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An ultrasound scan showed 2 lymph nodes 5 mm on the right and 4 on the left side in my neck under jaw. What is the proper diagnostic? Is it lymphoma?

Seen 2 Drs about a groin lump. Both said it was a reactive node. How long will the swelling last? 3rd week now. Still worrying about cancer.

If there's no sign of infection then what else other than cancer make lymph nodes swell?'

3 small reactive enlarged lymphnodes in the l side of my neck under my ear, for years, very hard and swollen, hospital will not take them out. v sore?

7 weeks of swollen partoid gland .but can't feel lumps feel normal.doc think paratitis my nurse sister said was wrong meds doc gave me .cancer scare?

7 y.o has lymph nodes to back of neck, enlarged since age 2. Doesn't hurt, not red, moves under skin. Child is thin but no wt. loss. Need work up?

a cluster of lymph nodes swelled in my groin, all in a row, and the only thing painful is a mosquito bite on my knee. cancer? I'm 18 and they hurt

for 7 weeks, started with a lymph node in neck swollen hard hurts now left pelvic cramping right shoulder neck pain painful sex nausea sore breast ?

found out I have a benign calcified axillary lymph node from ultra sound and mammagram.I was wondering if I should do any follow up such as a biopsy?

HiI have lung and lymph node sarcoidosis I'm having sharp pains that come and go in my ribcage is this normal?

I am 48 year old- ultra sound results say that there are bilateral axillary lymph nodes -16.3 x 6.6 mm ( right) and 13.5x6.4 mm(left). Is it alarming?

I first got swollen lymph nodes where my leg ends and my body begins only on the right side later also left. Happens often than goes away in 2 weeks?

I found another lump on left side of neck, how likely is cancer still roaming my body after thyroidectomy w/rt lymph node removal and i121 treatment?

lymphnode swell about 2 weeks ago. when I push in I can still feel a very small moveablebump. anxiety ruining my life seen 2 docs and they said fine?

My 6 years old daughter has facial red itchy molluscum contagiosum and recently an enlarged Rt cervical lymph node 2cm NOT tender but mobile and no symptoms like loss of weight or night sweats.Was on Flucloxacillin course but no change. Do I worry ?

my right lymp node was swollen along with having a bump along my vaginal opening. Now im having abdominal pain nd pain in my left groin?

My rt arm pit is not sweating nor smells and my rt breast gives me mild pain. 3/4 months ago I had painful swollen lymph nodes in my rt pit. Ideas?

my scalp has been so itchy and burns randomly. Now I have noticed a swollen lymph node behind ear. no infection recently. should I see a doctor?

noticed a swollen lymph node in my neck 2 months ago doctor gave antibiotics reduced size but won't go away been stressing much can that be the cause?

One Groin node enlarged 6 months. 2.5 cm hard. Non-tender. High WBC. 2 rounds antibiotics. Peeing blood. All CDC negative. Small fever. What is it?

over the past 2 weeks lymph nodes under my jaw have been swollen and sore and hard to the touch. jaw is tender to touch. What could this be? Worried.

reoccurring boil in neck, swollen nodes, and ache joints for years. Docs unsure what it is been lanced multiple times comes back. ?

swollen lymph glands in neck (for4months) throat swab normal, done antibiotics, strange feeling swallowing (as if there is something there) ?

the left side of my sons jaw is swollen?

White cell count is 15, no fever but one very sore lymph node. Thoughts? Possibilities?

why i have a persisting pain in the left side of my neck and there is a palpable movable lymph nodes in it but there is no swelling its like Peas ?

-ve 4th generation HIV at 5&6 months but 2 mild swollen lymph nodes appeared on the side of the neck after sore throat, is this an ARS? help please

-ve HIV 4th generation 3 times after 7 months of exposure, still night sweats, muscle ache, many swollen nodes in neck, sore throat, help what to do?

.5cm node behind ear, 1cm node on neck. 1st noticed both 8 mnths ago. Both stable. Is the fact that there are two a cause for concern?Healthy otherwis

"is it normal to feel a pea size lymph node on the posterior cervical region when press? I recovered from dengue fever 2 months ago by the way.

"pressure point" like pain in occipital lobes but not lymph nodes; it interferes with neck movement, no pain while resting, any common causes?

“I have an enlarged left ovary with a cyst. Could this be resting on a nerve and causing gout like symptons in my left toes?”

0.5 cm lymph node rubbery and painless in lower right neck recent retracted eardrum on same side nervous about it dont know how long I had it no fevr?

0.5 CM unilateral axillary lymph node enlargement, for past 2 days... no fever... had acute sinusutus a week back?

0.5 lymph node in neck for more than a year doc said it can be due to gum infection should I get a biopsy ? No other symptoms

0.9 CM hypoechoic lymph node, left cervical neck. Diffusly enlarged pal. Tonsils. New swelling dr thinks thyroid? Opinion?

