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Afraid about having lymphoma. plz help?

After a year's worth of chemo treatments for non-hodgekins lymphoma for an 11 year old, what comes next? Xxxxxx

Am i at a higher risk for lymphoma and leukemia having been diagnosed with lupus?

Any other treatment for burkitt lymphoma rather than chemotherapy?

Anyone briefly tell me what lymphoma (non hodgkin's) is and what types of things/viruses can cause it?

Are lymphoma nd lymphatic melformation related diseases?

B cell, low degree, stage two nonhodgkins lymphoma , is it cureable or just treatable?

By swallowing semen can you get hodgkin lymphoma by a person that as it by swallowing semen can you get hodgkin lymphoma by a person that as it

Can a person survive high grade b-cell non hodgkins lymphoma?

Can anyone tell me what color represents finding a cure for non hodgkin's lymphoma?

Can doctors tell me what does non hodgkins lymphoma do to the body?

Can doctors tell me what does non hodgkins lymphoma look like?

Can hodgkin lymphoma transform to NHL? After 4 cycle of ABVD, PET showed an area with SUV 14. Initial diagnosis was HL IIb, bulky.

Can i get a tattoo after being in remission for a year & 5 month my cancer was non hodgkin's lymphoma?

Can I have a website for information on lymphoma?

Can I work during salvage chemo for my primary refractory Hodgki Lymphoma? I am a dentist.

Can indolent lymphoma - lymphnodes remain unchanged in size for 7 years with normal CBC - LDH??

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Can small bowel lymphoma be cured?

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Can you donate plasma after being treated for, and cured, of non-hodgkin's lymphoma?

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Can you please define lymphoma and can you die from it?

Can you tell me about non-hodgkins lymphoma cancer--b type?

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Can you tell me how is the lymphatic system affected by hodgkin's lymphoma ?

Can you tell me if someone has metastatic melanoma, do they have lymphoma or is that completely different disease?

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Can you tell me if this were lymphoma, could it be treated?

Chance lymphoma in 30 year old?

Classical hodgkin's lymphoma nodular sclerosis, what is the best treatment?

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Does sugar fuel nonhodgkins lymphoma I've had one round of chemo?

Expert opinion - should lymphoma (both types-hodgkins and non hodgkins) show in a blood test?

Explain the process of "staging" hodgkin's disease and the prognosi?

For what length of time can mantle cell lymphoma go undetected?

Generalize itching, normal blood work, could i have Hodgkin lymphoma?

Help please! is consumption of alcohol safe after being treated for hodgkin's lymphoma?

Help please? How is the lymphatic system affected by hodgkin's lymphoma ?

Help please? What is the outcome for an individual with lupus and non-hodgkin lymphoma?

Hi doctors iwant ask about follicular lymphoma 1degree and it prognosis?

Hiv progers to aids cd 4 count is 156 now what doctors do and its has hodgkin lymphoma ?

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How can you prevent lymphoma?

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How do you treat non-hodgkin's natural killer t-cell lymphoma?

How does non hodgkins lymphoma differ from the others?

How hopeful can a patient be with stage IV non hodgkin lymphoma on chemotherapy ?

How hopeful can a patient be with stage IV non hodgkin lymphoma on chemotherapy treatments?

How hopeful can a patient be with stage IV non hodgkin lymphoma on chemotherapy?

How important is a persons pH when u have non-hodgkins lymphoma ?

How is a person diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma?

How is non hodgkin lymphoma diagnosed? What symptoms would make you think somebody has it?

How likely is dying from lymphoma?

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How likely is surviving lymphoma?

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How precise is the test for hodgkin lymphoma?

How safe is Rituxan (rituximab) for lymphoma? How about in patients with Cardiac disease?

How successful are treatments for non-hodgkin's lymphoma?

How to attain screened for hodgkin's lymphoma?

How to test for lymphoma in a child?

How typical is it for a 14 year old with non hodgkin's lymphoma to have trouble moving a limb?

I am a nervous wreck. My daughter has non-hodgkin's lymphoma. Can you tell me about it?

I have non-hodgkins lymphoma for fifteen months without being treated is there a time limit that I should be watching for treatment should start?

I have either stage 3-4 Hodgkin's lymphoma. What's the chances of not being able to have kids later on after chemotherapy?

I have had nonhodgkins lymphoma for two and a half years, will rituximab and obintzumab help me?

I have non hodgkin's lymphoma for which I am under treatment, is erectile dysfunction a common side effect of this disease?

I have non- hodgkins lymphoma stage 1, and asthma, is it safe to have a cat ?

I have nonhodgkins lymphoma , b cell, stage 2, low degrees. Would honokiol benefit me and with what size of dosage?

I have nonhodgkins lymphoma and have just finished one round of chemo. What is the name of stage that I am in ?

I have nonhodgkins lymphoma,stage 3. Will smoking cannibas cause more problems ?

I heard that mono can increase your risk for lymphoma. Does the mono just relapse as lymphoma and if so how do you know if it does?