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After having some lymph nodes removed for Breast Cancer(remission) and recent Ischemic Stroke at the age of 76 wise to get a Pneumonia immunization?

I have enlarged lymph glands in the groin. Does this warrant further testing? What could cause this? Im a breast cancer survivor of ten years.

14yrold relative had lymphoma last yr.Finished chemo last july. Just notice lump on [email protected] Pcp send to oncologist in am.What could it be?

2 years ago my father had a SCC removed from his face. We have now learned it has spread to lymph nodes. I can't find any information. Prognosis?

25 male Does oral cancer spread fast?have 3mm lump in lower lip for 2 years,hasn't really grown(maybe 1 or 2mm) If cancer would it spread to nodes yet

2ary liver cancer 6+7cm(esophagus 1ary but very small after chemo)Lymph nodes on chest. Best treatment available? Anywhere in the world?!Best option

40 yr women presented with rt ca breast t4b with b/l mobile hard fnac proven metastatic axilla nodes.What is staging and management for this patient?

67y.o. Otherwise healthy male with oral cancer in jaw bone, gums, and lymph nodes. Generally speaking, what is the five year "cure" rate for that?

A 77 yr old man lung , brain and hip bone cancer, responded to chemo&radiation...Now has lymph node cancer next to heart..Survivable?

Afraid of cancer, could it possibly have made the lymph node permanently enlarged?

After successful double mastectomy with no lymph node involvement what are my chances of breast cancer coming back in my brain, liver, lungs or ?

Alan, 40 has bowel cancer, told mon, probably spread to liver & lymph nodes, told 2 fear worst. Is there any hope? Any trials? What is the survival %?

Are all lymph node removal surgeries cancerous in nature? Can you share some sources?

Are all stage 1 breast cancer patients with no lymph node involvement recommended to take chemotherapy?

Bc 3c had mastectomy lnd chemo radio finished treatment 6 mnth ago found an enlarged supraclavicular node been ultrasound but not being treated why?

Biopsy of thymectomy is extra nodal marginal zone lymphoma, can biopsy tell if my body still has it or if it spread or do I need a bmb and other tests?

Breast cancer in 2004. Estrogen+. 2 nodes involved . Stage 2. Just had memmo, ultra f nodule looks benign like intramammory lymph node. Take it out?

Breast cancer survivor bilateral mastectomy sentinel node removed on cancerous side now have arm and trunk swelling on non affected side is this norm?

Buccal mucosa cancer spread to nodes, should I be concerned?

Can a new tumor on my arm cause lymphedema?

Can a second lymph node biopsy show cancer has left my body entirely?

Can anyone tell me what can I expect after having my thyroid and lymph nodes removed?

Can cancer hide in lymph nodes and not show on pet scahn?

Can cured lymp node TB relapse during pregnancy & spread to the fetus?

Can excessive lymph node swelling in an unrelated area be a sign of cancer elsewhere , or would this only present at a very advanced stage?

Can head and neck cancers metastasize to breasts?

Can hlh leukemia or general leukemia be hereditary? I have symptoms and considering a biopsy of the lymph node in my groin or neck. Please let me know

Can I have lymphoma( hodgkin or non-hodgkin)? I have 2 lymph nodes in neck ( 12*6 and 12*7) mm, itching, hot skin but no fever.

Can lingual tonsils (scope) be infected when enlarged but pale? PET SUV 15-16. I have follicular non-hodgkin's lymphoma in remission (abdominal nodes)

Can lymph nodes under a person's armpits lead to breast cancer?

Can melanoma in the lymph nodes be treated without, to me, the extreme action of the complete removal of nodes in the area?

Can my kid 1.9 months old skip radiation if tumor is all removed from his leg with clear margin and free lymph nodes?

Can prostate cancer spreading into the lymph nodes area still safe?

Can sarcoidosis effect the prostrate with the growth of nodes?

Can severe fibrocystic breast disease cause enlargement of the armpit overall not lymph nodes?

Can TB spread in the body during treatment of 5 months.tb neck lymph nodes increasing in size .is it hypersensitivity?

Can you feel cancer spread?

Can you have a malignant breast cancer lump for 5 years that has not spread? Left untreated ? Or do you they normally spread within months?

Can you have adeno and squamous lung cancer at the same time? What is the significance for treatment? 2 biopsies --- one from main lung mass showing squamous, one from lymph node showing adeno.

Can you help me, my father was suffering from lymphoma he cancer he under went leno therapy and his enlarged lump nodes?

Can you let me know how many patients get lymphedema from having lymphnodes removed when cancer spread?

Can you please explain why cancer of the blood cells or lymph nodes is hard to control?

Can you please explain why esophagus cancer is so much worse when it reaches the lymph node?

Cancer with unknown primary tumor. Enlarged lymphnodes under armpits. Tumor find in breastbone. Ok ct Scan of lungs, abdomen, breast. Lymphoma?

Cancer: Does any/minimal lymph node involvement always mean cancer has metastasized?

Chances of survival for a 24yo women with a 8.7cm papillary cancer of thyroid with metastic neck disease 13/15 lymph nodes were cancerous.

Colon cancer: pathology report says pt4a pn1c. And it also says no lymph nodes involved, how could that be?

Colon resection for ca showed 2 lymph nodes involved. What are chances of ca spreading to cirrhortic liver?

Could a swollen lymph node in neck be related to kidney cancer (diagnosed as stage 1 grade 2, kidney removed 5 months ago).

Could there be a link in any way of celiac disease and an enlarged and painful lymph node on my breast whichwas said to be part of systemic inflamatio?

