and this never happened before. ?

Hi im 6 weeks pregnant juat started getting lower back pain is this normal?

Hi im getting lower back pain very bad and my period was due on monday.. but i have been feeling very faint and sick since Tuesday what will i do?

Hi im having bad headaches and have a swollen belly nd leukrea and lower back pain please help im not pregnant?

Hi just today i had gotten up to stretch and a sharp pain started at my belly button and ended at my vagina. Is there something wrong down there?

Hi there. I suffer from heavy periods aswell as period pain in my stomach, thighs and lower back. I wanted to know if it was OK to masturbate. Thank u?

Hi, i had a one day period with normal flow then it stoped and I've gone to spotting just a little with horrible back pain onlu on the left side and low abdominal cramps. Is this normal?

Hi, I have lower back pain almost everyday mostly when i wake up. I work in an office, i'm 23, not pregnant. What's wrong?

Hi, I just got off my period Wednesday but this morning when I woke up I was spotting lightly and ever since I'm having bad cramps and lower back pain?

Hi, I lost my virginity yesterday, I experienced bleeding soon after it happened and today aswell, but it's a brown colour& also I have lower stomach pains, I'm just wondering if this is normal? Or if there is any chance I could be pregnant?

Hi, I was wondering if stress could have caused me to start my menstrual cycle 10 days early. Yesterday was pinkish spotting and I woke up today to nothing so far. I am having lower back aches and alittle cramping in my stomach area. I use condoms during

Hi, I went without having a period for 5 months and now I have had my period continuously for a month now, feeling weaker and on tramadol for the pain?

Hi, I'm 16 and I got my first period this summer of 2015. my last period was November 14 and I usually get it around the 21 and this month December I haven't gotten it yet. I have been experiencing the symptoms of my period like back pain moody ness and m

Hi, ive been having some right lower abdominal pain, i went to the bathroom and i got my period 3 days early. My 1st day of last cycle was on 12-3-15.

Hi, my period was due a week ago yet it hasn't started. I'm having slight cramps but am in a lot of pain with my lower back.

Hi,I had my period and a few days later it started again.It felt like a normal period with tummy and back ache. Doc says its bladder infection?

Hi! I have pcos i think i might be going through a miscarriage. I was bleeding light them stopped a few days now a huge clot came out. Lower back pain?

Hi! I'm having really bad abdomen pain and spotting which I find very Odd since I got my period two weeks ago can you please tell me what's going on?

History of p.I.d. abnormal period light bleeding. No pain during period but intense pain since 27th Dec 2014. Constant nauseated constant cramp ?

How bad is low back pain in early pregnancy ?

How can I combat lower back pain during my period? It is a constant pain for the few days of my cycle.

How can i help my horrible cramps? I always have constant cramping so i got the mirena inserted fri the cramps have only gotten worse and Tylenol (acetaminophen) isnt

How can I manage back pain in pregnancy?

How can I prevent back pain in pregnancy?

How do I manage back pain in my pregnancy if ptl?

How do I relieve severe back pain and cramps due to my period?

How far along in pregnancy do u have to be to get pain in your back?

How long can back pain from periods last?

How long does back pain associated with pregnancy last?

How severe can lower back pain be at 5 weeks normal pregnancy? Will there be discomfort in every sleeping position when having retroflexed uterus?

How soon after implantation would i have.Cramps and lower back pains?

How to ease menstraul pain? I haven't had my period for three months now and i just started menstrating today. It hurts a lot but it didn't used to.

I am getting sharp and pressure pain on my lower right stomach/pelvis since thursday evening and started my period today.?

I currently 18 weeks pregnant.. The past few days I have had cramps on right side. Today I am experiencing headaches and nausea.. Should I go a&e???

I already had my period but i still have back pains nd mild cramps what can it be ? I do have a dermiod cyst on my right bt cramps are in my left ???

I am 14 weeks 6 days pregnant and I am having horrible lower back pain. Can I use Icy Hot?

I am 16weeks and 2 days pregnant and experiencing a lot of back pain that comes nd goes w cramping and mild pressure? Is this normal

I am 19 periods are usually heavy n come on time .But why has the last 4 months they come later n later? N if i get exvrutiating pains in lower abdome

I am 24 weeks pregnant and having back ache.Is it common during this time?Pls advise how to deal with it.

I am 25 weeks pregnant and I am in a lot of pain in my lower stomach and back is there need to go to the hospital?

I am 26 weeks pregnant and I am having really bad lower back and lower stomach pain and i going into early labor.

I am 26w3d pregnant and for the past 4 days i've been getting cramping and bad back pain what should I do.?

I am 3 DPO IV got slight crampy pains in lower tumy no sharp pains back ake no sickness cud i b pregnant as beeing trying for 3 yrs?

I am 30+ weeks pregnant and since yesterday have become slightly swollen and puffy i also have lower back pain similar to period pains ?

