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21yrs of seizures daily headaches fatigue. neurologists have no cause.mri of brain no cause. only diagnosis endometriosis. any suggestions are welcome?

After stroke, cannot move her arms or legs well. Should she see a specialist in neurology or neurosurgery?

Am post-stroke, read of botox for spasticity. What are the potential negatives? Should I discuss with neurologist, or another type of doctor?

Am post-stroke, read of botox for spasticity. What are the potential negatives? Should I discuss with neurologist, or another type of doctor?

Are basilar migraines treated by a Opthamalogist or Neurologist?

Are neuro opthalmologists more qualified to treat Migraines W/ Aura then regular neurologists?

Been diagnosed with facial nerve neuralgia "tic douloureux". I need to see a good neurologist without a god complex. Help? My family doctor recommended george rederich, md and neurologist. He is on vacation until march 28. I cannot live with this pain th

Been to pcp, neurologist, psychiatrist, hospital. Had mri, eeg, EKG for overnight change from interaction between weed and meds. Been 3 months. What now?

Can a neurologist help someone who is hard of hearing?

Can a neurologist recommend the best specialist to consult for spinocerebellar ataxia?

Can a speech pathologist diagnose neurological issues if a neurologist refers you to one?

Can any practitioner observe papilledema?

Can I have a neurological condition, how can I know?

Can migraine cause vertigo and which specialist should I refer ENT or neurology!

Can you still see a doctor months after concussion>?

Can you tell me how I could get my dr to send me to a neurologist re heat intolerance?

Could i ask my neurologist for certain meds?

Could I get some information about strokes from a neurologist?

Could neurology myotonia be confused with another disease?

Diagnosis: right to left shunt now what? I've been experiencing headaches and memory loss, my np referred me to a neurologist. Results from testing were sent to np. I just left her office with a follow up to see neurologist again but the diagnosis is rig

Do doctors see a lot of patients with shaking?

Do I need to see a neurologist or a neurosurgeon if I just had my first seizure?

Doctor sending me to neurologist for epilepsy. I want to find out about severe, debilitating headaches. What should I do?

Does anyone know of a cognitive neurologist in new york?

Dr. Kelts, as a neurologist, do/have you worked closely with concussion patients?

Facial palsy..Should I visit a neurologist immediately?

For migraines. Neurologist or family physician?

Glaucoma. 1st opinion Dr. said maybe blind in 5 yrs. & see neuro Dr. 2nd opinion Dr. says glaucoma stable & neurologist not needed. Why difference?

GP found a few beats clonus in right ankle which wasn't present before. Referred to neuro. Is seeing a neuro necessary? Don't feel like it is anything

Have had symptom of imbalance for a year! been to ent, neurologist had mri's! no diagnosis! can you just have vertigo for no reason?

Have random numbness in extremeties and back. Migraines. Just diagnosed with bipolar. Should i see a neurologist? Could have ms?

Hospital said they see what might be multiple sclerosis but I must see a neurologist to confirm is there a chance it might not be...?

How can a neurologist help with being fatigue. What meds can help?

How can I get referral to different neurologist?

How can I tell my pcp that i want to be evaluated for migraines ?

How close is the collaboration between neurosurgeons and neurologists?

How do I convince my father to go to a neurologist to check out his tremor?

How do I find a dr to do a neuro/psych exam?

How do I help my dr make the right diagnosis for a motor neuro disease when she doesn't want to help me? Or won't send me to someone who will?

How do neurologists detect RLS in patients?

How is it that I can see auras?

How might i go about finding a neurologist who will be able to tell me why my daughter has brain damage?

How to become a neurologist?

I am a student and lately i been having seizere episodes . I have not got time to see my neurologist is there something i can do on my own ?

I am having acute facial palsy..Should I visit a neurologist immediately?

I get a headache that last for several days after ejaculation. Is this normal? Is there any treatments? Do I need to consult a neurologist?

I had a dr appt for burning feet. He suggested going to a rheumatologist. I go to a neuroligist for seizures. Should i see him?

I had an EMG about 6 months ago. Since my neurologist retired, my new neurologist wants ber own EMG. It is exppensive. Is this common practice?

I had spinal meningitis at 18 months, and neurological testing at age 4 only indicated adhd, can it give you a susceptibility to migraines and/or pain?

I have a chiari 1 malformation. Should I be worried? I have been asked to see a neuro surgeon?

I have a dilemma. My headaches are not getting better. My school NP thinks its cluster HAs but my neurologist think its migraines. I really need help?

I have a problem of depersonalization.Should i go to a psyciatrist or neurologist.?

I have been struggling with migraine headaches and was told to see a neurologist but don't have any health insurance how much does one cost?

I have dizziness which prevents me from doing my adls. Should i visit an eent first or a neurologist? Thanks!

I have had a migraine headache for the past two weeks. My neurologist has ordered a lumbar puncture. Why would he order it? How is it done?

I have had almost daily headaches for two years. Seen ophthalmologist, neurologist, ENT and orthopaedic. they said tight neck muscles. Nothing helps?

