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20 male, tall, no anomalities. But my hands are too thin & lack muscle mass lyk in girls. I lack upper body strength & can't even take a 1push up?

20 years old, have swollen nipples with normal chest.I do bodybuilding and have muscles and low fat. Its from about 7 years. Not painful. Solutions ?

20yr male and my masseter muscle on my face has apparently shrunk. I am a fit guy. Why might this happen. And how do I fix/build. I tried excersises.

21yr male. Why would my chin muscle decrease in size? My chin bone is showing. Suddenly happened. Muscular dystrophy? Myotonic? Help.Just want options

A full body workout 3 times a week vs 2-3 muscles a day 4 times a week? Please note that in splits i will do more exercises for each muscle.

After finished taking ciprofloacing my muscle became weak, very soft and squishy, I tried to lift weight but the muscles didn't tighten or get hard.

All leg muscles shake, tug , push, pull, is it my gad or have I reached tolerance after 15 years on diazepam ?

Antipsychotics really hampered my strength inthegym is their one out there that has no effects on muscle strength? Feels like a chemical straitjacket

Are people with tighter muscles better at sprinting?

Are slower movements better for building muscle up?

Are there any pills or shakes to add muscle support to keep bones in place?

Are there just some body types on men that just cannot get nicely shaped pectoralis muscles?

Are very big. I know you'll think i'm short but i'm around 5'4'' or 5'5". But is there a way to make my bones and muscles bigger?

As a doctor, how would you suggest looking weight targeted in the mid section? Possibly building muscle as well.

As i start eating more, will i naturally regain the fat and muscle around my ribs and collarbones?

At the gym; i will severely pull my calf muscle way too easily; and will limp for a day or two with a super sore muscle. Type2 diabetes related?

Been pulling muscles often, lately. They are also very tight. I've been active all my life. Is this just a function of playing sports at 43?

Best way to strenthing weak muscles after a stroke..72 year old male?

Bicep won't flex anymore. What caused the loss of strength?

Body is slim. Barley any muscle. I get tired easy & feel weak. What can I do to beef myself up? Gain muscle

Can a physically (muscles) weak person safely have a baby?

Can a tooth infection cause u to lose muscle?

Can B12 shots increase body muscle mass. My arms are relatively thin so the exercise doesn't have effect. I gonna inject B12 by myself. Can it help?

Can chest muscle strain affect you later on in life or in anyway at all?

Can even a small percentage of the muscle gained from lifting become permanent if you stop working out?

Can extremely shorten psoas cause you to lose strength in your abdominals causing you not to be able to breathe correctly thank you?

Can fat bruise more easily than muscle?

Can i influence the shape of my chest muscles by some sort of workout?

Can I safely work my core muscles while i'm pregnant?

Can i start building muslce even though i hav some fat on my stomach?

Can i still get massive muscles with low testosterone and sleep apnea? I am 18 years old. I used to have huge muscle mass but now i feel weak and fat

Can I use steroids to make my muscle big quickly?Or what can I do to make my muscle big except workout!thank you!

Can i work out if I have osteochondroma? I feel once i begin to develop muscle my osteochondroma will irritate the growing muscle leading to soreness.

Can motor neuron disease give you painless muscle twiching when at rest.loss of weight and lose skin smile lines on face?

Can pitched nerve make it hard for the body to obsorb nutrients. And can it cause digestive issue in the stomach along with muscle wasting.

Can protein powder for faster muscle building can cause problem in future? Some people say they can cause problem in old age. Are they right?

Can someone tell me how long will it take to tone breast muscles?

Can there be any exercise like 'push-ups' that'll build chest muscles?

Can visible muscle just by working out at home?

Can you experience some muscle soreness in your legs when you are growing taller?

Can you say if it could jogging make me lose fast twitch muscles?

Can you tell me how I could get ripped muscles fast beside exercising ,supplements to help?

Corticosteroids shrink muscle cells but do they also make them more rigid?

Could a 16 year old have full muscle maturity?

Could a person with low muscle tone get into shape and how?

Could a person with low muscle tone get into shape?

Could being overweight make your muscles weak?

Could not having muscles sorenes after a workout mean you have not worked hard enough?

Could stress cause you to tighten your stomach muscles? They tend to seem to tense up when I get upset.

Could you tell me what are some easy ways to get a sixpack or eightpack and some muscle on arms?

Did squats and lower body exercise for about a week. I ve seen that increased size instead of decreasing it. How to d3crease the muscle mass? How long

Did the Depo-Provera make my voice deeper and muscles bigger?

