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 i have bleeding. All the time now and sometimes achy lower back. I think cervical cancer is backas ?

'40 weeks pregnant and i''m having upper back pain. Is this something to worry about?'

"i'm 26 yrs old had a normal period that ended january 3 came back on january 17 for 17 days lower abdominal pain blood clogs started again today.

10 days late for period. Lasted a day. Old blood. Pain in lower back and hips. Frequent urination, back aches, headaches. What could it be?

10 weeks pregnant with lower back pain. Ultrasound today showed everything fine. What can I do to help the back pain?

10wk pregant having lower back pain and pelvis i am pettite is this normal ?

11 weeks pregnant diabetic light bleeding light pain on left front side weird feeling when i pee! pain comes n goes?

14 days late on my period and it's very sore to lay on my tummy and experiencing lower back pain?

15 weeks pregnant low dull backache sometimes going into left buttock is this normal?

15weeks pregnant with severely upper back pain?

16 weeks pregnant with lower back pain when I hold in urine.?

16 yr old- finished period couple days ago and yesterday had horrible pain near right ovaries& abdominal area. Plus has been havin more discharge !?

17 weeks pregnant, a lot of cramps and back pain in the lower left, very dizzy and nauseated as well as very weak, i had an UTI and took pills at 12 wks?

18 yr old fem. 1st day of period, severe cramps+lower back ache. This is usual. But quadriceps hurt on the 1st day for the past year or so. Normal?

2 days after my period i got a really sharp pain in my stomach and spotting is this normal it's still going on but it's in and off is this normal?

2 weeks after my period started, i got dull pain in left pelvic area, cramps, lower back pain, and brown discharge that comes and goes past 5 days?

2 weeks after period, light brown discharge, unprotected sex, bc, threw up 4 nights ago, then fine now I have lower back pain, under my rib pain, hungr?

2 weeks ago i had sex on my period. Now i'm having back and abdominal pains really bad. It even hurts while sitting there and doing nothing. I am losing weight so i don't know why my back is hurt. Why is this? Could i be pregnant?

2 weeks late, have back cramps, bra is not fitting & hurts to put on white discharge, &lower back pains. have an irrgular period since started @14?

20 late then light bleeding, lower back and abdominal pains on and off, headaches and strange pains running up my right arm am I pregnant?


21 yr old female. Achy lumpy left breast with back pain. Could this be related? Cancer? Started period last friday, off now. Cancer? Doc next thursday

21/fm never been pregnant. IUD one string feels longer,lower cramping and back pain started july4th. Doesnt feel like period pain.How urgent is this?

22 weeks pregnant and have lower back and hip pain that makes it difficult to walk. Is this normal pregnancy pain?

23 weeks pregnant fourth child and constant low back pain and cramps?

24 weeks pregnant my lower back hurt so much what could be the problem should I be concern?

25 weeks pregnant with second child feel pain in my lower back?

25 weeks 4 days pregnant, have had pelvic pressuea few times, but this time since yesterday, today first time it was a sharp pain when i tried to get up?

2Weeks oflighly bleeding. Back pain some cramps. Started Depo-Provera shot 2months ago is its side effects?

31 week pregnant, nauseas, back pain normal?

31 weeks pregnant horrible mid upper back pain diarrhea and dizziness 3 days?

32 weeks pregnant having lower back pain lost of mucus plug menstrual like cramps and diarreah?

32weeks, i was having contractions all night they came every 3-5 minutes and lasted 2mins. I woke up this morning with just lower back cramping.

33 weeks pregnant horrible back, abdomen and pelvic pressure/pain. What could be the cause?

33 weeks pregnant with lower back pain and diarrhea. When should I call doctor?

34 weeks pregnant and having lower to mid back pain is this normal if not what could it be?

35 weeks pregnant and back pain for the past hour and a half with on and off cramping. What do I do?

35 weeks pregnant gettin sharp paims off nd on not contraction pains... Nd also gettn cramp pains like period cramps no bleeding ot nothing??

35wks pregnant with contant lower back pain?

36 weeks pregnant and have severe upper back pain that won't go away, is this more likely my gallstones or pregnancy. It's only in the back.?

36 weeks pregnant, severe back ache and pains what could it mean?

37 weeks and 2 days pregnant with very intense lower back pain and some stomach tightening is this possibly labor?

37 weeks pregnant and having lower abdominal pains that come and go. What does this mean?

37 weeks pregnant and keep getting spasm type cramps in my lower back, what is this?

37 weeks pregnant lower back pain what does this mean?

37 weeks pregnant with constant back pain, does not ease with position change. ?

37 weeks pregnant, lower back pain, should I be concerned?

38 weeks pregnant with constant back pain. Please help?

38 weeks, cramping on and off, sharp pains lower stomach, sharp back pains and pressure No spotting Can this be labor or false labor?

39 weeks 4days pregnant and having constant lower back pain could this be a start of labor?

39w 1dy pregnant today and had bad lower back pain and lite menstrual like cramps? Does this mean i'm in early labor or dilating? Or both?Thanks!

3rd pregnancy and am 4 weeks..Lots of cramping and low back pain..Not constant it comes and goes..Is this normal?

4 days before my cycle and only having pains in buttocks and lower back. Could that indicate pregnancy?

