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And is there a cure for it without going to the clinic or doctors?

Antibiotics doesn't work for my issue with bv. Is there another option to get rid of it for good? Is there really a cure?

Are there any std's that you can get rid of with anti bioethics and treatments early on?

Best treatment for sea dickmess?

Can a primary care doctor stop seeing you just becuase you caught hiv?

Can any body tel me where do I get treatment for pleurodesis?

Can anyone but a dentist issue a treatment plan?

Can hepatitis a go away on its own without treatment?

Can HPV ever go away? Is there a treatment?

Can hypothyroidism go away? Is it possible for it to improve without treatment? I was diagnosed but never put on medication.

Can I do colon hydrotherapy without consulting to a physician? Will it help to get rid of parasites in case I have any?

Can I go buy pinworm treatment if i'm under 16?

Can i go travel to the us if I am an HBV carrier?Is there any cure or medicine that i can take to get rid of this disease?

Can men be treated to get rid of of HPV like women do? How? What treatment should they go through? What needs to be done? Surgery?!

Can people use head lice treatment for public lice as a alternative if the STD clinic do not give proper treatment.

Can pregnant women get brain cancer? If so, can they get the same treatment as a regular patient? If not, what treatment do they please i need this info as soon as possible please thank you

Can pulmonary hypertension get better without treatment?

Can somebody tell me the cause of ring worm on baby and it's possible treatment?

Can you get radiation treatment twice in a day?

Can you tell me how to help a child get the courage to go through chemo treatments?

Could radiation get harder as treatments progress?

Could you tell me what happens if you don't get treatment for a hernia?

Do i need to get treatment for anemia?

Do those who have sigers that took medication get blind do they cure?

Do vaccines stop or delay efforts to find cures for those who are already infected?

Do you get treatment for shingles or will they run a course?

Do you prescribe treatment for STI's as I'm too embarrassed to go to my doctors?

Docs can you explain, is there a way to manage toothache for sometime until i can start treatment?

Fiance has add, where to get treatment?

For hepatitis C what medication do you prescribe? What should be diet plan? And what i need to do to get rid of this?

Has anyone gone through IVF treatment and gotten the flu?

Has anyone on here treated adults w/ sacrococcygeal teratoma? I'm wondering if I should get a second opinion to see if I have other treatment options.

Have a ganglion foot cyst. Dr said it may get better on its own within a month. If not get cortisone shot. Do you agree with treatment plan?

Hello i was just diagnosed with hepatitis b ,is there a treatment for me or can it naturally go away after awhile?

Hi doctors, was just wondering what is a good treatment for rosacea for an old person?


Hi, is there anyway of getting treatment for gonorrhea without having to see a doctor? (Over the counter medicine, ordering online, etc)

Hi...I just found out that I have gallstones.....I really apreciate your help if i can get an advise what is the best to get as treatment , ?

How can I get help if I have therapy?

How can I get treatment for a reading problem?

How can I get treatment for acute tonsillitis?

How can I get treatment for facial tics?

How can I get treatment for hallucinations?

How can I get treatment for hypothyroidism?

How can I get treatment for my grandson'sschizophrenia?

How can I get treatment for my TMJ symptoms?

How can I get treatment for ocd?

How can I get treatment for sunstroke?

How can I tell my parents i want to go into treatment?

How could a 15 year old girl get treated for lordosis?

How could i convince my doctor to let me get HGH therapy?

How do fertility treatments help get rid of disease and disability and is this eugenics?

How do I get a treatment as an ami patien?

How do I get over the shame of multiple psych treatments?

How do I get treatment for hiv?

How do you get diagnosis for tularemia?

How long does thrush clear up on the penis and the vagina ? Can you get treatment and what treatment can you get ?

How many people come to us for fertility treatment now?

How many people from US go abroad for fertility treatment now?

How much money do you need to get the proper treatment for als?

How should you go about treating tetanus?

How soon should I start treating a burn if I want to prevent scarring?

How would know if i'm ready to get treatment for addiction?

I am having issues with trying to get riding trichomoniasis i've done 4 treatments and still haven't gotten rid of it please help?

I am informed a lot of people in countries like the us or uk probably wouldn't get typhoid, but if they did, what would be the course of treatment?

I am suffereing from eisinophilia.How to get treatment?

I am suffering from bad rosacea and want laser treatment to help cure it, would i get this treatment for free if i'm still at school?

I am treating my dogs for conjunctivitis. Can i get it from them? Thank you

I get tonsillitis maybe 1 or 2 times per years always get amoxicillin to cure it.How can I avoid this or other treatments ?

I got diagnosed of having pinguecula and trying so desperately to get natural treatment. . Although I have seen my ophthalmologist still need more?

I got my period on the 3rd day of my Monistat 7 treatment. Will treatment still work if i continue ?

I have cheilosis it never goes away what is the effective treatment ?

I have vericaus vains what treatment I have to take? Please help me

I m suffering from pemphigous folliceous from last 3 years need to know if their is ny new treatment to get well other than taking steroids?

I need to get information on atopy treament. What website do I go to?

I think i might have trichomoniasis from my ex girlfriend can I get treatment instead of going to see a doctor?

I think i'm starting to get a phobia over needles! what can I do during fertility treatment?

I was diagnosed for tapeworm a couple years ago but i never did get the medicine to cure it..could it be possible that i still have it?

I was diagnosed with HIV a month ago, but haven't received any treatments or medicine... Am I going to be okay?

I Was treated for all stds earlier at about 3:30 an I was seeing if smoking weed affects the treatment or not?

I'm 22 year old female can I get married after treatment? Can TB scar cause any problems? Can I do walking on d tredmill during treatment?

I'm a scared teen with bad molluscum contagiosum. Getting worse everyday, and can't seek medical attention, what is the fastest REAL home treatment?

I'm a teenager and I just recently realized I might have PGAD, what are some treatments I can recieve and how should I go about getting these treatmen?

I'm diagnosed with Ovarian Cystadenoma . Can it be cured with proper medication? Will I be able to get pregnant after cure?

I'm just wondering, if you are diagnosed with cancer regardless of age can you intentionally refuse treatment?

I'm pretty sure I have herpetic rhinitis. How can my doctor diagnose me so i can get treatment?

I'm wondering why are you supposed to do scabies treatments twice?

I've had untreated cancer for 2 years. Now I regret not getting treatment. Is it too late to start?

If i had hep c and did the treatment to get rid of it and I have been in remission for 2 years what are the chances it can come back?

If I reacted badly to a couple herpes medications, what other treatments exist?

If my period are 26 days every month why don't I ovulate hospital refuse to help and I can't get treatment what can I do to fix that?

Is acupuncture an effective treatment to get pregnant?

Is aids still fatal if you can get access to treatment?

Is it normal to get tremors after a nebulizer treatment?

Is it ok to mix two kinds of treatments you guys recommend?

Is it possible for someone to go to an alcohol treatment center more than once before it works?

Is it possible that my chlamydia infection will go away with another treatment if the first treatment simply made the symptoms worse?

Is it possible to get healed from hepa b and the virus are gone forever? What is the best medicine and treatment?

Is there a way to help my husband get an alcohol treatment program?

Is there any possible treatment to get rid of gas problem? Right now I am taking homeopathy medicines but its not beneficial.