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Been having low back pain for about 5 days after period now i don't know what's causing it. Help ?

Been having really bad lower abdominal pain and lower back pain.I have been having unprotected sex since August and I have pcos?

Been on zelleta 75mg 3 months, not bled in over 50 days just brown spotting when i wipe. Def not pregnant. Pain on right side of groin and lower back?

Been told I'm miscarrying, have had very achy pains in my lower abdomen all day. Is this the beginning? What signs to look for when it starts?

Bleeding during intercourse bad period come regular this month started on time then stopped other days spotting all day no full flow but always stops pain in left side back right pain hpt was negative?

Came off contraceptive pill. Due ovulation next week. She is having constant dull lower tummy ache, worse when standing, run or after wee. What is it?

Can back pain and light cramping a song of ovulation?? Cause my back is been hurting and cramps don't go away and am suppose to get my period in 9 day

Can back pain indicate ovulation?

Can bad back pain mean more period than a pregnancy?

Can hip pain (both), lower back and side pain, and some stomach pain be normal after pregnancy? ( birth by c section. 13 weeks ago). (PAP up to date)

Can I be experienceing lower back pain , from being pregnant (5weeks ) ? Is it possible to have lower back pain this early ?

Can i be pregnant i started my peroid days early IV beenhaving lower back pain really bad pain and cramps are horrible and head aches every nite even laying down doesn't cut it IV never hurted this bad during a peroid 3 days early the blood was light at

Can I have sex even though i just started bleeding im going threw a miscarrage will it help with the pain or will it hurt me

Can lack of sleep cause lower back pain? 4-5 hours/night. can PCOS cause back pain? no period 4 yrs I've only started having back pain for a month

Can Low Vitamin D cause back pain during pregnancy?

Can lower back pain cause late period?

Can lower back pain occur within a week after conception?

Can Ortha Evra cause back pain? Been on the patch for 4 days and have horrible nausea and longer period with cramping. Is this normal ?

Can progesterone shots cause lower back pain?

Can the implanon cause back pain?

Can upper back pains be a sign of pregnancy?

Can you get back spasms and it relate to your period? Not sure if it's my back or my period coming.

Can you have a lower back MRI while pregnant?

Can you please tell what happens after your periods are over. I mean slight lower abdomen and back pain is normal. What happens after evey period? Virgin

Chest pain on and off since may. Stopped in august and just started up again on tuesday night and hasn't been on and off. What going on?

Constant abs pain since I started working out?

Constant back pain at the middle lower back.period due today but has not arrived yet. I've never had this before.

Constant cramping. Finished period 5 days ago. Treated for chlamydia 4weeks ago. Doctor says pain will settle but I am worried. What could it be?

Constant dull ache in back while pregnant. What can I take for this?

Constant lower back pain n like a pinching feeling in lower abdomen, periods on time,brown n spotting for 2 days only.Shud I still take pregnancy test?

Constant lower back pain. On menstrual cycle. Back started hurting about a week before i started. Could it just be menstrual? Had contractions in back

Could i be going into labour? Lower back pain always there pressure pain in abdome comes and goes lots of white discharge.

Cramp and back pain in 5 month pregnancy. Is it normal?

Cramping and lower back pains for 4 days period came on Sept.5 and 6 then came back on sept26 27 28. but I have a iud?

Cramping on left side for a few days few days later got pain in belly button period not due till the first july?

Creamy discharge lower back pain and lower stomach pain five days to my period pregnant?

Csection and tubal 2 years ago pain started then but all test came back fine now it's so unbearable i just cry and with menstrual is very bad unbearab

Currently 37 weeks 2 days pregnant lastnight really bad cramps this morning woke up with arm and legs pain ?

Day early on my period lower back and side pains ? What going on ?

Days Ago My Veins Started Popping Out Breast And They Recently Started Hurting But I've Been Cramping On And Off But No Period. what Could This Mean ?

Didnt get brown stage after having period for 3-4days spotting when peed hot cold sore ribs aches and pains in back and legs nausea headaches help me?

Do period pain, bloating, lower back pain, dhiarrea mean pregnancy?

Do you suppose to have lower stomach pains during 3 week pregnancy? Is it to early to be having shortness of breath and Lower bak pains?

Doctor, I am having my second period of the same month one week apart, today is the 6th day.No severe pain, no weekness. Plz help?

Does a dull lower back pain means an early sign of pregnancy?

Does lower back hurt in the beginning of first trimester?

Dr.Is bad lower back pain a very early symptom of pregnancy?At 12 dpo.It hurts me well.Trying for a baby from last 4 months.

During my period i started getting lower right abdomen pain. I am off my period and still hasnt gone away. It comes and goes very few mins. Dull pain?

During pregnancy 5th month slightly having back pain please advice and tell me the precautions?

Each month have a dull ache on right ovary a wk beforemy period. Has been happening for about 6- 12 mths. Have also had 3 v painful periods. Why?

Ease back pain while pregnant?

Endometrial ablation on tuesday, having aweful cramps in lower abdomen today. Didnt really have cramping before today. Normal or not?

Every month during ovulation I wake up w/ chest pains, vomiting and back pains. What causes this? Stress test came back normal.

Extreme pain in ovaries and lower back in morning and period bleeding only then, none at night. 4th month of lutera, this happened last month too?

Feeling CONTRACTION like pain in my lower back on & off for a few weeks now. Not pregnant, tubes tied, no periods either, what can cause this?

