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I weigh 118 pounds and 5'2 in height although I am quite thin I have a little lower belly fat that makes me look bloated, what helps to rid of this?

22-yr old skinny guy looking to work out for the very first time. Need advice?

After weight loss my thighs have got lot of wrinkles. Im only 22 years girl. Can gaining weight cure the saggy appearence n make them look fuller?

All of my friends say that i look like i've lost a lot of weight but my weight on the scale hasn't changed. What does this translate to?

Any advantages to having a girlfriend that is skinny and flat chested?

Any preferences about how I can attain jessica alba's slim, fit figure?

As you age your height goes down and your bmw goes up. Is that fair? You look like your gaining weight but actually your shrinking

At what age do kids lose their pot belly? My 21 month old always sticks out but looks really big after eating. Any concern?

Can anybody have a flat stomach or is that capability genetically pre-determined? I was once skinny but had a little jiggly stomach bulge.

Can anyone tell that how to fat.. I m very thin with 45kg and age is 19 help please?

Can cheek implants fix my fat cheeks? I recently lost seventy pounds and now look and feel great. I have noticed that my cheeks are still chubby, a problem that I have had my whole life. When i was overweight, they did not bother me, but now i want my che

Can cheek implants fix my fat cheeks? I recently lost seventy pounds and now look and feel great. I have noticed that my cheeks are still chubby, a problem that I have had my whole life. When i was overweight, they did not bother me, but now i want my che

Can doing abb workouts make your gut look bigger?

Can I slim my jaw into a V shape without that Korean surgery? I'm skinny but I think losing weight would still help, is there another way though?

Can i tell me how i can lose bulimia chipmunks cheeks?

Can losing muscle (not just fat) in face by dietin make face appear thinner & posibly improve apperance or is it jus losin fat that will make a change?

Can losing weight (face thinner) fix bite problems too?

Can my ribs get smaller and look smaller if I lose weight?

Can nose shape be changed naturally? Is it effective? If yes, what excercises are the most helpful?

Can someone tell me the difference between horizontal and vertical stretch marks? Which ones come from gaining weight and which ones come from growing taller?

Can there be any diets i could go on to look slimmer?

Can there be anything i can do starting now to lose weight in a week and look somewhat different?

Can weight gain permanently alter your facial structure? I'm finally back down to my 2009 weight, but my face is rounder and wider.

Can you tell me diet for 14 athlete looking to become muscular?

Can you tell me if I am about 15 pounds overweight, will the weight make my lips look bigger or plumper?

Can you tell me if i lose 10 pounds will i look ok?

Can you tell me if weight training doesn't make women look bulky?

Can you tell me some tricks to appear skinnier?

Can you tell me what you suggest if weight training doesn't make women look bulky?

Can your appearence become different after you lose your virginity?

Can your jaw look more pointy as you lose weight?

Could gaining 50 pounds change your face shape?

Could i lose somewhat of the appearance of cellulite in 5 days?

Could losing weight help to end up having a narrow face?

Could my eyeball lose its shape?

Could my orthodics lose their shape and form?

Could really skinny people break bones easier than not really skinny people?

Do men like fat or thin lips ?

Do skinny people have higher foreheads?

Do u like fat or thin lips ?

Do weight train with a lot of weight(the kind that makes ppl look at you and say"damn that is not right for a woman") makes women bulky?

Do you know how to slim down my face like one of those actors on t.V. That have a slim face (v shape)?

Doctor im very fat how ican make my body thin and nice?

Doctors, what are the most thinnest, light weight dentures available?

Does a thin physique repel girls even though a guy has muscles?

Does anorexia change the shape of your body and make your bones a little thinner?

Does Beer Help to gain body weight and help to look better for thin person?

Does body shape matter in weight loss? I have an hourglass figure and even when i lose a few pounds, i still measure the same! Not so with pear shape!

Does losing weight cause your mammogram to look different?

Does losing weight permanently change your facial shape and features?

Does weight loss make your eyes look sunken?

Exercise-for females, can it help give the body a more feminine classic shape? My midsection is lumpy even tho Im normal weight & I want a nicer shape

Fat on stomach and face are in a high ratio as comparision to other parts of the body. Looks weired. What to do?

