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32 weeks. And stomach tightening what do I do?

Ab muscles were very very weak prior to pregnancy. As belly protrudes, will it be harder for me to sit up from laying down? Can i strain anything?

Any way to decrease extra tummy flab after pregnancy or am I stuck with it? I'm 9 weeks post partum and no ab or other exercises help.

Are there any belly fat burning exercises without bending spine?

Best way to burn belly fat and tighten muscles from triplets, bedrest and a c-section?

Can belly crunches damage back or cause hernia?

Can belly crunches damage the back?

Can crunches and planks help me with flat tummy ?

Can doing abdominal exercises shrink my stomach?

Can hyperlordosis of the spine occur if the stomach muscles were tightened too much during a tummy tuck?

Can i make my belly flat with an ab machine?

Can isometrics help trim your abdomen?

Can kegal exerciss cause stomach discomfort?

Can strenous exercise cause aneurysm of abdomen?

Can you give me more info on success toning their stomach muscles after abdominal surgery?

Can you give me suggestions on good abdominal workout?

Can you let me know how many crunches should I be doing per day to tone my stomach?

Can you please list the most common home exercises to lose weight on my stomach and flatten my chest down?

Can you recommend a good exercise for the tummy that is gentle on the back?

Can you show me some exercises for tummay stomach?

Can you still strength train with an abdominal hernia and can u still do sit-ups.

Can you suggest some stomach exercises for hourglass figures?

Can you tell me are sit-ups for exercise for the stomach?

Can you tell me, are sit-ups for exercise for the stomach?

Could doing abdominal exercises shrink my stomach?

Could you tell me what are good cardio exercises for a flat stomach?

Do core exercises and overall health exercises like walking and biking help you get rid of a belly pouch. Its this little pouch under my belly button.?

Do core exercises flatten your stomach?

Do core exercises flatten your stomach?

Do sit ups help in toning butt and decreasing tummy fat?

Do sit-ups really work for firming up your belly?

Does compressing tummy once in a while to flatten tummy (light isometric exercise) increase eye pressure? What about doing it the whole day? Thx

Does cycling with hand movement can help in reducing belly?

Does diastasis recti cause pain after eating?

Easiest way to tighten your stomach, what to do?

Excercises to only work my stomach arms and fat around my face?

Foods i can eat to help flatten tummy and prevent bloating with excerise?

For years i can let my lower stomach (not upper)out a lot where I have fat when i hunch over but not much when standing up straight. Is this bloat or visceral fat? Worried about colon cancer...

Hello docs! can you tell me what could I do to tone my lower stomach?

Hi docs, would doing abdominal exercises shrink my stomach?

Hi Doctor, I have belly fat and no strong muscules; I would ask you if I can loose belly and build muscules on same time by sport and nutrition. Thank?

Home remedies to tighten stomach muscles naturally after delivery?

How can I flatten my stomach muscles?

How can i lose stomach fat and strengthen and tone my lower abs?

How can I prevent stomach and abdominal muscle cramps during situps?

How can I tone my stomach and legs in 5 weeks without taking up too much time?

How can you properly do a stomach crunch?

How can you strengthen your stomach?

How can you tighten lower abdominal muscles?

How can you tone up my lower belly pooch?

How can you warm up for abdomen exercises?

How do you do pushups to flatten the lower chest ?

How does one get hiatal hernia? Is it causes a fat belly pushes up there stomach...

How to cut down my tummy without excercise ?

How to flatten my belly by eating right ?

How to know what exercises are best for belly?

How to know what exercises can you do to get a toned stomach?

How to know what exercises will give you a flat stomach or toned abs?

How to loosen fat around the stomach?

How to lose belly abdomen especially at lower abdomen during workout?

How to lose stomach muscle?

How to maintain a flat belly?

How to prevent enlarging abdomen other than excercise?

How to tighten my stomach in two weeks?

I am 24 male. I have got a lipoma below the ribcage on the upper abs. Is it safe to perform abdominal exercises more specifically crunches?

I am 29 years old , I have 2kids I have big tummy after delivery , I am doing ab work out daily, but only 10 to 15 min .How to reduce tummy?

I am holding weight in my stomach pain 170 lbs after i lost weight i still had my stomach much is a lypo-suction?

I am trying to exercise to loose belly fat and I was doing crunches and sit ups and then my between my chest started hurting bad! What could it be?

I did hernia sugary in my stomach (lower abs) 2 weeks ago.... when can i go back to gym ?? and what exercises i should avoid ?

I exercise 6 times a week,but why is my stomach still big, what to do?

I get loose motions after stomach crunches exercise. Is this normal?

I have a bloat belly and toosh, is an exercise trainer a good idea?

I have a missing disc and can't do exercise involving my back but my tummy is fat?

I have a umbilical hernia and my stomach muscles are separated Is it ok to do stomach exercises like crunches or sit ups?

I have fat in middle of my stomach so by doing jogging of 5km. Can it be reduced?

I have Scoliosis can i ever have a fat stomach without being under 100 pounds?

I have ulcers in stomach. Do sit ups or other abdominal exercises make it worse?

I really want to tone my legs up and get a flatter stomach. What exercises should I do?

I'm wondering if I do 100 situps a day will my belly go flatter?

If exercise will not correct diastasis recti in men...what exercises can men do to get stronger stomach muscles..that won't make the diastasis worse?

If I do ab or tummy exercises will it make my ulcerative colitis worse?

Im a female and i weigh 217 and I've just started doing crunches but i don't want a bulky tummy i want it flatten..Will crunches flatten or bulk me up?

Im stressing out about toning my legs and stomach please help?

Is belly wrap healthy during a diet exercise for a flat stomach?

Is flex belt apt for reducing abdomen fat ?

Is it actually true that doing sit ups and crunches every day will help burn stomach fat?

Is it possible for me to strengthen my epigastric vein with exercise?

Is it possible to lose belly/abdomen fat especially on obliques, by following a diet and some abdomen exercises only? No cardio.

Is it true crunches can cause your stomach to have a pooch? If so how to work out ur stomach?

Is kayaking an effective way to flatten the stomach?

Is there an exercise that will not irrate a upper abdominal herenia?

My abdominal muscles are loosen after giving two birth, now my tommy is becomes more the time, what I do to maintain flat tommy without execrise?

My belly is loose after c-section after 1 year. How to tighten it up?

My lower stomach slightly bulges. Is this from loose skin or just stomach fat?

My stomach is very loose . Plz tell me perfect exercise to make it tight so that i follow till last. Do crunches help in tightning my stomach?

Other than doing a plank, push ups and sometimes lower abdominal exercises, what else can I do to get a flatter belly? Any tips?

Please describe a good exercise to get a flat belly and stomach muscles?

Please tell me if it is okay to eat rice crispies if I am doing muscle in abs and chest?

Spanx, girdle, or belly binder, which is best?

Stretches for abdomen after being given all clear to exercise after appendectomyz?