Felt pain in front lower left abs, few hours a day. happen after menstrual period ended and recurring every month (3 months now). what can cause it?

First period in 4 months and very heavy with lower back pain and severe cramping should I go to the er?

For the last 2 days i've had light vaginal bleeding and cramps. Today, I started having lower back pain as well. What could it be?

For the last few days I have been spotting off an on only 2times and now today I'm having lower stomach pains what could it be btw my periods are irrg?

For the past 3 - 4 cycles my 15 yr old daughter keeps having 2 periods per month (she started at age 11). She is also having lower back pain. Why?

For the past 3 weeks i, ve been with breast pain and they are swollew and i also had lower back pain and today the day of my period I've brown discharge?

For the past two days, I have had constant cramping in my uterus,already had period,and my lower back is killing me like I'm on an intense period.Help?

Forgot my BCP yesterday. Took it today. But I have a dull ache on left side of vulva, like in the muscle. Aches a little when I pee. Hormonal?

Forgot to put on my other question, i'm around 4 weeks, spotting went from light to heavy, bad cramping & back pain

Frequent urination comes back 11 days after a miscarriage.. What is wrong? Along with that, nausea came back. No intercourse has happened at all.

Gave birth 5 months ago. Current menstral began yesturday today i'm having a very heavy flow. More then i'v every had and stabbing pain in my lower ab?

Got late periods, lower stomach pain both sides, heavy bleeding, now my stomach is looking big after periods, pains both sides whenever do sex.Suggestion?

Got only 1 day heavy period and it stops, after suffered from stomach pain and headache, and tinkling on my breast..what does it means?

Got period after 4mo and it lasted 11 days,which never happens.I've been experiencing dull uncomfortable on/off pain by my uterus.What could it be?

Gurgling stomach/lower ab pain. Began b4 period 1 mo ago. Pain gone durin period. came back after. vaginal canal burning now after 2nd period.Std?UTI?

Had 2 5 day blastocyst put in sunday. Have cramppy belly and lower back pain is this 2nd sign.

Had a little rough sex yesterday and I also made too much force and I started cramps or pain only when I sit down.why?

Had an intercourse. Got periods on time for 4 months straight. my periods got over 2 days back. Now i have severe painback and stomach pain. Reasons?

Had an medical abortion 6 weeks ago period as yet but recently just about a week ago I began having lil minor cramps and back pain can that ?

Had bleeding after sex and it stopped after I used the bathroom. now today I am having cramps in my hip and my lower abdomen. what could cause all of?

Had csection in march. B4 baby had ez short period. Now I have heavy bleedin sharp stomach pain before and during period& sharp pains in my scar.Why?

Had ICSI it hasn't worked and I am now on my period it started Sunday 22nd heavy and extremely painful.Is this extreme pain normal?

Had my period 9/1-9/04 now today the9th having sharp pain only right sodeside pelvic. Just started and have cramps normal? No b.c sexually active

Had my period on the 20th Feb and ends yesterday, 24th Feb. Today still having cramps, diarrhea, stabbing pain on right side of pelvic and bloating.

Had ovarian cyst, ruptured, .Er gave lodine (etodolac). Got period 4days later. Week after period ended same dull, achy, pain back. Seems like discharge with pain?

Had pain in my calf and took out the nuvaring should I still be worried?

Had period for 2 days,Stopped for 3,came back heavy today.Never experienced that,always had weird MC though..but what could this be? Stabbing pain to.

Had period over a wk ago, today had a cramp that started at the bottom of stomach to my lower back. Went to bathroom and was spotting, is this normal?

Had sex 5 days ago and this morning I woke up with abdominal pains but it's gone now...what could be the reason?

Had somewhat of a period. It wasnt like my normal but was on time. 2weeks ago since then have had back pain and cramps can I be pregent?

Had unprotected sex for maybe 2 minutes he didn't finish. Strt period in 4 days. Had severe pains on left side below rib cage. Back pains.Normal PMS sym?

Hav a pain under in my armpit for about a week now.Comes and goes.Just started my menstrual a few days ago. Could this be related?What could this be?

Have horrible cramping pain day/days before period starts or end of pd. Doesn't happen every month. Sometimes I pass out from the pain. Wht can it be?

Have lower stomach&lower back pain,almost feels like I'm on my period. But I just ended on the 23&had unprotected sex on the 24.what can this mean?

Have'nt had my period since september i started today but im having severe abdominal and back pain that shoots down my leg and I've hadovarycystbefore?

Haven't had my period for over a year, i was on the Depo-Provera then was off it for 6 months and now back on it. Have extreme back pain for years, related?

Having period-like cramps and low back pain at 33 weeks pregnant. What could this mean?

Having back pain, i usually get on my period but im not on it yet so does that mean something?

Having lower back pain and still no period but on depo...?

Having lower back pain the past two days similar to menstrual pain but my period ended a week and a half ago. What could be causing this?

Having lower back stiffness after sex, what can I take for this pain?

Heavy bleeding (unusual). Pains in my side that feel like my stomach but no pain medicine is working. Period just came on at the end of the month. ?

Heavy bleeding no cramps spine pain n lower back. 8-8 changed tampon(superplus) 5 times 2day. Got very sleepy very quick laid down was out for 10 norm?

Hello I have a question! I had my period on september12th and I started getting cramps and lower back pain.which seems like my period again the other ?

Hello dr, i just started cardio workout yesterday at home, and now I am having pain in lower side stomach,is it normal or i stop doing this.