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. I would like to know if I should see an urologist 4 my urinating? I don't have even a $1.00

3 y/o had VUR w/ scarring. Now VUR clear & kidneys measure 6.4cm. Refered to Nephrology. Can't get appt for couple months. What possible issues?

After treating a swollen testicle with antibiotics and yet it did not heal, i was asked to see urologist. Please what will the urologist do?

Any gynaecologist that can treat bladder like urologist can?

Are there any doctors that specializes in testicular issues?

Been feeling pressure in my testicles off and on for several months. Should I go see a PCP first or urologist?

Been having pain with erection. Afraid doctor will ask to see my erection. Whats the procedure for examining this issue?

Been referred to a urologist, can I get one?

Been treated for hypogonadisim over the past 2 years but want to confirm my treatment. Should i see an endocrinologist or another urologist?

Can a penis pain problems be asked the gynecologists?

Can a urologist miss pyronies diagnosis by clinical examination? I don't have pain when i get erection , but there is pain when flaccid

Can I ask for another physician besides a woman to do my prostate exam?

Can i go to a urologist for stds?

Can my urologist see if thers inflamation on my prostate with a cytoscospy?

Can you advise me on going to see urologist, what to expect?

Can you tell me about woman urology exam, seems invasive?

Can you tell me for instance who is an urologist?

Can you tell me if throughout a recent urology exam the md said I have a caruncle.does anyone know what this is or what causes it?

Constant uti's after inter course. Which doctor do I talk to - general internist, urologist or gynecologist - about the issue?

Could there be an underlying cause/alternative diagnosis for frequent UTIs? Is it worth seeing a urologist if you get UTIs easily and frequently?

Difference between a urologist and a pcp?

Do any urologists in hawaii treat angiomyolipoma?

Do doctors see a lot of patients with spermatocele?

Do i need medical care for a prolapsed urethra?

Doctor can urologists analyse and evaluate the penis and see if he has trauma i went to him he said it is okey but problem is loss of sens. And erec..

Doctor referred me to a urologist so I can have a sling. Why?

Doctor refuses to send me to urologist for erectile dysfunction. Could i still go see one?

Does semen analysis require any prescription/referral?

Dysuria with no cause, and nurse can't figure out what is wrong?

Entire length of penis often feels cold. Does this indicate vascular problem? Better to see urologist or vascular surgeon?

For years tested positive for micro-hematuria. Prior mds thought no issue. New primary wants renal us and urol. Consult. Is this necessary?

Glomerular filtration rate is 42; last january was 40. Dr. Never mentioned it. Is this common at my age? Should i see a urologist immediately?

Going to see my regular dr for frequent urination..Gona ask about diabetes test, should I get prostate checked? Gona see urologist too likely after.

Had Foley put in for urinary retention after my tlh. Nothing done to find cause. Gyn is treating me for this. Is gyn capable or should I see urology?

Hello doctor how r u.I was asking if its not medicine that are stoping semens(phsycatrist) should I have to see the urologist?

Hello, I frequently urinate all day. What should I do, should I see a urologist?

Hi I have just been told by my gp that I have a kidney stone what happens when I see the urologist ?

How do I go about finding out if I have a neurological bladder?

How do I see a urologist about my husband's possible infertility?

How frequently do I need to see my nephrologist?

How long does testicular atrophy take? I had physical two weeks ago. Wouldn't the doctor have noticed something? I see a urologist tuesday.

How many incidences of UTI in a year in a woman is acceptable? And when should I seek a specialist consultation?

I am a urology patient diagnosis of interstitial cystitis. I moved during and was unable to complete treatment and am very swollen and should I go ER?

I am an adult female with VUR reflux. Can you recommend a urologist that treats adult VUR. Most treat pediatric VUR. I have bladder infections. ?

I am having pain in my penis and the nearby area also. Is it normal or do I need to consult the uronologist?

I am in need of a plastic surgeon for urology . Orchiectomy to more exact. Hopefully not the full removal , but to see why testicals are swollen.

I am trying to locate a urologist for a second opinion....Concerning venous leakage diagnosis...?

I found a lump on my right testicle. Should I see my primary provider or go to a urologist?

I had 4 Utis in 4 months and seeing urologist soon. It may have been caused by sexual activity. Should I hold off till my appt or no?

I had a hysterectomy a year ago, ever since then I have to urinate alot 5 to 6 times a day and urgently! Should I see a urologist?