1 1/2 year old had a CBC b/c of big lymph nodes. His results: lymph 71% neut 19% mono 9%. Absolutes in range. Had a bad virus 2 weeks before. Normal?

1 back of neck swollen lymph node that is red.when touched, itchness occur like mosquito bite. it was there 3 yrs ago but was not red, and itch ?

1 cm enlarged supraclavicular node- dr sent me to onco who sent me to ent. Given aok but it keeps getting bigger and smaller with pain. Advice? I'm 42

1 day post 1st dentist drilling & filling my whole neck flared up hot, had high temp. & lump appeared told I have hemorrhage goiter cysy is related?

1 lymph node movable in groin, size 0.5 x 0.4 x 0.2. no fatty hilum but is well defined. had candida infection and given 2 courses of antibiotics. siz?

1 occipital & 1 posterior cervical lymph node swollen for 10+ wks on right side only. Appt Apr 12 w/ PCP. Tests I should ask for? See a Derm or who?

1 random swollen lymph node in groin area for 1 week now. Painful, but not growing, the skin is not red, it is hard but movable, no other symptoms.

1 random swollen lymph node in groin area for 1 week now. Painful, but not growing, the skin is not red, it is hard but movable, no other symptoms.?

1 Swollen lymph node in neck x at LEAST 20 years- no weight loss, normal blood work, what causes this? Moves freely..

1 swollen painful lymph node & pain in neck muscle- saw doctor and they ordered CBC pending, is this likely serious? Not visible from outside

1 swollen submandibular gland on right side don't feel ill or like I have an infection any idea what can cause this ?

1 week after my 5yr old son presented with very large lymph nodes in his neck he just broke out with an angry splotchy rash all over. Still no fever.

1 year old has swelling on left side of neck and fever off and on for 7 days. Lab work shows elevated white blood count. Negative for mumps. Any idea?

1 yr ago swollen lymph nodes on groin, arm pit, rib cage. Blood work normal. All went away except node on rib cage, two inches from breast. Abnormal?

1. Can swollen lymph nodes in groin be not visible or be felt when palpated? 2. Can lower back pain cause pain in pelvic area 3. Normal bowel & urinie

1. How to differentiate staph infection in arm pit to swollen lymph nodes? 2. What does a higher WBC mean when having undiagnosable luq pain with otherwise normal X-ray and blood tests

1.1 CM bilat persistent neck lymph node in healthy child w/ CMV igg186 ua; IgM neg. Us=reactive, cbc/hsr normal. 4weeks, no increasing. Need follow up?

1.3 cm ovoid hypoechoic abnormal likely lymph node-non specific-could be reactive. could perform CT? should I be concerned? possibly cancer sign?

1.4cm enlarged submandibular left hand side of neck, tender,mobile, for 4 months,had ultrasound,results came back as swollen lymph node,but im worried?

1.4cm swollen jugulodigastric lymph node left side (been like this a year, scan clear) swollen suboccipital lymph node same side, health fine. Why!?

1.5 cm (minimum) enlarged painless post cervical node. Now new post auricular node, also painless (<1cm). Both growing in the last 2 months. Lymphoma?

1.5 cm, tender, painful lump just under my c-section. They don't know if it is a swollen lymph node or healing from a c-sec which i had 2 yrs ago

1.5 months ago I had an ultrasound on my left leg due to a swollen ankle my lymph node was a little swollen now it's the size of a marble. Why?

10 mm lymph node on the neck ultrasound with non specific appearance . What does that mean ? Thanks,

10 mm lymph node on neck between hyoid bone and thyroid bed with non specific appearance on ultra sound test. What that mean,do I need to worry.

10yr m. Optomitrst diagnosis episclertis-rx steroid drops.Now swollen occiptal lymph node. Saw md tested WBC only"5000 mostly lymphocytes, he's fine". Is md missing something?

11 year old son came to me saying he had a knot that hurts. It's in the inner thigh crease where I'd imagine lymph nodes reside. It is also red/tender?

11 yr old female child i mine has swollen lymph nodes for 2 years. Took tonsils out and didn't help. Stays sick alot. What causes this?

11yebold female w/swollen lymph nodes in neck under jaw. Been swollen 3yrs. Tonsils taken out didn't help. Gotten slightly bigger but painless. Help?

13 year old female, fatigue, swollen gland in groin the size of grape, singular, headrushes, itchiness and night sweats. Has had mono and xrays in past?

13 yr old child with swollen node above collor bone. Not painful no signs of sickness. Node is over 2cm. Should ultrasound be her doctors 1st step?