I have something wrong with my neck/skull. Can't get help or diagnosis. It may be chiari. I live in Louisiana. Neurosurgeons near me that can help?

I have these periods in which i block and can't do or say anything, not sure if should see neurologist or psychriatrist?

I need to consult with a neurologist regarding frequent debilitating migraines. Please?

I thought neurologists deal with nervous system disorders? Why won't they see me after I've been diagnosed (by EMG/NCS) with L4-L5 & S1-S2 issues?

I was diagnosed with hypothalamic migraines today is there anything I should be aware of , or questions i need to ask the neurologist next week?

I was diagnosed with POTS last year. I Don't understand why I can't get a referral to a neurologist. They have sent me to a cardiologist and electrophysiologist. Since it's a malfunction of the autonomic nervous system, could I not benefit by seeing a neu

I will be seeing a neurologist for migraine therapy. Should i bring up the polyneuropathy at the same time?

I would like a neurologist in the nashville,tn area that specializes in migrane/lupus type of headaches and uses stadol (butorphanol) as a treatment?

I'd like to see a neurologist for my migraines but my doctor won't send me. What can I do about this as tried lots of meds and not getting any were!

I'm having double vision and my family physician, neurologist and ophthalmologist can't figure out why. Any ideas?

I'm having migraines and consulted a neurologist who did a scan and found nothing. He asked me to consult a psychiatrist as it could be from depression. What else could it be?

I've been experiencing palinopsia for a while now. Neither my neurologist or ophthalmologist could find anything wrong. What can be causing this?

I've had constant headaches and migraines for 5 years. I've seen neurologists and eye specialists and no one has given me answers?

I've had my mri of my brain and now I'm going to see the movement disorder specialist after that what will happen about the brain surgery?

I've had problems with cosntant headaches for 5 years, now they are more like migraines, I've see neurologists, eye specialists and no one has helped me?

I've seen a neurologist before and spine dr, just yesterday my pt said I have hyper reflexes.Why not told before? Do I need to see a dr for this?

If I suspect a trigeminal nerve issue, so I see a neurologist, a dentist or some other type of doctor? Thank you.

If I'm alert and orientated, why do I have neuro checks involving a pupil assessment?

If you are having a sleeping problem, then which doctor office should you visit, neurologist, brain center, primary care or sleep specialist?

If you were watching someone have a tia, what might you see him do?

Im seeing a neurologist for tremors, swallowing issues, numbness in patches all over. What will they do when i go on thursday? What could it be?

Is a spinal tap nessisary to diognose narcolepsy?Do I see nuerologist or sleep specialist?

Is it possible to become a neurologist or a neurosurgeon without central vision?

Is it recommended to see a neurologist for an ocular migraine?

Is sleep myoclonus serious enough to see any sort of physician or nuerologist?

Is there a significance of having tremors only on one side? I am seeing Neurologist in 2 weeks, after having many tests. Many symptoms 10 mos.

Looking for a good dr who specializes in migraine medicine need to find a good dr who specilaized in migraines, not just a nurologist, been there, done that. This must be a specialty dr for migraines.

My 9 year old daughter has been dx with a pale optic nerve... they ordered an urgent MRI and consult with neurologist. Is it possible that optometrist?

My doctor referred me to a neurologist because I have restless legs, what can I expect from the neurologist for a fee?

My neurologist has only seen me once (been months since last appt) and I am concerned with my tremors have asked once said no need help?

My neurologist has only seen me once for migraines but I have all over tremors. I asked few months ago for an appointment but he said no need help?

My neurologist only wants to prescribe me medication and won't look into the cause for why I am having seizures. Is this normal?

My opthalmologist thinks I have cluster headaches & should see a neurologist. What can they do for me if I do and does topamax (topiramate) work for them?

My PCP told me I have clinical headaches because my headaches are always different I am going to see a Neurologist but I am very concerned?

My penis is not the same, might need to see a neurologist?

Need help with no energy I have been seeing doctors for eight years. They have not figured it out. I have seen a rheumatologist, neurologist, endocrinologist, heart doctor, and lung doctor.

Need some advice. I'm confused after seeing neurologist for epilepsy?

Neurological problems. Do they require seeing neurologist for help?

Neurologist believes it was a tia, but ER doc and pcp believe that it was "migraine variant"...Who do I believe when 3 docs are not in agreement?

Neurologist thinks sleep apnea caused my mom's seizure. Does this seem reasonable? Neurologists and pathologists only please

Neurology. Feeling extremely out of it. Is it possible that I could speak with a neurologist? Doing the 30 day trial.

Next week i'm going to see my neurosurgeon for epilepsy for the first time. What should I ask?

Oral surgeon said I might have a nerve pressing on my brain .. is this bad ? I need to see a neurologist need an MRI,

Persistent twitch on base of right thumb,2weeks already.Emg,neuro exam all clean.Neurologist says its not neurological.What else can it be?Very scared