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Any special exams only a urologist does?

Anyway for the doctor to tell from exam and age or do I need a special test for osteoporosis?

Are annual physicals important ?

Are clinical breast exams effective screening tools in women under 40 with no first degree family history?

Are there any physical signs or examination to find out if someone has had anal sex even if once ?

As a 43 yr old man, I have never been to the doctor for any routine labs, ecg's etc. When do you recommend i go?

As a pretty healthy and active 35 year old male, how often should I have a comprehensive physical exam?

At annual exam do you usually get your prostate checked?

At the time of my laparoscopy, my doctor was not able to get a biopsy. Is the physical appearance of endometriosis adequate for diagnosis?

At what age a healthy man should start having annual physical exams?

Can a doctor tell, without me saying anything to the doctor, that i'm pregnant by a physical exam?

Can a holistic practitioner can do a complete physical exam on people?

Can a physical exam allow a doctor to distinguish between bronchitis and pneumonia?

Can I find out if I am able to have children during a routine gyne exam?

Can working out negatively affect routine blood work obtained during a physical exam?

Can you get any diseases if you were undressed on a exam table and the table wasn't covered ?

Can you have an annual physical exam when sick ?

Can you tell me about immunology and blood help needed for exam?

Can you tell me are prostate exams always included in routine physicals?

Can you tell me for my annual physical and was wondering if I could get a prostate exam, and would I have to pay extra?

Can you tell me for our neurology practical exam we were told we had to analyse gait even in the upper extremity examination and I can't remember why. any help?

Can you tell me if I am likely to need vaccinations for my physical?

Can you tell me if i go to a sports doctor, can they perform a full physical?

Can you tell me why reflex testing is a standard part of a neurologic examination?

Could you tell me what happens at a routine school physical exam?

Diagnosed with sinusitis. Had physical exam and blood work all good. A normal neuro exam but what does that mean?

Do doctors check your testicles every physical exam. He did last time and everything was good. Just wondering if they do it every exam.

Do doctors follow their own advice and get yearly recommended exams etc. How do you interview a doctor before establishing them as your pcp/obgyn?

Do doctors still check your private parts during a physical when you've had a hysterectomy?

Do I need to take another physical exam if sent to consultant?

Do medical assistants perform breast exams or is it just doctors?

Do men usually go back to the exam room with their wife or girlfriend when they get their full physical & pelvic exam?

Do they check your urine in a sports physical ?

Do you have a checklist for a complete physical exam?

Do you recommend a yearly chest x-ray? How often should a person get a chest x-ray? Is this something I should do yearly as part of a physical?

Does a standard physical exam screen for drugs? Do they ask your permission first if you are a minor?

Does chlamydia show up on an annual female exam?

Does every physical exam require a testical exam. I had one last year and everything was in check. Jw 16 yr old?

Does marajuana show up on a yearly physical?

During physical exam could a doctor palpate any part of our colon and suspect something is wrong ?

For someone in their 20s or 30s who is in good health, are annual physicals necessary? If so, why? If not, why not?

Generally how much does a hysterosalpingography (x-ray female for physical problems) hurt?

Girls genitalia exam 14 years old! my daughter has been itchy down there, i made dr. Appt. What will her exam consists of for this issue?

Have a life deciding exam . What should i do before the exam day, so that my mind works perfect and superfast during the exam ?

Hello, what does the full neurological exam consist of?

How can i determine when my menstrual is fully complete for the month?

How can I get a screening i feel i need bc of family history for brain aneurysm when my physician feels it is not needed and will not order it?

How can we conduct thorough breast self exam?

How can you request a full body well exam ?

How can you tel that a fibroid is growing through physical exam?

How do doctors check the heart during a routine exam?

How do I perform a medical checkup?

How do you ask for a ets exam?

How do you perform a self testicle exam? What should I look for? How often? When should I do it? Where?

How does a physical exam differ for men and women? How does a woman's routine physical exam differ from a man's routine physical exam? .

How does a standard genital exam go? Are there any tests that can be done in a basic genital exam? Details please

How is a pelvic exam done for a male patient?

How is a popliteal aneurism discovered on routine physical examination by a physician? I know by palpation, but what exactly are they looking for?

How long does a standard/detailed full skin exam last ? How does the process goes and what do the dermatologist check ?

How long should breast self exams be done to ensure reproductive health?

How long will a physical exam take? How long should I expect a routine physical exam to take? .

How many hours should you fast before a physical examination?

How much does it cost to visit gyn without insurance? Maybe including internal exam and ultrasound. I know it varies. Please tell me average.

How much does the exercise stress test cost and should I do that instead of annual exam?

How often must I have a physical exam if a woman in my 40s?

How often should a normal person have to undergo for a regular check-up?

How often should a physical be done?

How often should a woman, age 53 who is in pretty good shape, have a physical exam?

How often should I get a physical exam?

How often should I get a professional provider breast exam?

How often should I have a physical exam?

How often should you get a physical exam as an adult?

How physical examination shows that muscle tightening is done as part of full tummy tuck? What should I feel during this examination ?

How to avoid pelvic exam during wellness physical at corporate?

How to get a good health exam report?

How will the doctor exam my daughter at the office?

I am smoker and I have medical examination after 2 months.Will i pass? M

I am 24 old and went for routine breast exam 3-4 months back.It was perfect. For my age what shud be the frquency of d exam? I hv no family histry

I am a 41 yr old female, haven't had a proper full physical, what should I have done at my age?

I am going for a baseline digital mammogram screen. What should I expect?

I am waking up at night to urinate. Is this age appropriate or requires further investigation?

I am wondering what is the normal way for a girl my age (27) to be dressed for a regular physical (no gynecological exam)? Gown? anything on under it?

I had a 3mm colon adenoma found at age 22, follow up exams at 23 and 27 both clear. No family history, how often should I be screened going forward?

I have shingles, will that cause me to fail my physical exam for work?

I haven't had a physical in many many years. What exactly does the doctor do? Will she do bloodwork and if so what would she look for?

I need a physical exam..don't have a primary u take Aetna insurance...

I never go to the doctor and don't plan on it, how would i know i had cancer without any medical exams?

I tend to get nervous before exam and this screw up my marks in exam. Any advice so that I can be more confident and relax before exam.

I think I have a fear of internal exams. How do I get over this?

I want to be sure if I have any condition that just doesn't show up right now. What type of check ups do I need to have conducted for "thorough" eval?

I want to have a physical examination but my doctor said that I am too young to take it. I am 16. How can i persuade my doctor.

I was wondering what does a neurologic exam consist of?

I will see a new periodontist and want a proper thorough exam. I just had full mouth series x-rays forwarded. What does exam specifically include?

I would like to know when a full blood panel on a 36 year old female for a regular physical is done what do they check for ?

I'm 19 and still a virgin can I pass the pre hire physical if i refuse a pelvic exam for that reason!

I'm 24 and i haven't seen a doctor in years, do I need a physical exam at my age?

I'm 33 I havnt been to a doctor for a physical. Do I need to go. And do I need a specific exam?

I'm 64 years young and I get a physical exam tomorrow. Is this last thorough one since I will soon be on medicare?

I'm a 34 year old male. How often should I get a physical exam by my doctor?

I'm about to go for my yearly physical. Last time it just included bloodwork. I'm just wondering what is considered A full physical.