13 yr old son has1.5cm lymph node on his l neck and an enlarged l tonsil. Wbc is normal / no symptoms. Abt no help. Ent wants to remove node & tonsils

14 yr old has swollen glands on back of neck for over 6 months. What is cause? 14 yr old has swollen glands on back of neck for over 6 months. What is cause? One is really large about midway down back of neck on right side of spine and is approx. 2-3cm in

14 yrold relative of mine had lymphoma last yr, chemo ended june '11. Just found a swollen lymph node on neck.Pcp sendin to oncologist.What could it be

14yrold relative had lymphoma last yr, chemo ended july'11.Just found lump on neck that is swollen lymph node.Pcp send to oncol.In am.What could it be?

15 year old boy has had sore throat for 2 weeks one swollen lymph node on right side he has no fever no cold symptoms. Negative strep and mono test

15months old got fever for 2days temp reach 101F, enlarge lymph node behind/mid left ear. no lab findings. Pedia gave co-amoxiclab. what's the cause?

16 mo old has small swollen lymph node on left side of neck... Has been there for 6-8 months. Ped said don't worry: I am anyway. Should I be?

16 month childs liver enzymes were at 700, now risen to 1680 in 3 weeks. other symptoms: failure to thrive (onset at 4 months), persistent swollen lymph nodes and recently petechaie. Possible causes?

16 month old with swollen lymph nodes in upper thigh , she also has often mucous bowel motions?

16 y/o. I've had a boil on my buttock for a few weeks, it is now hard, large and red. My lymph nodes have also swollen, I'm scared it could be MRSA.

17,viral infection 3 weeks ago, swollen nodes on both sides of neck, been poking them a lot for 3 weeks, will they go back to normal size? & normal?

18 month old son, scattered swollen lymphs, normal labs. Waiting 4 ultrasound. Hasnt been sick in months....shows no symptoms. What could this be?

18 years old. Swollen lymph nodes that haven't grown in size. But I have a cough and difficulty swallowing followed with chest pains. Is this lymphoma?

18 yo who had her upper ear lobe pierced 2 wks is red and slightly painful. She now has a small lymph node on the back of her neck. Related?

184/ 86 BP COPD/night sweats/petechia on upper body and weight gain/left collarboan swelling with a small palpable lymoh node on top of collarbob e?

18mth daughter weighs 9.1kg. Hasn't put on weight in 3mnth. Swollen lymph nodes for 19 weeks behind ear, throat, groin. How long can they be swollen?

18y, 2 movable painless lumps(size >1cm)went to doc last week, he said its normal,i had a stye in my eye.checked my throat n said i have and infection?

18yr old son has 3 swollen glands in pelvic area. 1-6mths ago, 2-3wks ago, 3-last wk, today a 4th under his jaw on right side any ideas? Very nervous.

19 y/o, 2 movable lymph nodes in right armpit. Not growing in size, sometimes aches, bad anxiety, docs don't seem bothered. Can't stop worrying.

19 years old, Female. Nodules around tonsil around 5-10 (cannot see it clearly). Pain while swallowing. No cough no flu. Enlarge lymph node. Help me:(?

19 yo female, movable lump in axillary fossa, cyclic pain. Usually before menstruation. Tenderness irradiate to arm of the side of the lump.

1cm pos cervical node swollen and hard, mono test + for infection within 6 weeks or so. Energy back, node still up. How long to wait to check on this?

1cm swollen node and tonsil. Fat malabsorption and weight loss. Positive ana, IgG slightly high, can this be from lymphoma?

2 armpit nodes, 1 in neck, 1 in groin, all very movable. Feel fine, 19, very skinny, anxiety. Waiting list for biopsy on groin, how can I speed it up?

2 bilateral under jaw(2cm) lymph nodes for 16 months. normal esr, crp, LDH, FNA,bullet like nodes under UlS, no fever,no weight loss, is it cancer?

2 cervical nodes together feel small/big at other times. 1st from .4cm-.7cm. 2nd .3cm-5cm. Saw 3mth ago bad cold and reflux in sleep. Are moveable.?

2 CM x 1" long tonsil. Other normal. Been larger for about 10 years. No pain no swollen lymphs if not cancer, what causes this? Very scared.

2 firm <.5 CM swollen painful nodes + 2.5 CM soft borderless lump nearby (right supraclavicular), chills, lethargy, sudden acne everywhere.

2 hard, not swollen, immovbale lymph nodes in axillary area. Need for alarm? Or may be cysts? Any reason why they could just be hard without a problem

2 IgA results of low 50's I have lupus, I experience swollen painful lymph nodes, painful breathing etc can low IgA cause symptoms, what should I do?

2 lymph nodes above collar bone. Had an US doc said they are reactive and max 9mm. Should I still push for biopsy? I don't have any symptoms of infec.

2 lymph nodes under my ears are swollen, hard, and immovable for 3 weeks now. The tip of my nose is also swollen but not red or hurt. What could it be?

2 mnth ago submandibular lymph node swollen and tender 2.5cm. Now it's 1-1.5cm for awhile. Not fixed painless. Is it shotty? Should I leave it alone?