I am 31 weeks 3 days pregnant and currently experiencing some pretty bad back pain and abdominal cramping. Should I be worried?

I am 32 weeks pregnant and I'm having a dull back ache that comes and goes and the past day I've had the pain happen in my sides off and on. should I?

I am 32 weeks pregnant with Crohn's and for the past two weeks I have had blood in my stool and nausea, then just today i began to get mid back pain.

I am 35 weeks pregnant and have been having cramping and back pain and a lot of pressure. I also was spotting yesterday and then it stop. ?

I am 35 weeks pregnant with sever back pain and nausea.

I am 35w 2d pregnant. I have a lot of back pain normally but today I am having extreme back pain that will not let up. Is it back labor?

I am 37 weeks pregnant. Not much movement today and lower back ache. Yesterday i was about 4/5th. This is my 3rd pregnancy. What should I expect?

I am 39 weeks and 4 days pregnant and is having back and waist pain and I am also having bad pain under my belly and between legs, is this labor?

I am 39 weeks pregnant & I am having a lot of pain in my back & then I am having bad pain on my cervix ?

I am 39weeks pregnant i keep having bad lower back pain somtimes one side more than the other is that a sign of labour?

I am 4 days past ovulation and had diarrhea 3 mornings in a row hen it stopped i also have cramping and low back pain could i be pregnant?

I am 4weeks and five day pregnant have back pain and cramping is this normal I am also 38 years old. ?

I am 6 weeks pregnant and have the nova t iud in, I am having upper back pain, it began before the pregnancy , What can be the cause of this? Thanks

I am 6 weeks pregnant and I am having severe back pain what can I take what can I do?

I am 6weeks and 6 days pregnant and every night and half the day I am cramping bad. What is this pain?

I Am 6Weeks Pregnant And My Lower Back Hurt Bad When IM At Work, Why Is This?

I am a 20 year old woman, is it normal to have lower back pain when my period is near?

I am a 47 year old female with extreme back pain. Hurts to walk and bend over. Missed a period. Is this normal?

I am about 10 weeks pregnant. I have been experiencing abdominal pain and lower back pain. Started saturday and has been getting more intense. Worry?

I am almost 14 weeks pregnant nd my belly jyst started showing nd I've also been getting back pains today it got real bad is it normal?

I am almost 47 and still am getting real bad cramps, heavy flow, clots and sharp pain while on my period. Is this normal at my age?

I am at school & i just got my period & I am having imense pain in my lower back & stomach. Any suggestions i can do to stop the pain?

I am at the of first trimester of pregnancy. I am feeling too much lower back pain. Could you please recommend what should I do?

I am currently 4 days late one my period, I'm experiencing lower back,stomach cramps, face is broke out, nausea and headaches. what does this mean???

I am due on my period on the29th but i ovulated around the 12th and since then I have had light cramps heart burn sore nipples and lower back pain

I am experiencing low back pain and hip pain. Also my period is late but i don't believe I'm pregnant I had tubal clamps 10 years ago?

I am having abdominal pains over a week now and I was supposed to start menstruating on the 24th but up till nw it hasn't come yet only feeling the pa?

I am having immense severe pain in my tailbone like nothing I've ever experienced that started today after I started my period?

I am having lower back pains like period pains. I had some miscarrisges before. I am 38yrs old. My last period was sometime in october or november. P?

I am having mid lower back pains and cramps but my period does not start til the 15 and the pain in the back just started today the cramps start about a week ago and my stomach gets up set with me at night

I am late for my period by 2weeks 3 days now i was due on last month on the 16th and i didnt recieve that period and i havent had one since i am having very bad pains in my upper ribs on my left?

I am on my period and I have back pain i don't remember ever being this back its in the middle of my back or could it be something else?

I am on the implanon, i had a period about 2 weeks ago. Yesterday i began having severe cramping in my stomach, radiating to my back. Suddenly bleedin?

I am roughly 5 weeks pregnant and have started having chest pain! Is this normal?

I am suppose to start my cycle in 2 days. Is it normal to have left side pain and cramps? What is this caused by?

I been having back pain for a while and I'm currently pregnant and my back has been hurting for a few days what should I do?

I been having cramps like periods I have gotten test it and everything it's normal also lower back pain with it what it could be the cause?

I been having head aches ,dizziness,lower back pains , and lower stomach pains what does that mean ? because i had sex on 17 of October 2015 but i got my period on October 24 and ended 28 but idk if that was my actual period . What does that mean ? Oooh i

I began to spot yesterday & today I got my period but is not as heavy as normal I also have cramps & back pain. Does dis officially mean not pregnant?

I believe i may be late with my period could the cause be because i experimented with with alcohol the last couple of weeks. Im having lower back pain?

I bled while n after having sex with bad cramps and lower back pain. feels like im on my period but it's still 15 days after the end of my last one. ?

I came off my period 14 days ago and 2day I av bin avin sharp painful cramps in my lower stomach and i av also got back ache and sore breasts ?