Do black people have an extra muscle in their leg?

Do muscles get smaller with age, aside from less exercise?

Do narcotics make it harder to build muscles if they're taken for long periods of time?

Do pec implants look natural? I would feel better about my body if my chest wasn't so skinny. Are pec implants a good way to make me look like I have muscle tone without going overboard?

Do your arm muscles deteriorate faster if you have long arms?

Do your but muscles have a role in holding gas and feces. What happens if you have weak but muscles. I have a flat but btw?

Doctor my age is 19 and i join gym two days ago now there is so pain in muscles so please give me any simple tip to reduce it or say when it will cure?

Doctors,I feel my head is so small.can I grow muscles around it to get a nice structure..and face muscles.tnx in advance.

Doctors,I'm so thin and I'm 47 kgs, can I grow muscles fast I mean with in 2 or 3 months.and I'm 22 years old.pls give me some satisfaction.

Does a 7 tesla MRI machine has the resolution strong enough for evaluating thin and superficial muscle like cremaster muscle?

Does a snus right after strenght exercising ruin the muscle grow or something?

Does a surgery like a c-section which require cutting through a muscle effect the muscle strength?

Does alcohol and cigarettes affect muscle grow, mainly abs?

Does anyone have a baby with low muscle tone?

Does big muscles mean strong? Can you have smaller muscles but still be strong?

Does breast augmentation under the muscle look better years later than one on top of muscle?

Does daily or once in two days masterbation affects body or muscle growth in a bad way. I go to gym as well. Please help ..

Does donating blood reduce muscle tone?

Does ejaculation reduce built muscle? I work too hard in the gym and heard that it does affect. Plz advise me what should I do to build and to protect

Does flying to different time zone like 16 hour different effect muscle mass? I´m worry I'll loose muscles.

Does gaining muscle make you run slower?

Does having little muscle pain a sign of sufficient protein in the body?

Does lifting lighter weights than usual makes muscle become smaller?

Does masturbating affect muscle building? I think my frequency (which is alot) is limiting me from getting more muscle mass.

Does meth affect you in anyway from building muscle?

Does not having muscles sorenes after a workout mean you have not worked hard enough? Please, need some answers?

Does training a wide selection of muscles give you a better growth than to only concentrate on training 1 or 2 muscles for example?

Does using a foam roller build muscle or relax muscle? What impact does it make?

Does weight loss (muscle and fat) from cancer tend to happen all over the body? Or could it just happen in my stomach and upper arms?

Does working out increase the size or the amount of muscle fibers? Also, is there a way to increase the actual number of fast twitch muscle fibers?

Does your bone thickness affect how fast you can build your muscles?

Entire body seems to have muscular imbalances what do I stretch and what do I strengthen? All labs test clear. I seem to be tight all over an knots

Even though i stretch before a workout i still have stiff body parts the next day. Why?

Exercise gave me sore bones all over my body. It lasted 2 weeks. Possible causes? 18 y/o girl. It wasn't my muscles.

Feel lack of energy all day..... And muscle soreness takes too long to recover after exercise?

Going to do special exercises to boosts muscle growth will muscle growth and bone density come back naturally as i start to eat more?

Hard for me to grow muscles... Why? Im pretty sure all of my exercises are effective

Have dorsal wrist fracture,getting married in 11 weeks;worried about muscle atrophy & muscle tone- obviously want to look my best & now can't exercise?

Hello doctor.I am 20years old girl, i would like to know if i can decrease calf muscle mass by exercising? Thank you

Hello doctorbasically i'm struggling to gain weight or muscle and when i exercise my muscle get tired really quickly, some people tell me to use prote?

Hello, i will like to ask that will masturbating effect by muscles and workouts?

Help! need to know if there's anyway i can speed up my muscle soreness so i can work out again?

Hi doctor...I have heard about doing cardio after workout will damage the muscle...Is it true? Thank you

Hi Dr! I have Hashimoto disease and would really like to build lean muscle, is that possible? How many days a week should I work out-lifting n cardio

Hi I am sara, my arms muscles is not tone, its so lose like a old lady, my age is 20. Please help me?

Hi my friend made me do several exercise warm ups when I'm not strong and now my whole body hurts how do you get rid of bad muscle pain naturall?

How can a girl get lean muscle? Not overly muscular or anything, just a little muscle. What exercises do you recommend i do?

How can a woman decrease her muscle. Mass in her shoulders. And back?