Going to enter beauty contest, any suggestions on how to slim down?

Had needle and thread close my csection scar. If I gain weight will that get ugly? Is thin now.

Have lost weight on own volition but lost fat under me eyes which was unintended. I look stressed&like i'm not eating enough. What do I do look better

Healthy way for a teenager to lose 20 pounds? I had my spine reconstructed last august and got horribly out of shape during my recovery.

Hello Doctor...I am 24 years and look very skinny...what do I do to add weight especially my buttocks?

Hello Dr My weight 94 kg and my body shape look like a peal shape , at the top i'm thin but at the bottom I'm fat . So , what do u advise me to do ?

Hello Sir, I have a question all through my life , I am 6 ft but my body is little big comparing my face , my face is too small according to my body for which sometime i get bullies , to increase the weight of your body it is easy but can i do something t

Hi doctor.Can tell me wht i can eat to keep my penis in good shape?

Hi Dr. my fingers are thin and skinny what the solution to treat it ?

Hi I m 28 female.How would I be able to lose my belly fat and get more younger to look and physically fit and slimy and more fairy by naturally?

Hi..Im suffering from big extra skin in my thies after loosing weight..How can I make them tight?

Hi.Doctor, doctor i m 23 yrs old and my weight is 59 kg & i m 5"7 inch tall, my face is skiny, how can I get fat on my face? What to eat please help

Hiee I am a little fat...What is the best way to become fit?

High forehead in skinny people- what does it mean?

Hii...Am little overweighted....So i m unhappy...What to do?

How can I accept my post-baby body? It's so out-of-shape.

How can I become a curvier woman? I am 18 and I have some curves just not enough to be considered an hourglass shape. I do not want to have any type of surgery. Are there any food or exercises i can do to get that hourglass shape? I weight 130 pounds. I

How can I become healthy? Im turning 23 this july but still i look like 14 years old. Im so frustrated and i want to be fat.

How can I gain confidence when I look ugly because of a skin condition?

How can I gain more confidence when i look ugly because of a skin condition?

How can I lose weight and look like a victoria secret model?

How can you lose weight on your face? I'm not overweight but my face is chubby. I've got a double chin and I feel extremely self conscious about it.

How come I have cellulite on my bum even though I am thin and toned and only 16?

How come my thighs getting fatter over the months whereas the size of my overall body remains?

How do anorexics hide it from the families? Wouldn't it be veery noticeable?

How do I get model thin?

How do I know if I am an hourglass or apple shape?

How do I know if my ankles are just naturally fat/puffy or if they are like this for another reason? I'm a small person in general and not overweight

How do I lose my "apron" without surgery, it prominently sticks out from my body and I am not overweight?

How do you look skinnier but still stay womenly ?

How does ascites and weight gain look different? I'm generally thin but have rapidly developed what looks like bloating? Hard to fit in my jeans.

How i an gain weight to look beautifull. currently looking weak?

How i can loss weight? I am little bit fat but i run I do cixlyn and natacion and nothing still the same

How i go thin? Iam very fat

How is it that i weigh 145-147 and I do not look like that at all? Can it be my bones or my muscles? Why do I weigh more than what i look?

How many times a day does a celebrity workout so their bodies look good in the tabloids?

How must a woman dress to look thinner?

How to achieve a slim.And thin body without using.Any medicine..What are.The.Best tips to do..Thank u?

How to gain weight naturally.I look so thin and weak?

How to lose my little pouches under my eyes at 60?

How to make my body fit? I am always facing problem with my weight-gain. what should I do?

How to make my thigh smaller and have fit shape?

How would i increase my hair volume !? And make it look healthier ?!

I am 16 and 6'2 185-190 lb. and looking to tone up, I am fairly muscular but am still a little chubby in my abs , I am looking for a healthier diet?

I am 17 years old and I am big size. Any tips to burn my belly fats and Make me thin in a few months?

I am 20 and weight 103 pounds. I usually spend time in front of computer. Just need some skin layers on my bones. How should and can I gain weight.

I am 20 year old student nd my weight is 65kg. But i look quite slim. I want to look little bit muscular. What should I do..?