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Can hoshimotos automimmune disease of the thyroid make the submandibular glands enlarged? Or any salivary glands enlarged?

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Are you still able to pass on the virus (mumps) after all visible symptoms have faded (such as swelled salivary glands)?

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Causes of parotid gland nodule ?

Could anybody suggest medicine for parotid gland infection swelling and how to clear gland duct stone with out operation?

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Dentist said salivary ducts are clogged in mouth. Submandibular salivary gland increases & decreases in size. Adjacent lymph node swollen. Infection?

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Ent said no mass on parotid gland .he thinks duct plugged from mucus or stone possible even though it don't hurt when and on swell ?

Few days ago i have left parotid pleomorphic adenoma Specimen Type left superfacial parotid gland but after surgery i have salivary leakage probl?

Have painful, very swollen parotid gland, wcc and virus studies normal.Ultrasound revealed whole gland swelling, no stones.Causes?

Help docs! my daughter has a thyroglossal duct cyst. What do we do?

Home remedies for salivary gland infections?

Hon can I recover from ectopic sebaceous gland on lips?

How accurate is a sialogram on finding a tumor in parotid gland .ent says no mass .he thinks just plugged duct.i am nervous about this test coming ?

How big is a cyst if it 0.3x0.2x1.5cm, it is located in my parotid gland?

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How do I differentiate the mandibular gland and lymph node? Is the gland directly above the neck pulse the mandibular gland?

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I am a minor and I have a montgomery gland cyst. Can I have it removed?

I definitely have prominent sebaceous glands all over vulva. Is it likely that I have herpes theres too or are the bumps part of gland problem?

I had a wisdom tooth removed and now submandibular salivary gland is swollen. Is this normal?

I had swelling off and on on parotid gland for 2 months .ent says no mass .could it be a stone even though no pain when I eat ?

I have a cyst on the isthmus of the thyroid gland. It is tender to touch. How can I remove it?

I have a marsupialization, many infections of Bartholin's glands, who is best? Resection of the gland? Live forever like this! please help me

I have a salivary gland infection, my brother has one last week. Have I caught it off of him?

I have a tumour in salivary gland & have now found a lump on inside of lip. What does this sound like?

I have a weird growth on the floor of my mouth beside my salivary gland ?

I have an enlarged submandibular gland and now the doc wants to do an ultrasound. How come?

I have an inflammation in my left jaws (saliva glands) and was diagnosed with mumps). Is this the same as thyroid glands disease? 2 of them related ?

I have been told that I have dry mouth due to shrunken salivary glands. What can I do for either situation?