40wks pregnant.Started bleeding a little yesterday.Having terrible lower back pain at interval lasts 40secs.Doc said OS is closed.Pain is really bad. period in the AM.I went to dinner ate a lot & two strong cocktails.Got home had severe pelvic&back pain,heavy period.Now belly feels sore.

5 days after my light 5 day period I started experiencing spotting. With an addition of lower back pain & sore breast. What's going on?

5 weeks pregnant and light cramps and low back pain. Should I be concerned? Nothing horrible in pain...

5M4D pregnant. I been having cramps & back lower pain. I don't know if its normal?

5w4days preg have pinching and aching around hips lower back and pelvis and the occasional pink discharge. Is this normal? Am I miscarrying?

6 days of heavy period weak an in a lot of pain lower back is hurt as well movement makes flow harder was on mierna 3 yrs it came out 1 mth ago ? Help

6weeks pregnant an having back pains ?

7 months past a tubleligaton, late period, sick to my stomach, pain on lower back both sides, could i be pregnant?

7dpo and having bad stretching aching pains in lower back and right side of pelvis. Is this normal? Is this a sign of pregnancy? If yes will b my 4th

8 day long strong period pain back pain swollen/heavy stomach wich started with extreme pain after sex 4yr history of this seen doc in pastno answers?

A day after my last period ended i started experiencing lower back pain. On day 3 immediately after dinner i started to feel nausea. What could it be?

A few days ago I got breast pain like I normally do before my period. Recently the pain went away but I haven't gotten my period. What's happening?

A few minutes after i started my period i had severe cramps. Started throwing up from all the pain. What can I take?

A week late for my period having very little bleeding this morning but has already stopped pain in left lower front side and back pain worse in back?

Abdominal cramping, lower back pain along with a terrible headache for a week today i started having a brownish orange discharge &very dizzy ?

Abdominal cramps back pains shoulder pain feeling like i'm going to faint n light pink spotting at 4wks pregnant is something wrong with my baby?

Abnormal menstrual bleeding went on for a few months, norethisterone helped then got worse, then stopped for 3 months, now its back, worse and some pain?

After 2 abortions in may n sept, my friend has been experiencing sharp pains in the stomach. She has also been bleeding for the past 2 weeks wats wrong?

After birth been bleeding since April16 & pain in stomach & lower I cry! Docs say it a UTI but I don't think so I've had period it gos and comes HELP ?

After my period today 18day I have headache, abdominal pain and today I have spot bleeding and stopped. Now I have lower abdominal pain what s reason?

After the 3day bleed after my period 9days before .. now im getting lower back pain and cramping ? What could this mean

After the 3rd IUI , it got positive , i got pain in my abdomen, back pain and in my leg, please tell me what to do next? Any problem

Afterbirth bleeding since April16 lower&sharp pains docs say UTI but I don't think so it comes and gos but when it come back it's worse HELP ?

Ago and they have all come back negative. What can be causing the breast sensitivity, back pain and ovary pain?

All last week i had not been able to keep down any food what so ever, then two days ago i began cramping. Yesterday it got worse the pain started in my mid section made its way to my back and up my spine. Today i started bleeding and I have already had my

Almost 3 months missperiod I have head ached, cramping and back pain also last month having a heartburn but i took 4 pt still neg, wat's going on?

Almost every morning since i've started trying to eat healthier, I have severe pains in my lower back. After it's expelled, all is well until next mor?

Am 27weeks and have lower abdominal pains and little spoting what is going on is my baby ok?

Am 38 weeks pregnant and when i walk i feel pain in my pelvis and lower back , what could be the problem?

Am 7days pass ovulation and i ve been experiencing some pains like my period is coming for the past 4days but it never comes .pains in my breast.prgnt?

Am 7week pregnant got back pain is that normal?

Am i supposed to have back pain and cramps 5 years after an ablation?

Am on ovaral l for about a month now and am getting mild cramps in my abodomen everyday from the day i started it. Is it exepcted?

Are lower back pains normal @ 3 to 4weeks if u pregnant?

Back of my back is hurting. Could this be signs of period?

Back pain - have back pain always since 5 months / my baby delivery. I had normal delivery but back pain is always there. Who should I consult?

Back pain duribg pregnacy 23 weeks?

Back pain started from period till day 13? left side

Back pain, right lower pain in stomach , bleeding after sex.. No birth control it hurt when i walk or stand. Plz help .. I had 2 periods in one month?

Bad back pain tender boobs for awhile now. Now i'm suppose start in 4 days yesterday I was spottin only when I wiped then today it stop and cramped?

Bad back pain tender boobs for awhile now before period at least 3 week before now 4/5 days before p. Spotted yesterday and cramp this morning preg?

Bad low back pain, period stopped and started 2 days later but lighter no clumps just blood, sharp pain toward end of urination cramps? Not normal

Bad pain in my ribs, icould it be from pregnancy?

Bad uterine pain on one side for a while before bleeding which started yesterday lightly. Now both sides are in pain & I can feel them bloated-1sttime?

Been experiencing a lot of left lower groin pain. Feel it a lot before peeing, but not when I pee. Just before. And now I'm Feeling it throughout the day. My period has been irregular for the past 3 months and last month I spotted the entire month without

Been feeling sick for about 2 weeks in the morning and evening had lower back pain too pinkish discharge 2 weeks ago period not due till next week ?