Currently on 3rd series of chemo, this one is only avavstin to prevent spread? 2nd distant node in groin area appears to be cancer. Next move

Dad died from Hodgskin Lymphoma in forties. I'm now in 40s. Should doc ck my lymph nodes during physical? Where are lymph nodes located?

Dear Dr, after thyroid surgery in 2008, I started to have pain and nodes. Cancer is discarted. Could be an infection as actinomycosis or tuberculosis?

Describe the features of a blood and lymph cancer.?

Diagnosed w pallilary thyroid cancer, braf v600e mutation detected. Shouldn't lymph nodes be checked before TT?

Diagnosed with shingles 5 days ago; have lymphedema on 1 arm from removal of 30 breast cancer involved lymph nodes - what if shingles spreads to arm?

Do all lumps need to be biopsied?I have one 9.6 mm on the supraclavicular and worried about Lymphoma.How long does the disease takes to progress?

Do all patients get lymphedema from having lymphnodes removed when cancer spreads?

Do all stage 1 breast cancer patients without lymph node involvement have to take chemo?

Do swollen lymph nodes icrease your risk of developing cancer?

Does all melanoma require lymph node biopsy and drug treatment?

Does apple core stricture with mass and few lymph nodes on ct always mean a colon cancer diagnosis or other possible differential diagnosis ?

Does meningitis suggest the possibility of malignancy of a head or neck cancer?

Does metastatic cheek 1.5cm lymph node & almost completely occupied by a tumor proliferation without extracapsular extension need radiotherapy?

Does neck and lymph cancers or disease causes erectile dysfunction ?

Does swollen lymph glands in the stomach with a cll diagnosis lessen your survival rate?

Does the breast cancer grows faster in a year?well defined lobulated solid mass lesion & enlarged intra axillary lymph node specify cancer ?

During loved one's CABG surgery, surgeon decided to biopsy lymph node. Is this common? (it was diagnosed as benign)

During the beginning stages of lymphoma, are the glands painful?

During vats surgery of thymoma with enlarged lymph node nearby, can surgeon tell if it's lymphoma and stop surgery or cut out node as well?

Extensive sclc in lung, mediastinal lymph nodes and spot on liver, I am 80 years old and still active. After 6 rounds of chemo (carboplatin/etoposide) my scan revealed stable lung and lymph tumours but slight growth in the liver. I am now receiving cav

Fecullar lymphnoma type of cancer, what to do?

Female 36 Have been told by consultant i have Thyroid Cancer after surgery the lump was 3cms removed left side of thyroid and lymphnode which had malignacy awaiting CT scan to see if spread.No symptoms But dont know what type of Cancer. Prognosis?

Finished chemo for stage iiia ovarian cancer in oct 2013. Ca125 was 8 6wks ago and 20 now have large right groin node. Is the ca125 jump a lot? Can incisional hernia cause lymph node to swell?

Following removal of my prostate and lympth nodes and 24 months of lupron (leuprolide) shots. What would recommend going forward. Gleason score 7 one node involvement.

For breast cancer can lymph nodes be tested with needle biopsy or must they 100% be removed to check them.?

For what length of time can a person survive breast cancer if there are no lymph nodes involved?

Friend diagnosis stage 4 inoperable lung and adrenal cancer in march..Chemo shrank it some.Came back in lymphs, throat.Seizure.2 chemos.Ct no better.Ideas?

Friend has a 4cm kidney tumor believed to be cancer. Also swollen lymph nodes. What are the odds the lymph nodes have cancer and how could be treated?

Generalized lymphoadenapathy causes other than cancer? Benign causes?

Had enlarged lymph nodes, left base of neck. PET + for cancer. Nodes now shrunken. Can no longer feel them. Could white cells have eliminated cancer?

Had lobectomy for lung cancer but cancer remains in chest wall and lymph node. Do not want chemo and radiation. How long do I have?

Have progressive bulgar palsy. I was told it was caused by cancer. I had cancer in one lymph gland and it has been removed. How can it cause palsy.

Having chemo for esoph c. Had a raised 1CM supraclav node didn't light on pet.Onc happy. In last week muscle+fossa are swollen but not a node. Cause?

He has lung cancer metastasis for bones. He is under chemotherapy and the doctor did a biopsy on a lymph node on the left side of his neck. Now he is complaining of left arm numbness. What could be its reason?

Hello, I have been trying to find out whether oral cancer can spread to the lymph nodes without any signs, or if there is always a sore present first?

Hello, Please let me know what is the reason for occur metastatic lymph node cancer??? 2nd Question : Is Adenocarcinoma is called tumor??? What happen

Hello, squamous cell carcinomas first found in the lymph nodes in my groin. Just how worried should I be! we don't know where it started from yet?

Her2,local skin mets on primary lump breast, bilateral supraclavicular nodes, should I do brain scan or wait for symptoms to occur?Last CT brain nov13

Hi I have sarcoidosis in my lungs and lymph nodes how common is it to spread and can I get any other illnesses from having sarcoidosis?

Hi, tell me a way to cure a malignant melanoma that has metastesised in two axillary lymph nodes? Chemo, radiation and surgery is not an option.

How accurate is a punch biopsy of the "posterior portion of the hard palate" that has a lesion? If it is cancer, what lymph nodes would be affected?

How are head and neck cancers staged and what, exactly, does that mean?

How can an eye oncologist tell is there is a malignancy behind the eye without a biopsy?

How can one stop cancer of the neck metastasis?

How concern should i be about lymph nodes in the thyroid (neck) area, speaking as an individual who is cancer free?

How do they decide whether to sample lymph nodes during a hysterectomy for uterine cancer?

How does enlarged lymph node removal for microscopic exam aid in diagnosing certain disease?

How effective is radiation treatment for squamous cell head and neck cancer?

How fast can colon cancer be spreading from lymph nodes to other organs?