I have a recurring uti. Been treated twice in the past month but i believe I have it again should I see a urologist and request driver medication?

I have a recurring uti. Been treated twice in the past month but i believe I have it again. Should i see a urologist and request driver medication?

I have a swollen testicle and a urologist said he could do nothing and it was a pinched nerve. Should I seek a second opinion?

I have Bedwetting, have seen 2 uro/drs as a child/teen. Current dr wants me to see a urologist. Already had tests done with no solution. Should I go?

I have chronic dysuria and testicular pain. I've seen 2 urologists and had every test done with nothing ever found. What could be the cause?

I have never been to a urologist. I would like to know what to expect from my visit whether it be details about an exam or test. I have hypospadias.

I have stomach pains, how do you know whether to go to gastroenterology, or gynaecology, or urology?

I have stomach pains, how do you know whether to go to gastroenterology, or gynecology, or urology?

I have to see a urologist because I keep getting kidney infections. What tests will be done?

I have ureterocele and I have visited many urologist.All of them recommended observation with no intervention. Why is that and what could happen later?

I live in UK. My urologist won't refer me for penis x ray. What should I do next?

I need a urlogist or adoctor to answer this..Why would elderly man have his prostrate removed?

I need urologist specialist if anyone can help?

I recently had a case of hematospermia. I am 22. I should see my doctor right?

I think i may have prostatitis. I've had many of the symptoms for 3wks. Should i go see my primary care physician or an urologist?

I think I may have twisted a testicle, I am currently working remote and won't be able to see a doc for 4 weeks is this a serious issue?

I think that I am having urethritis or something similar to that so should I go to pcp or urologist?

I think that I am having urethritis or something similar, so should I go to family doc or urologist?

I want to get my penis and testicles checked out so i know i'm fine. Is there any professional urologists in the staten island area?

I was recently diagnosed with interstitial cystitis during a scope procedure by my obgyn. I have an appt with urology in two months, but is there anything i can do before then for pain and discomfort?

I was wanting to know what the causes of a periurerhral cyst is and what can be done about them. I have an apt with a urologist on the 7th?

I'm having a weird recurring uti. What kind of specialist should I talk to?

I'm still peering every 1/2 hour no one even the urologist is puzzled no UTI cystocopy fine so now what what don't telle to get a second opinion?

I've had 3 kidney infections since January is this normal? If not what kind of specialist do I need to see?

If I have a vein issue on my penis would I see a urologist for it?

If I have prostatis , what shall be done now , do I check a urologist or dermatologist , will this become ok in some time ?

If I think I may have a problem with my kidney then is it a urologist that I would need to book to see?

If want to see lump in testes.How to check it.? What is varicocele ? Reply respected.Regards.

If you have stomach pain, how do you know whether to go to a gastroenterologist, gynecologist, or urologist?

Im going to see my urologist next week but if i were to ask, could my urologist tell me my BMI or do doctors typically charge extra for that?

Is a gynacologist also a urologist?

Is a urologist better than a pcp in terms of identifying the cause of frequent urination?

Is a urologist the right person to see if I do have endometriosis?

Is it appropriate to talk to a Urologist about erectile dysfunction? Or would you need to talk to a regular MD about it? I go to a urology for UA

Is it even possible to find a urologist who will perform a vasectomy on a 23 year old?

Is it necessary for a teen to see a urologist for bed wetting?

Is it normal for a urologist to perform a (DRE) without asking if patient agrees and explaning why to determine the cause of a hernia/testicular pain?

Is it normal to be able to see your own epididymis?

Is it possible for a urologist to find out why you have hypogonadism?

Is it required for a urologist to perform a rectal exam on a patient in trying to determine the cause of a hernia/testicular groin pain? If so why?

Is the medical profession being overrun w/mediocrity? I just went to a new pcp was referred to a urologist for the prostate exam. Why waste my time?

Is there a specialty for gynecologist for urine problems?

Just got referred to a urologist for pain when erect and ejaculate, what should I expect on first visit?

My 11 year old pees every night at his bed, which type of physician should I consult?

My 25 year old son has been diagnosed with a spermatocele! he is being referred to a urologist. What should we expect for treatment?

My 27 yr old son had bleeding from his penis with some clots. Possible causes? He was told to see a urologist.

My doc refered me to a urologist so i can have a sling at my annual checkup. What does this mean?

My wife thinks I should see someone for my pyelonephritis. Should i?

Need a simple explaination for this. What does a urologist do?

Please advise what is the difference between a nephrologist and a urologist?